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Exercise is Going Well but I'm Killing Myself with Food

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I have been in a very good, disciplined exercise plan all year. I had the best cycling season I've ever had in 10 years of participating in the sport. As far as that goes, I have more goals I'd like to attain but I couldn't be happier with my cycling year.

However, I have become so frustrated with the plateau I've been on that I've been slipping with food. I just have regained the taste for stuff I don't want a taste for and I'm having a hard time saying "no" to myself. This is the stage of pursuing health that I feared last January when I started losing weight again, the point at which I've turned around and given up so many times.

Honestly, I know that right things to think and say about this but the issue isn't that--it's the strength of the impulses in the heat of the moment that I'm not sure how to handle. This is a "demon" that's plagued me since my earliest days and it doesn't seem to have gone away. But by the power of Jesus Christ I'm determined to overcome this thing at 42 years old! Failure is NOT an option, so pray for me that I might overcome!


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EMT6937 10/21/2009 8:57AM

    Will do and great job on the 20,000 point mark.

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SHANECODER 10/20/2009 10:53PM

    I'll pray for you. Way to go on passing 20,000 points. I can relate to your dilemma. I've always found exercising easier than watching what I eat. Perhaps focusing on 3 easy Fast Break goals for a couple of weeks will build confidence, and get your nutrition back on track.

Remember the idea of the Fast Break goals is to keep them easy, Easy, EASY. Just a thought. Good luck, and congratulations on your progress. That's cool you have had such an awesome biking season!

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I Surpassed 20,000 Points Today!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I've been on SP for the better part of 7 months now and today I reached, and surpassed, 20,000 points! I'm so thankful to God for leading me to care better for myself and I want to thank SP for helping me SO MUCH. I determined last March to submit myself to SP and do everything they told me to do, refusing to think "I already know that" or whatever. I figured that if I knew what I was doing, really knew, I wouldn't be in the situation I was in.

And the plan is working! I still have 20-30 lbs left to lose but I've already lost 30 and more importantly I've built many important healthy habits that are just part of my life now. So again, thanks Lord and thanks SP!

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CUTIEDOOTS 10/19/2009 11:56AM


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WINDY_LEE 10/19/2009 9:47AM


God Bless

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Low Cal Days

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Well, I've been off on a retreat the last couple of days and have picked up a couple of pounds--water weight, I've been telling myself all day! One way or the other, I'm going to trim the cals way down today and tomorrow and get back to where I was.


I'm so tired but I want my points!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shameless truth--just bloggin' for the points today!

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MATTRIXMSP 10/18/2009 11:14AM

    Aren't these points things addictive?Try explaining what points are for to a non-spark user. Goes something like this:
"What are the points good for?"
"Okay, but what are the really GOOD For?"
"Can you do anything with them?"
"You can buy goodies to motivate others"
"Okay... and you have how many points??? How long did it take to get all those?"

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GETTNFIT39 10/17/2009 10:15PM

    And I am on the shame train, I am responding so that i can get my last point of the night. I love all of this honesty, take care!!! emoticon

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BARIBAL 10/17/2009 10:12PM

    Then I think you wont feel bad about me commenting your blog post just for the points!

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HEALTHY2MORROW 10/17/2009 10:11PM

    I understand. Wish I had thought of this ploy. LOL Karen

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Words from the Lord this Morning

Friday, October 16, 2009

This morning I read the Old Testament book of Isaiah, chapters 60-66. These words from 66:1-6 in particular moved me:

1 "Thus says the LORD: 'Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool; what is the house that you would build for me, and what is the place of my rest? 2 All these things my hand has made, and so all these things came to be,' declares the LORD. 'But this is the one to whom I will look: he who is humble and contrite in spirit and trembles at my word.

"3 'He who slaughters an ox is like one who kills a man; he who sacrifices a lamb, like one who breaks a dog's neck; he who presents a grain offering, like one who offers pig's blood; he who makes a memorial offering of frankincense, like one who blesses an idol. These have chosen their own ways, and their soul delights in their abominations; 4 I also will choose harsh treatment for them and bring their fears upon them, because when I called, no one answered, when I spoke, they did not listen; but they did what was evil in my eyes and chose that in which I did not delight.'

"5 Hear the word of the LORD, you who tremble at his word: 'Your brothers who hate you and cast you out for my name's sake have said, "Let the LORD be glorified, that we may see your joy"; but it is they who shall be put to shame.' 6 The sound of an uproar from the city! A sound from the temple! The sound of the LORD, rendering recompense to his enemies!"

Oh that I might learn to be a man who humbles myself before God by trembling at his Word. As it is I'm so arrogant. Oh Lord, please help me to humble myself before you that I might know your great joy! For you oppose the proud but you give grace to the humble (1 Peter 5:5ff).


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