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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Accomplishment - today is day 37 in a row of working out.

Not Accomplishment - Last week I only lost 1/2 lb, this week I gained 3/4 lb.

This is hugely frustrating for me. I've been focusing on calories - I'll admit I haven't been in range at times, but I've cut out unhealthy snacks and sweets. I munch on grapes and green peppers, and have avoided the cookies and chips. I've done well with portion control, but I guess something just isn't working.

Just extremely disheartened. Trying to not let it get me down and to keep focused. I've been very stressed lately, working a lot, and searching for a new apartment (my lease is up in one week!!!!), so that might be attributing to it. Maybe I just need to relax.

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FIREDANCER829 7/23/2009 11:21AM

    Keep your chin up, girl! Working out 37 days in a row is a HUGE accomplishment, and you should be super proud of yourself!!! Also, keep in mind that with that much exercise, you're gaining a lot of muscle, which is going to cause less of a weight loss. Don't worry so much about the scale - are you taking measurements at all? I'll bet you'd see some differences that way.

Keep up the awesome work!

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Watermelon, Hotdogs, SPARKlers - Red White and Blue!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Ah July 4th. The firework holiday, the picnic holiday, the beachside holiday, the "you caught what on fire with a fire cracker?" holiday... The holiday where there's so many snacks and BBQs that it's truly a test of will to see if you can keep your diet in check.

A big part of keeping myself in line will be to up the cardio over the long weekend. Starting Thursday, I'll add extra time to my workouts and push myself a little bit more. Then I won't feel as bad if I have a cookie... and maybe some ice cream too. Realistically, some days you just have to celebrate and live. I just can't let it get out of hand.

Saturday will be one of my allotted drinking days for this week. Something I love doing (for all holidays): mixing a drop of food coloring with my drink (I'll be honest - usually beer). That way I stay festive.

Well, cheers to white pants, stripes and a healthy, fun weekend!


A Strong (re)Start at Spark

Monday, June 29, 2009

Fourteen days in a row of working out. Fourteen. A fortnight, if you will. Whew. Two weeks.

After my rather lengthy hiatus from Spark, I decided to start hardcore with the exercise. No shortcuts, no “days off”. By making time every day of the week – including my busiest and my laziest – I have proven to myself that I can prioritize, can organize, can plan, and can be prepared. 5am jogs when I knew I’d be busy after work. 10pm swims even when I just wanted to flop and watch South Park. Those sacrifices have made all the difference - I feel fantastic! The workout schedule quickly became a part of my routine and is no longer optional.

I have also made some other changes. I’m back on the “only drinking (alcohol) two nights a week” plan, which I’ve done before, in 2008 when I joined Spark. A glass of wine with dinner counts as one night of drinking. So that’s inspired some big changes. And when going out to the bar isn’t an option, I found myself with more time for healthier decisions.

I’ll admit, some days I did less exercise than others. Yesterday I counted a stroll on the beach and some bodysurfing as my daily activity. That doesn’t really equate to the 6.5mph jog on the treadmill on Friday, or the 75 minute spinning class I took on Thursday. But it’s movement.

Signing off with much pride in my last two weeks!


How do my twenty something year old friends influence my eating habits?

Monday, June 22, 2009

When you are a younger twenty-something, twenty three to be exact, your friends are your worst enemy when it comes to eating habits. "Let's order pizza! Happy hour anyone? I made cupcakes! Who wants nachos? Wow, I really need a venti double shot latte this morning." Every night you cram calories exactly the same way you cram before finals week. It's just how it rolls. And as it rolls, I seem to acquire more rolls on my stomach. No good.

While physically my gal pals are supportive (we walk instead of drive, we go on jogs, take spinning classes together, etc), eating wise there's no conscience. They never force their junk/dessert foods on me, but it is still a huge challenge to turn away from the appetizers and to order a salad when we're all out. And don't even get me started on the drinks. I'm lucky in the fact that I enjoy light beer - otherwise I'd be a goner. Those daiquiris and mixed drinks are calorie paradise!

Anyway, I've picked up the eating habits and for the past seven days (excluding saturday), I've done fabulously. I'm very proud of myself and I feel fantastic. Here's to another week, I will cheers you with a water on the rocks.

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JANI-LOU 6/24/2009 4:29PM

  Hey, that's great! I will take one of those waters on the rocks! lol Sounds like you are heading in a great direction. Good for you! You should be very proud. I enjoyed reading your blog.

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A Rather Lengthy Hiatus

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hey, many great bands take a break for awhile. I guess I'm using that theory to excuse my sparkpeople absence for the last - cough - year or so.

I kept up with working out but got away from my eating habits. Last summer I was very happy with my figure and my lifestyle - then with relocating and starting a job, I got out of my regiment. I joined a gym and participate in all of their challenges, but got away from eating right. An office is a black hole of food you shouldn't eat.

Anyway, back with a vengeance and hoping to return to calorie counting. Family vacation is in August; that's my swimsuit goal. Here goes!

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RHYNIC 6/17/2009 7:48AM

    that's right, the Eagles took a 14 year break...so you are well within the limits. welcome back. gail

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