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Healthy Lifestyle Reboot!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today was the day...I decided that the only way to get myself fully back on track is to step on the scale. The little Wii voice told me that I have gained three pounds since the last time I visited him...at least I am still in the "that's overweight" category and not back to "that's obese!"...three pounds in over a month....it could have been far worse. I am getting back on track before it becomes 5...10...20...40!!! I thought to myself... 'starting over' then I thought...NO...not starting over...I am not that far off track. I have been keeping up with exercise...drinking water and basically eating right...just snacking too much and giving into temptations of chocolate and salty snacks. I am just "re-booting" Every other time I have done this, I have ended up gaining it all back before I 'start over' so this time...I am doing the right thing....re-booting now and setting new goals. I have still lost 40 pounds and my new goal is about 20 more...that will get me to the "normal" range for BMI and I will be happy!

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SVELTEWARRIOR 10/31/2010 6:36PM

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!

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How to respond to what people say...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The niece of a friend of ours got married yesterday. My husband agreed to do her photography for her, so we went to the reception to take pictures. The menu was salad (no apparent low fat dressing) roast beef, ham, green beans and scalloped potatoes. Everything looked good and the reception was nice. We finished taking group photos and were invited to have lunch before we had to leave. DH and I both filled a plate with salad and a tiny drizzle of dressing. I took a small piece of ham and some green beans (they were good, tasted like they were drowned in butter!!) DH took some beef and ham and green beans. When we sat down, the friend I was sitting next to looked at our plates and said..."you can have more than salad, you can diet tomorrow" I really have to hold myself back when people say things like this. I have learned to hold myself back...you have to, or you alienate people who do not mean any harm. She is a sweet lady and I know she wasn't trying to be judgemental or mean, she just wanted us to enjoy ourselves. I said "it's not a diet, this is just the way I eat. My cardiologist is much happier with me when I eat like this". Her response was that of course I had to watch what I ate and that ended the conversation. I have learned to not take what people say personally. They don't know how we both work to eat healthy and make it our lifestyle instead of a diet. It isn't going to stop at any point. We are both prone to falling off the healthy eating lifestyle wagon and it is harder to climb back on than it is to stay up there! She did make a comment that she thought my DH looked better and had lost weight. That was nice to hear. I have lost 32 pounds since the start of the year and I feel great! I wasn't even tempted to stay and have a piece of cake, and it was chocolate!!! It is so liberating to not feel like food has that power over me anymore! Here I am in my size 16 jeans, down from a 20 in January!!

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TYLARDERDIN 5/16/2010 1:13PM

    Awesome attitude. Thank you for sharing, this is apparently a challenge we all face one way or another. I sometimes get the same thing about what/how much/when I am eating. Even more I get strange looks and sometimes snide comments when I cut something short to make sure I get my workout in. For me it has to be about what is MOST important... my health or their opinion ... turns out that when I look at it like that... no contest. Do what you gotta do.

Trust the process. Do right, things go right.

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I am not afraid of food anymore!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I was driving to or from work...don't remember which since I drive so much for work it is easy to lose track!! I was hungry and the only place to stop was a Wawa convenience store. As I looked around the choices, I found the Spicy Turkey Wrap (or something like that) 410 calories and 14 grams of fat. There was a time when I would have put that down and gotten frustrated that there wasn't anything there that I could eat. Since I have been looking at the amount of carbs, fat and protein I eat each day, I have found that I am almost always under on fat...for that reason, I ate the wrap and it was good!! It fit into my meal plan, didn't go over for the day and was satisfied with that and a bag of baby carrots!! I know that I don't want to eat something like that every day, but it is great to feel like what I have always wanted to be...a NORMAL person who eats like a NORMAL person! I have always somehow felt that I couldn't eat like 'normal' people. I always had to be soooo...careful about what I ate in order to lose weight. I was really afraid of foods...foods that I liked, but didn't think I could eat. I have learned that it is about moderation and balance. Last Friday night when we went to Olive Garden and I came back to our hotel room and looked up what I ate...and realized that my meal was over 800 calories...not including my breadstick and salad!!!! I was mad, but I got over it...I put on my sneakers and went down to the exercise room. After a weekend away, I still lost a pound!!! I still feel like if I get within 200 calories of the top of my calorie allotment, that I have eaten too much, but if I am still hungry, I eat something...something sensible like an apple or carrots. It feels great to not fear these foods anymore... to know that I can eat them, in moderation and still be successful. People I work with are starting to notice my weight loss, which feels great and I can eat like a normal person. What a great feeling!! I am truly Sparked to lead a healthy lifestyle!!!

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MOOSE621 5/12/2010 11:33PM

  Im so happy for you!

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ILOVELIFE2012 5/12/2010 9:43PM

    how wonderful is that! What a GREAT ATTITUDE you have!

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Emotional eating triggers

Friday, April 16, 2010

When I go to see my mother, it is a trigger to eat. I think it is because that was what I always did when I went home to visit before my parents moved into the nursing home. When I was a kid, I ate all the time, so when I went home again, I ate all the time. Now, even three years after they moved out of the house, when I go to the town, I want to just eat. I can control it now, thanks to my healthy habits, but it is still a challenge!

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RKING4 9/11/2010 9:09AM

    Well, I moved home with my mother two years ago and I describe my mother as a "butter eater." English Muffins are really just a butter delivery device. My mother loves to eat, never counts calories and eats whatever she wants. She is 88 years old, and yes, she is obese but not beyond the pale.

So when I moved home, after losing 40 lbs, I started using butter and half and half again. I held my weight loss and have lost more weight since for a total of 50 lbs. However, my cholesterol has gone up.

So now, I'm off the half and half and use less than a pat of butter on anything I eat that needs butter, i.e., corn on the cob. I don't use that spray stuff because I found out that anything less than five calories is rounded down to 0. So if I used ten sprays, it might really be 50 cals. (You do need something on popcorn to make the salt stick).

So, I feel your angst and going "home again" but keep on keeping one.

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ANDREWS_MOM 4/19/2010 10:24PM

    I hear you on triggers! Mine is certainly bordeom and frustration... ugh! If only it was that easy to conquer them :) But one day at a time & it will get easier.

Although, when I see a little bit of progress, a pound here or there lost it does make it easier to say no to the goodies - still hard, almost imposssible to say no to the really good quality chocolate, though! emoticon

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Outside Spring Cleaning

Sunday, April 04, 2010

It is such a beautiful Easter Sunday morning...I went outside and did some spring clean up. After attacking a huge weed that attacks my rose bush each year (I think I finally got to the root of the problem...literally) and cutting back some other bushes, I went inside for a drink of water. I thought that I had been outside for about 30 minutes...when I looked at the clock, I was shocked to see that I had been out there for nearly an hour!! I felt much better about how hot and tired I was...hopefully I will still get a walk in today, but it was great to get that workout and be productive at the same time.

Happy Easter!!
Missy emoticon


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