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2012 - A Year of Change

Thursday, July 05, 2012

2012 has been a big year of change for me. In January, I left my job as a Laboratory Supervisor that I had been working at for 11 years and took a position as an Assistant Lab Supervisor at the Water Quality lab in my hometown. My previous job was in a town 18 miles from my house and this one is on the outskirts of town, but still takes 15 minutes to get to. There was a ton of stress in my decision to leave and all the prep work to be able to leave, as I was a job I really did like and I was the only one who did a lot of the things there for the last 11 years, but I was also leaving working with someone who became my best friend for the last 7 years. I knew she would get the promotion to take my place so it was good for her too. And I came to my new job with the promise that the supervisor position would be opened for recruitment within a couple months and that I would be a shoe in for that job. On Monday, I hit 6 months here and they are just now accepting applications for the supervisor job. I think I still have a good shot at getting it but the person who basically promised me it when I came here, has since retired so now its a little more uncertain. For now, my Assistant job is better money than I was making, for less work, and the supervisor job will be way more money so I have to keep the faith that it was meant to be.
To add to my stress levels, my hubby went through with his intentions I discussed last year, and quit his teaching job at the end of the school year last month. He had been a high school math teacher for the last 17 years but found that each year he was getting more and more busy outside of school hours than he had the previous year. He never got into teaching for a great paycheck, but for the amount of hours he put into it, he should have been clearing $100K a year and he was no where close to that. It got to the point he always felt so busy that he hated hearing anyone else talk about getting to do anything fun, he never had the energy left to go do stuff with the family and was getting more and more resentful of anyone with a second of free time that we knew it was time to change this was not the man I married 16 years ago. So now my hubby is unemployed. It hasnt really hit us yet, as we are very used to him being home all summer with the kiddos, but it will feel real when the kids go back to school in August and he doesnt. I know it was weird he resigned without having anything else lined up, but he really was so strapped for time he couldnt even think about what else he wants to do or be out looking for a new job while he was still teaching. We planned ahead for this change, refinancing our house last fall and doing pretty good with savings so he can stay off work for quite some time before we get really desperate for cash. Dont get me wrong, we will be making some serious cost cutting measures to make sure we are secure in our future, but I actually want him to have at least 1-2 months off after the kids go back to school to really think about what he wants to do for the next 20 years of his life. He turns 40 in October and still has another good 20 years of working ahead of him. He does not have to earn much money I just want him to have something that he likes and that he can leave behind him when he comes home. He is a very hard worker and takes things very seriously, which is why he spends so much time as a teacher to do it right and do right by the kids hes teaching, but he needs to relax a little, in my opinion. The really good thing is that his principal told him hed take him back in a second if he ever changed his mind, so we do have that to fall back on if ever need be.
We did get to go on a big vacation to Mexico that we had planned 10 months ago, before he was certain he was quitting his job, last month. The resort was incredible and we had a blast and Im so glad we still did it, knowing it may be our last big vacation for a couple years. I ate and drank quite a bit on vacation but actually did not gain any weight which was a good thing.
Which Brings me to the bad part of the last year I am currently 17 pounds heavier than I was last June 17 pounds over my goal weight. I never recovered from the weight I gained on our road trip vacation last summer and since I switched jobs I have steadily increased instead of decreased. I know a lot of it has to do with no longer having my exercise bike to ride at lunch each day, like I used to. I also am not getting as much sleep since the new job started at 6:30 am, so I am getting up earlier to get my treadmill workout in, but not going to bed earlier. The spring is also baseball season which means a lot more fast food than the rest of the year so I have all kinds of excuses, although I know it all boiled down to no will power to keep myself regulated to my nutrition and exercise plans. Hubby and I officially started our half marathon training last Monday. We are doing the SF Giants half marathon in September and ran 3.5 miles last Monday, 4 on Wednesday and Friday and 5 on Sunday. Then this week we have done 3.5 on Tuesday and 4 yesterday, with another 4 planned for tomorrow morning and 5.5 on Saturday. With the holiday yesterday I allowed myself to eat way more than I should have (once again) and am planning on getting my eating back under control in the next couple weeks so I can actually start to lose again. I have my goal to be back to 145 by the race day, so hopefully Ill keep you posted. Theres another goal actually make it on here more often and get active in the boards again. So this is now long enough hopefully it wont be another 8 months or so before I blog again. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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BLUEROSE73 7/5/2012 7:05PM

    Wow. What a busy year already. I am so glad you had the chance to plan ahead for your hubby to be off work. That makes things so much easier, and gives him the freedom to discover what he loves to do. That is awesome.

I wish you luck with the promotion.

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CASSIECAT 7/5/2012 6:56PM

    Phew! What a year already it's been for you. I am also a high school math teacher. I left public schools in 2000 when my daughter was born and was glad to be done. Never thought I'd return to it, but now I'm at a private school and while it's still super busy and stressful, it's also much more fun and rewarding. In the in-between time while DD was little, I did a lot of tutoring to help make ends meet. Your husband might want to consider that. it can be quite lucrative, with little prep time and a lot of satisfaction, working one on one with students.

Glad to hear from you here and hope you will meet your goals! :)

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WHITEANGEL4 7/5/2012 6:53PM

    You have had a lot on your plate for the last year. I am sure you will get your promotion. Just do not stress over the things that you cannot control. Hubby will find something he likes before too long and that will make you feel better also. It is a shame that our teachers are not compensated for all the things they do for their students.

Do not lose heart on your 17 pounds. It is just a matter of getting yourself on track with a good eating plan. My sister lost 30 pounds last year walking on her lunch hour.


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Interview & Updated To-Do list!

Friday, November 18, 2011

OK this week has been crazy but I think I got a lot done and am hoping I can keep it up over the weekend. My assistant is still on Jury duty got email from her last night not to expect her back until the 28th Great!
Biggest News I had my interview yesterday for a new job in my home town. I wasnt really sure I wanted the job, but the more I found out about it I am now really hoping it will work out I just feel like I need a change. Not sure its the best idea, what with hubby quitting his in the summer, but for now the best I can do it try my best and hope they offer it to me and then decide. The biggest hold up I see now, will be the pay not sure they can match my current take home pay I guess they have some deal where it is mandated to put 20% into retirement and I dont think they can go high enough for me to do that and still bring home what I currently make and with us going down to one salary it has to be at least what I currently make. Oh well nothing to worry about yet just have to wait and see. But I did get a call today that I was one of the top candidates from yesterday so they are checking my references and then I move on to the 2nd interview!
I have dropped 6.2 pounds from the baby shower weekend down from 157 on Monday to 150.8 this morning. Hoping I can hold strong this weekend before the big holiday weekends are always hard for me and hubby and kids want to celebrate that they are off for 9 days so I know Ill have a few temptations to resist Ill keep you posted on how I do.
Here is my updated to-do list
1) Refinance paperwork - done!
2) Hubby s new phone arrived last night - done
3) BBQ parts ordered and on the way
4) Dental bill paid / car registered
5) Son signed up for little league
6) Made Dog apt even made one for my annual OB-GYN for same day Dec 2nd!
7) Interview stuff all done!
8) Have date night with hubby all planned for tomorrow!
9) Buy tickets for the December Ballet performance for the family still need to do
10) Start to wrap the Christmas presents as we get them so its not a ton to do as Christmas gets closer!
11) Find my daughter black pants and white shirt for her band concert on 12/15.
12) Still need to contact housekeeper to reschedule Thanksgiving.
13) Need to complete all the paperwork for our passport applications want to make apt for next week when hubby and kids are off school still need to do.
14) Need to clean the BBQ.
15) Going to get more Christmas shopping done this weekend!
16) And most importantly keep eating below 1400 calories and exercising at least 90 minutes per day! Been doing great 1300 or under Mon-Thurs and almost to my weekly exercise goal.
17) And I want to run outside both Saturday and Sunday if the weather cooperates. If Not I am making a promise to run on the treadmill instead really dont like doing that anymore but I will if I have to I need to get back to running more often!

And thats the plan I know I have all the other normal household stuff to do but so does everyone else!

Have a great weekend!

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CHELEMIA 11/20/2011 5:41PM

    congrats on interview stage one!!
Great on the loss
Keep it up!
These goals seem a bit more doable!!!

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Randon Thoughts and My new "To-Do" list

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So, I know its been awhile since I last updated a blog so I thought I would spell out my new To Do list to maybe hold me accountable for what all I want to get done.

As an update to those of you who dont know, I am still dealing with a little stress over my hubby deciding he is going to quit his job in June (he is a school teacher) and what our financial future will look like, but I am coming to terms with it in knowing that no matter what happens, he will be a much happier and less stressed person which in turn should make my life easier so I support this decision.
On my job, my lab assistant, who usually does all the day to day required lab work, is out on Jury Duty (all last week and all this week) and she is supposed to be on vacation next week, so that makes 3 weeks of me doing both our jobs which has made me way busier but on the plus side I have had no problem getting my 10,000 steps per day as Im running around like a chicken with my head cut off most of the day. This same assistant will be back for December but then will be off on maternity leave come January, for 3-4 months so I guess Im just getting a preview of what my life will be like Jan-April if I stay in my current position which brings me to my next stressor I have an interview for a new job tomorrow morning. Not really sure I want the job, or if they will be able to pay enough to make it worth switching jobs, but I have to check it out and see it is in my hometown (right now I work 20 miles from home) and has much better job advancement potential than my current job, only has about 1/3 the responsibility my current job does and would probably pay right about the same I currently make but I have complete job freedom in my current position and 10 + years in here so my vacation is higher so Ill really have to weigh out the pros and cons once I learn more about the position and what the pay scale offer could be.
I hosted a baby shower for my assistant at my house last Saturday which went really well even though my house was filled beyond its limits with people, but of course we ended up with lots of leftover food which I worked on eating all day Sunday and woke up Monday morning 5 pounds heavier than I was on Friday morning. This put me back into the obese category on the BMI scale and I vowed never to go there again! But I have not been able to really get back on track since my vacation back in June so I made a promise to myself to honestly track and turn down the sweets so I can get back with my program. The exercise hasnt been too much of an issue its the eating that destroys all my efforts. Only 2 days into my new commitment and I have dropped back down from the 157 to 151.6 so I think it really is working.
Now to outline my to-do list from the week and which items are already done:
1) Refinance paperwork had the notary come over Monday night signed a million forms and I think our part of that process is done!
2) Hubby was ready for a phone upgrade but we got weird messages trying to do it on-line so I called and get his new iphone ordered for him Monday it should arrive tonight and then well get it all set up.
3) My dog broke our BBQ ignitor (on a 3 month old BBQ) so I had to call and order a new one of those did that yesterday.
4) Pay the dental bill insurance didnt cover mailed that this morning.
5) Pay the Sequoia registration will do on-line today
6) Buy tickets for the December Ballet performance for the family still need to do
7) Register my son for Little League can do on-line will do today!
8) Need to complete all the paperwork for our passport applications want to make apt for next week when hubby and kids are off school still need to do.
9) Make apt for Pup to get Neutered made it yesterday for December 2nd.
10) Need to pick out writing samples to take to interview with me MUST do today!
11) Need to pick out what to wear for interview MUST do today!
12) Need to contact the woman we have come do housework twice a month since the next day she is scheduled to come is thanksgiving and we just want to give her a paid day off (I usually think of this ahead of time but my brain was too fried last week to think about it) so now I need to call her and tell her to just come get money instead of work which sounds easier than it is since she doesnt speak English well and I dont speak Spanish at all.
13) Arrange babysitting with my parents for a date night with hubby this weekend!
14) Start to wrap the Christmas presents as we get them so its not a ton to do as Christmas gets closer!
15) Find my daughter black pants and white shirt for her band concert on 12/15.
16) And most importantly keep eating below 1400 calories and exercising at least 90 minutes per day!
I think thats everything I have on my list right now Im sure Ill add to it and erase things as I do them, but at least now they are in writing so I need to do them!

Hope you all have a splendid day best get back to the lab..

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CHELEMIA 11/17/2011 11:25PM

    Wow!! I am amazed and impressed! That is a list and a half and you are half way through. This time is very stressful. Keep listening to your heart, and you will know what decisions to make!! God bless!!

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Taylor Swift Concert on Saturday Night

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

My 12 year old daughter is a huge Taylor Swift fan so back in early december, when tickets firts went on sale, my hubby and I bought 5 tickets for the Taylor Swift concert on Sep. 3, in Sacramento. We gave my daughter the tickets for Christmas, telling her she could bring one friend and then my hubby, our 9 year old sin, and me would go with her. After months of counting down the days, Saturday finally arrived. The girls were so excited. In the parking lot we saw all the tour trucks and trailers and they had to pose by them:

Then walking around the arena, we ran into a few old high school friends, who were all there with their daughters and then when we sat into our section (way up in the nosebleeds), we ended up being right by them so that was fun. Here are pics of hubby with the kids and then me with the kiddos:

Then the show started and she was amazing. It was so much fun seeing the kids dancing and singing along with her. Not sure how my son ended up falling asleep during the concert but he slept through 3-4 songs and then woke up again for the ending. Here ae a couple pictures of her during the show:

All in all it was a great night. I ate too much junk hanging out with the kiddos but it was OK, I don't plan on going to another concert for at least a couple months.

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JDUFORD 9/7/2011 7:18AM

    It sounds like you had a blast!!!

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DYLDYLSMOM 9/7/2011 12:10AM

    Thanks so much for sharing! I was thinking about you guys! Looks like y'all had a blast! My mom's birthday is tomorrow so on top of going to the concert as a month and day belated birthday celebration I am getting us the shirts online for the song "mean"... I cannot wait and thanks for sharing and giving us a sneak peak! Hugs!

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HICKOK-HALEY 9/6/2011 10:11PM

    How fun. I like her too!

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ALLEY2300 9/6/2011 7:22PM

    Oh I am so jealous! I have a hard time finding ANY country music stations out here! It depresses me!!

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! She is one I would love to see in concert!

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My First Race - My First Blog - with pictures!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Ok, so I have been on Sparkpeople for almost 2 1/2 years and it has been incredible for me to see myself find a program and stick with it, never feeling like I am totally depriving myself of anything and the amount of info about healthy living I have found has been amazing, however, I have never quite felt anything I have done so far was really blog worthy - I'm just boring old me, trying to work full time, raise 2 kids and lose weight. I kept telling myself I would write a blog at the one year mark - then the 2 year mark - then when I hit my goal back in June, but those blogs never happened. Then I went on vacation, got caught up in the summer season and still have a ways to go to get back down to my goal.

BUT I finally did something I think is blog worthy - at least for me! I have never been a runner - actually hated running with a passion and refused to even think about running most of my life. Even with a half dozen of my co-workers so into running that they fly all over the US to run marathons, I just said they were crazy and left it at that. Then about 2 years ago, my hubby, who basically started running casually when I was pregnant with my 9 year old son, said with my new interest in fitness and health and all, I should run 2 miles with him on his birthday on 10/10/2010. I told him I would. In August of last year I started the C25K program and on his birthday we actually ran the 3 mile loop by our house. I found that I had better weight loss results when I mixed running win with my fast walking (not a surprise) so I kept with it. In March, we saw the ad for the Giant Race, affiliated with the San Francisco Giants, of whom, we are huge fans (have been for years, not jumping on any bandwagon - in fact we had a mini-season passes the final year they played at Candlestick.) Because it was sponsored by the Giants, I was able to convince my hubby we should sign up for the race - he runs to stay in shape but really couldn't care less about competitions and certainly not a fan of paying to run. They offered a 5K, 10K and 1/2 marathon. We knew we weren't ready for the 1/2 but felt the 5K wouldn't really be a challenge (never thought I would say that!) so we signed up for the 10K.

The race was this past Saturday and it was amazing! We had so much fun. We had the kids stay with my in-laws and went to the city on Friday night. Our race time was 8 am, but we checked out at 6:30, thinking it'd be plenty early to drive the 1.5 mile to the parking lot and get in line. Traffic was horrible but we ended up finding free parking and still getting there in plenty of time. We were way back in the end of the third corral, with the slower 10K and 1/2 marathon runners. Here is the picture we took right at the scheduled start time:

Then we were on our way. It was very crowded for the first mile and still pretty congested until mile 2. The path was along the water on the embarcadero, from the ball park down to Pier 39 and back to the ballpark. We kept a really steady pace and surprisingly, I felt no pain in my hip (usually it starts to bug me a little at about mile 5 in my training runs). Then we were back at the ballpark and running into the stadium, on the warning track, and over the finish line. Our official time was 66:51, which was way above the goal I set for myself of wanting to be at 70 minutes, but I'd still be happy as long as I was done by 75. Here are more pictures from after the race, with our medals and then we got to pose with the World Series Trophy which was awesome! We have already decided for sure we are doing it again next year - even talking about doing the 1/2 next year - turns out Brain Wilson (the Giants closer - also known as "the Bearded one") was further down the route greeting and high-fiving those who ran the 1/2 marathon.

Thanks for checking out my first blog - I hope it wasn't too long or boring!
And a big thank you to my hubby who ran slow (for him) and stayed with me the whole way.

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ZANDASMOM1 11/4/2011 4:01PM

    I can't believe I missed this!!! This is awesome!!!! Way to go!!! I am sorry I dropped of of spark for a few months. But this is WAY cool!!! I ran the Phillies first 5K this year. It was a blast and we got to circle around the park after the race as well. Very very cool!!!!

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SANDORSKLAR 9/10/2011 6:40PM

    That sounds like so much fun! I've got to find out about it for next year!

Comment edited on: 9/10/2011 6:41:18 PM

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WALKZWDOGZ 8/31/2011 11:12PM

    emoticon emoticon
Congratulations on both! I'm not sure which is the bigger accomplishment! A 10k is awesome, but blogging intimidates me! emoticon Great job!

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HEATHERSTEW 8/31/2011 2:30PM

    Awesome job and THANKS for the head's up! I'm keeping this one in my back pocket for next year's race season!

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JDUFORD 8/31/2011 2:13PM

    You are emoticon!!! I'm glad you have a wonderful husband that hung back with you for the entire race.

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OKIEGIRL75 8/30/2011 4:38PM


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CASSIECAT 8/30/2011 11:54AM

    Fabulous! Congratulations!

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FINDINGBOBBIE 8/30/2011 9:11AM

    Great job on your first 10K...most start with a 5K, but not you...YOU ROCK!!!!

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ALLEY2300 8/30/2011 2:34AM

    What a great job! SO bummed we missed out on this though, if we are here near the city, definitely want to try this one!

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CHELEMIA 8/29/2011 10:29PM

    You did awesome! Congrats!!! emoticon

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TESSIELU 8/29/2011 4:33PM

    Congrats on the race and the blog! Great photos!!

Tess emoticon

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DLDROST 8/29/2011 4:28PM


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