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Cycling: Good Strength Workout

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Yesterday I did a repeat of a workout I did a few days ago. I chose a 17.3 mile course with 17 climbs and each time I hit a climb I got out of the saddle and completed 5-10 revolutions followed by 20-30 revolutions in the saddle. I would repeat this pattern to the crest of the hill and then remain in the saddle.

I did pretty well given that this is only the second time I've done this workout though I was muscularly tired by the end. Aerobically I was strong, which is great news as it means that my off-season plan worked. In past years I would always find myself winded when I pushed the pace on a hill but this year the issue is that my muscles have to catch up to my aerobic capacity. Great news!

Anyhow, hope you all are having a great day, it's sure beautiful here in Minneapolis!

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KAREN42BOYS 4/7/2011 5:22PM

    sounds like a good strength builder and nice to hear how you've built endurance during the off-season!

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Cycling & Jogging: Challenging Cadence Workout, First Jog in 4 Weeks

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Yesterday was a great one as far as exercising goes. After my morning cycle of work (I have a very flexible job and often work at different times of the day rather than 8-10 hours straight), I hopped on the bike and did the following cadence workout:

Within an aerobic ride, and after a 5-10 minute warmup, shift into an easy gear and hold your cadence at 95 for 5 minutes, followed by 3 minutes of recovery. Shift back into an easy gear and hold your cadence at 100 for 5 minutes, followed by 3 minutes of recovery. Repeat this over and again until you reach a cadence of 115. Cool down for at least 5 minutes.

This workout is challenging on a trainer but it's even more challenging on the road because it's much more difficult to hold a steady cadence when the pitch of the road is constantly changing. Further, I rode straight into a 15+ mph wind for the first 11 miles and this also adds to the challenge. But it was a great ride and well worth the effort, you should try it sometime.

Then later in the day I went into the gym and jogged for the first time in four weeks. Four weeks ago I was in Chicago at a doctoral seminar and given the fact that my daughter came with this time I just couldn't find time to exercise; three weeks ago I headed to India for two weeks and was busy the whole time and also feeling weak because of the change in diet; then last week I was recovering from being in India and though I rode my bike a lot I didn't much feel like jogging, so I didn't.

But last night I went for it and was pleasantly surprised to see that I could still jog for 20 minutes with no problems. In fact, I would have gone longer but I had to jog inside and the treadmill just bores me. Twenty minutes is about all I can take.

So, I feel good about where I am with cycling and I still feel that I'll be able to complete my first 5K on April 30 at or around the 30 minute mark. I'll then be shooting to break the 30 minute mark at my second 5K only two weeks later. We'll see how it goes.

Thanks for reading, hope you have a great day!


Lost another Pound

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

As I shared last week, I dipped down to 201 a couple of times last week but my official weigh in is on Tuesday mornings. Today I was at 202.0 which is obviously more than 201, however, it's less than the 203.6 I was last week so I'm VERY happy!

Watch out "onederland," here I come!

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SKABABY 4/5/2011 11:04AM


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MNNICE 4/5/2011 10:12AM

    No doubt you'll get there soon, especially now that the weather is more agreeable with bike riding and running! Will look forward to seeing a post that you dipped under the 200 mark!!

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OLIV0144 4/5/2011 9:01AM


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PLAYBLUES22 4/5/2011 8:42AM

    Sweetie you are doing awesome emoticon emoticon

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Cycling: Strength/Climbing Workout

Monday, April 04, 2011

Yesterday I tried a new strength/climbing exercise which I will undoubtedly do again and again. Here's how it goes:

Pick a course with longer hills. As you begin to climb, get out of the saddle for 5-10 revolutions and then sit back down for 20-30 revolutions. Repeat this pattern all the way to the top of the hill focusing on maintaining a steady pace. That is, do not speed up too much when standing or slow down too much when sitting. As you gain strength and improve technique, stand for longer periods of time.

This was a really fun workout, you should try it sometime!

Have a great day!

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BACKTOTEN12 4/4/2011 1:00PM

    That's what we do in spinning class. I just started spinning a few weeks ago and have decided my reward for reaching my goal will be a new bike. My current bike isn't a very good one but I intend to use it very soon. It's finally warm enough! Reading all about your rides inspired me to take spinning and figure out my final goal reward. Thanks for all your encouragement and support and your comment on my blog. Have a sparked week and a blessed spring enjoying God's wonderful works of art. I LOVE spring. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Cadence Workout Yesterday

Sunday, April 03, 2011

One of my goals this year is to increase my ability to maintain higher cadences for longer periods of time so yesterday I completed this simple workout.

Within an aerobic ride, and after a 5-10 minute warm-up, hold your cadence for 1 minute at 100+ and 1 then minute at 90+; 2 minutes at 100+ and 2 minutes at 90+; 3 minutes at 100+ and 3 minutes at 90+; 4 minutes at 100+ and 4 minutes at 90+; and 5 minutes at 100+ and 5 minutes at 90+. Cool down for at least 5 minutes. Option: go into the drops each time you ramp up the cadence.

I completed this cycle twice during the ride and thought it can be challenging to hold a particular cadence on the road it was good.

Have a great day!


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