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2 days of greatness!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I've been doing great so far for the last two days. I can't wait to see waht tomorrow brings. On friday I get to weigh in and I can't wait to see the results of doing Zumba. I also started me own carrier. I own my own womens clothing website. www.bodyjunkies.com On the 11th of Feb we will launch our plus sizes which will not be more then regular sizes like most sites. just becuase your more woman doesn't mean your pocketbook needs to pay for it. We at Body Junkies want you to love the clothes and skin your in no matter what size you are. So come take a look if you want to. Goodnight Spark friends till next time!


Enough is Enough

Monday, February 07, 2011

I'm done feeling sorry for myself, and I'm done making excuses. After the bad news I got over the last few weeks put me in depression eating mode, and I can't do this to myself any more. So I'm apologizing to body for not caring and that I will be more repectful and treat her with repect. Love me*


Need Help! SOS!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I found out that I have precancer cells on my cervix, and had to get a thing they call a leep done to get them removed. Now that they are I can't exercise for 4 weeks. I'm upset because I got another phone call where my leep pathology report came back and now I was told I have to get a hysterechtomy. I've talked to millions of people with my disease and they all have theirs. The doctor said he got all the precancer cells off, but recomends this procedure which I think is uncalled for. I went in for a consultaion and asked for a second opinion because everyone I know said they have never gotten these cells back after they have been taken off, and I don;t understand why I have to do this procedure. He tells me that if I'm done having children this is something I should do. I told him I wanted a second opinion because that is just to radical of a decision for me to answer. Now I am going to Mayo clinic on Feb 28th and I will know more with a OBGYN cancer specialist to talk about my condition and what I should do about it. I'm hoping that there is something else we can do I really don't want to lose my girl parts. Plus the last two days I have been bing eating because I'm an emotional reck....I just want to be normal! emoticon


Not Hungry!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today I wasn't hungry. So I ust ate what was already made. I was really tired and just felt like being lazy. Days like this don't come to me like they used to with four kids, so how can I have a day like this and eat like I'm supposed to? Already made meals are what I need no hassle, no fuss just something that I can open and eat. Any suggestions for days like these?

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CHEF4RENT 1/31/2011 1:34AM

    I am father of four and I have a couple idea's on this. I buy 5 lb bags of chicken "tenders" it's white meat chicken just smaller pieces. I cook the entire bag up and freeze it ready cooked. I also cook a huge amount of brown rice at the same time since it takes 45 minutes. I will then measure portions and freeze it in portion sizes. The same goes for almost any soup that is not cream/milk based. Most casseroles work this way as well. With the cooked chicken I can pull it out and microwave it and use it on salad or sandwiches really easily. Enchiladas work very well. Cook the filling and freeze it. When you are ready for them thaw the filling, and fill tortillas. I basically try to cook a week worth of meals on Saturday, and add the fresh stuff the day I need it. That is the only way I can keep up with feeding the family, going to school full time, trying to support a family, and lose weight. Planning is the only way:)

Good luck:)

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RETROSCIENCE 1/31/2011 12:47AM

    I like to make part of my meal plan for the next day the day/night before. For example, sometimes I will make two servings of salad and pasta, eat one for dinner, and then save the rest for the next day. I usually pack a lunch with the leftovers. That way, it's perfectly proportioned, and whether or not I'm hungry, I know it's a great meal!

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Changing Times

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I went to the doctors to get a leep done ( scraping pre cancer cells of my cervix), and I found out I have lost 2 pounds best news ever! I am excited for this, but now I am not allowed to do any vigorous exercise which is not what I wanted to hear. I went to a second appointment for physical therapy and I got told that I have tendenitis in my rotater cuff. I HURT SO BAD!!! I don't know what I did, but after Noah's delivery it flared up. So now I have to recieve therapy for this, and if it doesn't go away a crotizone shot. I'm hoping for the best possible outcome. All in all I'm just proud I lost 2 pounds emoticon

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FRAN0426 1/28/2011 12:01AM

    Congrats on the pounds lost. Sure do hope the therapy will take care of that shoulder problem for you.

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DR1939 1/27/2011 9:08PM

    emoticon on the weight loss. Best wishes for good outcomes from the other.

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