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One Atkins Week Completed!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I have just completed one week of Atkins and I feel great! I can tell that I have already lost weight, but I'm not going to weigh until March 1st! I want to be pleasantly surprised. I have no headaches, no fatigue, and no constipation! I drink lots and lots of water, green tea, and broth. It hasn't always been easy (Boy, did I crave hot rolls yesterday), but I made it. I know one week isn't much, but I am going to keep on going and going and going!


Keep Pushing!

Monday, February 17, 2014

The only way to win in this battle of weight loss and health is to keep pushing! Some days are better than others of course. So you know what? When days are easy I'm going to give it the extra push, and when it's a little harder, I'm going to buckle down and still work harder than ever!



Sunday, February 16, 2014

I have been complaining for weeks now about all of my dieting and exercise and the scale not moving, but a funny thing happened along the way. Last month, I bought a pair of slacks that were so tight that I could hardly fasten them. I put them on yesterday and they just about fell off! And get this, the scale still hasn't moved! Go figure! Well, for right now, I'll take what I can get! I guess size does matter!


Research and Practice

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I have been reading night and day the pros and cons of the Atkins diet. I remember that I went on it before and lost weight. I'm so tired of this plateau and I'm determined to lose this weight one way or another. I've decided to move my next weigh in date back until the 28th. I haven't been exactly spot on, so I'm giving it more time to work. I'm not going off the deep in however, I'm continuing to learn as much as I can as I put what I know into practice!



Friday, February 14, 2014

You are loved and well thought of! Someone you don't even know admires you. Your smile has made the difference in someone's life and brightened their day. Someone would love to have the things you take for granted. You know how people complain about themselves and criticize their perceived flaws that you don't even notice? Well, it's the same with you! Nobody sees all the so-called "bad" things about you that you do!

You are an awesome, special, unique, individual. You are wonderful, in spite of your shortcomings and faults! If you didn't have any faults, and were perfect in every way what kind of person would you be? How could you relate to anyone else? Recognizing that you are one of a kind is not vain, it's healthy. So love yourself, appreciate yourself, and be good to yourself! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!


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