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Busyness & Diet

Monday, September 28, 2009

Life has been unusually busy ever since I got back from vacation in mid-August. I have been working 60-70 hour weeks and trying to attend to many things at home as well. I don't like being this busy, I'm not a workaholic, but at times one must do what one must do.

I have been eating fairly well but if I'm being honest with God, self, and others I have been slipping to some degree. I haven't gained any weight and the wheels haven't come off but I have been slowly giving myself to more and more of the foods that I used to love but that were killing me.

So I've decided to start from the beginning this morning with SP. I'm not going to reset my trackers and all that, I'm just going to focus on one SP principle per week and do everything they tell me to do all over again--just as I did from the beginning. I am determined to experience real life change this time around, by the grace and power of Jesus Christ. I refuse to "go back up" on the weight loss/gain yo-yo. And so I entrust myself to God and choose to do the right thing, one small decision at a time.


God is Good!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not much to share today, pretty normal day. Just have to say in light of so much grace that God is good!

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SQUIRTZIE 9/28/2009 1:18AM

    I agree

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MONI0709 9/27/2009 10:39PM

    Like no other!!

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BUDANGELO7 9/27/2009 10:34PM

    I agree!!

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Low Cal Day Today

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I've been at some meetings the last two days where they've fed us incredibly well and I've gone WAY over my daily limits. So I'm going to take it easy the next couple of days and balance things out, not neglecting the stuff my body needs but just limiting the cals. Don't like the scale tipping upward as it has the last two mornings!

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MOTOMOMOF2 9/26/2009 10:03AM

    good luck, its tough to get back on track the longer you go, so good for you for starting today instead of say oh well I wait until Monday to get back on track. Go for it

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Still Thankful to the Lord

Friday, September 25, 2009

As I wrote yesterday--a mere 10 hours ago--I have the privilege of meeting with a group of pastors today who, like me, love to start new churches. I won't repeat what I said there but for a number of reasons I'm just so grateful to the Lord for this. And then after the meeting today we will all gather with about 3000 other people at a conference here in Minneapolis to worship Jesus and reflect on the life of John Calvin.

For this and so much more, I'm so thankful to the Lord!


So Thankful to the Lord!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm what they call a "church planter" which means I love starting new churches. Four times per year I meet with a group of other planters for accountability, mutual learning, and strategic planning. Today and tomorrow is one of those four times.

I remember so clearly what my life was like before I came to know Jesus Christ. I was a hopeless drug-addict. I was insanely self-centered. I didn't really care about much of anything. I was subtly suicidal but I didn't have the guts to kill myself.

But then Jesus Christ revealed himself to me, out of the blue really, and totally transformed my life. I have such a long way to go still but it amazes me to think of how far he's brought me and how patient he's been with me. And it amazes me all the more to look around the table at these guys I've been meeting with and realize that the Lord has given me a place at the table--me, the hopeless, self-centered, emotionally-dead, suicidal drug-addict. That's a level of mercy and grace that I can hardly comprehend.

And that's why I'm so thankful to the Lord today.

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BIGDAD1211 9/24/2009 11:22PM

    Your story sounds a lot like mine. Jesus came into my life and I am never turning back! Thank you for this post. And God bless you for building up the church. May He continue to give you all you need to do His work!
In Jesus Name

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AMYLT82 9/24/2009 10:17PM

    I think what you are doing is terrific! I think you will be greatly rewarded by the Father! I do have questions about it. Like how did you get to start doing it? I am a Christian. People have asked when I became a Christian. I can tell them I was baptised when I was 8, but when I was saved, is a harder question to answer. The truth reminds me of the stories of Jesus. I have attended church since before I could talk. I have believed in God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit as long as I can remember. I wanted to be a missionary, but I have epilepsy, so that isn't that great an idea going to a forgein country. I have considered seriously writing theological &/or ethical books for children, and I am taking a class on-line to write books for children. I am a member of the Eastern Star. I have a second cousin who helps rebuild churches, I give to charities etc. but anything and everything I can do to help others know God I would love to be a part of. I try doing different jobs in the church, and donating the books that I read to the church, (My favorite books are theological and music is first Christian than country). Like I said what you are doing is terrific. If there is some way any of us can do anything to help support what you are doing let us know. You might tell us the type of church you support too. That could make a difference. I have gone to many kinds (see my SPARKS PAGE), it being Christian is all that I feel is relevant!!! Praise the Lord our God!!! Your Friend, Amy emoticon

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