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Wanted Better, Got the Best!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Good morning!,
I really don't have much to say other than, I'm happy to be alive, and happy to be a Sparker!
I've enjoyed being on this site so much. I've met many inspirational and interesting people. I must say, I've never been so motivated or stuck with a plan as long as I have this time! There was such a discrepancy between my scale and the doctor's that I think my scale is defective!
Of course, I'm going with the doctor's because it is lower emoticon !

I have too many non-scale victories to mention!
I wanted to lose some weight, but I've lost more than I thought!
I wanted my meds reduced and I was taken off all of them!
Just about everything that I wanted to get better, became almost perfect!
Of course I am motivated, and I know that I'm a Sparker because I don't want to celebrate with a high calorie treat! emoticon


Oh Happy Day!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What a difference a few hours and a conversation makes! This morning I was going to blog about how even though I have been faithful to my calorie count, exercise, water, etc., I was not losing weight! I was going to say that no matter what, I was going to trudge on, blah, blah, blah. Here I go, but it's no use. But now, I am as happy as I can be.

Why? Because this afternoon, I went to the doctor, and all my lab numbers are great (A1c 6.4, BP 120/70)! And I lost seven pounds from two weeks ago! (so there IS something wrong with my scale!) Plus, she took me off all meds! Now what am I going to do? Celebrate of course, by drinking even more water, doing more exercise, and eating the minimum calories, just like I was going to do anyway! so what's the difference? Now I will do it joyfully, and not with a "Here I go, but its no use attitude" OH HAPPY DAY!



Monday, December 09, 2013

Wow! What a difference a few hours and a little exercise makes! Yesterday wasn't the best day, but I jumped up at 10 pm and started to exercise! I didn't get my 6,000 steps in, but I did get to 5,180! I read some articles and learned a lot, so the day wasn't all lost. I over ate but only about 100 calories. The good thing is, I have been on Spark People every day. I can't imagine what would have happened if I wasn't on SP. Anyway, I am so motivated for tomorrow!



Sunday, December 08, 2013

As we've all said, we have good days and bad days. Today may not have been a good day, but I wouldn't call it a bad day. I'm thankful to be alive and relatively healthy. My hands are in a lot of pain, I think its because its so cold here. It's also snowing. that means I didn't get out. I'm feeling kind of blue, probably because no one called me at all today, that's unusual. I now know how people feel that have no one to call them. I really didn't overeat, I just wasn't as diligent and upbeat as I usually am. There are two hours left in this day so I plan to do some more exercise to register it on my Spark Tracker. I did belly dance with a Bollywood video, but that didn't register. I'm determined to stay committed and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I will hit my exercise with a vengence tomorrow, especially since I am going to physical therapy. Even though things are kind of blah...

emoticon and I will emoticon



Saturday, December 07, 2013

I love Spark People so much, that after "Good Morning, Lord" I can't wait to get to my computer and log in. One of my biggest pet peeves about dieting used to be tracking. I hated the thought of sitting down and writing down everything I ate. I thought to myself, "slim people don't do this, why do I have to be so conscious of everything?" Well, I answered my own question; First of all, how do I know that they don't have some kind of tracker? Just because a person isn't pulling a food scale out at a restaurant table, doesn't mean they're not paying attention to what they eat. Secondly, how do I know that they didn't have lose weight in the past, and I'm just seeing them now?
I love to log on because I love to see what others have written since I last visited, I love to see new recipes that I can make, I love to find new articles, and of course, I love to earn points. I have heard about Spark People for years now. I wonder what made me "spark" this time? Well, I think it's everything, the information, the community, the interaction, and last but not least, the fun. I don't know exactly what it is, but I know that this time, something made the spark in me ignite! emoticon


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