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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Exodus 8:1; 25-32
LET’S MAKE A DEAL, Lesson 8b


Pharaoh is saying, “Let’s make a deal Moses, if you people must separate, then do not go too far away.” Again, this is a deal offered to many believers by the enemy. He says, “Let’s make a deal! You go ahead and be a Christian, but don’t take it too far. Don’t be a fanatic.”

Here is the truth of the matter; Satan will give you as much rope as you want, as long as you are on it! Neither he nor the world cares if you claim to be saved or not. But neither one of them wants you to live it! A sold out Christian is an abomination to the world -( 2 Tim. 3:12). A sold out Christian is not a threat to the Devil

Satan wants us to live our lives like the world around us. He will say things like. “Be saved, but try not to stand out too much. Try not be too different from the world around you. Go to church on Sunday morning, but no more than that. Be saved if you want to, but don’t talk about Jesus at work or at school. Don’t dress differently. Listen to the same music the world does. Do the same things. Have Jesus if you want Him, but don’t take this thing to extremes.”

Of course, this is worlds away from what the Lord wants from our lives, ( Luke 14:26-27; Rom. 12:1; 1 Cor. 6:19-20). He wants us to be radically different from the world around us. So different that there will be no confusion as to where we stand. He wants our lives to be a witness for Him and for His glory, (Matt. 5:13-16; Phil. 1:27; 1 Thes. 2:11-12; Titus 2:10). What am I saying? If you are saved, you need to get as far away from the world as you can! The Word of God said in Isa 52:11, “Depart ye, depart ye, go ye out from thence, touch no unclean thing; go ye out of the midst of her; be ye clean, that bear the vessels of the LORD”.

By the way, Satan will try the same thing around the church house. He will tell us that we need to be more seeker friendly. He will say that we need to soften our message; change our music; lose our power and be sure the world feels at home when they come in. But, we need not try to make Jesus, the church or the Gospel more attractive, we just need to be real! We just need to get as far removed from the world, its ways and its attitudes as we possibly can.


Pharaoh says, “Let’s make deal Moses. You can take the men and go serve God, but leave the rest of family out of it.” Satan tries the same trick with you and me. He will say, “Let’s make a deal. If you want to live for God, then go ahead, but don’t try to change those around you. Why don’t you just leave the rest of the family out of it.”

I don’t know if you have realized it or not, but Satan wants your family! He wants to devastate it, destroy it and doom it to Hell. He does not want you to have a godly, Christian home. He does not want you to control your children. He wants you to let them run wild. He wants you to leave all of life’s decisions up to them. He wants you to let them find their own way. But, you have better understand this truth: If you give your sweet children to the world, the world will give you back pagans.

By the same token, Satan does not want you husbands and wives to get along. Men, he wants you to cast a wandering eye at another woman. Ladies, he wants you to desire another man. He wants to drive a wedge between the two of you, causing you to fight one another and see one another as enemies, instead of friends and partners. He wants to divide you, and in some cases, he has! Today would be a great day for you to take one another by the hand, get down before the Lord together and heal what’s broken in your home!

Parents and not T.V., the school system or peers are to train the children - (Pro. 6:22). They might not go the way we point them, but at least their blood will not be on our hands. We are to tell them that certain things are just plain wrong and that wrong things are off limits. We are to decide what will and what will not be done in our homes. Parents and not children are to set the standards and make the rules. Children ought to be taught - The Word, Salvation, Obedience, etc. If we raise a child for Satan, we have:

1. Stolen a soul;
2. Added a body to Hell;
3. Dishonored the Lord;
4. Given Satan a part of ourselves to use!

While I am on the subject, I’ll say this: men ought to take the lead in the home. Men need to lead their families far from the world and into the path of righteousness. Men, God has placed you as the head of your home, (Eph. 5:23). You have a responsibility to set the example. It is not your wife’s responsibility to see that the family gets off to church, it’s yours! It is your responsibility to lead that family and that home in the right way! It is an awesome responsibility and one that we need to take very seriously.

Now, I realize that some ladies may have spouses that will not lead the family. Dear lady, you live your life for Jesus, do the best you can to train your children and live out Jesus in front of them. I believe God will honor your effort, in His Own time and in His Own way. The Bible calls on you to do your best to live for Him, (1 Pet. 3:1-4).

“God’s Family” By Lanny Wolfe (1974)

We're part of the fam'ly that's been born again;
Part of the fam'ly whose love knows no end;
For Jesus has saved us, and made us His own,
Now we're part of the fam'ly that's on its way home.


And sometimes we laugh together, sometimes we cry,
Sometimes we share together, heartache and sighs;
Sometimes we dreams together of how it will be
When we all get to heaven, God's family.

When a brother meets sorrow we all feel his grief;
When he's passed through the valley we all feel relief;
Together in sunshine, together in rain,
Together in vict'ry thru His precious name.

And tho some go before us, we'll all meet again;
Just inside the city as we enter in;
There'll be no more parting, with Jesus we'll be
Together forever, God's family.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CAVEPRINCESS65 6/28/2012 10:38PM

We should guard our hearts at all time and start nourishing our good habits

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MOM-MOM8 6/28/2012 8:56PM

    Thank you. emoticon

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EAGLES_WINGS 6/28/2012 6:48PM

    Satan is a master of deception and no friend to someone who loves the Lord. He misleads the weak and steals the fruits of the harvest. If I am to succeed in staying faithful, I must take the time to dwell in God or I will be found wanting in the hour of temptation. I must take heed and listen to these words. I do not want to lose myself to the world. I have spent too much time in worldly ways in my life. I need to keep growing my commitment to God. There are better things to do than to mess around with the enemy of our souls.

Thank you, Vic. I appreciate your blog. For some reason the past few days I have missed it. I saw you on God's Amazing Grace and wanted to come over to see your prayer and word.

Take care and have a good night. Thank you for your blessings.
Yours truly, Karen emoticon

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LOOKINGUP2012 6/28/2012 1:54PM

    Wonderful lesson! emoticon emoticon

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GAYLE119 6/28/2012 1:50PM

    thanks Vic! you are truly a man of God! ((HUGS))

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UNSTOPPABLE_ 6/28/2012 10:24AM

    I enjoyed this lesson Vic....

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LOSTLIME 6/28/2012 7:55AM

    Thank you. I love the hymn. Never heard it before.

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THIS IS MY PRAYER! Wed, 6/27/2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Merciful Father, Illuminating God, help us to become a focal point in the darkness of this world. May the reflection of Your Light within us be magnify when it is seen against the dark backdrop of adversity and hardship in our lives. May others observe in us a sense of strength and peace in the midst of anxiety and uncertain times, and may they notice our ability to face life with the Hope that comes from YOU. Enable us to radiate the Light of Christ in good times and in bad times. Grant us the ability to demonstrate Your Power and Love in our life to Your Honor and Glory. May Your name be praised always. This we ask in Jesus’ precious name. Amen!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GOLFGMA 6/28/2012 5:54AM

    Darkness does become light when we place our faith in Him. Praying that God will continue to strengthen you in your endeavor to be a focal point in the darkness of the world. You are an inspiration to us!

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NADINEL 6/28/2012 3:21AM

    Thank you, Vic for your faithful prayers. Its a blessing to me.

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    Amen! Thank you Vic for turning my eyes to Christ each and every day.


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CAVEPRINCESS65 6/27/2012 6:29PM

    Thank you Vic! Beautiful prayer
Help this team remember the light will come to us bursting into our burdens and challenges when we believe!

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MRSJERRYBUSH 6/27/2012 12:59PM

    I needed this today!

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UNSTOPPABLE_ 6/27/2012 10:38AM

    Amen & Amen!

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LOOKINGUP2012 6/27/2012 9:09AM


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LOVE7755 6/27/2012 8:59AM


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EDITOR 6/27/2012 7:48AM

    Amen, and I love Capitulations referring to our God when His radiant Name is mentioned.

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LOSTLIME 6/27/2012 7:47AM

    Thank you for prayer for the day.

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AZMOMXTWO 6/27/2012 7:47AM


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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Exodus 8:1; 25-32
LET’S MAKE A DEAL, Lesson 8a

Some people here probably remember the game show that was and still is on television called “Let’s Make A Deal“. The show debuted in December, 1963. The premise of the show involved guests, wearing crazy costumes, winning merchandise and being offered the opportunity to trade that merchandise for something else. If they wished to, they could take the items they had already won and trade them for items they could not see. Sometimes the items were hidden behind doors or in boxes and the contestant had to make a choice. If they chose to trade the prizes they had already won, they might get something better, or they might get a “Zonk.” That is, they might leave with something worthless. The show succeeded because there was always someone on there who was willing to make a deal.

You may wonder what that has to do with our text. Well, the answer is simple. The Lord sent a man named Moses down to a place called Egypt to speak to a king called Pharaoh. Pharaoh had enslaved the people of God, the children of Israel, and God wanted Pharaoh to let them go. When Pharaoh refused to let the people go, God sent awful judgment upon Pharaoh and his people in the form of ten devastating plagues. During the course of these plagues, Pharaoh offered to let God’s people go. But, he wanted them to go on his terms. Four times he offered to let them leave, but each time he attached a condition and a compromise to their leaving. He was saying to Moses, “I know God said to let His people go, and I will, but first, let’s make a deal.” He wanted Moses and Israel to trade that which God had promised them for something less.

Now you may be wondering, “What does this have to do with us?” Again, the answer is very simple. You see, in the Bible, there are many types and symbols, where one thing stands for another, (1 Cor. 10:6; 11). Pharaoh is a classic type of the Devil; Egypt is a type of the world; Israel is type of the church, those who are saved by grace. When the Lord sent the Spirit of God to convict us and save us; He also called us to leave the world and our old master, the Devil, behind, (2 Cor. 5:17; 6:17).

That sounds easy enough, but every time we try to make the break with Satan and the world, we will find that he wants us to make a deal with him. But, with the Devil, there are no upgrades, only “Zonks.”

My friends, God wants to lead you to a life that is Spirit-filled and blessed. The Devil wants to get you to trade the blessings of God for the rubbish of this world. He will offer you every compromise at his disposal to attempt to lead you astray. Sadly, many of the Lord's people fall for Satan’s tricks. Today, I want to point out the four offers Pharaoh made to Moses and Israel. These are a clear picture of the compromises Satan will offer you to trap you, if he can. The Devil is always looking for someone willing to make a deal. Learn the truth today that his desire is for you to trade gold for stones and glory for sorrow, as we look on the subject “Let’s Make A Deal“.


Pharaoh is saying, “Let’s make a deal Moses, you can serve your God, but you don’t have to leave Egypt to do it. Serve the Lord, but do it here.” This is the same deal offered to many believers. The Devil comes by and he says, “Let’s make a deal. Go ahead and be a Christian if you want to, but don't change your lifestyle! You can be saved and still be just like everyone else.”

Moses refused Pharaoh’s deal for two reasons:

1. Their Sacrifices Would Have Offended The Egyptians. The Egyptians considered cattle to be sacred animals. The bull represented their god Apis and the cow their goddess Hathor. If the Israelites had sacrificed those animals in Egypt to Jehovah there would have been rioting and violence. The Egyptians would have never understood the worship of the Israelites.

Nothing has changed! The world cannot possible understand the worship of the Spirit-filled Christian. After all, they find the cross a symbol of scandal and foolishness, (1 Cor. 1:18). For believers to attempt to worship God in Spirit and truth before the world would cause problems like you cannot imagine. Why? The buzzword of the day is “tolerance.” We are supposed to accept people as they are and affirm their right to be who they are. We are not supposed to be narrow-minded and intolerant. However, the message of the cross is not a message of tolerance; it is a divisive message that the world does not want to hear.

Now, I realize that many are attempting to blend the sights, sounds and feel of the world with the message of the cross. They are attempting to do this to reach more people for Jesus. And, I am convinced that many do it out of a pure motive. But, the problem is this: the message of the cross and the music, methods and means of the world are like oil and water. They simply do not mix!

Satan will tell you that you can have Jesus and the world too. He is a liar! You will either embrace Jesus and Him alone or you will embrace the world. You cannot have it both ways, (Matt. 6:24). If you are really living for Jesus, then your commitment to Jesus will be offensive to the world. If you are committed to the world, then your lifestyle is offensive to Jesus. Sadly, we are living in a day when radical, sold out believers are not hard to find!

2. It Wasn't What God Had Commanded. The Lord told Moses to go to Egypt and bring His people out, (Exodus 3:10). Anything less would have been to compromise the commands of the Lord. Friends, it must be His way or else it‘s the Highway! The servants of God are to separate themselves from this sinful, wicked world, (2Cor. 6:17; 2 Cor. 7:1; Psa. 1:1). When God’s people continue to walk in lock step with the world, it says some things about how they see God!

1. Says God is not to be obeyed - (1 Sam. 15:22).
2. Says God is no better than any other god - (Mt. 22:36-38).
3. Says God will save us, but we can do as we please (Col. 3:5-9; 1 Sam. 15:23).
4. Says belonging to God makes no difference in the life of a believer - (2 Cor. 5:17).

The fact is, you cannot have God and the world too! But, the Devil will offer you that deal if you will take it. Don’t fall for his tricks, my friend, that apple has a worm! If Israel had taken that deal, they would have never made it to the Promised Land. If you take that deal, then you can forget, victory, power and the glory of God in your life.

“We Bring The Sacrifice Of Praise” By Kirk Dearman (1984)

We bring the sacrifice of praise
Unto the house of the Lord.
We bring the sacrifice of praise
Unto the house of the Lord.

And we offer up to You
The sacrifices of thanksgiving;
And we offer up to You
The sacrifices of joy.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

NADINEL 6/28/2012 3:20AM

    Thank you, Vic!
I remember the hymn, too! emoticon

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CAVEPRINCESS65 6/27/2012 6:27PM

    Another emoticon lesson!
Thank you Vic!
Lets open our hearts to God. Let His Word transform our thinking, and set ourself up to live in His abundant blessings! As long as we remember God's favor is for a lifetime and things happened at God's will and time; it will be a little easier not to be tempted to make a deal with satan and the world!

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GAYLE119 6/27/2012 1:06PM

    AMEN! emoticon emoticon

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UNSTOPPABLE_ 6/27/2012 10:39AM

    Another great lesson....Thank you Vic.

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LOOKINGUP2012 6/27/2012 9:21AM

    Thank you friend. This is an amazing teaching.

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BOBBIENORTHERN1 6/27/2012 8:27AM

  Yes, His grace supplies all that we need to be over comers all of the time.

We are to love the sinner but not the sin.

We are to draw all others to the cross by love.

Satan can't stand it when we praise and worship our Lord inspite of our circumstances and when we make positive confession of the Word of God instead of making negative confessions inspite of all that is going on around us.

We are in this world but not of it.

A great and right on target blog thank you Vic.

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DLDROST 6/27/2012 8:07AM


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LOSTLIME 6/27/2012 7:53AM

    thank you for the words.

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EDITOR 6/27/2012 7:46AM

    This was so precious, Vic. I venture to say no one doesn't know the show, Let's Make A Deal. For us, our crazy costume is: For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourself with Christ." Galatians 3:27

Thanks for goodie and thanks for encouraging notes. Most of all, thanks for being in Christ Jesus.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Heavenly Father, Glorious God, if we are to be Your people in Christ, then we must show our Christianity to the world; if we are to follow Christ, it must be in the way You have proclaimed and in the way we spend each day. Help us, Lord, to be Your hands, your feet, and Your willing servants. Enable us to help a hurting world. Teach us to ask, “Lord, how may we serve Your children today?” Then equip us to do that which You have taught us and commanded us to do. Thank You for Jesus our heavenly example. This we pray in His glorious name. Amen!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CAVEPRINCESS65 6/26/2012 4:55PM

    Amen! Beautiful prayer

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UNSTOPPABLE_ 6/26/2012 1:32PM


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    There are so many people hurting right now. I do pray that I can touch someone else's life with the light of Christ. Amen! Thank you Vic for sharing this prayer today.


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CARL-ASCHLUGE 6/26/2012 8:02AM

    Very nice prayer.

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LOSTLIME 6/26/2012 7:55AM

    Amen. Very nice way to start a day.

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EDITOR 6/26/2012 7:53AM

    Jesus came to serve and set the example. May we get it through our thick skulls and hardened hearts that we must walk in that path and seek no other than to do His will!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Exodus 6:1-8


The Satisfaction Of His Adoption – God promises Israel that He will take those old slaves and transform them into His people. They will be His “peculiar treasure”, (Ex. 19:5; Duet. 14:2; 26:18; Psalm 135:4). That is, of all the people who lived upon the earth in that day, they alone would be His people. He would have a special relationship with them. There would be a closeness and a state of blessedness that no other people would know. Why this special standing? Why this choice of this people? Because, He chose them to follow His plan of redemption to the letter. They would have to trust their future to the blood of a little lamb. They would have to believe God by faith, and He had accepted them on those grounds! That is why they were special! That is why He adopted them as His people.

By the way, that is still how it works today! If a person wants to be in a relationship with God, it will not come to pass through joining a church or doing some religious calisthenics. The plan of salvation has never changed. Heb. 9:22 says, “…without shedding of blood is no remission.” Old sinners are made into saints of God by placing faith in the blood shed by Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. The sinner comes into contact with that blood in Baptism (Rom 6;3-7; 1 Pet 3:21). When a person trusts and obeys the Word and blood of Jesus, that person enters into a special relationship with God. Just as Israel is called a “peculiar” people in the Old Testament, the redeemed are called a “peculiar” people in the New Testament (Titus 2:14; 1 Pet. 2:9). Are you part of the chosen people? Are you involved in a special relationship with God the Father through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ?

The Satisfaction Of His Approval – Not only did He promise to accept these people in Himself, He also promised to prove His acceptance of them by demonstrating His power on their behalf. As they journeyed toward the Promised Land, they received blessings that could have only come to them from the hand of God, pillar of cloud and fire, Red Sea, Manna, water from the Rock, victory over all their enemies, etc. His approval of Israel as a people was demonstrated to them every day!

Such is the experience of those who have trusted Jesus as well. Every single day of our lives, we enjoy the manifestation of His approval in the blessings we enjoy as His children, this is His promise, (2 Cor. 6:16) and this is what He does, (Psa. 68:19). That is why those who know Him and walk in close communion with Him are a happy, satisfied people. God is so good to us every day of our lives! The needs He meets, the prayers He answers, the burdens He lifts, the glory He bestows, the gifts He extends, the grace He passes out, etc.


Promised A Habitation – Here were people that God had promised to deliver. He promised to free them from their burdens and to deliver them from their bondage. However, His promise extended way beyond the simple idea of bringing them out. His promise to them was to bring them in as well. He did not deliver them to leave them wandering in a wilderness forever. He delivered them from bondage that He might bring them into the place of blessing. He set them free in order to set them up! His promise carried the idea of keeping them safely as they journeyed and of delivering them safely to the land of promise. And, that which He promised He delivered!

Friend, we enjoy the same precious security today! God did not save a single one of us to lose us along the way! He saved us from this world to deliver us to that promised Home and He will see to it that it is done. He will not cast out a single one of His sheep along the way home, (John 6:37-40; John 10:28; 1 Pet. 1:5). If you are saved, you are going home! If you are not, then you need to give serious consideration to getting right with the Lord. If you started this journey through faith in the shed blood of Jesus, and have gone astray, then friend come back because He has prepared a place for you.

Promised A Heritage – God’s promise to Israel was of a land where they would enjoy the best of God’s blessings. They knew the Promised Land as a land that was “flowing with milk and honey”, (Ex. 3:8). His purpose in redeeming them was not finished with them being delivered from bondage. It was not finished when they left Egypt for the wilderness. It was not finished until they stood on the ground that He had promised to their fathers. God’s plan for them was not complete until they were safely home!

He saved us to take us to a place He was preparing in Heaven, (John 14:1-3). It is a place called Heaven, where He makes His home, (Rev. 22:1-5), and where we will enjoy an eternity of unending glory in His presence, (Rev. 21:4). He didn’t just save us so that we would miss Hell and enjoy victory over sin; He saved us so that one-day we would step out of this life and into His presence in a place called Heaven. He brought us out of a hopeless situation to bring us in to an eternal heritage! Just think about how good God is today as we enjoy the “earnest of the inheritance”, (Eph. 1:14). What will it be like to experience Him face to face (Rev. 4:1-11!)!

Conc: I thank God for the blessings of the redeemed today! How about you? Are you in a position to honestly say that you are enjoying the best God has to offer you today? Are you saved? Are you walking with Him like you know you should be? Are the shackles of sin firmly clasped around you life this morning? Jesus is the Key to getting them off! If you experience doesn’t line up with what I have been teaching today, then you need to get that thing settled with the Lord now. I know He is speaking to you if your heart is not where it should be. The question is, how will you respond to His call?

He Touched me” By William J. Gaither (1963)

Shackled by a heavy burden, 'Neath a load of guilt and shame. Then the hand of Jesus touched me, And now I am no longer the same.
He touched me, Oh He touched me, And oh the joy that floods my soul! Something happened and now I know, He touched me and made me whole.

Since I met this blessed Savior, Since He cleansed and made me whole, I will never cease to praise Him, I'll shout it while eternity rolls.
He touched me, Oh He touched me, And oh the joy that floods my soul! Something happened and now I know He touched me and made me whole.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CAVEPRINCESS65 6/26/2012 4:54PM

    emoticonVic! for another emoticon reminder
God is Good and he will never foresake us
Sometimes,we have to go through lot of no’s to get to that yes we need. Don’t get stuck on a no. Keep taking steps of faith as God is our vindicator! We may think obstacles will stop us, but always remember God can turn any stumbling block into a stepping stone. We should looked back into our lives and realized the amazing things God had done for us. Praised him and be thankful for the gift of being loved by the Almighty! emoticon

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GAYLE119 6/26/2012 2:02PM

    I am saved by the blood of Jesus Christ! AMEN Vic! emoticon

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UNSTOPPABLE_ 6/26/2012 1:33PM

    I loved this lesson...Thank you Vic. God is so good!!!

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LOSTLIME 6/26/2012 7:53AM

    thank you. The hymn is one of my favorites. Every time I sing it ,I feel the Lord's healing touch.

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EDITOR 6/26/2012 7:49AM

    Love it, Vic! The God Who says, "I AM" also says I will! Thanks for knowing Him and leading us into blessings.

Also, thanks for the goodie yesterday and your man of God comments.

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AZMOMXTWO 6/26/2012 7:47AM


thanks for sharing

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GARDENCHRIS 6/26/2012 7:41AM

    Amen! emoticon

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    The bottom line is that just because a man says "Lord Lord" does not make him a righteous man, he must be known by his works.

Make it a great day!

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