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CP25K--Week 9, Day 2 is Done!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

I can't believe I'm almost done with the program but I'm only one run away! It was 25 degrees and overcast today, but no snow, so I jogged outside. I walked for 10 min, jogged for 30, cooled down for 9 and covered a total of 4.0 miles. Not exactly lightening fast but it was awesome for me. Once I'm done with the program, hopefully Saturday, I'll cycle back through and work on picking up the pace. For now, I'm glad simply to be jogging at all!

Hope you have a great day.


"CP25K" Week 9, Day 1 in the Bag!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Yesterday I started the final day of the Couch Potato to 5K Program, and I can't believe it! It's been a long hard journey getting here and now I'm only to jogs away from finishing. It was warm yesterday, 34 degrees, so I jogged outside and was able to do 3.2 miles in 35:35. I warmed up at the house and then started off jogging, finishing up with a 5 minute cool down walk. For me that was a very good time and gives me confidence that I'll be able to go sub-30 at my first official 5K on April 30.

I also gave some thought yesterday as to what to do next. I knew that I would go through the program again but this time to work on speed but I had been planning to do the intervals in a jog/run fashion. The more I thought about this, though, I realized that I'm really not in good enough shape to do that and if I do I will over-train and possibly hurt myself. So what I've decided to do instead is to walk/run. For example, here's how I'll do the first week:

Warm up 5 min
Run 1 min--6.0 or faster
Walk 1.5 min--3.5 or so, nice and slow
Repeat according to the program

This will give me enough time to cool down and recover between runs and eventually help me to increase my speed and endurance--at least that's what I think!

Thanks for reading, hope you have a great day!

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WMMCCRORY 3/2/2011 8:32PM

    Great job being almost done! I just started week 2 so I have a while to go. I have also thought about redoing the program with faster speeds because I really want to be able to run a consistent 10 minute mile. Good luck! :)

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MANDYH0506 3/2/2011 10:12AM

    Whoohoo! Way to go MNCYCLIST! I have just started the C25K program this week, so I see your sucesses as inspiration. Honestly, I had not thought past doing my May 7th 5K, so I like your idea of resuming the program again and working on speed/endurance. I just might follow your lead. Keep it up!

Comment edited on: 3/2/2011 10:13:19 AM

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Slight Hamstring Pain Today

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

This morning I woke up feeling a little pain in my hamstring, from the back of my right knee up about 10 inches. I'm due to complete a 30 minute jog today but we'll have to see how it goes. I plan to warm my legs up on my indoor bike trainer for 10-15 minutes and then stretch for about the same amount of time. If that doesn't loosen it up at all I'll just take the day off and go at it another day!

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance, have a great day!


Jogging: CP25K Week 8--DONE and I Can't Believe it!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Last year I tried to do the "Couch Potato to 5K" program but failed due to shin splints. This year I decided to try it again and yet I started to develop shin splints again. As cycling is my main sport and as I didn't want to risk an off season injury, I decided to hang up the idea of jogging and just walk and use the elliptical instead.

But after about four weeks of brisk walking and using the elliptical, I decided to see if I could jog for a few minutes and I ended up jogging for 5 minutes followed by another 3 later in my workout and I realized that all the walking and elliptical had actually prepared my body for greater stresses.

So I re-entered the "CP25K" program at week three and repeated each week until I was ready to move on, regardless of what the program called for. By the time I reached week 5 I was able to complete the program exactly as it's designed and, as the title of this blog proclaims, I just finished week 8!

I can't believe it. I've always HATED running, and I mean hated. But now I see that the reason was I always pushed too far too fast and my body rebelled against me. Now I can't wait to get to my next run each day and I find jogging for 28 minutes--which is what the program has you do in week 8--to be easy.

So starting tomorrow I commence the final three jogs of the program: warm up for 5 min, jog for 30, cool down. After that I plan to cycle back through the program and work on speed rather than endurance. For example, here's my plan for repeating the first week:

Warm up walk: 5 min
Warm up jog: 5 min @ 5.0 mph
Intervals: 6.0 mph for 1 min, 5.0 for 1.5 min--repeat to the 20 min mark
Cool down jog: 5 min @ 5.0 mph
Cool down walk: 5 min

I hope this works for me, I'd love to hear any suggestions or feedback you might have. Hope you have a great day!

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CHERWHOAH 2/28/2011 5:17PM

    Congratulations! that's really great! i hated running too. I'm glad you're making such great progress!

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SKABABY 2/28/2011 11:22AM


I bet those new asics helped also!

Keep up the good work!!!

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Cycling: Tempo-Endurance Workout

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Did a simple workout on the bike trainer today. Here's how it goes:

Rail Road Grade: This exercise is meant to mimic the gentle undulations of a typical rail road grade. Therefore, warm up for 5 minutes at 80-85 rpm and then increase your cadence to 90 rpm for 5 minutes. Adjust the resistance lever down 1/3 of the way and maintain 90 rpm for 5 minutes. Repeat this cycle 3-5 times and then cool down for 5 minutes (40-60 minutes).

Simple workout but helps develop a steady tempo and endurance.

Have a great day!


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