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Losing too fast

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I have been reading some Spark members Sparkpages, and some are saying they are losing 18 to 20 lbs in a matter of 3 weeks to a month. I am amazed and excited that I am able to lose half of that, in 1 month. I have to ask, what are they not doing? This to me is an extreme weight loss, in such a small amount of time, and I would like to know how and why they are doing this. I am at the base of my calories 1200 per day, I take no "help you lose" pills. I do not exercise, at least yet, I drink the water I am supposed to daily and I eat clean. (I know when you begin a regime, it packs weight on you, from muscles being built up) . I can't help wonder, what they are doing or not doing, to lose this big amount of weight, it can't be good, because "Fast" doesn't last. I looked at ones nutrition guides, and they were not true to the daily upkeep, and the other just showed their work out routine's. I just know its not right, and sending the wrong message to other Sparkmembers. Maybe they just exercise their butt off. But this can't last forever. And my experience in clean eating and following the right guidelines, works well enough for me.

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    I agree... slow and steady... I want to enjoy my life, and crash dieting or exercising for 5 hours a day does not sound like fun!! I guess for some it might seem like it is coming off fast at first because of water weight - and of course it depends on how much weight you have to lose. Lately I find myself realizing that we can't really compare out progress to others because of all of these different factors that are involved, so I am happy with what I have done for myself. Congrats again on your success!

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GONE2BEACH101 7/19/2009 3:53PM

    I have to agree...slow and steady is the way to go. And...any exercise you can work in is better then none at all.

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MAMAJONX3 7/19/2009 3:38PM

  I am the same...very slow loser and cannot exercise at moment due to health reasons.
But got go ahead to start small things like short walks or in pool.
I tend to not eat all my calories and cannot seem to get my protein in.
Now this few days going to try the menu's rather than my own and see what I am doing wrong.
Baby steps are important as I do get frustrated easily.

Keep Healthy & Fit.
Mamajonx emoticon

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I'm not beating my own drum

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Need a whole orchestra here! I want to share my accomplishments, with others, because it works! I never in my whole dieting lifetime, felt that any of the diet programs was the right program for me, when I fell into temptation, and ate the things responsible for my weight problems. And not even long into a plan, I tried them all. Only successful one was WW, but it too allowed me to eat the things that triggered my binges, and I rewarded myself with the food, I should never eat. And eventually the weight came back, as I continued to eat the "bad" food. I couldn't tell you how many of the books I own, but they are all going to the thrift stores.
I don't know how many times I have to yell this from the roof tops. But "clean eating" is the only dieting plan I have ever been on, that I have not wanted to binge, and eat the things that eventually will clog up my arteries, and kill me. I swear, I have been so happy with this path.
Didn't think I would last long on it, as I did with other diets, I have tried. First thing is, its not a diet, but a way of life. I could go on and on, but I think what I have done in 2 mos, and 1 week tells it all. And I continue with this path, because I am going to take it all the way up to heaven. emoticon

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NO_SNOW_BODY 7/19/2009 10:03AM

    It sounds like you are very happy, a great way to start the day. Congrats

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Another 10 lbs this month!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wow am I stoked! Its a total of 25 lbs in 2 mos, 1 week, eating clean with Sparkpeople. At least my path, is good, when it comes to my health and nutrition. Now to get going with the rest of my life! But again, I love and adore, this site, it saved my life. It pays to wait a month with weigh in results, believe me if you follow your nutrition guides, it works. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CATSTANCE 7/18/2009 11:05AM

    Congrats!!!! Awesome determination!


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FILLANGES 7/18/2009 10:52AM

    WAY TO GO!!!! AWESOME PROGRESS!!! Best wishes to you for continued success! Take care and God Bless. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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***JULIA*** 7/18/2009 10:32AM

    Way to go! Keep up the great work!!! emoticon

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JEM0622 7/18/2009 10:03AM

    Awesome job! Good for you! emoticon

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GONE2BEACH101 7/18/2009 9:46AM

    Good for you!!! emoticon What ever you are doing, it's working!!!

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  emoticon emoticon CONGRATULATIONS! You must feel amazing - because all you have done and all you are IS AMAZING! emoticon

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ILEANA77 7/18/2009 9:30AM

    emoticon emoticon Congratulations for your amazing weight loss.

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    emoticon emoticon emoticon
Keep up the good work MJ!!!

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Giving up Sugar and chocolate

Monday, July 13, 2009

I was a sugar and chocolate person. I literally climbed up the wall to get to the sugar my Mom would think, hide from me in the upper cabinet. I was 3.
Cakes, cookies, chocolate anything, my favorite being eclairs, boston cream pie.
I gave these up. I decided to actually get healthy, I had to.
I don't eat a little and add it to my day. In any form. It would trigger, and I would end up binging on one or the other, believe me "Been there, done that" on any diet plan I tried to
maintain. I have yet to this day, eaten either, and its been over 2 months, and I don't crave them. When I see someone say they give themselves a treat with one of these, I think it would not be a treat for me, it would be a disaster. So bye bye guys, you are no longer a part of my future. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    emoticon You tell 'em!

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CAERYL 7/13/2009 11:54AM

    oh I have the same problem. sugar is my downfall. I can be really good for a while and then somehow I convince myself that oh I can have just a little.. whoops..

Keep up the good work.

co-leader gardening, music teachers for health and wellness

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Upcoming weigh in

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I have a week and I weigh in, after a month. Whether it be 1lb, or 10lbs it is a loss. I am proud to say I have stuck with the clean eating path, changing it up every chance I get, so I don't get bored with it. Thank goodness for the season changes, because then the fruit changes too. Like right now its cherries, and watermelon YUM. I have been on this path since May 11th. And I have not eaten anything that would mess with my plan. Actually I have shown no cravings. This really surprises me, because, it never worked with other diets, I have tried.

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Keep going strong! You have such a great attitude. I hope you have a good day today,

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