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Warming Up is Good!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On Sunday my cycling plan called for me to complete a "test" ride, that is a ride on which I was to push as hard as I could to see how far my training has progressed. These rides are very intense and I only do them once in a while.

Well, I got over confident at the beginning of the ride and pushed myself to the max. This meant that I not only burnt out half way into the ride and came back with a substandard time but I also put my legs in a world of hurt for the last two days! I literally can't believe how bad my thighs have been hurting after putting in over 2100 miles this year!

As I processed what happened that day I realized that, though I had tried to warm my muscles up before the ride, there's no way to warm them up for riding but riding! So tonight I repeated about 2/3 of the route and started out very slow because I wasn't sure what I could do given the condition of my legs. Five miles in my average speed was very slow, as expected, but by about 8 miles in my legs really warmed up and I was able to push as hard as I ever have this year. I didn't do that for long because today was not a day for pushing so hard but I re-learned a lesson I've learned 100 times before--warming up is a very good thing!

Why are the simple things so hard to remember sometimes?


Day off Today

Monday, August 17, 2009

Had a good ride yesterday though fell short of my goal--but I still had a great time! Today's a day of rest which I welcome but I'm looking forward to tomorrow's medium-intensity ride of about 20 miles.

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KAMEL622 8/17/2009 11:35AM

    Make your rest day Sparkle!....kath

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BUTTERFLY1252 8/17/2009 10:37AM

  have a great week

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Time Trial Day Today

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My cycling plan calls for me to have a "test day" every once in a while where I ride a course as fast as I possibly can and compare my time to previous times. This gives one an idea of where he or she is compared to earlier in the season.

The course on which I do this test is a little over 17 miles and somewhat hilly. There are 3 or 4 decent little climbs, a few good downhills, and some flat terrain as well. My best time to this point has been 18.2 mph average, I'll be shooting for 18.5 today but it's pretty windy so I'm not sure I'll be able to achieve that. One way or the other, I can't wait just to be on my bike!

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MNCYCLIST 8/16/2009 8:49PM

    Well, I fell well short of my goal for three reasons: (1) I went out too fast and "tanked" (I was averaging 20.0 mph 8.5 miles into the ride, (2) there was a strong head wind for about half of the ride, and (3) I haven't been eating all my fruits and veggies for the last week and I ran out of glycogen--I could literally fell my body run out of gas. Yet I still put up a 17.6 and that'll do for a bad day. A few months ago I would have paid money to be able to ride that fast!

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KHANDREN 8/16/2009 6:11PM

    Cheering you on Babe! You are encouraging me to do the same! Someday I hope to ride that fast:)
Kim emoticon

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Finally a High-Intensity Day!

Friday, August 14, 2009

After my really long bike ride a couple of weeks ago, my plan called for a couple weeks of recovery--so despite my longing to ride hard I obeyed the plan! This week it's time to ramp it back up a bit but I've had to wait until today for a high-intensity workout. It'll take a little over an hour and I'll be working on my cadence, that is, the number of times I spin the pedals in one minute. I normally live at about 90 rpm but at times on this workout I'll be as high as 160 and will keep the cadence at 120 or 130 for 3-5 minutes at a time. I must wait until this evening to do this but I can't wait!!!

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KAMEL622 8/14/2009 9:55AM

    I love reading your blogs about riding and the enthusiasm you have! I learn so much too. ...ride on.........kath

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Cross-Training Day

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cycling is my main sport and some time back I developed an annual training plan based on the advice of Joe Friel in his book "The Cyclist's Training Bible" (by the way, the word "bible" in Greek simply means "book" so there's nothing sacrilegious about using it in this way). When I say "annual training plan" I mean that every day of the year is designated for some specific activity, although Friel (and I) is well aware that life happens and the plan can't always be followed.

Anyhow, today is a cross-training day which means I'll be off the bike, in the weight room, and walking/jogging in the woods. I'm eager to be on the bike, actually, but I know that in the long run mixing it up a little helps keep me interested!

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KAMEL622 8/12/2009 11:09AM

    You are so disciplined!!! Great job.

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