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A new year, a new term, a new attitude towards college :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

So, it is week 2, and I am still going strong in the gym (impressive, considering I have a choice now that I am at college). I have fallen far from my days of athleticism in high school, but decided to get on track after an entire semester of no gym, late night snacking, and little sleep. My plan? Bed at 10, gym at 6am, c lass at 8, plus 10 hours of community service (work-study) a week. And of course, the spiritual growth must be my focus as well.
Since last Monday, my gym buddy and I have been going to the gym everyday (me, twice a day), changed our diets to more fruits and veggies and MUCH fewer fried and starchy foods. Forget coffee...we run to wake up. What keeps us motivated are the lovely pictures of Costa Rica...spring term abroad, here we come!


Day 3 :)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cheers to exercise! Out of three days, I have done exercises for two....not a bad percentage based on my previous attempts! I even had salad in place of one meal and one snack yesterday, and the only calories in that was from the small amount of dressing I used to flavor it up. Usually I eat junk, so I am proud of myself for that! :D

Well, I think I will get my sister to go out and skate with me before it gets too dark!

Oh yes, I am terrible at keeping blogs, so this will be a challenge as well! :P