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Saturday, December 01, 2012

DEBORAH, FOLLOWING IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF FAITH, Today’s Hymn, This Is My Prayer, Sat, 12/01/2012

Judges 4:1-24

The victory over Sisera results in Barak and Deborah launching into song. Their song is recorded for us in chapter 5. It is a song of praise to the God Who gave them the victory over their enemy.

v. 1-12 They Praised God For His Virtues – The primary thrust of these verses is a refrain of praise offered to God for His wonderful works among the people of Israel. He gave them unity so they could raise and army, (v. 2; 9). The Lord Who had given them victory in the past would not fail them now, (v. 4-5). God, in His faithfulness, gave them Deborah to lead them, (v. 7). God allowed them to defeat their enemies and freed them from the bondage of their oppressors, (v. 6-7; 10-12).

They praise God for His power in their lives. That is a valid reason for praise in this day. Take a moment to inventory your life. Hasn’t God been good to you? You are saved and blessed beyond words. He is worthy of our love, worship and praise!

v. 13-18 They Praised God For His Volunteers – When the call went out for volunteers, only half the tribes came to fight. The rest refused to go to war. In the days of Joshua, every tribe was expected to fight for the nation, when Barak called for warriors, many would not come. (Verse 23) – The town of “Meroz” was cursed by the Angel of the Lord because it refused to send volunteers to help the Lord.

By the way, things have not changed today. The majority of the work is carried out by a minority of the people. The call has gone out for us to tell the world about Jesus, but few go. The call has gone out for us to take our stand against evil, but few have answered. The call has come for us to rally ourselves together and fight the good fight of faith, but few answer the call.

I thank God for those who are willing to work! I thank God for those who can be counted on to teach those classes, sing hymns of praise, come out to prayer meeting, support the special meetings of the church, and go to work for the Lord in these dark days. I just believe that God still blesses those who fight and work for Him!

v. 19-23 They Praised God For His Victory – The enemy was defeated by the power of God. He sent the rain and defeated the 900 iron chariots of the Canaanites. One raindrop is a tiny, fragile thing, but when it is united with many other raindrops, it becomes a thing of great power. Just as God took the weak raindrops and used them to wash away the enemy; He took the weak army of Israel and gave them a great victory.
We look at our world today and wonder whether we can have victory any more. I want to say that we can! If we will stand together and fight the good fight of faith, God will empower us and lead us to victory for His glory. You see, it isn’t numbers, wealth or human power that gets the job down; it is the power of God, (1 Cor. 1:26-31).

v. 24-31 They Praised God For His Vessels – They close their song by praising the Lord for His unsung heroes. They praised the Lord for the bravery of Jael in slaying Sisera. Her act of bravery allowed the nation to enjoy victory.

God always has His people. He has those secret ones through whom He is working. We ought to praise God for the unsung heroes of the Christian faith. People like Hur who, along with Aaron, held up the arms of Moses while Israel battled the Amalekites, (Num. 17). We have those same kind of heroes today: the prayer warriors, the silent servants, the people who do the little things that no one notices, and the people who serve behind the scenes. There is a God in Heaven Who sees who you are and He watches what you do. Carry on, and He will bless you in His way, in His time, (Gal. 6:9).

Conc: Verse 31 closes out the story and the song of Deborah. This verses is a prophecy that reminds us that the enemies of the Lord will be destroyed, while the faithful saints of God will shine with His glory some day.

Let me encourage you to keep on serving the Lord. I know the way gets weary. I know the path gets steep. I know that it often seems there is little reason, from a human standpoint, to carry on, but there is! One day Jesus is coming. When He does, He is taking His children home with Him. When we get there, we will stand before Him and give an account of our service to Him. On that day, if you have been faithful, you will receive rewards for everything you have ever done for His glory, (1 Cor. 3:10-15).

Others, who have lived for themselves, will see everything burn up and perish. But, you who are faithful, will hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.”

So, turn from sin, live for Jesus and look for the day when He balances the books. It will be worth it all then!


Encamped along the hills of light,
Ye Christian soldiers, rise.
And press the battle ere the night
Shall veil the glowing skies.
Against the foe in vales below
Let all our strength be hurled.
Faith is the victory, we know,
That overcomes the world.
Faith is the victory! Faith is the victory!
O glorious victory, that overcomes the world.

His banner over us is love,
Our sword the Word of God.
We tread the road the saints above
With shouts of triumph trod.
By faith, they like a whirlwind’s breath,
Swept on o’er every field.
The faith by which they conquered death
Is still our shining shield.

On every hand the foe we find
Drawn up in dread array.
Let tents of ease be left behind,
And onward to the fray.
Salvation‘s helmet on each head,
With truth all girt about,
The earth shall tremble ‘neath our tread,
And echo with our shout.

To him that overcomes the foe,
White raiment shall be given.
Before the angels he shall know
His name confessed in Heaven.
Then onward from the hill of light,
Our hearts[ with love aflame,
We’ll vanquish all the hosts of night,
In Jesus’ conquering Name.

Loving Father, Joyous God, may You fill us with all joy and peace as we place our trust in You; may we overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit as we live daily to Your wonderful glory. Help us to resist the things that would deplete our soul of Your Divine strength. Fill us instead with Your hope, peace and joy, so much, so we will overflow to others as we lift our voices in songs and praise to You. Pour new life into us; fill us afresh with Your joy and the hope that is ours in Christ Jesus. Take all hopelessness away and fill us with Your Great Love. We praise You and Your marvelous name as we pray in Jesus’ blessed name. Amen!


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BABY_GIRL69 12/2/2012 4:02PM

    Just can't stop praising the Lord for each victory...God bless & thank you for sharing...Dee

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ANHELIC 12/1/2012 10:21PM

    Thank you Vic for your great lesson, hymn and prayer. I am glad that I can serve the Lord in my small way. He is guiding me and I feel I am growing deeper in faith each day. Your lessons increase my knowledge of God's word. Thank you for your lessons. Thank you for the goodies and notes. Thay are encouraging as well. God bless you Vic.

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TONYVAND1 12/1/2012 8:18PM

  I am so blessed when I serve the Lord with all of my heart.

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LOSTLIME 12/1/2012 9:01AM

    Thank you for your lesson and prayer everyday! It brings me peace on the inside.

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DIANER2014 12/1/2012 7:18AM

    Thanks Vic! It is such a comfort to read your daily blog! emoticon

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Friday, November 30, 2012

DEBORAH, FOLLOWING IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF FAITH, Today’s Hymn, This Is My Prayer, Fri, 11/30/2012

Judges 4:1-24


v. 4-5 Her Position – The Bible is very clear; Deborah was both a “prophetess” and a “judge”. Her name means “Bee”, and she was as busy as a bee! Matthew Henry says that her very name suggests the work of the bee: industrious, sharp perception (discernment), great usefulness, sweetness to her friends, and sharpness to her enemies.

The word “prophetess” suggests that she received direct revelation from the Lord and shared that word with His people. Deborah is not the only “prophetess” mentioned in the Bible. Others include: Miriam, (Ex. 15:20); Huldah,( 2 Kings 22:14); Anna, (Luke 2:36); and the four daughters of Philip, (Acts 21:9).

There is no contradiction between this fact and the fact that God only calls men to preach, (2 Tim. 3:1-8). God laid His hand on these women and poured His truth through them in an age when there was not a complete Bible. In this age, we have a completed Bible. God does not call women to preach in this age, (1 Tim. 2:8-15).

The word “judge” lets us know that she settled disputes among the people of Israel,( v. 5). They came to her with their problems and she rendered judgment. In a very real sense, Deborah, was the leader of the nation during those dark days.

v. 6-7 Her Prophecy – Deborah receives a word from the Lord and she calls Barak, to take 10,000 soldiers and go to war with the enemy. The Lord promises to defeat Sisera, the Canaanite general. God promises a great victory, if they will simply trust Him. And go to war.

v. 8-9 Her Problem – Deborah has a word from the Lord. She shares that word with Barak, and she finds that Barak seems to be afraid to follow that word. He is willing to go to battle, but only if Deborah will go with him. She agrees to go, but tells him that since he depended on a woman, the glory of victory will be given to the woman!

v. 10-24 Her Partner – Barak and Israel go to war with Sisera and the Canaanites. Barak gets 10,000 from his own tribe of Naphtali and the neighboring tribe of Zebulon, (Judges 4:6, 10; 5:14, 18). Later, the ranks swelled to 40,000,( 5:8), with volunteers from Benjamin, Ephraim, Manasseh, and Issachar, (5:5:14-15). Some of the tribes refused to come, (5:15-17), but those which did saw God give them a great victory.
Considering the fact that Israel had no weapon,( 5:8), and no standing army, what Barak and Deborah did was an amazing act of faith. They trusted God and He have them a great victory!

Verse 15 tells us that God “discomfited” Sisera and his armies. Judges 5:21 tells us what happened. As they fought, God allowed the Kishon River to overflow its banks, the iron chariots of Sisera became stuck in the mud and the soldiers were swept away by the currents. All the soldiers of Sisera were slain, (4:15).

Seeing that his army was defeated, Sisera fled the battlefield on foot. He went to the tent of a man named Heber, who was of the Kenites. The Kenites were a people group who aligned themselves with Israel. This particular family, however, had turned on the rest of the tribe and took sides with Sisera and his army.

So, Sisera flees to the tent of Heber thinking that he will find refuge there. Heber’s wife Jael greets Sisera and invites him into her tent. She helps him hide from his pursuers, (v. 18). Sisera asks Jael for a drink of water, she brings him a drink of milk instead. The offer of milk served two purposes. First, it eased the mind of Sisera. He was convinced that he had entered the tent of a friend and that he was safe. He asks Jael to lie for him, (v. 20). Second, the milk would have helped him fall asleep. He was already tired from the battle and when he drank the milk and laid down in the darkness, it wasn’t long until sleep overtook him. While he slept, Jael takes one of the tent nails and drives it through Sisera’s head, killing him, ( v. 21).

In that culture, it was the woman’s responsibility to put up and take down the tents. So, Jael was used to swinging that hammer. This woman was not stupid! When she saw Sisera come to her tent on foot, she knew that he had been defeated in battle. She also knew that if she was caught hiding him in her tent, she might be put to death with him when Barak found them. She saw that Israel had come out on top in the battle and she wanted to be found on the right side when the dust settled. Jael was a wise woman!

Let me stop here and say a word about women in the church. Thank God for the women! AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!

They are not second class saints. They fulfill a vital role in God’s kingdom work. If all the women were removed from the average local church, the work of the church would grind to a halt. I have watched the ladies work while the men just stood around and talked. Most men are spoiled. Their mothers did everything for them when they were growing up. Their wives have done everything for them since they have been married and they don’t know how to do anything but grunt work outside.

Women hold a vital place in the work of the church. They are the ones who, for the most part, teach our children. They are the ones who have the kind of compassion that drives the outreach ministries of the church. They are the ones who bring the gifts of grace, love and mercy to the table. By and large, they are more dependable than the men, when it comes to be involved in the work of the church. The women in every church exert tremendous influence on the children in the church. I thank God for the godly, active women in the Lord’s church!

“Jesus, Rose Of Sharon” By: Ida A. Guirey (1921)

Jesus, Rose of Sharon, bloom within my heart
Beauties of Thy truth and holiness impart
That where’er I go my life may shed abroad
Fragrance of the knowledge of the love of God

Jesus, blessed Jesus, Rose of Sharon
Bloom in radiance
And in love within my heart

Jesus, Rose of Sharon, sweeter far to see
Than the fairest flow’rs of earth could ever be
Fill my life completely, adding more each day
Of Thy grace divine and purity, I pray

Jesus, Rose of Sharon, balm for ev’ry ill
May Thy tender mercy’s healing power distil
For afflicted souls of weary burdened men
Giving needy mortals health and hope again

Jesus, Rose of Sharon, bloom forevermore
Be Thy glory seen on earth from shore to shore
Till the nations own Thy sov’reignty complete
Lay their honors down and worship at Thy feet

Heavenly Father, Glorious God! We pray that the eyes of our hearts may be enlightened in order that we may know the hope in which You have called us, the riches of our inheritance and Your incomparably great power for us who believe in Jesus Christ. Enable us to comprehend thy mighty works on our behalf because of our faith in You. Help us to seek and understand more of Your presence and power being manifested daily in our life to Your glory and Honor. These things we pray and ask in the Almight name of Jesus. Amen!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ANHELIC 11/30/2012 8:30PM

    Thank you for your great lesson, hymn and prayer. I thank God that I can be a prayer warrier for God. Great women in the Bible are a blessing to God. I didn't realize how great some were and just what they did. Thank you for sharing this information to me. God bless you for your lesson today, Vic. I learned more today.

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TONYVAND1 11/30/2012 11:02AM

  Great Blog Vic and thank God for women in the church. My wife is an extension of me and I thanks God for her every day.

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PASTORMIKE7 11/30/2012 10:58AM

    Praise GOD for all of the women of the church!!!!

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LOSTLIME 11/30/2012 8:12AM

    Thank you for the daily lesson and prayer!

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CASTIRONLADY 11/30/2012 7:08AM

    Amen! Thank God for prayer warriors like yourself.

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LINDAMARIEZ1 11/30/2012 7:05AM

    thank you for our daily prayer!


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Thursday, November 29, 2012

DEBORAH, FOLLOWING IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF FAITH, Today’s Hymn, This Is My Prayer, Thu, 11/29/2012

Judges 4:1-24

The book of Judges is a gritty, dirty book. It is filled with sin, violence and the judgment of God. It is an action book that probably appeals more to men than it does to women. A modern counterpart would be the action and war movies that men find far more appealing than the romantic comedies preferred by the ladies. While this book contains certain qualities that might appeal to men more than women, the book of Judges is a book that actually elevates the position of women in Israelite society.

In the chapters before us today, we are introduced to two women who were used by God in great ways, for his glory. Those women are Deborah and Jael. One was a respected leader in the nation; the other was a simple housewife. They came from different walks of life, but they were both used by God is remarkable ways. Since we are studying the judges of Israel, we will focus our attention on Deborah as we consider the passage before us.

I want to move through chapters 4 and 5 and point out some facts that present themselves in this tale of sin, judgment, war, faith, and victory. I want you to see how God used a courageous, faithful woman to deliver His people from bondage and oppression. I want you to see that God is still using women for His glory every single day. Let’s walk through these verses together and meet “Deborah: A Woman Of Conviction And Courage”.

These verses describe the horrible spiritual conditions that existed in Israel during the time Of Deborah.

v. 1 Their Corruption – After Ehud delivered Israel from Eglon and the Moabites, the land has rest from war for 80 years,( Judges 3:30). As long as Ehud lived and judged the nation, the people followed God and served Him. When Ehud passed from the scene, the people returned to their sinful ways. We are told that they “again did evil in the sight of the Lord”: Judges 5:8 says, “they chose new gods”. The people of Israel turned their back on the God of their salvation and followed the gods of the Canaanites. There was a spiritual void in their lives and they walked away from the Lord. They no longer had Ehud to direct them, to guide them, to give them the truth, and they wandered from the right path.

The children of Israel are a picture of what we see all too often in our churches. We see people who will follow God for a while, and then when there is a spiritual void in their lives, they turn away from God and seek their own ways. Perhaps it is the death of a special loved one. A parent, a grandparent, or some other influential relative will pass away, and the believer finds his foundation is gone. It is sad when we base our faith on those around us and not on the Lord.

Sometimes it happens when a preacher leaves a church. When the preacher leaves, the people will sometimes scatter. This should not be! Our faith should be in the God Who gave Himself to save us, and not in any man. We should live just as close and just as clean regardless of who is removed from our lives. This kind of things happens when believers get their eyes on men and not on the Lord,(Heb. 12:1-3).

We need to be very careful! Like Israel, the old enemies from the past will rise up when you least expect them to. That sin you thought was conquered will defeat you if you give it an opportunity! You aren’t safe until you get home to glory and are delivered from this flesh, (Rom. 7:14-25; 1 Cor. 10:12).

v. 2 Their Chastisement – When Israel rebelled against God, He responded by giving them over to their enemies for punishment. The Bible says He “sold” them. This words means to “turn over; to give up”. In other words, God abandoned them to the life they chose for themselves. They paid a terrible price for their rebellion. The condition of the nation is described in Judges 5:6-7. They were literally driven from their highways and their homes
There is still a high price to pay for disobedience to the will of the Lord. When we choose our ways over His ways, and when we choose to follow other gods instead of Him, we can expect His displeasure. He will send chastisement into our lives, (Heb. 12:6-11; Deut 8:5; Rev. 3:19).

I don’t know about you, but I do not want to experience the displeasure and chastisement of the Lord in my life. The only way to avoid that is to keep short accounts with Him and confess sin when it appears in our lives,( Pro. 28:13; 1 John 1:9).

He might touch me through my flesh by bringing sickness or other sorrows into my life, (Psa. 51:3; 40:12; 38:1-11).

He might touch me through my family by working through them to bring me back to Him, (2 Sam. 12).

He might touch me through my finances by bringing me to a place of want where I realize where my supply comes from, (Hag. 1:6).

He might touch me through my future by allowing me to reap the full consequences of what I have sown, (Gal. 6:7).

I don’t know how God will work in your life or mine, but I do know that He will work. We may sin, but we will never get away with it, (Num. 32:23).

v. 3 Their Cry – Israel was oppressed by Jabin and his armies for 20 years. As far as Israel was concerned, Jabin was undefeatable. He possessed a powerful army anchored by 900 chariots of iron. The helpless armies of Israel were no match for this enemy. According to Judges 5:8, the Israelites possessed no weapons. They were a conquered, defeated people. They were a people without hope. Eventually, they came to the place where they were tired of their situation. They called on the Lord and He heard them. But, you will notice that they did not cry out in repentance, they cried out for deliverance from their problems. Israel never seemed to realize that walking with the Lord, and honoring His Word and His ways brought His blessings, while rebellion and wickedness always brought His judgment.

Most people in our day never learn that lesson either. People call on the Lord so that He will deliver them from their problems, while they fail to deal with the root of their problem, which is their sin. If we really want to be delivered from the oppressive effects of evil and the harsh whip of chastisement, we must deal honestly with our sins before the Lord. Our goal should not just be to escape our problems; our goal should be to be found pleasing to the Lord. Our goal should not just be to have an easier time in life; our goal should be to be right with the Lord in every area of our lives. If we could ever learn to seek the Lord’s will above all things, we could be spared a lot of the hardships we are forced to face in life
“Gentle Shepherd” By: Gloria and William Gaither (1974)

Gentle Shepherd come and feed us
for we need you to help us find our way
Gentle Shepherd come and feed us
for we need your strength from day to day

There's no other we can turn to
who can help us face another day

Gentle Shepherd come and feed us
for we need to you to help us find our way

Holy and Righteous Father, Merciful and Just God! We know when we fast and pray our prayers gain new power. Help us to do this, especially when we have to make important decisions as we seek Your guidance. Grant us the discipline to fast regularly so we can be prepared when we have to make quick decisions. Enable us to be ready, when great difficulties come our way, by Your Word and Your Spirit to handle great opportunities to serve and bring You glory, honor and praise. This we ask and pray in the blessed name of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Amen!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ANHELIC 11/29/2012 9:51PM

    Thank you Vic for another great lesson, hymn which I love, and prayer. I truly believe we must fast and pray like you said. I know my prayers become stronger and I feel a closer relationship with our Lord. I know He hears my prayers and even though I don't get the answer right away, I know it will came in His time.
God bless you for your teaching.

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HAGIN2010 11/29/2012 6:10PM

    Thanks Vic I learned a lot today.

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TONYVAND1 11/29/2012 9:36AM

  Thanks Vic for the reminder to keep short accounts and to seek after God. My daughter just spoke to me on the phone from Germany on the benifits of fasting and you also mentioned it. Good reminder to be Fasting on a regular basis.

Comment edited on: 11/29/2012 9:36:56 AM

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LINDAMARIEZ1 11/29/2012 7:38AM

    I had forgot about fasting! Thanks, Vic!!!! emoticon

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DIANER2014 11/29/2012 7:22AM

    Amen! Thanks Vic! emoticon

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CHUM48 11/29/2012 7:15AM

    Amen and thank you!

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DLDROST 11/29/2012 7:15AM


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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

JUDGES, FOLLOWING IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF FAITH, Today’s Hymn, This Is My Prayer, Wed, 11/28/2012

Judges 3:31

The Bible tells that Shamgar “delivered Israel”. His courage freed the people around him and allowed them to live in freedom and liberty. He made a difference in the lives of those he fought for.

We are fighting for things that truly matter. It may seem at times that there are very few victories down here. In spite of that, the fight is still worthwhile! Because we are willing to fight the good fight of faith, others have the hope of a better future.

If we can pass down a pure Gospel and a holy church to the next generation, we have been successful. If we can hear Him say, “Well done” at the end of the way, we have been successful.

When I see my children and my wife worship, I understand that every battle and every sacrifice has been worthwhile. When hear my son teach, and know that another generation is going to hear the message that was given to the Apostles and handed down to us, I know that everything I believe had been vindicated. When I see these young people stand up here and sing and testify, I know that battle has been worthwhile. When I see some young child fall under Holy Ghost conviction and come to Jesus, it makes we want to sharpen my oxgoad, the Word of God, and go forth to battle once more!

Church, let me encourage you today. Stay in the battle. All around us, many are laying down their oxgoad and running away in fear of the enemy. Some are running away to join the enemy. Can I encourage you to stay in the fight? Can I encourage you to keep reaching out, to keep teaching, to keep living for Jesus, to keep witnessing, to keep fighting for those things that matter? We are too near home to quit now! Be like Shamgar and stay in the fight until Jesus comes, (Gal. 6:9; 1 Cor. 15:58).

And, when you feel like quitting, just look to the greatest example of steadfastness of all. Look to Jesus and be encouraged to keep on, (Heb. 12:1-3). He faced the greatest odds ever encountered by any man. He fought in the greatest battle ever waged by a man. He stood His ground and used His oxgoad, an old rugged cross, to defeat the works of the devil. Let His example inspire you to keep fighting, so that you can say with Paul, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing,”( 2 Tim. 4:7-8).

Conc: What can we take away from this study of Shamgar: The Obscure Savior? What lessons can we glean for our own lives. Let me suggest a few as a I close.
God can use anyone, even those who think they are nobodies for His glory.

Shamgar fought where and when he was – He did not give in to fear. He did not wait for better circumstances. He just took his stand for God and won the victory.

Shamgar fought with what he had – No matter how weak you think your weapons are, put them in the hand of God and watch Him do great things with them: other examples, Moses’ rod, David’s sling, the Widow’s meal and oil, Dorcas’ needle and thread, the lunch of a little boy, etc.

Shamgar stood his ground – He just made up his mind to fight!

Shamgar left the results to God – Every time he fought he put his life on the line.

Shamgar trusted God with his life. Live or die, he would stand for the Lord and for what was right.

Shamgar enjoyed victory – Every time he fought, Shamgar walked off the field of battle the victor. God honored his faith and He will honor yours too!

Has God spoken to you about this matter of fighting for Him? Are you standing your ground in the day of battle? Are you fighting for your home, your marriage, your family, your church and the other things that matter in your life?

If you haven’t been fighting like you should and the Lord has spoken to you about it, you should come before Him today. Let Him have His way in your life. The world may not know your name, but if you are saved, the Lord of Glory does. He will use you if you will take your stand for Him!

“Let Him Have His Way With Thee” By: Cyrus S. Nusbaum, (1898)

1.Would you live for Jesus, and be always pure and good?
Would you walk with Him within the narrow road?
Would you have Him bear your burden, carry all your load?
Let Him have His way with thee.
His pow’r can make you what you ought to be;
His blood can cleanse your heart and make you free;
His love can fill your soul, and you will see
’Twas best for Him to have His way with thee.

2.Would you have Him make you free, and follow at His call?
Would you know the peace that comes by giving all?
Would you have Him save you, so that you need never fall?
Let Him have His way with thee.

3.Would you in His kingdom find a place of constant rest?
Would you prove Him true in providential test?
Would you in His service labor always at your best?
Let Him have His way with thee.

Father of heaven and earth, God of our lives! Help us to find believers with whom we can agree and stand firm on a regular basis. Enable us to be in agreement and in the Spirit of unity about Your Truth, Your Word, and Your power. If one in Jesus can put a thousand to flight, or two can put ten thousand to flight, than equip us with Christian brothers and sisters who can help us to put all of the enemy forces attacking our life to flight. Thank You Father for answering our prayer. This we pray in the precious name of Jesus, our Lord. Amen!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ANHELIC 11/28/2012 10:17PM

    Thank you Vic for a great reminder in your lesson to stay and fight the good fight of faith. I have been standing firm and not being afraid since I know our Lord and Savior will not let go of me and leave me. Thank you for the great hymn and prayer. God bless you for teaching us.

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LOSTLIME 11/28/2012 5:09PM

    Thank you for the lesson and the prayer!

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FEMISLIM 11/28/2012 3:00PM

    Thanks and remain blessed!

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TONYVAND1 11/28/2012 9:39AM

  Staying in the battle thankful for a new generation of warriors

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KIMPY225 11/28/2012 9:16AM

    emoticon emoticon

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LINDAMARIEZ1 11/28/2012 6:54AM

    Thank you for teaching me to make love not war! emoticon

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

JUDGES, FOLLOWING IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF FAITH, Today’s Hymn, This Is My Prayer, Tue, 11/27/2012

Judges 3:31

As I said earlier, the Israelites were being oppressed by the Canaanites under King Jabin and his powerful army. Jabin has disarmed the Israelites and made them weak militarily. They were not in a position to defend themselves. This provided an opportunity for the Philistines, a warlike people who lived near the Mediterranean Sea, to take advantage of the situation. They would invade Israel and capture slaves, steal crops and destroy villages.

When the Philistines came, most of the people in Israel would flee in terror. They wanted to avoid death or capture. Shamgar, however, refuse to flee. When the Philistines came, he stood his ground and he fought. He did not have any weapons of war, but he had his oxgoad. While this was a tool, it could also be used as a weapon. It would have replaced a spear on one end. It would have served as an axe on the other end. The long pole could have been used to block blows by a sword.

Shamgar took what he had and he used it to secure victory for his people and safety for his family. Over the course of his life, he killed 600 of the Philistine raiders. Using that heavy oxgoad to kill 600 men would have been an amazing physical feat. He was a man who was in top notch physical condition, but his power wasn’t merely physical. His power was spiritual.

Shamgar was a man empowered by God for this task. There can be no doubt that the Spirit of God enabled Shamgar to stand and fight like he did.

Shamgar stood his ground and fought while others ran away because Shamgar knew that some things are worth fighting for. He was fighting for his home, his family, his freedom and his land. He was fighting for the right to worship his God. Shamgar was a physical and spiritual powerhouse. He was a fighter used in a mighty way by the Lord.
Can I just remind you that while we are to be workers, we must also be warriors! When God saved us, He enlisted us in His army and set us about the business of spiritual warfare, (Gal. 5:17). We are war today! We are at war with Satan, and he oppresses us.

We are at war with the world, like the Philistines, it would invade us and take away everything we value. We are at war, and some things are worth fighting for. Some things cry out for us to stand our ground and fight. If we do not fight and protect the things that matter the most, we will see them taken by the enemy and destroyed!
What things am I talking about?

The Home – Your marriage, your spouse and your children are worth fighting and dying for! There is no sacrifice too great, or price too high, for those whom God has given into our care. We should fight for their salvation and righteousness. We should fight to the death if necessary to protect them from the world and Satan.

The Church – The world would slip in and take away the things we value as a church. Things like the Word of God, our preaching, our worship, our doctrines and our holiness are all under attack by Satan and the world. Every day the world makes inroads in to the church and we must be willing to fight and die for the things we believe are right.

The Lost – They don’t know God and they don’t care about God, but they need someone to stand in the gap and maintain the old ways so that they might hear about Jesus. They need people praying for them. They need people who will not run from their vileness and sinfulness, but who will tell them about Jesus. They need someone who will fight for them. Someone fought for us! If you can’t think of anyone, Jesus certainly did! He went through Hell for us. The least we can do is to stand and fight for others.
Do we have any warriors here today? Do we have any saints of God who will sign up today to fight the good fight of faith for those things that are worth fighting for?

“Soldiers of Christ, Arise” By: Charles Wesley (1749)

Soldiers of Christ, arise,
And put your armor on,
Strong in the strength which God supplies,
Through His eternal Son;

Strong in the Lord of Hosts,
And in His mighty pow'r,
Who in the strength of Jesus trusts
Is more than conqueror.

Stand then in His great might,
With all His strength endued;
And take, to arm you for the fight,
The panoply of God,

That, having all things done,
And all your conflicts past,
Ye may o'ercome through Christ alone,
And stand complete at last.

Leave no unguarded place,
No weakness of the soul,
Take every virtue, every grace,
And fortify the whole.

To keep your armor bright
Attend with constant care,
Still walking in your Captain's sight
And watching unto prayer.

Pray, without ceasing pray,
Your Captain gives the word;
His summons cheerfully obey,
And call upon the Lord:

To God your every want
In instant prayer display;
Pray always; pray, and never faint;
Pray, without ceasing pray.

From strength to strength go on;
Wrestle, and fight, and pray;
Tread all the powers of darkness down,
And win the well-fought day:

Still let the Spirit cry
In all His soldiers, "Come!"
Till Christ the Lord descend from high,
And take the conquerors home.

Merciful Father, Loving God! Our souls are weary and troubled with what we see and hear going on in this world, even within our nation and neighborhoods. We see darkness closing in all around us, as we look for the light of our Savior, Jesus Christ, that is abundant and free. Help us to turn our eyes upon Jesus, to look full in His wonderful face, so the things of this earth may grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. Enable us to stand and fight the good fight of faith to Your glory, praise and honor. This we pray today in His blessed name. Amen!


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ANHELIC 11/27/2012 10:03PM

    Thank you Vic for a great lesson, hymn and prayer. We are certainly battling the world and Satan tries to defeat us. but we have God with us and we become victors. Sharing His word with the lost is so important so they will have the same chance to accept Jesus as we did. Others stand back and watch our walk with the Lord and we need to be an example to them. God bless you Vic for sharing God's word.

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NADINEL 11/27/2012 8:54PM

    We absolutely are at war. Some days the battle gets intense. We must stand or we will fall. We cannot be stagnant or static. We must press on. Our testimony to others is also our ability to stand for Christ and obey His Word. People are watching our walk.
Thanks, Vic.

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HAGIN2010 11/27/2012 6:33PM

    We need to stand and fight for what is right in this world and beyond.

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SANDRA2BSKINNY 11/27/2012 4:06PM

    Keep spreading the word I love it!

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SUNSETBREEZE05 11/27/2012 10:13AM


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COOP9002 11/27/2012 10:03AM

    Thanks for sharing.

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SANDRALEET 11/27/2012 9:53AM

    When we love learn and teach our action fights the war Care feed and help others we fight the war Our actions and our light fights the war.

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CASTIRONLADY 11/27/2012 9:48AM

    God bless and keep you as you spread His word!

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TONYVAND1 11/27/2012 8:48AM

  Amen Vic We need to fight for our families. We need to fight for the Church and also, we need to fight for the lost. Too often we give up without a fight. How many marriages could be saved if we tried harder to save them? How many more churches would be vibrant if we spoke up against what is wrong? How many more people would be fighting with us , if we only had a passion for the lost?

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EDITOR 11/27/2012 8:40AM

    The obscure? This was fantastic! Christ was born in an obscure village Inn and drew the world to Him
Thank you, Vic, and thanks for your responses!

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