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April Goals and March Re-Cap

Monday, April 07, 2014

This week the A&I Challenge is to blog about my progress from last month and what my goals are for this month.

Last month my goals were…
Stay positive and keep God first.
(Progress – emoticon )

Continue with tracking my food and counting my calories.
(Progress – I did very well until the last 9 days of the month. Part of the problem was me moving my computer around. Since moving my computer to a new location it is not as easily accessible to just record my food as I was before. I have to come up with a new system.)

Walk a minimum of 5000 steps a day
(Progress – I missed 4 days last moth where I did not have at least 5000 steps a day.)

Continue to de-clutter my house and do my spring cleaning
(Progress – This is an ongoing task. My goal is to be done going through everything by fall so this will continue to be my goal until then. I only completed 3 rooms, half of my clothes, and failed to put away the snowman that are still out, maybe that is why we keep getting snow.)

Stay active with the A&I Challenge…NO QUITTING
(Progress – Even though things didn’t go the best the last week of the challenge, I never quit.)

Goals for April

~Walk a minimum of 7500 steps at least 3 days a week, and at least 5000 steps the other days.

~Track my food daily

~Do strength exercise 3 days a week.

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HAVASUJULES 4/11/2014 1:22PM

    Mari - you did great in March and I think that April is going to shower you with blessings! Keep up the good work. Sure glad we are on a team together.

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JAKENELL 4/9/2014 8:59PM

    PLEASE put those snowmen away! I just heard we may see snowflakes Friday night!!!!
Good job in March. I'm proud of you!

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KRAZY4KATZ 4/9/2014 12:08PM

    De-cluttering the house can be an endless project, but I know for me it feels good. I definitely think you should put the snowman up and maybe the snow will stop.
Best of luck with your goals for April!

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AMYBELLES 4/7/2014 2:00PM

    Mari, looks like you made great progress in March! I think it's smart to concentrate on three goals for this month, and upping the steps 3 days a week is very reasonable. emoticon

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Monday, March 31, 2014

I can't believe it but I actually think spring may be here. I have had my doubts with all the snow we have still been receiving. Not only the snow but cold windy weather also. Usually spring hits it is in the 40's and you are out taking your coats off, just sweatshirts if even that. In the fall 40's is bundle up we are freezing our bottoms off. Well here are some pictures of the weather we have been having lately.

Today was a beautiful day and the sun was out and spring is starting to show. I was able to get outside and enjoy the beauty God had given us today.

As you can see there is still snow and slush on the trails.

At home some of the flowers are starting to shoot up, buds on the trees, birds singing, animals scampering about. Now for the rest of the snow to melt and more time to get outside and enjoy.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

STEPBYSTEP1955 4/1/2014 2:10PM

    emoticon with great pictures. I am singing your song ... spring is finally showing her face! emoticon for sharing

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DBELLE39 4/1/2014 7:53AM

    OMG, you have snow still??? I now you are eager for Spring, glad to see it's finally getting there.

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AMYBELLES 4/1/2014 12:10AM

    Beautiful pictures!
In another couple of weeks it will be absolutely gorgeous there! You sure have your fair share of winter weather, but it is almost over! Although I have loved living in Florida the past few months, I am really going to miss real spring like we have in PA. Enjoy!!!

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CATHYGETSFIT 3/31/2014 10:25PM

    YAY!! Glad to hear that spring is finally showing up there. I hope you get more days where you can get outside to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you and that the snow leaves until next winter. emoticon

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BARBIE176 3/31/2014 9:52PM

    I am so happy that spring is finally trying to make its appearance for you. Enjoy each opportunity you get to get out in nature, and may the snow and slush leave for good. emoticon emoticon

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Walk in the park

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yesterday the weather was in the low 50's, with wind, so a little on the chilly side but I decided to get out and go for a walk. I was looking for a park that had a dog park, but didn't find one near us but this park I found is a newer metro park and the second phase is that they are going to build a dog park and a playground. It will be great when that is built. My husband, dog and I headed out. There is a mile paved trail that goes around a catch and release pond and than you can continue on the head into the woods. When you come out of the woods there is another pond. As you continue to walk that takes you to another parking lot area and a sledding hill. Continue to walk around and head back to the parking lot and pond. I could tell that there were several other non paved trails that lead into the woods but we chose not to take them since it is very wet and muddy out. As it gets nicer it will be great to discover those trails as well. Here is a couple I took along the walk.
The catch and release pond and a walk through the woods. As you can see nothing has greened up around here.

It felt so good to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. I am looking forward to the second phase of the park and exploring more of it.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

STEPBYSTEP1955 3/20/2014 9:24PM

    That looks like a great place to go for a walk. Thanks for sharing.

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BARBIEE52 3/20/2014 8:03PM

    Looks like a wonderful place to walk..the fresh air, being outside, and the beautiful scenery makes the walk more enjoyable. Thanks for sharing the pics. emoticon

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KRAZY4KATZ 3/20/2014 12:34PM

    Beautiful park! Looks like the pond is still frozen.

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DBELLE39 3/20/2014 7:14AM

    Thanks for sharing the beauty of your walk, so picturesque.

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BARBIE176 3/19/2014 11:38PM

    What a beautiful place. So glad you were able to enjoy fresh air and nature.

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Week 2 Bonus Blog

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Do you, or have you ever, celebrated St. Patrick's Day and, if so, how?

The only thing I have really done for St. Patrick’s Day is wear green and maybe a button at the most. When I taught I had the kids do different types of projects. Other than that, that is about the extent of my St Patrick’s celebration.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

HAVASUJULES 3/19/2014 1:51PM

    Who needs an excuse to have fun??? Just enjoy life!

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CATHYGETSFIT 3/18/2014 2:59AM

    Yeah, I don't think very many of us do much of anything to celebrate the day. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BARBIE176 3/17/2014 10:19PM

    Sounds like so many of us. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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STEPBYSTEP1955 3/17/2014 2:58PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I am like you. I might wear something green if I feel like it and thats all!. Have a happy St Pats Day.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KRAZY4KATZ 3/17/2014 9:52AM

    Same here, other than once I did go to an Irish pub.

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Week 2 Blog March A&I BSG Spring

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Here is my week 2 blog for the A&I Challenge

My top 5 favorite things about Spring.

1. Watching the renewal of life. Trees budding, flowers blooming, grass greening, etc.

2. Warmer weather

3. Get outside more without freezing my bottom off.

4. Birds chirping

5. Kids getting outside to play more.

How does Spring change up your routine, if any?

It gets me moving more and just getting back to being outside again. I get to enjoy taking hikes again and just playing outside with the boys.

I don't however like the allergy season that spring likes to bring upon me.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

STEPBYSTEP1955 3/15/2014 10:08PM

    emoticon Mari. I love these things about spring too. emoticon for sharing.

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BARBIE176 3/14/2014 11:34PM

    emoticon blog. It could have been written by me, even the allergies. Enjoy your spring!

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CATHYGETSFIT 3/14/2014 2:05AM

    Those are all really good things to like about spring. I'm sure the kids are anxious for spring to get here too so they can get play outside more. Thanks for sharing! emoticon

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