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1st goal down, a look back, and a look forward

Friday, April 01, 2011

Today was the day I had set for my first goal. I set myself 63kg, a loss of 4kg in 3 months.

I achieved my goal. Yay me!! Scraped in, at 62.9kg but that's still an achievement. So, I thought I'd use this opportunity to acknowldge all my achievements. Since the 3rd January this year I have:

Lost: 4.1kgs
Lost: 2% fat
Gained: 1.2% muscle
Lost: 7cm from my waist
Lost: 7cm from my stomach at my belly button
Lost: 5.5cm from my hips
Lost: 6cm from my bum
Lost: 2.5cm from my thigh
Lost: 5.5cm from my upper arm
Lost: 1.5cm from my neck
Lost: 7cm from my boobs

I used the tape measure to see how much this meant - the difference is amazing!! I'm so proud of myself.

So the next step is to set a new goal. The next 3kgs is going to be tough so I'll give myself some extra time. My aim is 60kg at 1 July, a kilo a month - very achievable. Go me!

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MISSMEMILY 4/29/2011 1:36AM

    Thanks Jane! Slow and steady is my motto this time round. I'm a bit nervous about junk food free may, but I'm looking forward to the challenge!

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JANEZAP 4/21/2011 9:41PM

    Wow that is amazing!!! well done i bet you are looking and feeling great!!! you have lost so many cm's off everywhere!! i wish i could say the same haha the only place mine seems to come off is my boobs haha

Way to go!! i hope you achieve your next goal and i look forward to a junk food free may with you :) i just realised its my room-mates 21st during may so i might have a few exceptions there also :)

keep it up!!

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My first gain of the year - What I learnt about myself. (5 Lessons for getting through a busy week).

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Last week I had my very first gain since "doing this for real". I gained 800g. Gutted, but not altogether surprising. Here's what I learnt about myself so I can avoid doing it again.

It was an incredibly busy week at work last week, some days I was in at 6.30am and not leaving until 8pm. All in all, about a 50 hour week. That happens. But it pretty much meant that exercise was out. I got to 2 classes, and towards the end of the week was exhausted after about half the class. By the end of the week I'm also in the mindframe of "I'm so tired, I've had such a big week, I deserve to skip some classes and go home and veg on the couch for a little bit". So...

Lesson Number 1
Try to aim for as much exercise as possible at the beginning of the week, knowing that I won't get much opportunity and will be exhausted by the end of the week.

Lesson Number 2
Acknowledge that with the lack of sleep my body will be exhausted so limit myself to a walk/light jog if I am exercising when tired. Be grateful for the rest I am giving myself from the intensity of my usual classes.

I was fortunate enough to have pre-planned our meals the previous weekend so I already had relatively healthy meals planned each night. Coincidently these meals tended to all have left overs that I could take to work the following day, making lunch pretty easy to prepare at 5.30am. Had this not happened I may have just bought my lunch each day or chucked something less healthy but quick into the lunch box. I also had plenty of fruit around to snack on.

Lesson Number 3
Be aware of when a crazy week may be on the cards an plan meals that I can easily take for lunch the next day. Buy lots of fruit and pre-pack snacks.

My big failing last week was my attitude. I have real reward mentality. It goes something like this: "I'm having such a full on week that I deserve to eat chocolate when I feel like it. It's a little piece of enjoyment in my crazy week." Before I know it, I'm popping lindor chocolates like peanuts. Same with the oversized portion of chicken parmigiana at the pub and the 5 glasses of champagne I had to celebrate the milestone at work. I deserve this. See also the note about "deserving to sit on the couch". More evidence. So what do I do about it?

This is the toughest one because when I'm thinking like this I'm fatigued, not thinking straight and generally stubborn. And clearly not even remotely interested in self control. So, some strategies that I've come up with that I will try next time:

Lesson Number 4
Stock the fridge and pantry with yummy but healthier alternatives. I'm thinking forme yogurt desserts, 99% fat free hot chocolate drinks and anything else I can source between the now and the next time. Pre-packaged (built in portion control), but something that take a little while to get through (so lindor balls don't count). It's the joy of indulging rather than the taste so to make it last longer will satisfy what I'm really after.

Lesson Number 5
Sleep!! I'm tired, it's been a long day, so reward myself with going to bed early and getting the best sleep possible. It will stop me heading for the fridge, and will help me maybe get some clarity into my decision making!

So there you have it, my five lessons for getting through a busy week. I guess all I can hope for is maintaining my weight in these situations but that is better than the way I've felt about gaining 800g. The weight gain I had to have? Perhaps.

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WILSLM70 3/24/2011 9:10PM

    Good lessons to live by... thanks for sharing

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LOOSEIT57 3/24/2011 8:41PM

    Thank you for sharing this with us sound lessons.

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It's the way I'm supposed to live my life

Thursday, March 03, 2011

My weight loss seems to be speeding up a little, even though I'm not always getting to all my classes, and my diet certainly isn't perfect. I'm very okay with that. It makes things liveable and this new lifestyle very acheiveable.

I'm waiting for my plateau, pretty sure it's coming soon - probably around 60kg. That will be frustrating.

I had a bit of a thought the other day about how I will need to maintain this level of committment for the rest of my life if I want to maintain this weight. It seems like a daunting task, and one where I become the person that says, "I have a real weight problem. If I don't exercise all the time, and watch what I eat, I put on weight."

Then the epiphany (in the form of the biggest loser - how sad). The trainers that put on +5kg in a week from eating badly and not exercising. Are they not in the same boat? By evidence, couldn't they say too, "I have a real weight problem. If I don't exercise all the time, and watch what I eat, I put on weight."

Watching what I eat and exercising all the time - that's a part of my life now. And that's okay, it's hardly challenging, it's the way I'm supposed to live my life.


Owwwwwwww... :o(

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yesterday I injured myself.

There I was in the last round of the last peak track of my Body Attack class, "tuck jumps everyone!" shouts Jess. Keep pushing, I think. Go, go, go, not long to go now. Big jump, legs tuck under me, back to the ground for another and YOWCH!! There goes my lower back! Oh f*rrrrk, I think as my eyes pop open and I gasp.

So there you have it, I jarred my lower back. I can still move, in fact it's better when I keep moving. I had to practically tip myself out of bed this morning though, and sitting at a desk all day won't help. I iced it last night and took some neurofen to help me sleep - though it wasn't very successful. So now I'm faced with some questions:

1. Am I being a big sook, and it's actually okay?
2. Can I go to my Pump class tonight, if I promise to talk to the instructor first and keep my weights low?
3. Should I just go for an hour's gentle walk each day over the weekend instead?
4. Should I go to the physio to get some advice?

I don't usually get injured and whilst I don't want long term damage, I don't want my fitness to suffer.



The last time I see 65kg

Monday, February 14, 2011

Yesterday I weighed in at 65.1kg. A small drop from last week, but a drop none-the-less. And especially needs to be congratulated given I took a short holiday to NSW for a wedding during the last week. We all know how unhealthy weddings can be!

It did make me think though that next Monday when I jump on the scales, I'm likely to have dropped down below the 65kg mark. So I wanted to say good-bye 65kg, I won't be seeing you again.

My goal is 56kg, but realistically I know that I'm more likely to hover around the 60kg mark. But 60 does not equal 65!! So I won't be seeing that creep that I've seen over the last few years. So, thanks high 60s, it wasn't much fun and it was a struggle to make you go away but with my hard work you did. And I will continue the hard work to make sure I don't come near you again (pregnancy reasons excepted).


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FLOWER1967 2/14/2011 9:48PM

    Im actually wanting to say HELLO to 65 kgs !!! LOL

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LOOSEIT57 2/14/2011 9:21PM

    emoticon you will say goodbye for sure.

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