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Am I too Happy...or what??? ;)

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Well, I oughta' be happy! I found the best site in the world with the best people on it..Sparkpeople is awesome! I CANNOT believe that I have actually moved my tired old body as much as i have this week and it feels GREAT!!!

I've lost 3 pounds and I've walked 5 miles. I've eaten more nutritious foods and drank more water than I have in YEARS.

I've pondered, contemplated, analyzed and calculated.

Every single thing ...good, bad or ugly that I have put into my mouth... has been tracked!!!!

I am drinking 8 - 9 glasses of water per day!

I am exersizing 30 minutes per it walking, etc.

I have a new Pedometer..."Pedie" and a new scale..."Scaley".

New friends...lots of inspiration and a multitude of blessings!

I've encouraged and been encouraged. I've laughed..I've cried.

I'ts been a really good week and I feel good.


Week 2 Get ready for Mickey ... You ain't gonna know what hitcha' !

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WINGSOFCHANGE 1/10/2010 12:50PM

    Week 2 better watch out - because you're going to kick some serious butt, girl! Congrats on the loss and for the miles you chalked up, what a great job! With friendship and support, we CAN accomplish anything together!

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MMICKEYP 1/10/2010 12:03AM

    Thank you everyone! We are doing it! Yayyyyy! Yes, it feels really does! What you do can do again!
Go US !!! :)

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DEBRA_T 1/9/2010 11:27PM

    Congratulations Michele! Your feet deserve to be put up for all of your efforts. I have a Monday morning weigh-in for Week 2 day after tomorrow and I'm hoping that I lost another little bit this week. I have also done a ton of exercise, stayed within my calorie range (except 2 days went under), drank all my water and blogged and messaged boarded my way through the week. It feels great, doesn't it?!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KELLYHARTLINE 1/9/2010 10:55PM

    Wow you go Mickey!!!! Good for you!! You are doing great. Me and my scale have a date Tuesday morning...that will be a full week. I think my scale is jealous and wants to be named too..I will do that after our date on Tuesday....The outcome may effect my name decision!!! LOL!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

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Never thought I would be THIS excited about a ... a... SCALE?!!!!! LoL

Friday, January 08, 2010

...But I am...I'm soo excited! I can't believe myself! I've got my new little "Pedie" and now I've got a SCALE..yeeehawww. Unbelievable! And...this is the best part... This scale is the very, same, EXACT scale that I was looking online to purchase!!! My mom had 2 of them...who knew? Not me... I haven't stepped on a scale in over 20 years! (except for maybe once or twice at the doctor's office) but I knew that in order to be successful...I had to have one. Not just any one, mind you..but one that when I stood on it..well...the springs wouldn't boing out!!!

I actually weighed myself and I would always "guesstimate" how much I weighed. Oh, I'm still huge...but not as huge as I thought I my mind! I used to say, "I must be this amount by now", etc... Not knowing was easier than knowing.

Well, now I know and it doesn't depress me, freak me out or bother me one little bit. I'm thrilled!

Hmmmm...what shall I name him...See? There I go again...naming things. No wonder I have a relationship with everything and everybody... I make them or it personal and affectionately give them a name. Hmmmm...I'll overanalyze THAT one later...LOL.

..maybe Scaley..yeah..I like it. Pedie and Scaley Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Spark on, sparklers!!!! :)

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PAINTCOWGIRL 1/9/2010 7:41PM

    Yes - a tape measure is a plus. (or just a few sizes of "skinny-er" jeans. It was so fun and such a joy when I could finally get into the next size (took awhile, but I'm down one). I'm glad you are easily pleased (like me emoticon - the little things can be so nice). Be careful of Scaley, mine had a way of making sure I visited every day. That was not always the best for me as I could get a bit discouraged. Finally my Scaley (or little black monster as I would affectionately call him IF he had a name here LOL) had to go into a cupboard and is only let out once a week. He hasn't complained even once, so I guess I did an okay thing.
Keep moving, have fun and stay happy!!

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FINEARSESOON 1/8/2010 10:47PM

    Hey...thanks for the comment on my blog a while carb you...ha! And as far as the too..never weighed myself except at the doc's. Then did at the Y in November and whoa...not so good! Anyway, use it, but don't kick yourself if it doesn't change every day..(which is why I don't want a scale...! Don't make me do it!! ha!) Just do what you have to do and know it's all good. And please don't make a relationship with it like my mom did with food.. and I quote.."Oh honey..just think how bad that pea will feel if it's left all alone on the plate." Geez...! emoticon

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    Funny how little things like Scaley make us sooo happy!!! I truly hope the two of you have a long and HAPPY relationship!!!!


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KAJIRA_CALLA 1/8/2010 4:14PM

    Get a tape measure as well just in case the scale doesn't show a drop alot of times the tape measure will show a change. I also agree with those that have said make sure you don't weigh in more than once a week otherwise your new friend might quickly become your enemy.

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    I hope that you and Scaley have a positive and non-violent relationship! In the past, I've threatened to drop kick the sucker right out the front door, and then run it over with the car, for the heck of it! We now have a better relationship, and I'm no longer tempted to beat the daylights out of it with a hammer!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MMICKEYP 1/8/2010 2:14PM

    Enthusiasm for silly things like scales and skillets ..well, I never..LOL Yep..I think I'll only go out with "scaley" once a week...gotta' keep him guessing..LOL :)

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DEBRA_T 1/8/2010 1:29PM

    Hi Michele!

I think it is important to weigh once a week to clearly document what is working and what is not. However, don't let Scaley get any ideas about seeing you all the time. Remain mysterious and only go out with him once a week! LOL

emoticon emoticon

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    Why did your mom have 2?
One for each foot? Maybe one for Sundays? LOL
Mom's are crazy like that - well mine is anyway!

I'm glad you benefited in any case!
I actually got excited about a skillet myself, just last week. Odd thing enthusiasm isn't it haha

I hope you and Scaley have a beautiful thang going *grin*

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Today has been great except for....

Thursday, January 07, 2010

my hubby just called and he's somewhere in North Dakota....or was it South Dakota. He and his student are out of fuel and stuck on the side of the road off highway 94...mile marker 141 or something like that. How did that happen??? He says that because of the cold, the fuel gauges weren't reading and they were sticking and they just plain ran out. They are out in the middle of nowhere...and are keeping warm with a little heater..thank God. It's been below zero...I'm so glad he had a sleeping bag that is I think...30 below. They are sending that is good. He had to put this gel stuff in his tank earlier so the diesel fuel wouldn't freeze. What a lesson for his student! Wow. He's going to call me as soon as he gets rescued so i can stop praying.

My day went very well. I actually made my 5000 steps (walking) today.

I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies to give to my mom and brother and didn't eat any. That's a big deal for me.

I stayed within all my nutritional limits which is something I've been striving toward and I'm feeling alot better in every way.

I'm loving my pedometer and my mom gave me a scale and it's EXACTLY the very same one that I was looking at online today.

All in's a good day and I'm exhausted... Once my hubby gets rescued..I'll be able to sleep well.

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MMICKEYP 1/8/2010 5:53AM

    Thanks for the comments! Hubby was rescued...YAY!!! All is well! Thanks for the prayers!

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COLFITZ57 1/7/2010 9:00PM

  I hope your husband's okay.

Great work on all the positives of the day...especially avoiding those cookies....definitely one of my downfalls.
Good for you.

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DEBRA_T 1/7/2010 9:00PM

    I hope he gets home safe and sound. My husband is stuck in a motel in Moline, IL because he had a client meeting out there and didn't think it was safe to drive home. I never feel right when he's not here, but I also was able to stick to my program -- even took a 30 minute walk in the snow -- and physically I feel better for it.

Prayers for everyone's safe return.

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Today's gonna' be a good one!!!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Oh...not that I haven't had a few missed steps along the way...but I get back on and ride and I know that this year...I know that TODAY..I will be successful! I'm getting more protein and calcium and fiber and who knows?..Maybe it'll improve my memory!!!

Beware!!! Watch out for those old friends who call you up and the minute they hear that you're doing something positive..they just try to pop your bubble and rain on your parade and bring you dowwwwwwn!

Not this time!!! No WAY!!!

Sorry...can't talk ya later.. byeeeeeee... JUST HANG UP ON THEM!!! Well, do it as lovingly and as politely as you can...but in essence...hang up!!!

Don't let anybody slow you down and/or get in your way. Oh yes...they'll try..but your time is valuable! You have things that you need to get accomplished...and talking on the phone with them for 20 hours isn't one of them..LOL.

This is the day the Lord has made and I'm making the best of it! I'm gonna' rejoice and be glad in matter who trys to get in my way.....even if that somebody is me!!! LOL

Press on!


Keep on keepin' on! :)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I am amazed at how well..overall, I'm doing! It has to be all the inspiration on SP and I think it's going to make ALL the difference! Yesterday I did better than the day before and today I'll keep striving...not for perfection...just for better than yesterday!'s all about the balance. I really feel hopeful. The difference between hopeful and hopeless is:
One is FULL ... and the other is EMPTY. Well, I'm it feels great!

Isn't it amazing that when you start doing something good for yourself...make little steps toward your amazing it feels?!! I must be releasing happy hormones or something!! I haven't felt like myself for a long time...(menopause, etc) ..and now I'm feeling pretty darned good...even singing again! I love to sing!!

I've already had loads of temptations and have overcome most of them. Somehow..they just don't seem as huge as they used to and that is a wonderful thing! I go now...time to SWEAT and do my workout...I mean ...Gotta go get my GLOW on!!! There..I like the way that

Have a fantastic day, everybody! If you fall down...get back up and don't "camp out" where you fall. Keep lookin' up. Keep smilin'... everything's gonna be OK!

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EJS2010 1/9/2010 9:00PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    So happy to see you sparking here and having another good day! I agree with you, SP made ALL the difference for me after 37 years of failed dieting. I know it is the support of the people on this site that gives me the strength to make healthy choices every day. Hope your Thursday is just as good!

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CUPCAKE_LIL 1/6/2010 10:29PM

    Thanks for you comment on my page! I've never been told I was an inspiration to someone; so thank you! Good luck on your journey. We will do this!

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MMICKEYP 1/6/2010 2:19PM

    Thank you! I'm doing great! Thanks for sparking me on! :)

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    You go girl!!! Glad to hear that you're feeling SO good and energized. Your great attitude guarantees success! Have a wonderful day!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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