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The last couple of days

Thursday, May 16, 2013

May 14 - Took daughter to get her summer clothes at Kohl's as I have a 20% discount on all purchases. Was waiting for a 30% discount to arrive but not when you needed it most. Kids clothes are not cheap these days. Hubby says next time we should go to the Salvation Army for used clothes.

May 15 - Daughter had her Talent Show practice after school. In the evening, she had her Tae Kwon Do class and I went on the treadmill at Peak Sports Club.

Today my Mammogram result came back as normal. The highlight for today is... *drum rolling* ... taking my daughter for her hair cut in a little bit here.

Tomorrow daughter has a dental appointment and I am going to fill a couple of my cavities.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day! emoticon


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EOWYN2424 5/23/2013 5:01AM

    Hi, Daisy! How was your DD's haircut! Be sure to post pics!

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PATRICIAANN46 5/17/2013 4:21PM

  Hi Daisy..........
Reading your blog reminds me of when my boys were in school and I was their main means of transportation. We lived 3 miles from where they attended school and one or both of them always needed a ride. I was glad when my oldest son got his driver's license.
Have a great Friday.

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    Three cheers, Spark site back up and running. Tried a few times last evening to come for a visit, but as I said, the site was down for repairs or something. I have to wonder if there is something new here to discover.

Yes, as usual you and your daughter are busy busy people. Have you counted your "Blessings" lately? It sounds like you have a great long list of them.

May your future be filled to over-flowing with "Blessings" of all kinds.

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The last few days

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 6 - My older daughter's 31st birthday!

May 7 - A very hectic day for me. Delivered Avon brochures. Had lunch with my Nicaragua friend, Nellie, and her hubby at Hibachi Grill & Buffet. I had sushi and Chinese food at the buffet. Always end up eating more than I need at a buffet. I can't help it, the food is so good! Daughter had her Tae Kwon Do class in the evening and I went on the treadmill.

May 8 - Woke up with chest pains around 4:00am. Had to take my anxiety pill at 4:50am. It takes an hour for the medication to kick in. Hubby told me to get some rest. He took the day off and drop daughter to school for me. When I woke up later, he took me to Greatwall, Chinese Restaurant for lunch.

My daughter try out for the upcoming Talent Show in the afternoon. She is participating in a group of four girls. They will be singing a Taylor Swift song. Oops! I forgot the song title. They got in and she will have to go for practice on May 15 & 22. The Talent Show falls on May 29.

Daughter had Tae Kwon Do class in the evening. Delivered an Avon order.

May 9 - Run a couple of errands

May 10 - I volunteered for our church Annual Mothers Day Plant Sale. After that, I had lunch with my friend, June, at Greatwall Chinese Restaurant. She will be moving to Omaha, Nebraska on June 5. This will probably be our farewell lunch till we meet again hopefully a year later. We met last year and became good friends. I am going to miss her.

May 11 - Went for Mammogram, waiting for result. Grocery shopping day. Also, laundry day.

May 12 - Went to church as usual and stay for coffee hour after service.

Hubby took me to Penang Malaysian Cuisine, Arlington Heights for lunch. Hubby had Mango Smoothie, Beef Rendang & Coconut Rice. Daughter had Lychee Drink and 5 Penang Lobak. I ordered appetizers like Fried Calamari, Thai Fish Cake, Paper Wrap Chicken (disappointed as it was not the same as KL, Malaysia), Hokkien Char Mee (not the same as KL and no thick mee) and for dessert, Ice Kacang. I was very greedy, ordered too much food and I ate too much! I only had a couple of bites of Hokkien Mee and sample a piece of Paper Wrap Chicken, so I took the rest home as leftovers!

We went to Mitsuwa Japanese Store, Arlington Heights for Salmon sashimi, and other groceries, etc. Then we went to Asian Noodle House, Huffman Estates, to order food to go like Char Kway Teow (Malaysian KL style Flat Rice Noodles) and Loh Shee Fun (another kind of rice noodles) for the next two days. Hubby went to order White Castles sliders (mini burgers) to go which daughter and he loves.

I had a wonderful Mothers Day as I feel so blessed! emoticon I hope you have had a wonderful one too. emoticon

May 13 - My wonderful hubby had to replace the sensor and wires for the garage door opener as it was out of order. It took him three and a half hours to get it done. By the time he gets done, his back was hurting. I hope it is nothing as he has had spine surgery on Feb 27.


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EOWYN2424 5/16/2013 1:56AM

    Not the same eh? Malaysia still has the BEST food!

Looking forward to your visit!

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PATRICIAANN46 5/14/2013 9:39PM

  I had to take a nap after reading your blog!!! You have been VERY busy!!! Now you had better rest and take it easy. emoticon

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    Busy, busy girl !!
But you never went hungry...
Sounds like food was the high-light of your days.
Daughter like mom, busy, busy !!
Good to know you are zipping about.

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Update on the dove we saved last fall

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Some of you may remember on September 1, 2012, my daughter found a dove with an injured wing in our backyard. We named the dove, Charlie.

Yesterday, we took the cage out to the backyard. Charlie tried to fly and landed on the grass. Charlie did not fly very well and neither can he fly high. He rested for awhile before trying to fly again and he landed in our neighbor's backyard. We waited for awhile to see if he will fly any higher. Hubby took him back into the cage where he will be safe from any predators.

Poor Charlie! We would like to let him go free but he is not ready to go back to the outside world. Since the beginning of spring, Charlie has been singing. He is probably trying to attract the female doves.

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EOWYN2424 5/16/2013 1:59AM

    Awwww! Poor Charlie! His wing probably needs more time to mend!

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EMERALDGREEN1 5/10/2013 12:48AM

    First thing that came to my mind when i read 'singing', i thought Charlie's happy :). Luck him for being found by Felicia

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PATRICIAANN46 5/8/2013 10:34PM

  I hope that he can fly on his own eventually. Good for you and your family for helping him out.

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FATHINSN 5/8/2013 2:53AM

    Hopefully he will able to fly by his own soon, it's Spring Summer now, good time for him to meet new birds :D

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    Thank you for the update.

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The countdown continues...

Monday, May 06, 2013

... - 27 days to go before we hop on the plane for most of the summer! emoticon

Good news is Nylena, Dr Daisy Chacko's nurse, called me to inform my Pap Smear Test results are normal! emoticon

This morning did not start out right but now it is a much better day. It is noon now.

Got up late, tried to call my daughter in Malaysia and could not get through. Today is my older daughter's birthday and she turns 31. Oh, where did the time go? So, I had to deal with Tracfone customer service. This cell phone service really sucks due to the following:

1. it only allows incoming international text and not outgoing international text;

2. trouble connecting to international land line as well as cell phone lines;

3. customer service personnel not knowledgeable;

4. customer service personnel also keeps you on hold for 45 minutes to an hour each time you call them and I have lost count how many times I have had to call;

5. and the list goes on...

It is very frustrating because it is a pre-paid plan. There is still a lot of minutes remaining and I have to add more minutes as it is approaching end of another 90 days.

I am sorry to bore you with the details. I just read online reviews on Tracfone and they are all bad ones! Oh well, there is nothing I can do about it. Just leave it to the Lord and he will get me through the next time I call.

I know it will be a better day from this moment forward.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day! emoticon


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EOWYN2424 5/16/2013 2:01AM

    I'm wishing I have kids now, after ready your blog.

But then again, I probably won't be able to support them financially.

So, I have to count my blessings!

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FATHINSN 5/8/2013 2:56AM

    Perhaps you better use video con like Skype instead of mobile :D
Yay for your good test result!

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PATRICIAANN46 5/7/2013 9:56PM

  I am excited for you...........I can't imagine a trip like you will be taking. And, at the end of it is family and a new grandchild to hold and spoil. I am happy for you.
I hope that your day did get better. I have little patience with phones. It drives me crazy when the help that should be there isn't!
Tomorrow will be a better day........

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    Is is great to have a SAFE place to vent !!
Deep breath, again and again.
I am getting excited for you.
Being selfish I will miss you while you are away... or will you be able to keep in touch? as if you will have time... You will be so very busy.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I took the first dose last night after dinner. This morning I woke up experiencing some side effects like dizziness, chest pains, feels like I have a sore throat and my face look like a little swollen. Called the dentist and he told me to stop taking it.

I am going to take it easy today - dentist's advice.

Take care and have a blessed day! emoticon

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EOWYN2424 5/1/2013 7:46PM


Is everything ok now?

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PATRICIAANN46 4/30/2013 9:57PM

  Oh my.............I am sorry to hear of your reaction to the antibiotic. Did he recommend rinsing your mouth with an antiseptic rinse at all? I hope you get rid of your infection soon.

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    Pray you feel better soon.

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AJMM90 4/30/2013 11:16AM

    Hope you feel better soon.

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