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What I Love About Me

Friday, September 07, 2012

I've been reading Ashley Judd's memoir titled, All That Is Bitter and Sweet, and I love her candor in sharing her life experiences. I had always been drawn to her and to the strength of the characters she has played in the face of their adversity, and now I understand where that strength comes from. She discusses her battle with depression and its treatment. She also shares much of her experience as one of the faces that reach out to marginalized populations around the world- particularly trafficked women and children who are used as sex slaves.

One occasion in particular she is meeting with a group of young women who have either been rescued from or are in danger of being kidnapped for prostitution in India. This group helps to advocate for, protect, and educate these women. At the close of her conversation with these brave young women, she asks them all to share something about themselves that they love. Some could respond easily, while others struggled with identifying anything about herself worthy of acknowledgment. Ashley later reflected on this and was saddened by it. Read more about the projects and service work Ashley participates in here:

How important is it for us to recognize that which is good and honorable within ourselves? Immensely important! I'm not talking about arrogance about ourselves of course- just genuine acknowledgement that we are wonderful human beings, and we have unique bits of goodness in ourselves. To that end, I have decided to work on a list of what I love about me:)

1. I smile easily
2. I am eager to find the good in any situation
3. I love helping others
4. I am warm and friendly
5. I love my long hair that is highlighted with silver
6. I love learning new things
7. I love sharing what I know for the benefit of others
8. When I see someone in trouble, I reach out with help-whatever that may be
9. I am willing to give a voice to the silent

To be continued.............

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KAYOTIC 9/8/2012 9:08PM

    Great idea, and wonderful list... emoticon

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FLEUR_DE_LUNE 9/8/2012 6:07PM

  This is such a lovely blog! I should make my own list. It reminds me a little of a gratitude journal -- it helps one to concentrate on positive things in one's life and in one's self.

I have heard of the volunteer organizations who help victims of human trafficking in India (and elsewhere, even in North America); recently, I heard of the Pink Saris in India. It's so upsetting to know the terrible circumstances that millions of women, children and also grown men live through everywhere in the world, due to poverty, war, greed and many other ills. I always feel so fortunate of living in a peaceful country, and having a loving family.

Your list made me smile -- I'm very fortunate to know you. I know we are all unique, but you are a very special human being.



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New Goals

Thursday, September 06, 2012

While I'm thrilled with my weight loss and reaching my ultimate goal, I have been pondering what my new goals might look like, because. let's face it- in order to successfully maintain, one needs to continue to set and work toward healthy goals.
Like I mentioned, I am very happy with my weight loss of 100 pounds and the fact that I have successfully maintained it for 6 months and counting, but I would like to improve my body composition and get my running routine back in service again. I had been gradually backing off on that over the summer, and it hasn't gotten better with a return to work. I need to make it a priority, and I have begun some research on properly fueling my body for better performance and composition. This is my new goal! I don't have it all mapped out in measurable benchmarks yet, but aim to complete that part in the next week or so.
Here's an article I have read recently on my research quest of the subject: Eat to Build Muscle-

There are several links within the article I have yet to explore and gather information to help me build my plan to reach my goal (which I obviously haven't specifically defined yet).

I've felt like I've been in a bit of limbo lately without having something specific to work toward, and I'm really excited about finally beginning to identify something new!

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FLEUR_DE_LUNE 9/8/2012 5:48PM

  My WW-brand scale is just a bathroom scale that I bought on special at a local pharmacy. Since my weight fluctuates so much from one day to the next, it's nice to know whether it's because of dehydration or because of fat loss. But I must say this model of scale is a little bit complicated to use. My previous scales measured fat pounds, but not water pounds, but it was much easier to use. So I only measure my body composition periodically.

I was reading in the WW Magazine from Sept/Oct 2011(from my library) that weight-loss maintainers who set non-scale goals are more successful at maintaining. They say it "reinforces your commitment to long-term success while also strengthening your resolve. In short, these non-scale goals help you stay motivated for day-to-day challenges as well as for the long haul." (p.22) The study had been published in the Oxford Journal of Education Research.

Good luck! I'm certain you will be successful!


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MKELLY72 9/8/2012 8:13AM

    Johanne...I don't own a scale that measures body fat, so I still have some planning to do. I may just aim for shaving off 10 seconds off my mile pace. I'm not exactly sure how to specifically define this goal yet, but I'm not looking for anything crazy. I still carry a fair amount of extra fat around my middle (I don't think it's more skin than fat, but I'm not sure...the scale would help me that way) And believe me, if I carry that extra around my middle forever- it won't bother me aesthetically or anything- I would just like to investigate weather or not I still have more "dangerous" fat around my organs that if reduced, could improve my health. I figure at the very least, improving my muscle development will make my body more efficient and will likely result in reducing that visceral fat as a benefit. If it takes a while, that's ok too.
I will have to take a look at the WW scale next time I attend a meeting.

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FLEUR_DE_LUNE 9/8/2012 2:35AM

  Come to think about it, blogging more regularly is a new goal for you, isn't it? You've really been very active on that front!
emoticon emoticon

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FLEUR_DE_LUNE 9/7/2012 4:12AM

  I find you very brave wanting to take this on. You look so lovely in your pictures, I have a hard time believing that your fat percentage is higher than desired.

Does your scale measure body composition? I own a WW scale that does. I'm surprised that at meetings no emphasis is made on body composition, because the technology is readily available (although apparently not terribly accurate, just indicative) and of course gaining a pound of muscle is not at all the same as gaining a pound of fat. One is actually beneficial to health, whereas the other is (almost always) detrimental.

I hope though that you will not join those at maintenance that are perpetually dis-satisfied with their bodies no matter what. I can think of at least 1 SP friend whom I find overly preoccupied with attaining perfection.

I wish you great success in attaining your new goals. I am sure that the skills and attitudes that you learned during your weight-loss process will serve you well in this new journey.

emoticon emoticon


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GORIANA 9/6/2012 2:20PM

    That is great! I think you are on to something.

In 1999 I reached my goal weight, and slowly over about 10 years I let it creep back up. I think it has something to do with not having a goal to work on, but I guess the slow creep is something to be happy about, it means some of my changes stuck, or the creep would have been a tsunami.

Good luck.

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NICHOLE_4 9/6/2012 12:45PM

    Sounds like you have a good plan! COngrats on losing 100 pounds! That is an amazing accomplishment

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At Goal and Physically Braver

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

This weekend, while at my parents home with my kids, and my sister, brother, and their kids, I did something that I could not do the last time the kids all did this. They love to climb up onto the rows of big round hay-bales, and I couldn't climb up there before. My sister and I both climbed up there, and my dad took a picture of all of us (except my brother, because he had gone to meet some friends by the time we began this adventure). The kids have mentioned a couple of times about how surprised they were that their mother climbed up there with them..."you never did fun stuff like that with us before" ...and sadly that is true. This was my silly, fun moment, and I loved it. No worrying about looking like a fat girl struggling up there and failing at it anyway...I got up, on my 40 years old- something I couldn't do at 25 or 35. I'll post a picture later- I'm at work and can't access it from FB while I'm here. I'll have to do it when I get home. I always wanted to be the mom who didn't get tired playing with her kids, and while it's too bad that I didn't get to give that to them as much when they were smaller, at least I can now, and I'll be able to chase grandkids when they come too....which could be in a few years or oldest son is almost 20!
It was a great day!

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FLEUR_DE_LUNE 9/7/2012 3:45AM

  What a lovely moment that you will cherish forever!

I can relate to your former self-consciousness. Because of a similar feeling, I never learned to dance (mind you, I also have no talent whatsoever in that art).


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GORIANA 9/6/2012 2:28PM


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KAYOTIC 9/5/2012 11:40PM

    Revel in it! It's great when you can push past the fears, real or imagined, and just enjoy life! emoticon

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MKELLY72 9/5/2012 12:07PM

    The future is bright, and I'm so glad that I finally have been able to let the past go and look forward to the future.

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JANEMARIE77 9/5/2012 11:48AM

    Great job look to the furture the pass can't be changed but oh the furture is bright

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LESSNESS1 9/5/2012 10:56AM

    you are a amazing person, you never gave up I give you a high five girl. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HANDYV 9/5/2012 10:33AM

    emoticon Awesome job.

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MYBULLDOGS 9/5/2012 10:31AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PARAN0RMAL 9/5/2012 10:29AM

    Congratulations! That is so awesome!

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Blogging more

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

I have recently noticed that I don't do a really good job of blogging things from my life on a regular basis, and a fellow sparker has even requested that I do so. I thank her for sending me that message, because I know I need to get better at this, and it always helps when others help to hold us accountable. No time at the moment, because I am at work, but I promise I will get better at this.

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GORIANA 9/6/2012 2:35PM

    Wow, I've missed three posts already. I look forward to reading. It's inspirational that you have lost 100 pounds and that you want to share your experience in maintenance...You and I are about the same age and height, so I find your story particularly relevant.

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MKELLY72 9/5/2012 10:09AM

    Thank you Johanne-
Believe me, it will be helpful for me. My personality is one that draws strength from sharing useful knowledge and strategies with others, and I love getting feedback on how it works for them. It also helps to keep me focused on remaining accountable, so it's a win-win. I also love writing-I find it very therapeutic, but I just get so busy sometimes that it gets neglected.
Thanks for all your feedback- I love it!

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FLEUR_DE_LUNE 9/5/2012 7:24AM

  Well, Michelle, I always enjoy reading everything that you write and I find it tremendously inspiring. But I think the only good reason for you to blog is if it is useful for you personally. It is great if it is beneficial for us as well, but your own needs should come first. I look forward to learning more about the process of maintaining your weight. Your experience and your way of approaching weight loss and weight maintenance is extremely helpful for me.

Thanks for everything that you do for us, your SP friends and fellow team members.



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Moonlight Chase 2012

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Did so much better my second time in the Moonlight Chase last night. It's a 4 mile run that started at 9pm. The entire course is lit up by a combination of luminaries and strings of lights that the homeowners along the route put up. The weather was better too. Last year I was so was really humid and not a breath of wind.
Here's a pre-race picture of my sweetie, me, my best girlfriend, and her sister-in-law:

I improved my time by 4 minutes this time!

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FLEUR_DE_LUNE 7/18/2012 2:03AM

  You were in good company! It's nice to see a picture of the people you mention occasionally.

Congratulations on the run! I never heard of a race starting in the evening, but it makes a lot of sense in the hot weather.
You look in great shape! emoticon

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GORIANA 7/16/2012 6:49PM


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KAYOTIC 7/16/2012 9:52AM

    That sounds like a neat way to race, I bet it's pretty with all the lights...and emoticonon improving your time!

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