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Approaching my previous turning point

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I have been so proud of my success and positive changes, but I've been a little nervous lately. I can't even begin to count the number of times I have gotten to the point I am right now, and have turned around and spoiled all my hard work. If I knew exactly what the triggers may have been that sent my on the spiral, maybe I wouldn't worry about it now. That unknown can be kind of intimidating.
I feel like this time is different than any of the previous attempts, but how do I really know? Right now I'm only a few pounds away from being under 200 pounds, which is one of my major goals. I have also just in the past 2 weeks dropped to a weight below that of my 6' 2" BF. That is really exciting. I have NEVER been lighter than he is in the 6 years we've been together. I'm barely less than he is, and he's been losing a little, gaining a little. He could easily skip the beers for a few days and be lighter than me again. Of course that would be great for him, since he would like to lose a little too. He isn't really that concerned about it, and he's not really trying (as far as I know). He is eating a wider variety of veggies, fruits, and leaner prepared meats, because I am.
Why is it so important for me to be lighter than he is? In this particular case, my 5'6" female body isn't healthy if I weigh what a 6'2" man does, but even if he were shorter, and his ideal weight was closer to mine, I would still want to weigh less. So, right now, this is a big motivator for me.
I'm so glad I have so much support this time around. I have included others in my goals, and I have friends who are working right alongside of me. This wasn't a factor before, so maybe this will be the extra push and motivation to keep up all the hard work and reach my goal this time.
I enjoy the holidays very much, and I look forward to spending all the time with my family, but it can be so hectic. I'm doing a great job of continuing to track everything I eat and my exercise, but I've been falling behind on the exercise some days. I'd been working out in my school weight room on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but the weather has messed that up a bit. My kids' winter band/vocal/play programs have been rescheduled on these days, and I haven't done a great job rescheduling my workouts.
I suspect that slacking off on the exercise because of other commitments has been what I have allowed to diminish my progress in the past, so I need to do a better job of making something work, even when things get hectic.
I will do this- THIS TIME!
emoticon emoticon

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JUDITHROXANA 12/17/2010 2:36PM

    I can really relate to you. I also am really close to my husband's weight. I finally weighed a pound less than him last week and this week out of nowhere he dropped 3 pounds and now he weighs less than me and it gets to me! But it's also motivation to keep going like you said. I don't know why but this is also a big deal for me. Yesterday he ate a fried chicken sandwich at Burger King and he barely gained a pound. I am also happy for him when he loses because I want him to be healthy but we are both very competitive in everything and I guess it's good to be competitive sometimes! I have also lost and gained several times to the point where it's hard to have confidence in myself. But like you, this time it's a lifestyle change and not just a diet. We are doing this to be healthy not to just reach a certain number on the scale. You can do it!

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Good luck on your journey. Keep going and don't stop!! Because YOU are worth it!

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Took the WW Monthly Pass plunge

Thursday, December 02, 2010

So I was planning to wait until the beginning of the year to join WW officially, since the cost is a budget issue for me, but I jumped in last night. Had some extra hours at work, so the paycheck was a little bigger than usual. I decided it was ok to do something really good for me, and I wanted to know about the new program. Most people here who have either blogged about it or posted on the message boards have such positive things to say about it, and my friend who introduced me to the program in the first place had decided to renew her monthly pass when I passed along the news about the recent change and the little bit that I knew about it. She and I have plans to hit a local meeting on Monday.
I think I really like the new plan so far. I definitely love the stronger focus on wholesome foods. I put in my new points, entered my food for yesterday, and discovered that I was right on track. It will take a little while for my brain to shift gears to the new points values for some of the foods I love, but I'm confident I will adjust quickly.
I only have one concern right now with regard to the online site. I have dial up at my home, and it loads soooooo slowly. The window says, "be patient. For dial up users this may take up to 2 minutes to load." It was definitely longer than 2 minutes.
Oh well, I will adapt.

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MKELLY72 12/4/2010 9:59AM

    Ok- I think I love this! I dropped 4 pounds this week! I love fruit, and I love the fact that it's a zero point. I don't gorge on it by any means, I use it for snacks between larger meals, and sometimes I use it like dessert with my main meal. I have to admit, sometimes I limited my fruit intake to make room (points-wise) for other foods to get the other nutrients I needed. Now, I'm not doing that. It was a good week!

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LAURA9021 12/2/2010 2:13PM

  I just went back this week too. Mostly to find out what it is all about but also because I have been exercising just about every day and can not lose a pound! I went on Tuesday, but so far I have not had a chance to read the entire book and have not tried the new calculator to figure out points. I am trying to stick to lots of fruits and veggies though. Good luck to you!

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Looking forward to today

Friday, November 26, 2010

Had a great day yesterday. Lots of healthy options on the table yesterday. I really felt no desire to go overboard, and I found that I don't even have the room anymore. I had two walks yesterday- one before dinner that earned me over 2 activity points and one after, giving me one more. I had the pumpkin pie and the dinner roll-even had a little stuffing. Only dipped out 3 of my flex points.
My best friend is already out shopping- out since 3:30AM! I'm planning to join her later. No $ to spend, but I'm looking forward to spending the time with her and getting in all that walking!
Weigh in tomorrow AM, and I have stayed off the scale ALL WEEK! So proud of me. I almost goofed yesterday morning, because it felt like Saturday, and that's the day I get on the scale.
Well, off to the shower, so I can go to my parents to pick up my youngest son. He stayed with Grandma and Grandpa last night. Then drop them off with their dad for the weekend before I head off to the city for some GIRL time! Yeah!

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MKELLY72 11/29/2010 1:45PM

    Had a great day, and spent 4 hours walking. Granted it wasn't at a constant brisk pace, but it was a great time. Had a treat at the mall. Us 3 girls shared a bag of Wetzel Cinnamon Bitz. They were delicious, and would have been way too much for one of us- we all helped one another out:)
And thanks for the cheers DONNAEDA

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DONNAEDA 11/26/2010 12:11PM

    you go did well and we are so proud of you. It can be done and the best thing you feel you weren't cheated. Moderation is a good thing.

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This is not the most diffucult thing you have done.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This is, first of all, directed to myself, but I trust many others can relate as well.

Dear stamina,( or will power, or strength- whatever you want to call it)
This is not the first or most difficult thing you have done. You survived junior high, and you weren't one of the popular kids by any means. You survived high school where you began a relationship that you would eventually have to end. You survived a 27 1/2 hour labor when you were 20 and began the journey of parenthood, which by the way, you are still surviving. Even though your marriage to the father of your three wonderful children wasn't a good one, you stuck it out for 10 years hoping it would work out. When you had to leave it, it took you months to gain the strength and perseverance to follow through and stay the path, but in the end it was the best thing for all involved. You have a better relationship with this man, and you no longer set a poor example of a loving, supportive relationship for your children.

You survived the post-divorce dating scene, and even though there were some real yahoos out there, you still managed to find the man that treats you like the wonderful, beautiful human being you are, with no ulterior motives. You stuck to your goals, you were patient, you were good to yourself, and it took you until you were 35 years old to accomplish all of this.

What in the world makes you think you could possibly lose over 100 pounds of extra body weight in anything less than a year. Remember your resolve and patience when you struck out to be the best mom you could be? That isn't over yet either. What about when you went back to college when you were 34? That took almost 2 years, and it really flew by, by the way.
Give yourself a break, and stop expecting miracles overnight, and remember, the mighty oak was once a tiny nut that stood it's ground. You will achieve your goals, you just need to stay the course.

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JO88BAKO 11/23/2010 5:41PM

    I really liked reading your blog! It made me laugh and was full of interesting information. Thanks for posting!!

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Dear Walmart, I hate your holiday dessert display.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I hate walking into Walmart this time of year, because of that display as you walk in the door with all the various packaged desserts sitting there. I'm not saying I want them all, because I don't. To be honest, most of them don't look THAT wonderful, it's just the idea. It gets me thinking about my own favorite desserts, and I'm more likely to start making plans to make something that isn't necessarily the best choice for me. I'm definitely stronger now, but the whole idea makes me mad, because it contributes to the unhealthy choices that so many Americans make everyday. It's so hard for many to resist that kind of marketing.
Best wishes to all of you through out the holiday season and all the temptations that surround you. May we all strive to reach for treats in moderation and to be oh so selective in choosing our indulgences. Let's not waste it on ultra sweet, hydrogenated vegetable oil laden, super cheaply produced garbage.

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PAMNANGEL 11/22/2010 1:27AM


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ELSCO55 11/22/2010 12:18AM


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IAFARMERWIFE 11/21/2010 9:04PM

    I'm with you on your thinking! emoticonWe'll make this pie in a healthy way!

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