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Happy New Year--and the big resolution

Monday, December 31, 2012

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year. May 2013 be filled with joy and success.

Now, I am going to "nail my colors to the mast" and proclaim a long-term resolution. I am turning 55 this year, which feels pretty significant. I've decided that my big promise to myself is that in the year I turn 60 I am going to participate in an Iron Man length triathlon. That's a lot to accomplish, but a 5-year plan to do it seems about right to me.

Watch this space. emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 1/1/2013 11:41AM


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APPLESBANANAS 1/1/2013 10:29AM

    I just realize that writing "but in all seriousness" made it sound like the first sentence was a joke. It wasn't! Great goal : ) You are my grammar and vocabulary sparkfriend so I didn't want you to misread the message.

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APPLESBANANAS 1/1/2013 10:27AM

    Great goal!! I love that it extends into the future. I'm not running again until the snow melts this year, but in all seriousness when you start running if you ever want someone to come along, I would be happy to meet up. Happy new year : )

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4DOGNIGHT 1/1/2013 8:04AM

    That is a goal for sure. I turn 65 but won't be doing that for my 70th.

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EBURGITE 1/1/2013 4:59AM


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MOXIE26 12/31/2012 9:22PM

    Wow! And I do mean wow! Go for it!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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XMAC33 12/31/2012 8:59PM

    emoticon goal.

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CAKEMAKERMOM 12/31/2012 8:14PM

    You've already got the biking part down! You can realize your goal! May this coming year be your best one yet!

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JEWELLE217 12/31/2012 7:33PM

    What an awesome goal! I'm willing to bet you will do what you set out to do!

Happy New Year!

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The ABCs of me

Sunday, December 30, 2012

A - Available or married: Married
B - Book: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
C - Cake or pie: Cake
D - Drink of choice: Milk
E - Essential item: Computer
F - Favorite color: Purple
G - Game to play or watch: Apples to Apples
H - Hometown: Cleveland, OH now
I - Indulgence: A good wine
J - Job: Attorney
K - Kids and names: Erin and Amy
L - Life is incomplete without: My hubby
M - Music group or singer: If I must pick only one, Neil Diamond
N - Number of siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother
O - Oranges or apples: Apples
P - Phobias/fears: Claustrophobia
Q - Favorite quote: "Do, or do not. There is no try." Yoda
R - Reason to smile: My daughters and hubby
S - Season: Fall
T - Tattoos: None, but I do like to get henna now and then
U - Unknown fact about me: I can juggle
V - Vegetable you love: Asparagus
W - Worst habit: Too much computer time
X - X-rays: Teeth, ankle, lungs for pheumonia, back, shoulder
Y - Your favorite food: Thai red curry
Z - Zodiac sign: Taurus

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K1TT3N 1/5/2013 12:17PM

    awesome .... reposting

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NATPLUMMER 12/31/2012 9:52AM


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SIMPLYABUNDANT 12/31/2012 9:46AM

    It's always so interesting to learn new things about people. I like Jane Austen, too!

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TATTER3 12/31/2012 5:14AM


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DOGLADY13 12/30/2012 10:24PM


I like Jane Austen, too.

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Why, yes, you CAN search my bag

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Top tip: when your carryon luggage includes a novelty clock that features a long metal wire and, you know, a CLOCK, expect that TSA will want to take a closer look at it.

In other words, D'oh!

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EBURGITE 12/30/2012 11:04AM

    adding a little excitement to your journey? emoticon

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LMCBUD 12/30/2012 10:58AM

    Better safe than sorry... But funny!!!! :)

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TATTER3 12/29/2012 7:21PM

    I took powdered sugar to my Bro's wife one year...luggage came out on the ramp opened and 'gone through'. LOL

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TXMEMAW6 12/29/2012 5:38PM

    emoticon emoticon

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CORNERKICK 12/29/2012 4:56PM


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LINOVER 12/29/2012 4:26PM


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BARBARASDIET 12/29/2012 4:15PM


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NATPLUMMER 12/29/2012 2:23PM


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BLUE42DOWN 12/29/2012 1:43PM


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CAKEMAKERMOM 12/29/2012 11:53AM

    I forgot where I put my nail scissors once. Fortunately I had a spare at home, so when they took that one, I was not put out when I got back.

I still chuckle at the time I got wanded and the woman was looking really hard for the bra clasp that should have been there in the middle of my back when I was obviously not wearing one!

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MRSOLIVER455 12/29/2012 11:44AM

    haha they are just the brightest people in the world you know?

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TEDDYTEDDY 12/29/2012 11:23AM

    I bet that was fun!!! emoticon

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Looking back; looking forward

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day is, in some ways, the last day of the old year. Yes, there is another week left of the year, but it is a fallow time in which we finish up the last bits of the dying year and begin to look at and plan for the coming year. Some say that there is no good reason for this divide, that one day is just the same as another. I don't think that's true. Our lives are marked out by meetings and partings, by ritual and expectation, and I think the new year is one of those marks by which we measure and in which we can find inspiration.

The last year was on the whole successful for me. I lost 50 pounds, biked over 2000 miles, and began taking the first steps toward running right at the end of the year. I made a lot of delicious bread and other food, I spent quality time with family and friends, and I did some good fundraising for an excellent cause.

There were some parts of the year that weren't as successful. I spent way too much time on the computer and didn't read nearly enough books. I let my yard and garden run to wild. I didn't get a single quilt or piece of jewelry made. I feel like I handled the basics but let a lot of time slip by me around the edges that could have been put to much more fruitful use.

So my biggest resolution for the coming year is to take back my life from the computer. It's a wonderful tool, and I don't intend to abandon social networking and all the support it's given me. The reality, however, is that I haven't even been using this tool very well. I've barely journaled at all. I mostly sit refreshing Facebook and Spark People and not actually accomplishing much. There are too many evening hours spent just frittering away my time, time I could be making something creative and beautiful, or tending to my garden, or just reading a book.

I've known this was an issue for a while, and I've tried to change it without much success. This time I need to take it more seriously. I need to set a timer to limit my social networking, and when it goes off I need to get off the computer and on to something more productive. I'm going to have to experiment a bit with determining how much time I should spend online.

And then I have to get offline. My life doesn't need to be lived electronically. I have better things to do with it.

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4DOGNIGHT 12/31/2012 9:39AM

    I would say that losing 50 lbs is an amazing accomplilshment in one year! You can do this, get away from the computer. I socialize in the morning and check off and on through the day but that is about it. I cherishs the last week of the month. I sew enjoy the week after Christmas as my business winds down for the year and I finish up final jobs, etc. I've been sewing up a storm. Why don't you commit to one sewing project a month? You can do it!

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DOGLADY13 12/29/2012 3:58PM

    I wish you well on limiting your online time. Maybe you can use social networking as a reward for something like drinking 8 glasses of water, or putting in at least 10 minutes of exercise each day, or getting outside every day.

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SIMPLYABUNDANT 12/29/2012 10:03AM

    I am right there with you! I am always saying I don't have enough time after work, but so much of my time goes to SparkPeople ~ and no small amount to Spider Solitaire! At 61, I feel like I need to be living more than just a virtual life, and reading your blog today has really brought that home to me. When was the last time I tried a new recipe instead of the old tried and true? When did I last write any fiction? When was the last time I walked outdoors instead of doing an exercise video online? When did I like take out my sketchbook...and use it? SparkPeople has some wonderful features, but I need to get more balance between my screen time and truly living!

Good luck to you as your keep seeking out ways to enrich your already full and marvelous life!

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BLUE42DOWN 12/29/2012 1:14AM

    The computer truly does manage to suck us in for longer times than we plan - longer than we would spend playing solitaire with a deck of cards or calling and chatting with friends. Good luck finding that balance between online and offline.

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TATTER3 12/28/2012 7:46PM

    Keep Sparkin'!!

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DATMAMA4 12/28/2012 6:41PM

    Well said. I've never thought of the week between Christmas and New Year as a fallow time, but you are spot on. Looking back and looking forward...

I am almost the same when it comes to computer time. When I make my list of goals for this year, limiting computer time will most certainly be somewhere on it. And reading time...I don't make much time for it during the day, but I do read too late at night and need to limit my time there -- and read more quality books, as I've been slipping into too much "fluff" over the past year.

Glad we're all here to cheer each other on to greatness!

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NATPLUMMER 12/28/2012 3:55PM

    emoticon Enjoy your offline life!!

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Christmas travel

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I'm packing to head for my mother-in-law's, our traditional California Christmas trip. The last time I was on a plane was a year ago for this same trip. It makes me reflect on the changes since then.

I'm 50 pounds lighter. I don't think I will need a seat belt extender on any of these flights. That's a relief.

I get get more clothes into less space in my suitcase. I will be able to take my rolling bag on board this year.

That said, I have way fewer clothes that fit me! I haven't really been shopping much, not wanting to buy a lot of things that I then don't wear for long. But that means not much in the line of clothes that fit. Good thing my MIL has a washing machine!

Exercise clothes were comprise much more of my packed clothing this time. I plan on getting some running in while I'm there, something I couldn't even contemplate a year ago.

I've been pretty much plateaued since July, but I am smaller--the suits I could finally wear then are much too big for me now. I'm pretty happy with where I am.

I just have to figure out what to wear!

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SIMPLYABUNDANT 12/20/2012 8:55AM

Enjoy your trip to California and being a thinner, healthier YOU!

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TATTER3 12/20/2012 6:28AM

    Great job!!!!

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 12/19/2012 8:05PM

    Hope you have a great time on your trip!

What a great feeling to be 50 pounds lighter than this time last year.

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CHEFSOPHIE 12/19/2012 6:02PM

    Congrats. You worked hard to get there.

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COOPQUILTLADY 12/19/2012 4:17PM

    That's a GREAT problem! Have a safe, wonderful trip! Merry Christmas!

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NATPLUMMER 12/19/2012 2:19PM

    Some fabulous changes!!!
Maybe you'll get some clothes as gifts or get some gift certificates to buy a few things that fit.

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