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Monday, January 17, 2011

I did not have a good day today eating wise. I did not have tme fore breakfast at home, so I had fruit at work...ick. I was hungry for a while. My secretary brought me some lunch that was wonderful, but there just was not much substance to it. I have not been able to get my daily nutrition in today, and my mouth surgery from Thursday is start to hurt. Indulge me while I whine for a moment.


Running a marathon

Sunday, January 16, 2011

No, I am not training for a marathon, and I doubt that I ever will. I find running extremely boring. it is not something that I find liberating, like my running friends do. I will never be one that will want to run until my toenails fall off. But creating a healty life style is like running a marathon. In visiting with some of my friends who have done this, the key to doing so is steady, consistent training. People who run a marathon do not start by running 26.1 miles one day. It takes daily discipline, set backs (like toenails falling off), determination, and a plan. I have developed a plan changing my lifestyle from sedentary and unhealthy food to active and healthy food, and I am having to go day by day. Some days are good, others...not so much, but I press on, and someday, it will be second nature for to me to make the wise food choices, and do some exercise.


The Little Boy with the Big Belly

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Once upon a time there was a little boy. He was different from the rest because he had a big belly, just like Santa Claus. He felt good about his big belly because his daddy had a big belly, his mama had a big belly, and all his relatives had big bellies.

The little boy went to fourth grade; he was going to play football, and nobody picked him for the team. Someone told him he was "Fat," so he decided to go on a diet. He failed.

The little boy realized a couple of years later he realized that he did not have friends with big bellies, he was the only one, and people talked about him because of his big belly. So he went on a diet. He failed.

The little boy grew to be a teenager, and his big belly got bigger, another diet, after another diet after another diet. He failed. He Failed. He failed.

The little boy was a grown man and fell in love with a beautiful lady, and she loved him, despite of his big belly. He was going to get married and go to the beach. He did not want his new bride to see his big belly, so he went on a diet. He failed.

The little boy was a daddy and had little girls and little boys of his own. He loved to play with them, running, chasing, jumping, and skipping, but his big belly made it hard. So he went on a diet. He failed.

The little boy woke up morning after morning, feeling worse every day. He was a middle aged man with graying hair, creaking bones, loss of energy, and a big belly. So he went on a diet. He failed.

The little boy went to the doctor because he felt so badly. The doctor told him that he had high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and needed to try to get rid of his big belly. So he went on a diet. He failed.

The little boy had an epiphany. He was not going to diet. He was going to change his lifestyle. Dieting is a temporary fix to a life long problem, but eating right and exercising is a daily way of life that everyone needed.

The little boy still has a big belly, but it will get smaller, and smaller, and smaller as he does not diet, but changes his lifestyle, eats healthy foods, and exercises.

The little boy, his beautiful bride, his marvelous four children lived happily ever after, but the point is...he lived!

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TRIGFROST 1/15/2011 11:12AM

    "Great Story".... emoticon

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EDUCGRAD 1/15/2011 9:14AM

    It is about a healthy lifestyle.We all do fall down,but pick ourselves back up and keep going.keep up the great work

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MNBRINKLEY 1/15/2011 8:52AM

    OK. I know this is cheesy, but reality is that I can't diet because I will fail. I was discouraged at a 3 pound loss this morning, but had to reflect how I feel (despite having oral surgery this week.) I have more energy, I feel less stressed, I am resting better (that may have something to do with the brand new $4,000 Temprapedic Mattress), and I want to get up and move.

Weight loss, lower blood pressure, lower triglycerides, more energy, better rest, and lower stress are all just bi products of living a life style that is healthy. And I will fail, I will someday again go to the Chinese buffet, eat the seafood platter from Pappadeaux, have a hamburger and fries with a side of peanut butter ice cream, and make choices that will not be healthy. But my reality is that if I live my life on a diet, limiting everything, everyday, then I am going to fail. I commit not to a diet, but to living a healthy lifestyle, filled with good for me foods, movement, exercise, and over all making good choices, and not beating myself up over the occasional poor choice.

The point of life is living.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

I love Friday, even though I am off today. I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday, and feel great. I feel so good that I am feeling guilty for not being at work today. I may go in at noon, but I don't know. My current pain med is only 3.5 hours old.

I am feeling really good about my Spark People progress. Tomorrow is my 2 week mark. I have already seen my blood pressure start to drop, and I feel so good about myself right now. I just pray that I can keep up the momentum.


Wisdom Lost

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I am feeling pretty good, considering that I am 37 years old and had my wisdom teeth out today. I should done it 20 years ago and my parents would have paind for it.

I am going to lose my exercise streak, but i would not really want to cause issues by getting up and getting sweaty. The nice thing is that broth has few calories.

As soon as this heals, i will be back on track!


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