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Saturday, May 25, 2013


David: A Man, After God’s Own Heart

2 Samuel 7:1-29
WHEN GOD SAYS “NO”, Lesson 5a

This passage describes what were possibly the best days in the life of King David. He was the King of Israel. His nation was united and at peace. David was enjoying a time of rest, after all the problems that he had been forced to endure. For David, these days were a time to meditate and reflect on the blessings and the grace of God. As David meditated on the Lord and the Law, a dream was born in his heart. He wanted to build God a permanent dwelling place.

Since the time the Tabernacle had been built during the days of Moses; God’s presence had dwelt in the Holy of Holies of that temporary building. David wanted to give the Lord a proper, permanent place to manifest His glorious presence. The only problem with this dream is that God said “No!” David’s reaction to God’s “No” is something we should all take to heart.

There are people who have heard the Lord say “No” in their heart. Perhaps as a young man, there was a desire to be a preacher of the Gospel. You told God you would do it, but it never worked out. Perhaps there was a dream in the heart of a young lady to be a missionary or to give your life in some other form of service, but that didn’t work out either. Perhaps there was a dream in your heart to make a lot of money so that you could give to others and to the work of the Lord, but that dream never came to pass. It is as if God said, “That is not what I have planned for your life. I want you to take a different path.” There are others who will hear Him say “No” to your dreams in the future.

What do you do when God says “No”? I think David shows us what we are supposed to do when God looks at our dream and says “No, that is not My plan for your life.” Let’s examine this chapter together today and consider the lessons that are taught here as I try to teach on the thought When God Says “No”.


It Was A Good Desire – As David sat in his palace, he felt guilty that he lived in the lap of such luxury when the presence of God lived inside of a tent. David believed that a God of such glory should have a house befitting His majesty. This was a good desire and David was praised by the Lord for having this dream, (2 Chron.6:7-9). The Lord’s house and these grounds ought to look the best that they can. When people come here, inside and outside, what they see reveals what we believe about the glory of God. The Lord’s house does not have to be adorned with gold and glitter, but this should testify to a passing world that the people who attend God’s house believe that we serve a God, Who is worthy of the best we can give Him. How you treat this place reveals the depth of your commitment to the Lord!

It Was A Gracious Desire – David is not asking for anything at this point, his desire is not to receive, but to give. He wants to give something back to the God, Who has given him everything. That ought to be the desire of every redeemed heart today. We could never possibly repay the Lord for all that He has done for us. He has not asked us to! But, there should be a desire within us to see Him honored and glorified, regardless of the cost. After all, “Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver,” (2 Cor. 9:7).

It Was A Godly Desire – David had no ulterior motives in wanting to build the Lord a house. His desire was to see the Lord glorified and honored. He wanted God to be exalted and he wanted the Lord to receive the glory and honor that He deserved. David possessed a godly desire.

It is good to have a dream! But, we need to be certain that our dreams are from the Lord. While David had a good, gracious, godly dream, his dream was not from the Lord. He is even encouraged to follow the dream by the man of God, (v. 3). You will notice that Nathan didn’t even pray about this matter. It sounded good to him, and he thought the dream was of the Lord too. Apparently, David’s dream had all the earmarks of a desire impressed upon him by the Lord. But, his dream turned out to be his own creation and not the will of the Lord.

Thank God for a dream and a desire to serve the Lord! There is nothing wrong with having a dream; we simply need to be sure that our dreams are from the Lord and that they are part of His plan for our life. When our dreams are from the Lord, they will come to pass in every detail: for example: Joseph, (Gen. 37:5-11). When our dreams are merely our own, they will likely come to naught. Thank God for the desires that He places within our hearts.

Proverbs 26:20 (New King James Version (NKJV)
20 Where there is no wood, the fire goes out;
And where there is no talebearer, strife ceases.

“We Have Come Into His House” By: Bruce Ballinger (1976)

We have come into His house and gathered
In His name to worship Him
We have come into His house and gathered
In His name to worship Him
We have come into His house and gathered
In His name to worship Him
Worship Him, Christ, the Lord

So forget about yourself and concentrate on
Him and worship Him
So forget about yourself and concentrate on
Him and worship Him
So forget about yourself and concentrate on
Him and worship Him
Worship Him, Christ, the Lord

Let us lift up holy hands and magnify His
Name and worship Him
Let us lift up holy hands and magnify His
Name and worship Him
Let us lift up holy hands and magnify His
Name and worship Him
Worship Him, Christ, the Lord

Most Holy Father, Most Loving God! Where can we go or flee from Your Almighty presence? You know us inside and outside. You sent Jesus Christ to save us. We come as we are, bowing before You, asking forgiveness, that we might receive Your grace and mercy. Open our ears to hear the call that Jesus is giving us. Open our minds to the wonders of His call. Open our hearts to the love that prompts His calling. Open our lives to accept His call and to follow Him, now and always, unto heaven and glory. We approach Your throne of grace today with a humble spirit, a grateful heart, and in His precious name. Amen!


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ANHELIC 5/26/2013 12:01AM

    Thank you Vic for a great lesson, hymn and prayer. When God says No, it can also mean I'm not ready for this. Listening to His voice will certainly lead us in His direction, not ours and distruction. Thank you Vic for the goodie and note and your teachings each day.

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NELLIEH1 5/25/2013 5:52PM

    Yes, David's heart of worship meant that he accepted GOD's "no" and then went to work to help prepare for the one who would build that house. GOD's temple is now within us!! Are we in a heart of worship continually?

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CANDOIT54 5/25/2013 3:46PM


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MNABOY 5/25/2013 1:43PM

    Thanks for sharing

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AZMOMXTWO 5/25/2013 12:26PM


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HONOURIA 5/25/2013 10:11AM

    It is as important to listen to God as it is to be obedient. Reminds me of when I wanted to go into ministry and the Lord said: absolutely not :-) and He was right!

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RSSSLHB 5/25/2013 8:46AM

    emoticon for praying emoticon

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LOOKINGUP2012 5/25/2013 8:06AM

    Man's inventions can not substitute for God's will. Father, Give us a heart to know your will.

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SANDRALEET 5/25/2013 7:18AM

    Even when its good Gods will and ours can be different Same today

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CASTIRONLADY 5/25/2013 7:17AM

    When God says "No", He means "No"! Help us to accept this as it is always for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.
Thank you for reminding us, Vic! emoticon

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Friday, May 24, 2013


2 Samuel 6:1-16


V. 6-7 David's Hasty Decision - David and his people went after the Ark. They went after it in their own strength and they failed, and Uzzah paid a high price for his disobedience. Why did he die while the Philistines didn't? Uzzah was responsible for knowing the Law of God, the Philistines didn't have the Law. God had commanded that the Ark was to be carried on the shoulders of the Levites, with golden poles through golden rings on the Ark. It was holy and not to be touched by human hands, (Ex. 25:10-22; Deu 10:8). Within this Ark were the two tables containing the Law; Aaron's rod which budded, and a golden pot filled with manna, (Heb. 9:4). We are by nature shortcut seekers. We think it is alright to shave a little here and a little there. Yet, when the Lord has spoken clearly on a topic, then we are bound to do it His way, or pay the price for our disobedience, (James 4:17). David and his people looked good as they went after the Ark, it is the obedience of the heart that God is after, (Saul - 1 Sam. 15); It doesn't matter how we look on the outside, God views the heart, (2 Tim. 3:5; 1 Sam. 16:7).

V. 7-12a David's Harsh Discovery - David discovered that God is interested in the details! He wants His people to do His will His way. Nothing else will please Him or honor Him more. How many times have we paid a high price for our own disobedience?

V. 12b-13 David's Honest Devotion - These verses tell us that David went after the Ark and brought it back. But, this time, he did it God's way. To see this, we have to look at a parallel passage, (1 Chron. 15:1-2; 13-16; 25-28). When David discovered that the Lord had a specific pattern for moving the Ark, he was determined in his heart to do it God's way. Notice that he did nothing until he could do the right thing! That is how you recognize a heart that is after God's own heart. There will be a consuming desire to honor Him by doing things the way He wants them done, (John 14:15). This involves searching our plan of God from His word and then carrying it to the letter. The word of God is filled with both "precepts" and "principles". Just like life, a speed limit sign is a precept. It is a law that does not change, regardless of the circumstances. A road sign that says "Drive to Survive", like you will find at the Maryland state line is a principle. It allows a little flexibility, but it still directs your way of life. In the Bible, an example of a precept is, (Matt. 22:37-40). An example of a principle would be, (Gal. 6:7). (Phil. 4:6) is a precept, while (Rom. 10:13) is a principle; (Rom. 12:1) is a precept; (Heb. 10:25) is a principle. There are many more that could be listed, but do you see the difference? A precept is a clearly defined law for living. A principle is a general statement about how life should be lived. However, whether it is a precept or a principle, the heart after God's heart takes them both seriously and applies them without question!


When you are walking in His presence and have done everything in your power to honor His precepts, He will fill your heart with His praises!

V. 14 His Praise Was Visible - Here is the king dancing a praising to the Lord publically without shame! May we never be ashamed to praise Him for what He has done for us! The heart after His heart will gladly lift His Name!

V. 15 His Praise Was Vocal - The Bible says they shouted! They openly proclaimed His glory for all to hear! When your heart is after His heart, there will be a spirit of worship and praise within your heart. This spirit of worship and praise will find an outlet in your life! It may do so in song, in spontaneous praise, or in testimony, but it will come out! I think that is a clear principle in the Bible, (Heb. 13:15; Rev. 4-5). Of course, vocal praise is also a precept, (Psa. 47:1; Psa. 135:1-3; Psa. 150:1-6, etc). How are you doing in the praise department?

V. 16; 21-23 His Praise Was Volitional - (An act of the will)! When David's wife sees him praising the Lord, she rebukes him. His response to her is worthy of note. He tells her that he has made up his mind that he will praise the Lord, even if it make him look like a fool in the eyes of men! His praise, then, is an act of the will! He decided that he would praise the Lord and he did! Too often, we allow the opinion s of others to hinder us in our praise of the Lord. Yet, the heart that is after God’s heart doesn't care what others think. Their attention is focused much higher than the opinions of other men. They merely want to praise the Lord for what He has done for them. They have decided to praise the Lord!

Conc: Are you a man or a woman who is after God's own heart? If so it will be seen in your desire for His presence; in your delight in His precepts and in your dedication to His praise. Why don't we just stop making excuses today for our shortcomings? Why don't we just come before Him and confess that our hearts need help? If we will honestly confess our failure and seek His face, He will send a revival to our soul.

Galatians 4:6 (New King James Version (NKJV)
6 And because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying out, “Abba, Father!”

“Holy Spirit, Light Divine” By: Andrew Reed (1817)

Holy Spirit, light divine,
Shine upon this heart of mine,
Chase the shades of night away,
Turn my darkness into day.

Holy Spirit, power divine,
Cleanse this guilty heart of mine;
Long has sin, without control,
Held dominion o'er my soul.

Holy Ghost, with joy divine,
Cheer this saddened heart of mine,
Bid my many woes depart,
Heal my wounded, bleeding heart.

Holy Spirit, all divine,
Dwell within this heart of mine,
Cast down every idol throne,
Reign supreme, and reign alone.

Loving Father, Caring God! More than anything else in this world, we want to be called children of God and call You, FATHER! You teach us, feed us, shelter us, cloth us, love us, and take good care of us. Your faithfulness is amazing and awesome to us. Joyfully, we acknowledge You as our loving and caring Father. May the world around us come to know Your tender love as we share what we have so generously received. May we never be guilty of breaking your heart and robbing others of the joy of knowing You as FATHER. These things we pray with gladness of heart in the precious name of Jesus, our Lord. Amen!


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ANHELIC 5/25/2013 12:45AM

    Thank you Vic for another great lesson, hymn and prayer. Yes, we have to be after God's own heart and seek Him while He still can be found. Keep seeking and when we find Him, stay close and be obedient to Him, following along His narrow path. Thank you Vic for the goodie and note. Have a Blessed weekend and enjoy your 3 days. Thank you again for your teachings.

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MNABOY 5/24/2013 2:54PM

    Thank you for feeding my soul

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COOP9002 5/24/2013 2:13PM

    David always intrigues me. Thanks for sharing.

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HONOURIA 5/24/2013 1:17PM

    David's ebullience makes me smile. It was so out there, even if his ever-so-dignified what-will-people-think wife disagreed :-) Free enough to shout praise.

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LOOKINGUP2012 5/24/2013 12:35PM

    emoticon for these wonderful lessons.

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MZLADY77 5/24/2013 10:04AM

    Thank you for sharing! emoticon

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RSSSLHB 5/24/2013 9:47AM

    emoticon emoticon

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AZMOMXTWO 5/24/2013 7:46AM

  thank you

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SANDRALEET 5/24/2013 7:14AM

    Yes Gods way not our way

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NELLIEH1 5/24/2013 7:07AM

    It is good to pay attention to the difference between principles and precepts in scripture...in life. Thanks for this nudge. And praise to/for GOD does flow/overflow from within an obedient heart. GOD enables us always to have a heart after Him as we choose Him above all else (and even that is His gift to us!!)

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Thursday, May 23, 2013


2 Samuel 6:1-16

When the name of David is mentioned, what is your first thought? How do you remember his life? For many, their first thought is his victory over Goliath. Some remember his failure with Bathsheba. Others remember his anointing and call as a young man. Some dwell on his problems with Saul and Absalom. Some remember his friendship with Jonathon. That is the human way! We remember the spectacular, the traumatic and the glorious. However, when God remembers David, He remembers something quite different about him. To find out what God remembers about this man, you have to turn to the New Testament. Some 1,000 years after his death, Paul, writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, reveals what God remembers about David. The passage is Acts 13:22. The statement is: "I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfil all my will." What a testimony of a life well lived and found pleasing to the Lord!

It should be the goal of every believer in this room to be found pleasing in the sight of the Lord. It should be our goal to be a person "After God's own heart." You may wonder how this can be done. Well, I think this passage reveals some qualities that were found in David's life that tell us why he was considered a man after God's own heart. These qualities are seen throughout David's life, but they are brought into sharp focus in this passage. By the way these are the same qualities that will enable us to be known as one "after God's own heart." Let me share those qualities with you today.


V. 2-3 A Conspicuous Absence - This passage relates the fact that the Ark of the Covenant is missing. The Ark was of vital importance to the worship of the Jewish people. The Ark was the place where the "shechinah" glory of the Lord dwelt between the two cherubim. It was where God met with and dwelled with His people. However, the Ark was missing. 1 Samuel 4 tells of how foolish pride resulted in the Ark being taken by the Philistines. 1 Samuel 5-6 tell of the terrible price the Philistines paid for having the Ark in their possession. 1 Samuel 7:1-2 tells us that the Ark spent 20 years at the house of a man named Abinadab. When the Ark was missing, so was the manifest presence of the Lord God. God was still there, but His presence was not tangible. There will be times in our lives when we do not experience the "manifest presence" of the Lord. We know that He is always there, (Matt. 28:20; Heb. 13:5), but there are times when He cannot be seen, heard or felt. Those are hard times.

V. 1-5 A Concentrated Action - During the reign of Saul, the things of the Lord had been terribly neglected. However, when David comes to the throne, he takes definite steps to recover the Ark and the presence of the Lord. More than anything in his life, David wanted to live in the presence of the Lord, (Psa. 42:1-2; Psa. 27:4). This will be the burning desire of every life that is a life after God's own heart! There will be a hunger for His manifest presence in that life. When it is missing, every possible step will be taken to recover His precious presence! Think of what it might require - Repentance, obedience, confession, forgiveness, etc.
Psalm 27:14 (New King James Version (NKJV)
14 Wait on the Lord;
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart;
Wait, I say, on the Lord!

“Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord” By: B. Mansell Ramsey (1919)

Teach me Thy way, O Lord, teach me Thy way!
Thy guiding grace afford, teach me Thy way!
Help me to walk aright, more by faith, less by sight;
Lead me with heav’nly light, teach me Thy way!

When I am sad at heart, teach me Thy way!
When earthly joys depart, teach me Thy way!
In hours of loneliness, in times of dire distress,
In failure or success, teach me Thy way!

When doubts and fears arise, teach me Thy way!
When storms o’erspread the skies, teach me Thy way!
Shine through the cloud and rain, through sorrow, toil and pain;
Make Thou my pathway plain, teach me Thy way!

Long as my life shall last, teach me Thy way!
Where’er my lot be cast, teach me Thy way!
Until the race is run, until the journey’s done,
Until the crown is won, teach me Thy way!

Most Holy Father, Merciful God! We bring You the praise of our lips as a sacrifice to You today. You, O God, are worthy of all praise, glory, honor, power, blessings and riches. In view of Your mercies, we offer our entire being as living sacrifices, holy because You are Holy, and pleasing because Your will and way is always a blessing to us. May we never forget our Maker and may we always offer our sacrifice of praise through Jesus Christ, our Lord, King, Redeemer, Savior, Master, and Friend. These things we pray in His blessed name! Amen!


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CIERAPOET 5/24/2013 4:44PM

    emoticon Teaching!
I thought of the Psalms and How He was a man after God's Own Heart. That Has always set with me. Although he made mistakes he immediately repented and grew closer to God. I want that type of Relationship with Our Lord. I want ALL God has for me! I DESIRE HIS PRESENCE and to DO that which PLEASES Him! Daily! I Thank God for The Blood of Jesus That Washes Away ALL sin! God is So Amazing with His PLANS for each one of us! I'm CHASING after HIS will ALL of my days!
God Bless You Vic!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ANHELIC 5/23/2013 11:18PM

    Thank you Vic for a great lesson, hymn and prayer. My thoughts about David is how he defeated Goliath, was a man of many talents, yet turned his back on God. He was back in good faith with God who forgave him and he was still set up as King. For us, even when we stray from God, He forgives us if we repent and remain as a child of His. Thank you for the goodie and note. God bless you for your teachings.

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HONOURIA 5/23/2013 1:21PM

    David is an interesting bible character. He didn't lack for courage, he played musical instruments and was the first to link music to worship, he danced, he was poetic, passionate, larger than life. A man of passion - in his life and for God. I think on human level we can connect with that.

His writing reflects that nature as well. It is filled with emotion.

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MNABOY 5/23/2013 12:49PM


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NELLIEH1 5/23/2013 8:37AM

    What comes to mind when I think of David is His utter abandon to GOD in worship. There is no David focus in his praise, only the LORD. Even in David's Psalms for laying before GOD his life and concerns, he comes to a place in each one of "But You , GOD, are my Rock and Fortress..."etc. Oh to continually have a heart following hard after the LORD alone!!

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AVANELL 5/23/2013 7:58AM

    My first thought about David was that he was considered to be a man after God's own heart. I long to be known by God as a woman after God's own heart. That takes commitment, time, a tender and teachable heart, a passion for all that God is and wants to be in me; a tall order to fill! But with God nothing is impossible and all things are possible to him who believes. I believe!

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RSSSLHB 5/23/2013 7:38AM

    emoticon Vic

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SANDRALEET 5/23/2013 7:29AM

    God sees our inside feelings not our outside the world sees

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AZMOMXTWO 5/23/2013 7:28AM

  thank you

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


2 Samuel 6:1-19


David was afraid to bring the Ark up, but a man named Obed-edom was glad to have it in his house. He knew that a clean heart and a pure life had nothing to fear from the Lord. When David closed the door to God, Obed-edom opened his door and God blessed him as a result. When David hears about this, he experiences a change in attitude. He returns to the house of Obed-edom with a desire to carry out God’s will God’s way. Something has happened in David’s heart that made him a candidate for what God wanted to do for him. Let’s notice David’s heart as it is revealed in these verses.

v. 11-12 Manifested In A Change In David’s Attitude – David had forgotten the reasons why he went after the Ark in the first place. He is reminded when he hears of the blessings being heaped upon the house of Obed-edom. David goes after the Ark and brings it home.

v. 13 Manifested In A Change In David’s Approach – Apparently, during the three months that passed between the death of Uzzah and David’s decision to go get the Ark, he had been doing his homework. Either someone told David how the Ark was supposed to be moved, or he read the Law for himself, (1 Chron. 15:13-15). Either way, he went and got it and brought it home the right way. This time there would be no shortcuts and no disobedience; David would do it the right way. He would do it the Lord’s way! Just to be sure, the Levites stopped after they had gone six steps and they sacrificed to the Lord. When the Lord did not destroy anyone, they were assured of His blessings and they carried the Ark on to Jerusalem.

v. 14-19 Manifested In A Change In David’s Actions – It seems that David has given up music, (v. 5), and has taken up dancing, (v. 14). He has also laid the robes of his sovereignty and put on the humble ephod of a seeker. He has laid aside his pouts and replaced them with shouts. David’s heart has been transformed and he is getting what went after. He went after God and he is returning with presence and power of God. David’s life, and the nation of Israel, would never be the same again.

What are the lessons for us here? They are simple! The believer who goes after God with a heart to know Him; and who seeks His face according to His revealed will; is going to receive that which he is after, (Gal 6:7). When we stop trying to get on us through fleshly means and through worldly shortcuts; and we go after Him by honoring His Word and respecting His holiness, He will bless us with His presence and His power for His glory! Doing things God’s way will put a shout in your heart, a song on your lips and glory in your soul. When we line up with Him and go after God with all our hearts, we will be changed forever! We must learn the truth that there are no shortcuts to holiness and obedience.

You see, walking in obedience to the Lord and His precepts and principles will set you free, (John 8:32; Rom. 8:1-5)! Living in disobedience and in the power of the flesh will result in bondage.

Conc: David went after God the wrong way and he paid a high price for his disobedience. However, when he started doing things God’s way, his life was revolutionized. He was after God, and God’s presence and power, and he got it all when he did it God’s way.

What about you? Are you seeking God and His power and presence in your life? Are you seeking Him His way? Are you walking in obedience to His precepts and principles? If you have been hitting brick walls in your quest for God; let David’s example set you on the right path. Go after God with all you have, but be sure that you go after Him His way.

Romans 13:11 (New King James Version (NKJV)

Put on Christ

11 And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.

“The Sands of Time” By: Annie B. Cousin (1857)

The sands of time are sinking, the dawn of Heaven breaks;
The summer morn I’ve sighed for—the fair, sweet morn awakes:
Dark, dark hath been the midnight, but dayspring is at hand,
And glory, glory dwelleth in Immanuel’s land.

O Christ, He is the fountain, the deep, sweet well of love!
The streams of earth I’ve tasted more deep I’ll drink above:
There to an ocean fullness His mercy doth expand,
And glory, glory dwelleth in Immanuel’s land.

Oh! Well it is forever, Oh! well forevermore,
My nest hung in no forest of all this death doomed shore:
Yea, let the vain world vanish, as from the ship the strand,
While glory—glory dwelleth in Immanuel’s land.

There the Red Rose of Sharon unfolds its heartsome bloom
And fills the air of heaven with ravishing perfume:
Oh! To behold it blossom, while by its fragrance fanned
Where glory—glory dwelleth in Immanuel’s land.

The King there in His beauty, without a veil is seen:
It were a well spent journey, though seven deaths lay between:
The Lamb with His fair army, doth on Mount Zion stand,
And glory—glory dwelleth in Immanuel’s land.

Oft in yon sea beat prison My Lord and I held tryst,
For Anwoth was not heaven, and preaching was not Christ:
And aye, my murkiest storm cloud was by a rainbow spanned,
Caught from the glory dwelling in Immanuel’s land.

But that He built a Heaven of His surpassing love,
A little new Jerusalem, like to the one above,
“Lord take me over the water” hath been my loud demand,
Take me to my love’s own country, unto Immanuel’s land.

But flowers need nights cool darkness, the moonlight and the dew;
So Christ, from one who loved it, His shining oft withdrew:
And then, for cause of absence my troubled soul I scanned
But glory shadeless shineth in Immanuel’s land.

The little birds of Anwoth, I used to count them blessed,
Now, beside happier altars I go to build my nest:
Over these there broods no silence, no graves around them stand,
For glory, deathless, dwelleth in Immanuel’s land.

Fair Anwoth by the Solway, to me thou still art dear,
Even from the verge of heaven, I drop for thee a tear.
Oh! If one soul from Anwoth meet me at God’s right hand,
My heaven will be two heavens, In Immanuel’s land.

I’ve wrestled on towards Heaven, against storm and wind and tide,
Now, like a weary traveler that leaneth on his guide,
Amid the shades of evening, while sinks life’s lingering sand,
I hail the glory dawning from Immanuel’s land.

Deep waters crossed life’s pathway, the hedge of thorns was sharp;
Now, these lie all behind me Oh! for a well tuned harp!
Oh! To join hallelujah with yon triumphant band,
Who sing where glory dwelleth in Immanuel’s land.

With mercy and with judgment my web of time He wove,
And aye, the dews of sorrow were lustered with His love;
I’ll bless the hand that guided, I’ll bless the heart that planned
When throned where glory dwelleth in Immanuel’s land.

Soon shall the cup of glory wash down earth’s bitterest woes,
Soon shall the desert briar break into Eden’s rose;
The curse shall change to blessing the name on earth that’s banned
Be graven on the white stone in Immanuel’s land.

O I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved’s mine!
He brings a poor vile sinner into His “house of wine.”
I stand upon His merit—I know no other stand,
Not even where glory dwelleth in Immanuel’s land.

I shall sleep sound in Jesus, filled with His likeness rise,
To love and to adore Him, to see Him with these eyes:
’Tween me and resurrection but Paradise doth stand;
Then—then for glory dwelling in Immanuel’s land.

The Bride eyes not her garment, but her dear Bridegroom’s face;
I will not gaze at glory but on my King of grace.
Not at the crown He giveth but on His pierced hand;
The Lamb is all the glory of Immanuel’s land.

I have borne scorn and hatred, I have borne wrong and shame,
Earth’s proud ones have reproached me for Christ’s thrice blessed Name:
Where God His seal set fairest they’ve stamped the foulest brand,
But judgment shines like noonday in Immanuel’s land.

They’ve summoned me before them, but there I may not come,
My Lord says “Come up hither,” My Lord says “Welcome home!”
My King, at His white throne, my presence doth command
Where glory—glory dwelleth in Immanuel’s land.

Heavenly Father, Amazing God and Grace! Your Word is a letter from Christ, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the Living God; not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts. Thank You for Your saving grace, for teaching us how to live our lives in such a way, that one day Your pronounced judgment on us will be, “Well Done, My Good and faithful servant”. Blessed be Christ Jesus who made it all possible. This we pray in His Glorious name. Amen!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ANHELIC 5/22/2013 10:43PM

    Thank you Vic for a great lesson, hymn and prayer. Teaching us through what David did and how he changed and lived in obedience to gain favor with God. We need to be obedient and listen to God's voice. Thank you for the goodie and note. God Bless you for your daily teachings.

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NELLIEH1 5/22/2013 6:22PM

    What strikes me in your blog today, Vic, is that David "heard" GOD once more through the obedience of Obed-edom. Marvelously, it is not too late for any of us to follow hard after the LORD with our whole beings (not just minds or emotions or will or physically or...). GOD gives us so many chances to be fully His. And yet, "Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion..." (Hebrews 3:7, 15; 4:7) We must choose now as we hear and understand. Today is indeed the day!

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RSSSLHB 5/22/2013 3:36PM

    emoticon for posting emoticon

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MNABOY 5/22/2013 12:06PM

    Thanks for sharing

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HONOURIA 5/22/2013 9:59AM

    Having a heart for God and listening to him, knowing his precepts, so matters.

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LOOKINGUP2012 5/22/2013 7:49AM

    May we learn to walk in humble obedience to His will.

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AZMOMXTWO 5/22/2013 7:33AM


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SANDRALEET 5/22/2013 7:32AM

    Gods way not ours

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CASTIRONLADY 5/22/2013 7:27AM

    May God revolutionize us on this day, His day! Bless you, Vic. emoticon

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


2 Samuel 6:1-19


David’s motives in bringing the Ark to Jerusalem were proper; but his methods were faulty. Instead of being successful; David’s methods for transporting the Ark resulted in the death of a man named Uzzah. This angered David, (v. 8) and created fear within David’s heart toward the Lord, (v. 9). Let’s take a moment to examine David’s disappointment a little more closely and seek to determine what caused his plan to fall apart.

v. 3 Created By A Faulty Decision – The Bible says that they “set the Ark of God upon a new cart…” David’s first problem was rooted in the fact that he either forgot or ignored the clear command of God as to how the Ark was to be transported. The Ark was to be lifted by means of two golden staves which were to be passed through golden rings fashioned on the corners of the Ark, (Ex. 25:14-15). The Ark was then to be lifted up and carried upon the shoulders of a family of Levites known as the Kohathites, (Num. 3:30; 14:15; 7:9). David made good plans and good preparations, but he neglected to do it God’s way. He paid a high price for this decision.

Another flaw that mars David’s decision is the fact that he did not seek God before he made it. Up to this moment, David has always gone to the Lord for guidance and direction. Time and time again, David asks the Lord for help. Here, he does not seek the Lord, but he just assumes that God will bless him because he is doing a good thing. Have you ever had this experience?

Another problem David has is that his methods were the same methods that had been used by the world. When the Philistines had the Ark and wanted to return it to Israel, they had placed it on a new cart as well, (1 Sam. 6:7-15).

v. 4-7 Caused By A Foolish Disobedience – For the first two miles of their journey, then the oxen shook the cart and threatened to dump the Ark off the cart. At this point, Uzzah reached out his hand in an effort to steady the Ark and prevent it from falling. This seems like a logical thing to do, but apparently God did not agree. He killed Uzzah on the spot! You see, the Ark was not only supposed to be carried only on the shoulders of the Kohathites; it was never to be touched by human hands, (Num. 4:15). The penalty for touching the Ark was death, as Uzzah and David quickly found out.

If these verses teach us anything, they teach us that God is very interested in the details. We may think that God does not care about the little things in life; but He does! When God gives a command, He expects it to be followed to the letter. A heart that is after God does what God says to do, and it stops doing what God says not to do.

In the Bible, there are precepts and there are principles. A precept is to be obeyed, there is no wiggle room. If God were to posts a 55 mile per hour speed limit, He will not accept 75; 60 or even 56. He expects absolute obedience. Regardless of the time or the circumstances, the speed limit is 55 MPH. That is a precept. His precepts are to be followed, to the letter, without question.

If God posts a sign that says “Watch for Children,” that sign is a principle. It will need to be observed more closely in a crowded neighborhood than it will on a deserted country road. In other words, a principle is to be applied with wisdom. A heart that is going after God will desire to honor both God’s precepts and His principles. God is intensely interested in the little things of life; even the things that you may not think matter at all.

Does God’s reaction seem harsh to you? After all, Uzzah was merely trying to do a good thing. But, that is the price for disobedience and for violating the holiness of God. God honors obedience and He will judge disobedience!

Some other truths that we should take note of here are the following:
God’s blessings come only through obedience and those who defy His Word and His will are going pay a terribly high price. The best thing a child of God can do is align themselves with the Word of God and walk in humble obedience, (John 14:15; Micah 6:8).
Failing to seek God’s will is just as dangerous as ignoring what He has already told you to do. His children should always pray before they make a move, (Matt. 6:33).
Trying to carry out God’s business using the methods of the world is a recipe for disaster. We have no business trying to carry the church on the new carts of the world’s wisdom. It is to be carried on the shoulders and in the hearts of the people of God!
Like Uzzah, we are often guilty of reaching out with our hands instead of reaching up with our hearts. We are guilty of trying to do spiritual work in the power of the flesh. We attempt to do the work of God with our hands and never really get under the burden. That will never work and God will not bless it, (Jer. 29:13)!

C. v. 8-10 Culminated In A Fleshly Display – David became angry. Possibly he was angry with the Lord; more likely he was angry with himself and his own foolishness. But, instead of repenting and doing things the Lord’s way, David chose instead to forget the whole business. He dismissed the people and left the Ark where it was. David stopped praising and he started pouting. We never do this…do we?

We should not be surprised when God refuses to bless us when we leave the reservation. When we seek to do His business our way, He will not bless it. When we employ worldly methods in an attempt to do His work, He will not bless it. When we fail to seek His will, He will not bless us. When we operate in the power and energy of the flesh, He will not bless us. When we refuse to obey His precepts and principles, He will not bless us.

If you want to be disappointed in your walk with Jesus as an individual or as a church, just do everything your way, and watch Him refuse to honor it. Watch Him send judgment instead. If you want His blessings, then do His business His way and He will honor it and bring glory to Himself through it.

Isaiah 57:19 (New King James Version (NKJV)
19 “I create the fruit of the lips:
Peace, peace to him who is far off and to him who is near,”
Says the Lord,
“And I will heal him.”

“Seek Ye First” By: Karen Lafferty (1972)

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God, And His righteousness, And all these things shall be added unto you, Singing Allelu Alleluia

Man shall not live by bread alone, But by every word, That proceeds from the mouth of God, Singing Allelu Alleluia

Ask and it shall be given unto you, Seek and ye shall find, Knock and the door shall be opened unto you, Singing Allelu Alleluia

Alleluia Alleluia, Jesus be my first love Allelui,a Alleluia, Lord you will guide me As I seek You,
Al - le - lu - ia
Al - le - lu - ia
Al - le - lu - ia
Al - le - lu Al - le - lu - ia

Mighty Father, Awesome God! Thank You for adopting us by the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord. We are profoundly grateful for every spiritual blessing in Him. Help us to see with our hearts our spiritual inheritance, a greater one than money or land, when we obey God’s commands and follow Jesus, walking where He walks and doing what He does, the way He walks and does things in life. For those who believe and obey, there is a part of the inheritance of Israel, for we have also been included in the lineage of Christ. This inheritance is kept in heaven for us. So help us to walk spiritually and holy the way You have commanded us to live. This we pray with joyful gratitude in the Blessed name of Jesus. Amen!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SANDRALEET 5/22/2013 7:32AM

    When we do things for our advantage we often turn Gods way to our way We make God our servant not us his

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ANHELIC 5/21/2013 11:49PM

    Thank you Vic for a great lesson, hymn and prayer. We find that sometimes, we stray away from God for a time, and then realizing how badly things happen by our choices tells us God's way is the best way. Thank you Vic for your teaching. Thank you for the goodie and note.

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LOOKINGUP2012 5/21/2013 7:42PM

    Thanks for taking the time to walk through the details of this lesson with us! Tremendous.

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RSSSLHB 5/21/2013 3:36PM

    emoticon emoticon

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HONOURIA 5/21/2013 1:18PM

    Amen sister!

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NELLIEH1 5/21/2013 12:56PM

    We, as believers into Jesus Christ our Lord, each have many precious gifts from our Father in heaven. The indwelling of GOD's Holy Spirit means our Teacher lives in us. Having the words of GOD in print, yes, but more importantly in our hearts, means our Teacher can use the scriptures of the Bible to instruct, correct, guide and encourage us in "This is the way...walk in it." It is often difficult to know what, when, where, how GOD would have us do certain things, but we are expressly told about being. Having a heart after GOD is our calling. I don't believe that obedience is being a puppet. King David , who as king, probably had a copy of the Torah, failed to apply the scriptures in the caring of the Ark and this led to tragedy for his followers. Yes, we do need to have Faith..and along with that gift, we need to add goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness , brotherly kindness and love (which are more gifts from GOD!) How wonderful are His ways on our behalf in our Saviour!

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JADOMB 5/21/2013 12:20PM

    I too struggle with how to balance my obedience to God. It is difficult for me to know when I am to do things on my own or with God's guidance. I know many will say that you should always go with God's guidance, but how does one truly know if he has spoken to you or not? We are NOT puppets and God does not want us to be puppets. So we also have to follow our own instincts. In the end we will still have to rely on FAITH. Faith in God and Faith in how he is working through us.

Did Uzzah act out of disobedience lack of faith or ignorance to God's instructions to NOT touch the Ark? Or did he voluntarily sacrifice his life for God out of his human instinct to save the Ark? We continue to struggle to understand all that God asks of us, but we need to continue to have FAITH in order to do our best.

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HONOURIA 5/21/2013 12:08PM

    What a fantastic blog post this is. This is so true of our responses here on this side. Not much has changed in that regard. This is one of those instances where the bible is giving practical advice and at the same time showing not only our own human inclinations, but God's nature.

We humans find God hard to understand, and less easy to accept. God is holy, and we have a hard time grasping those implications.

You are right about the details. I never thought about that, but you are right - He's a stickler for detail. It makes His mercy precious.

Comment edited on: 5/21/2013 12:09:09 PM

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KIMPY225 5/21/2013 11:42AM


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COOP9002 5/21/2013 10:03AM


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CANDOIT54 5/21/2013 9:41AM


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SANDRALEET 5/21/2013 8:42AM

    Gods will not ours be done.

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AZMOMXTWO 5/21/2013 7:41AM

  thank you

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