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Saturday, June 19, 2010

I posted in my status, " I'm back ~not sure where I've been, but I'm back now".. Sometimes, life just doesn't allow you to do what you want when you get really busy.. Even tho I haven't "been logged ONTO Sparkpeople, I must share that its been with me.
Those weeks going thru the stages and deciding to make a lifestyle change, no longer 'dieting' but choosing to eat healthy, REALLY stayed with me. Even tho I didn't LOOSE any weight... I also didn't GAIN any. I was Still making some of the great recipes I've found and Just by staying sparked and using portions, instead of servings, making sure I was taking in my water, and walking around the building at work during my break... Just keeping the spark with me ~ It truly made a difference!
This past Monday, I started my exercise program again, and POOF off drops two pounds when I weighed in today, (Saturday)!
I guess I wanted to let you know, that even tho life takes us away from what we want to do for ourselves ~ if we have that spark, the one just for us... we can let our light shine even in the dark!

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SHIRA2325 6/19/2010 11:16AM

  Welcome back!
I've also found that even when i don't log onto Sparkpeople, i still find the education i recieved is still with me.

Best of luck continuing with the excersize!

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I did a spin and can't stop my grin!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

No..I didn't see the scale at the magic number ~ I met up at the community theater to help and saw a group of friends haven't seen since my August performance. They kept commenting on how great I looked, and asked if I was dieting.... tee hee ~ I replied, " well, I did for a while, but now I'm just eating healthy & exercising" Oh man! it made me feel so great ~ they asked how & why, so you know I sparked them! There were two or three that didn't even recognize me! Woo Hoo has nothing on what I really feel! thank you thank you sparkpeople! Koodos to my buddies who surprise me with spark goodies to keep me going! What a great spin & grin!

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LIS193 4/11/2010 9:27AM

    It's wonderful to have people comment on your hard work. You look great and it's nice to get compliments.
Way to go on sparking some others

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Where have I been?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not quite sure why I haven't been blogging ~ other than being really busy lately. Its been quite a chore just getting my food & exercises logged. But I have been doing them ~ thats the good thing! I was on the stretch where the scale doesn't move, but I kept reading how everyones scales stick ~ and I just put my shoes on and kept going! It finally moved on Saturday! Just one pound, But I'll TAKE IT! I have noticed that 'things' are shifting around, and I'm losing inches and those 1/4 inches in places! What a great feeling when you can look in the mirror and not scream! lol
I've even gone down to a single digit in my pants size... Its been BC since I've been able to say that... you know, BEFORE CHILDREN.
I'm just keeping on keeping on.... don't give up on me if I don't blog... I burn both ends of the candles many days.


is there any wonder?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I was reading the online local newspaper this morning, and found this article about Washington County placing #64 out of the 67 counties in Florida as the most Unhealthiest County in Florida.

I'm not surprised with the stats, since it seems the only thing to come to this area are resturants.
There are so many people 'worried' about obesity, however; this little town that I live in has no 'physical entertainment' for people. Well, thats not entirely true, we have lovely parks for walking. But I'm talking about a skating rink, or a bowling alley. SOMETHING to get these people of all ages to stop thinking that the only socialization they can do is EAT. (other than church for socialization)
They will drive 45 minutes to an hour to go to another area that does have this form of entertainment tho.



the Things you notice

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Its amazing how aware you become of your surroundings when your eyes are opened. I guess you could say, I've been sparked!
I've only been with Sparkpeople for three weeks, going on four and my attitude has turned into a 'spark-itude!
This morning, on the huddle wall ~ I was encouraging my teams to power walk at lunch. I had my lunch, and then went to the park and walked 1 mile! Go me!!! emoticon
The thing I noticed, were the people in their cars, eating their lunch and watching me go ~ I'm the type of person who has never met a stranger, so I'd wave and smile, hoping they'd join me. They didn't.

Maybe tomorrow they will notice me there again, and power walk with me

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DJ4HEALTH 2/25/2010 9:33PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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