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Wacky Wednesday? huh?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Well, it IS I had just posted on somebody else's blog about having a wonderful idea for Wacky Wednesday...only to discover the today is FRIDAY!!! haaaaaaaaaa

I wanted to start taking that Ginko stuff but couldn't get past the Biloaba part and hey...who'd remind me to take it? If I need it for my memory loss and and I lost my memory and don't remember to take it... ahhh...what's the

Today I'm going to focus on being happy. I have had many moments of sadness, heartache and depression in my life and I'm glad that after the dark clouds lift and the sun comes out to shine... things start to look a whole "heck-of-alot" better, don't they!

Isn't is something how people can all be living in the same house but have different views because of the window they choose to look out of? (look out of?) is that prepositional fragment or something? haaaaaaaaa That's okay...I've been running from the Grammar Spellcheck Police all I forgive me.

To get back to what I was talking about... what WAS I talking about????... Oh yeah....different views.

I guess the point I was trying to make was... One person can go through a great deal of heartache and adversity and with a quiet, courageous strength;,,, endure the pain.
Another can scream and cry and blow up .... same type of pain...same type of frustration... just handled differently.

I've always admired those women who seemed to carry themselves with a graceful calm no matter what they were going through. I've never been that way...I've been the get it all out boisterous seemed to work for me. My sister is one of my best friends. She would hold it all in and I would let it all out. We both arrived at the same place, eventually...we just had different ways of getting there.

I seem to be maturing in my old age. I now have learned that most of what we're frustrated about can be handled in a different way than I used to handle it.. I've chosen humor as a way to look at manage or eliminate them. Prayer, of course works wonders, also.

Everyone is at a different place on their journey. I pray that wherever you are on your journey..that you find a peace and a place where you feel loved and nurtured and safe.

I celebrate the uniqueness of all those I encounter on my!
What I seek... I will find.
Today I will seek the beauty and goodness that life has to offer.
I expectantly wait to see what great thing is hiding around every corner today as I explore myself, my world and the people in it.

Love yourself, love others and enjoy your life. Today will never come again.

I always say, "We have lots of "start-overs" in life...but not many "do-overs".

Today is Now. It's up to you what you do with your NOW.

Stay sparkly, friends! Have a fabulous weekend!

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    What a wonderful insightful blog, thank you so much for sharing your words of wisdom, so many of them rang true with me.

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KELLYHARTLINE 1/29/2010 11:11PM

    Oh yeah I did call do-over this morning...I guess its really was a start-over...and my start-over was MUCH better...hehehehee. emoticon

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KELLYHARTLINE 1/29/2010 11:04PM

    I am definitely the screamer in my house...its the redhead in me I guess!!! But my husband is the quiet one so that makes us a good match...he calms a certain extent. As far as my siblings...3 other you can only imagine what my childhood was like...LOL!!!

Let us all celebrate this wonderful journey and all the gifts it has to offer and all the surprises lurking around the corners!!!

emoticon emoticon

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MARILROAN 1/29/2010 5:14PM

    Being forgetful is so fun with me...I can hear the same story over and it is brand new. Once, I even exclaimed (for the third time) in discovery delight, "You're pregnant." Life can be such a hoot when things are rediscovered. Re-memory - AHA, a Wacky Wednesday Word. I had a laugh out loud incident with my husband. Having gotten out of bed early to get ready for work, I scooted right back in and told hubby, "I going to cuddle with you, I am cold." He said, "But you're cold." I said, "Yes, I am cold so I am going to cuddle." He said, "But you're cold." I laughed so hard and realized there is as many different perspectives as there is people in a room. Are you sure we are not sisters?

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CAROLANN27 1/29/2010 3:44PM

    I haven't know what day it is since I retired in July! I even called my daughter a day before her birthday last week (thinking it was her BD). She cut me some slack saying, "Welcome to retirement."

I really like the idea about everyone in the same house looking out different windows. I will remember that next time I have a petty disagreement with someone!

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GIRLYGIRLSEBAS 1/29/2010 12:51PM

    I also forget what day it is. Mine is called mental-pause (commonly referred to as menopause) emoticon

Last night, I couldn't sleep as I was troubled by a particularly nasty and demanding customer. I was dreading continuing the project with her today. All of a sudden my memory verse from a couple of weeks ago came to mind.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with Thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."

I had to ask for forgiveness for being anxious and not turning this over to him.

I've always admired those strong women who never seem to be rattled and just calmly weather the storm. I've never been that way. I'm very emotional and vocal! LOL. But, I guess I've never allowed God to give me that special peace...the one that is too amazing for me to understand. I need to start tapping into this more often. My family will surely thank me for it!


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CM_GARDNER78 1/29/2010 10:22AM

    Deep stuff lady - two days in a row and I really love your message! WE have six kids in our house, so with the two of us (hubby and I) you wouldn't believe the number of windows that we look out of! emoticon

I, too, have always admired women who always appear calm and reserved - even in the face of adversity. I am certain that my anxiety shines through when I'm going through something difficult! I've always been the "loud" one, and have always just stated what's on my mind. I guess that's not a bad thing, there needs to be all kinds of people! (Back to the issue at hand...) emoticon

Keep reminding me how my outlook should be! I truly believe that WE make everything be positive or negative - it's just how we choose to spin it. Even things that are REAL bad - we can choose to see the good in it, or wallow in the bad of it. It's how we choose to live it!

I LOVE your blogs.........keep it up!!! emoticon

~ Christa

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DIFROMWYOMING 1/29/2010 9:44AM

    emoticon What a nice blog to start my day off. Must dash off to work but hope you have a great day being out and about....

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DEBRA_T 1/29/2010 8:03AM

    Those wacky prepositions. We usually end up correcting ourselves by saying “out of the window in which they look out … of” It never ends. I think the grammar police finally let up on this one because, let’s face it, “out of the window in which they look” just sounds stupid. My friends and I have a lot of fun teasing ourselves about the lengths we will go to (to which we will go) not to end a sentence with a preposition. I guess Miss_____’s English class really paid off. LOL

You are right about the way we perceive things having a lot to do with our assumptive base and how we see it. I guess that’s why they say that the way people act is mostly about them.

I think that wanting to feel loved, nurtured and safe is what has driven a lot of my actions throughout my life. Finding that peace within makes me less of a seeker and more of a giver. Imperfectly, of course.

Have a wonderful day out and about!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Wall paper....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I receive a women's daily devotional in my email and I look forward to reading it first thing in the morning. It helps set the tone for my day and helps me to lift others in prayer.

Today's message was about "wallpaper".

When we enter a room for the first time, we usually take note of the wallpaper and may even comment on it. After a we become familiar with the room...we start to notice it less and less until finally...we don't seem to notice it at all.

I can remember how wonderful I thought the mountains were when I first moved out west..and how sad it was..(I thought)..that everyone who lived there simply disregarded them. After being there a couple of years they became less noticeable to me, too.

I remember someone coming to our place in Michigan. They had lived most of their life in Texas and kept commenting on the "green" and all of the trees. They were looking around, "ooooiong and awwwwing" over the trees.

We all become "wallpaper" at one time in our lives or another.

That's what can happen with relationships and the people we're involved with.. Sometimes, they become like wallpaper and we barely notice them anymore. It could be a husband or sister, child or brother, friend, co-worker or other loved one or acquaintance, who is being disregarded in some way, by us.

I remember when my children were small... we were involved in many church type meetings, etc.. I taught them to look around a room filled with people and to pick out the one or ones who looked like they felt "out of place" or sad and lonely.. and to go to them, introduce themselves, smile, shake their with them and make them feel welcome. We even practiced with eachother until it became comfortable and easy for them to do. (No wonder they kept asking me and my kids to attend every

I taught my children to care about others and to make others feel special and I'm glad that it's become a part of who they are and what they do, to this day. It blesses me to see them enter a room with their big smiles and light up the entire place with their love.

Today ....stop and think about what and who has become simply “wallpaper” in your life and take time to notice them once more. You may be surprised what you discover about them...and about yourself.

Stay Sparkly, everyone!

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BECKYISHERE 1/29/2010 8:37AM

    Thank you, you do not know how much I needed that today.


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KELLYHARTLINE 1/29/2010 6:43AM

    You are so insightful and always seem to know what I need to hear in your blogs...its almost like you are reading my mind!!! Thanks again Michele for a wonderful blog!!!

emoticon emoticon

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MARILROAN 1/29/2010 5:16AM

    Ah, you make me sigh with the wonder of life. I have a knowing in me that you have always intuitively sought out the person(s) living on the edge of their lives to bring them into light, laughter and love. Look how much has been brought to the foreground by so many of us here in this community because of your lovely writings, musings, and sharing. I absolutely feel enriched after visiting you. God bless your day and thanks for the new wallpaper.

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SUSIEMILO 1/28/2010 11:27PM

    What a wonderful posting!
I enjoyed the topic -- something I hadn't thought about.
Thanks for this.
I'll have to "take a look around" and see what I'm missing.

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CAROLANN27 1/28/2010 10:31PM

    I am thinking now of all the things I take for granted and am being thankful for them. One of the things I am grateful for is that my husband has taken over cooking dinners. He loves the SP recipes, which we eat almost every night.

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WINGSOFCHANGE 1/28/2010 4:13PM

    Very insightful blog! Every time I venture out on my bike I appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds me. I believe in taking nothing for granted, whether it's the important people in my life, or my surroundings - it's ALL a gift! Thanks for sharing.

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DRTWITCHY 1/28/2010 1:27PM

    Great, great message. Four the last four years my husband and I have been working in different states and we only see each other on weekends. It's very hard being apart, but one of the blessings is that neither of us is ever wallpaper any more. We treasure every second that we get to spend together.

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ANNIEV 1/28/2010 12:02PM

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful message today. I love what you did with your children. Makes me think about how I could be doing more to teach my own children how to love and care for others.

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JAKEANDNELLIE 1/28/2010 11:27AM

    Yes, we all have "wallpaper" in our lives.
As I thought about the message in your blog, I've come to the realization that what (who) is now wallpaper in my lives helped create the me I have become. True, many (most) of them are now gone but I still need to take time to consciously think back and focus upon (and often revive) the life lessons they taught me; the character traits, morals, and work ethic they gave me; and the treasured memories they bestowed upon me.
Thanks for giving us "food for thought" today (you can have as much of that as you want and you don't need to track it!).
Stay positive,

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CM_GARDNER78 1/28/2010 10:29AM

    YOU have a wonderful message today!!! This is great. There are a lot of things in our lives that become wallpaper......I try to be aware of this kind of stuff. For example: you mentioned the green leaves in it triggered this thought. At the beginning of the winter (which for us in Michigan - especially in the U.P. is enough to drive someone batty!), but when winter hit this year, for some reason I was ready. I welcomed it. I photographed it, and I even commented on its beauty. I was grateful...probably for the first time in my adult life. As you know, I have been a little batty over the new snow we've been receiving, but looking at it with new eyes today - it is just BEAUTIFUL out there! The snow has frozen to the trees, and the snow is falling lightly. IT is an amazing sight - one that people will vacation to find. And I LIVE here! *sigh* Thank you for your message. We will now examine what people in our lives are wallpaper. I am sure we will feel a little embarrassed over those who we are overlooking.

~ Christa

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DEBRA_T 1/28/2010 10:28AM

    Hi Michele,

I know what you mean about the environment becoming just an unnoticed background. When Joe and I first moved to Naples, FL, we were in awe to be in the middle of what seemed like paradise on earth, but within a year, I would have to force my attention to that fact. A perfect day, blue sky, sunshine, lite breeze and exotic birds chirping amongst the beautiful flora and fauna just became the backdrop that I might or might notice for a few minutes as I headed inside to work all day. Of course, now that I'm in freezing cold weather in Chicago, I long for and dream about SW Florida. I think that makes the beauty of Chicago fade into the background.

How hard it is to pay attention to what is right here, right now. Yet we somehow must try to make it a habit.

What an incredible teacher you are to your children -- I loved the sensitivity you passed on to them and the way in which you developed a team of loving people in the world.

Starting the day with a prayer has become a habit for me too and it sets the world to rights.

Great post!


emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CORPEEGIRL1 1/28/2010 9:57AM

    Good message! Thank you for sharing. It's so true that the beauty around us becomes wallpaper after a while. What a great reminder to be appreciative of God's glorious handiwork!

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Life coach?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I recently heard the term; Life Coach.
I'd never heard that before and was curious so I did a little research. Here's what I found out.

One website offers this information on their services:

As your Life Coach, we'll help you discover
what's really most important to you in your life.
(Really? You're going to help ME to discover what's
really important in MY life? It's ME and MY life..
guess I don't need I!)

Then we'll help you design a plan
to achieve those things.
(Really? If I'm designing the plan..what do
I need you for?)

We'll work with you to eliminate any obstacles
or blocks that stand in your way.
(What are my obstacles? If you don't know..
you can't help ME to eliminate or block them..
guess you need ME to accomplish your goal.)

We'll partner with you all the way to success. (you'll partner with me or my money?)
Then we'll celebrate with you! (I knew that was coming!)

A life coach is a person who assists people reach their individual goals, such as having a better relationship with family or friends or identifying things that hold you back in life.

Life coaches use a variety of techniques to assist their clients e.g. mentoring, goal-setting, behavior modification, etc.

People use coaching for many reasons ranging from getting through a divorce to time management to just having more fun in their lives by realizing their full potential.
It sounds real pretty...but what an avenue for somebody to really screw you up!

Personally, I say...whatever works for you. For me...that would never work because I automatically see it as a waste of money. They can do nothing for me that I can't do for myself. I don't need a babysitter. Nobody can really motivate me...only I can. They can help by pointing things out..making a plan for me, pushing me..but only I can really motivate me.

If all the power lies within me...what would I need them to do....tell me what I already know?

I believe I have the power because the bible says: I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.

Here at SP, we help, listen, encourage, etc...but it's up to that individual person what THEY will use to motivate themselves.

Be your own best life coach....for free.

Here's an article I found about doing just that!


Be Your Own Life Coach: Improve Your Life for Free
April 11, 2006 by D. A. Garrido
Teach Yourself to Change Your Life with the Steps for a Successful Future

Do you want to enjoy a better life? Are you looking for professional success combined with personal happiness? You can get the help you need by getting your own life coach- for free!

No gimmicks, no subscriptions, just the very best person to be your life coach. Have you guessed it yet? That person is you! No one knows you better than you know yourself; your secret dreams, your hidden desires, and your strengths.

Follow the simple steps outlined below and you are on your way to being your own life coach. Learn how to improve your life, without spending a penny.

Yes, life coach websites will tell you that life coaches advantage is that they guide you from an outside vantage point. Just the opposite is true- a stranger charges you an outrageous amount of money to tell you what to do with your life! Wow, I don’t know about you, but enough people are already trying to tell me how to live my life, what to do about a career, and just about everything else. It’s time to step up and make your own decisions about what is right for you!

Start by reviewing the 5 basic elements of Life Coaching , and follow the simple instructions for doing them yourself. Then get a special notebook that will be your Life Journal. You will never, ever use your Life Journal for anything else. Begin your commitment to your life changes with the simple commitment to keep this book for you and only you. And don’t tear any pages out, so that later you can look back on your thoughts. Be sure to put the date on every page.

Your Life Journal should be used for each of your appointments. You should also use it to record any ideas your have relative to the Life Plan you are going to develop.

1. Do more than you would do on your own. The way to accomplish this is to make an appointment with yourself for 2x a week. That’s right, an appointment for undisturbed time. If you need a quiet place, take your self to the library and coach yourself there. Keep the appointment as if you were paying some stranger $200-$400 an hour for it!

2. Take yourself more seriously. You are doing this already as soon as you book the appointments with yourself. By doing this you are recognizing your own value, and the need to give some time and attention to yourself and your life. You’ve decided that you will decide where to go in life, instead going wherever life takes you.

3. Create momentum and consistency. The way to create momentum is to begin to believe in you, deep down. Start by listing all your positive qualities. Don’t make a list of the negative ones- forget about them, since they are counterproductive. Now take those positive qualities, and think of ways to capitalize on them. Remember that you are not going to do this all in one sitting! This is a process and you are taking the first step.

4. Take effective and balanced actions.
This is done with planning, and adherence to your plan. As a certified project manager, I can vouch for the value of planning. You need to decide what you want to do and set some basic goals. Then you work toward the goals according to your plan. A paid coach can only give you the ideas- you still have to be the one to make the changes.

These are the basic steps to take effecitve action for your first 2 Self Life Coaching sessions:
Session 1
- This is the first step toward developing your own personal Life Plan. Write down what you hope to achieve by being your own Life Coach.
- Make a list of all the things you do well; every single thing, no matter how small. Keep going, and add even little things. You will be amazed at how much there is. If you are not, you are not giving yourself enough credit, or you are looking for things that are too big.
- Make a list of all the things you would like to do in your life. They can be big or small, professional or personal. Perhaps you want to learn to draw, or become a teacher. These should be positive ideas, and they need not be realistic, or even in the near future. This is about your dreams.

Session 2
- Prioritize the areas of your life that you need to change: career, personal, and spiritual. List the areas of your life that you would like to change, and decide where you need to start. And please don’t make this about your weight or a diet. Once you get your life on track, weight management will fall into place if it’s and issue.
- Select the one change that you will begin to work on. Now select the change that you have prioritized and give it some thought.
- Write the 3 steps required to make the change (use more steps if it is a big change). Be sure that you break them into small items so you can accomplish something towards them each week.
- Take the first step before next week’s appointment with yourself, and record it in your Life Journal. Take the first step toward change. Even if that step is a phone call or a web search for information on the change.

5. Become more balanced and fulfilled
Remember, no matter what a professional life coach would tell you, it is still up to you. They only suggest, give you a plan, and perhaps some ideas on how to get there. But it’s still up to you to make the changes, to take the actions, to stick to the plan. If you do it my way, the Life Coach Yourself way, you also end up with a couple of thousand dollars more in the bank!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KELLYHARTLINE 1/27/2010 9:17PM

    I got a life coach over 2000 years ago!!!!!!

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JAKEANDNELLIE 1/27/2010 9:48AM

    I agree with both you and NEWDEBDAWING about life coaches. I had two great ones to start; I called them mom and dad! "Facing those realities, accepting them and making the hard choices" is the key. We need to accept our life as it is every day. Some days are good, some not so good. We need to think "one day at a time" to truly changes. We do need to make things better but I believe you make your life better by focusing not only on yourself, but on others. That has worked for me here on Spark. The more I feel that I may be encouraging and motivating others, the easier it is for me to stick with my program. Does that make sense? By helping others become a better self, I am helping myself become a better self.
I guess we're all sort of "life-coaching" one another as we travel this road together!
Stay positive,

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DEBRA_T 1/27/2010 7:36AM

    I think that sometimes Life Coaching is used in place of counseling so that a troubled person who finds themselves stuck can say "I'm working with a Life Coach" instead of "I'm in therapy," and the "coach" can avoid taking responsibility for what happens (it's up to you!!!!!). I confess I do not understand the field and find it kind of a scary gimmick. I do not know if being a coach absolves the coach of professional liability; I do believe that if one is troubled it is better to seek out a self psychologist, object relations or psychodynamic therapist or psychoanalyst.

I also don't get the push to Make It Your Best Life Ever that we all seem to be unwittingly caught up in. It always feels frantic to me. This is not to say I am against self improvement -- obviously, I'm here -- but I am against the idea that you can journal your way out of the fact that life is hard, hard choices have to be made and hard realities have to be faced. Facing those realities, accepting them and making the hard choices will be fulfillment enough. Writing things down is a tool that works for only some people; everyone else just feels overwhelmed by it, frustrated by it or burdened with it.

I'm a little rant-y this a.m.!

Thanks for posting -- you are definitely able to steer yourself, MIchele! LOL

Cheers, Debra

emoticon emoticon

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Decision is the spark that ignites action....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I found an interesting excerpt from an article on the website: written by
Dr. John H. Sklare at

"Decision is the spark that ignites action." Until a decision is made, nothing happens. Decision is the courageous facing of issues, knowing that if they are not faced, problems will remain forever unanswered."
- Wilfred A. Peterson

"A man practices the art of adventure when he breaks the chain of routine and renews his life through reading new books, traveling to new places, making new friends, taking up new hobbies and adopting new viewpoints." Wilfred Peterson

"Many times we will get more ideas and better ideas in two hours of creative loafing than in eight hours at a desk." Wilfred Peterson

"Explore your mind, discover yourself, then give the best that is in you to your age and to your world. There are heroic possibilities waiting to be discovered in every person." Wilfred Peterson

"The secret of greatness is simple: do better work than any other man in your field - and keep on doing it." Wilfred A. Peterson

Thoreau wrote: As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in your mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kinds of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.

Change is the result of consciously repeating a thought long enough until it becomes a natural part of your everyday thinking. This is an important lesson for those of you seeking change in your life. If change is what you desire, then mindfully repeating thoughts that support that change is critical. In modern day language, we might call these thoughts positive affirmations. So today I ask you to consider these important words of Mr. Thoreau and pick just one thought regarding change in your life that you would like to incorporate into your everyday thinking. This is very important for creating change. As philosopher Earl Nightingale states, “You become what you think about!”

Dr. John H. Sklare

Note to self: Take inventory of your thoughts today and see what direction they are going and if I want to follow them. if not... change my thoughts and go in a different direction

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CAROLANN27 1/27/2010 8:14PM

    Our thoughts are so important. I don't think I pay enough attention to positive self talk. After reading your blog, I will be doing that. Thanks for the reminder!

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ANNIEV 1/26/2010 9:19PM

    Loved the Wilfred Peterson quote - copied and pasted!

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KELLYHARTLINE 1/26/2010 1:31PM

    Thanks Michelle!!! I really needed this!!! I will be referring back to this one often!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DEBRA_T 1/26/2010 12:21PM

    I like the idea of freely choosing my plan each morning. You know how hard doing something can be when you are actively resisting it the whole time (several diets come to mind, ahem). Instead, reminding myself that the actions I'm taking and the things I'm doing are choices I am making freely helps to concretize both the action and the thoughts.

Thanks for posting, dear friend.

emoticon emoticon

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Funny Monday!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Since today is Funny Monday...(NewDebDawning started haaaa...
I thought I'd turn you on to a little article by Janice Taylor who affectionately calls her blog: Our Lady of Weight Loss / she's got a lot of funny little things on her blog site.. check it out sometime ... I've never really thought much about "weight loss humor"..but it's out there. Find some good humorous sites and funny jokes to get your monday started.

I LOVE TO LAUGH... it feels so good and releases happy little

There are some really funny movies that can help you find your funny monday funny bone!

Here's the article:

Couch Potatoes Rejoice: Comedies burn calories

For those of us who love to snuggle in, hunker down and watch a good flick, I've got some interesting information to share with you.

University of Mississippi researchers found that 'movie munchers' ingested 28% more buttered popcorn when watching "Love Story" than those who watched the comedy "Sweet Home Alabama." (that's an extra 115 calories)

A Vanderbilt University study found that laughing out loud for 10-15 minutes per day burns between 10 and 40 calories. A good belly laugh causes one to gasp for air, thus exercises the diaphragm!

One group of University of Maryland volunteers were shown funny videos, while another group was shown stressful videos. The study showed that laughter keeps arteries from hardening, while stress does the opposite!

What's On Tonight?
Our Lady of Weight Loss consulted the American Film Institute's list of 100 Funniest American Movies of all times. Here are the top 25. Click here for entire list!

Some Like It Hot
Dr. Strangelove
Annie Hall
Duck Soup
Blazing Saddles
It Happened One Night
The Graduate
The Producers
A Night At The Opera
Young Frankenstein
Bringing Up Baby
The Philadelphia Story
Singin' In The Rain
The Odd Couple
The General
His Girl Friday
The Apartment
A Fish Called Wanda
Adam's Rib
When Harry Met Sally...
Born Yesterday
The Gold Rush

What's your favorite funny, fat-burning movie?

My husband a fan of what I would call "Stupid Humor" Dumb and Dumber kind of stuff.. I just shake my head at him and laugh more at watching him watch the movie than I do the actual movie!! haaaaaaaaaaa So keep laughing, spark burns calories and can be counted as an AB

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    We just watched The Hangover and laughed so much that I need to count it as cardio! Oh, and also...All About Steve was great, too!

Ann emoticon

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TRIXSEE 1/25/2010 11:21AM

  Thanks for the list! I wrote them all down and will be headed to the video store later today. I love to laugh and sometimes it gets harder to do as things mount up. Besides humor is just plain delightful! I'll check out her blog too.

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DEBRA_T 1/25/2010 9:39AM

    From that list above, my favorite is A Fish Called Wanda. It's hard to do a comedy right. My all time favorite, for so many reasons, is "Stuart Saves His Family." It is so personally meaningful to me and my husband, as well as hilarious, that we usually watch it 2-3 times every year. It never fails to amuse and touch us.

Thanks for posting, Michele! And have a wonderful day....filled with laughter.

emoticon emoticon

p.s. I'm working on another list for next Monday!

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    Mash is by far my favorite but Tootsie is right up there too.

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