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No Matter What...Don't Stop Your Progress!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Iíve definitely had to remind myself of this fact more than once. Iíve been off-and-on the pursuit and maintenance of a healthier lifestyle and thatís not good. I gained back the seven pounds that I lost (*in my Charlie Brown impression* ďAAUGH!Ē)

I am human and we do make mistakes. Thatís no excuse to NOT keep going. Progress is taking place, even if you donít see it. I remind myself of the reasons why I started this journey. Another wake-up call was placed before me.

A week ago today, the matriarch of our immediate family was called on by God on Pentecost Sunday. It definitely wasnít expected. One thing that I loved about my aunt is that she enjoyed life in spite of her health conditions. No memorial service for her. The celebration of life will be a party! How cool is that?!?! Iím sure in her infinite wisdom, sheís with her mother, sister, and husband (Grandma, Mom, and Uncle) updating them on everything LOL!

Since my ride is down until further notice, Iíve been using public transit. Iím grateful to still be able to commute to and from work with other places in between. Maybe thatís why I havenít gained more weight. Once I get my nutrition and consistency in workouts under control, Iíll be able to prance around the swimming pool with a good-looking strut LOL!

Yes, I have challenges but I REFUSE to allow them to stop me! Iím looking forward to the next couple of months to hopefully share more good news about my progess!

Of course I canít close out this blog post without sharing some music. They are a couple of my auntís musical artists that she liked. This blog post is dedicated to her and may God continue to watch over her (our) family.





Getting Back in The Saddle (Late Edition)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

After enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday with the family back home, it was purely evident that I needed to get back on track. You know the holiday is centered around food, family, and fellowship. I did hear of several organizations and/or individuals who donated time and resources to ensure someone else enjoyed Thanksgiving. There were others who now miss a loved one due to an illness or natural causes. God had a better plan. We pray for those who are having a difficult time during the holiday season. We're grateful to see another day so that's a start!

I had my share of food staying with my brother & sister-in-law. I truly enjoyed their hospitality. I did receive compliments from my Dad and my Aunt (his sister) about losing weight. Trust me, I haven't given up on my goals.

Today, I'm forcing myself to go to the community fitness center and get on the treadmill while work on the exercises that my trainer suggested. Right now, I'm pushing myself to do more and better in my workouts and watching what I eat. I'm also working on other areas in my life. I will not allow negative experiences to deter me from what's been ordered. I may not be at the destination just yet, but the journey is a testimony that I'm still here, and God wants me to get it right for him.

Now for some lively music to get your cardio going. Until next time.....



Countdown to Another Year of Life (22 Days Left) August 5, 2012

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

By the time you read this blog post, I will be reflecting on the fact that only 22 days are left until my birthday. People who know me see my countdowns (especially when it comes to work LOL). I set some weight loss goals for myself on August 5, 2011 and would hope to accomplish more by the time my birthday arrives:


August 5, 2011


I did manage to accomplish some of them, but of course, I’m human and a work in progress. So far, I did lose 18 pounds (but gained 5 of them recently…UGH!!) and am able to wear slacks and jeans that were sitting in the closet for over a year. I’m very proud of those accomplishments! When you try to do better in all aspects of your life, don’t be surprised of the opposition that may come your way.

Stress is definitely an effective ‚ÄúDebbie Downer.‚ÄĚ I try not to worry about situations that I can‚Äôt change so I pray to God for guidance, keep moving in faith, and hope for the best. I also know that I have to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in my eating habits and stay away from too many carbohydrates. This was evident when I tried to donate blood last month and my iron levels were low. There‚Äôs still my ‚Äėproject‚Äô of checking out the fitness center in my resident community so I can do workouts after work without losing sleep at night (I was working out with my roommate after 10pm).

I did manage to do Zumba and walk about 3 miles this week. I REFUSE to give up so I continue to keep moving!

In the next couple of posts, you’ll see me count down in each title. I’m looking forward to celebrating another year of life and hopefully visit family at home in the process!

I feel like partying right now! LOL


Never Take Life For Granted (Catch-Up Edition)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Well, this has been an interesting two weeks (well, it's been a long time since my last blog post here)

Since my last post, Iíve dealt with unusual storm activity, holiday reflection, heatwaves, and other challenges. In addition, I reflected on the life celebrations of three people. One of them was my mother and July 6 wouldíve been her 63rd birthday. For those who follow my blog on wordpress, she was the inspiration for me in creating it. I still havenít forgotten the promise made: to pursue & maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Recently, Iíve been going to the gym with my roommate as a guest. The workouts are later at night due to not many people being in the gym. Itís really good to get back on the treadmill or cross track machine while listening to music (you know I MUST have music LOL). For me, Iíll have to do something right after work, so I found a Zumba class near me to join. Stay tunedÖ.

I reflected on this particular scripture (canít remember the book or chapter): ďWe neither know the day nor the hour.Ē Two people I knew were called on by God this past week; both women, both young. I just saw a video posting from one of them a day or two before she lost her human life in a car crash. Hence the title for my blog post today.

One moment, someone you know can leave this earth without warning. Thatís why itís highly encouraged to do what you can and to stay in touch with others. I know for me, itís a task that I know needs to be done. In addition, we must take better care of ourselves. Iím seeing more of my peers die at an alarming rate from several diseases and disorders. Some of us didnít realize how sick other people were!

These life experiences are a constant reminder to never take life for granted.

NOTE: I would insert a link to Ledisiís ďbgty (be good to yourself)Ē but I couldnít find one LOL!!

This blog post is dedicated to the memory of Catherine Davis Richardson (mother); Nancy Stricklin; Katrina Mack and Ernest Borgnine.

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Fear....What Fear?!?!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline."

--- 2 Timothy 1:7 (New Living Translation)

It's time for me to truly step my game up on my health fitness journey and move forward in faith!

I can't stop now because I've lost 16 pounds. At times, I have to push myself to work out, even with challenges that I face in life. As of lately, I've declared that fear no longer has a room in my home, mind, heart, or spirit. Since Fear doesn't help me pay the rent; do laundry; keep me fed; or offer any advice other than negativity---it's time to evacuate!

In the last couple of days, I've had a reminder of how God does the impossible and he's still in the blessing business. Since I claim that I trust him, I'll get out of his way and let him handle it! I'm tired of worrying myself into a stressed-out party! I ask for clarity in making better decisions, particularly in my health fitness journey. I managed to walk, do Zumba, and bellydancing on last week! We've been having some unstable weather lately----80 degrees one day; 53 degrees the next (with rain).

I'm playing around with the kitchen with making healthier choices. Just recently, I had a banana, watermelon, apple smoothie with Greek yogurt and almond milk. IT WAS DELICIOUS! On yesterday, I made a watermelon, apple, and red grapefruit smoothie with fat-free milk (not as tasty as the previous one). I want to invest in a juicer really soon so I can get more fruits and vegetables in my diet. Looking forward to this week so I can work out and I'll dust off a couple of DVDs that I have and are hardly used for a workout!

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SISTACHERYLD12 4/25/2012 9:24PM

  Be encouraged my sista! I am also stepping out on faith here to make some changes that will give me a healthier and longer life. We can keep eachother motivated!

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