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Monday, July 27, 2009

my anonymous survey.
I'm a health informatics student at UW trying to get public opinion on personal health records.

Please take my survey. It is completely anonymous. Thanks!


Michelle Minerva Yi
Junior | University of Washington
Health Informatics &Health Information
School of Public Health


Health informatics

Sunday, April 19, 2009

So I applied to the health informatics and health info management major last week. I am petrified and anticipating the results. Im pretty sure i will be getting a rejection letter in a month but theres a 10% chance its an acceptance letter. My personal statement was very forceful. I wrote that I not only deserved this position, but it would be in thier benefit to accept me because I am 100 time more devoted and hard working, resourceful, and self reliant than any other 4.0 student that applies and only has the book smarts. I hope this ploy works. If not, I'll be up in the program directors office demanding for the position before i leave the office.

I also applied for a $4000 travel grant to go to korea this summer. Well, im applying tomorrow. Just finished my curriculum vitae (which looks rather bleak) and application. I also find out about that in a month. I would rather get in Health Informatics than the trip to korea. both would be nice though. =)

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FRUGALSUE 4/20/2009 10:11PM

    Good luck with your applications for the program and the travel funds! You sound very motivated, and you are right, you would be an asset to any program!

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46A39P 4/20/2009 3:24AM

    All the best!!!

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FREIDAFAGRE 4/19/2009 11:07PM

    Wishing you success.

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Body Fat Analysis Test

Monday, March 02, 2009

So last week I had a body fat analysis test done. The results were astonishing. I was 134 lb and 43.5 pounds was body fat and 90.5lb was lean body mass. So 33% of my body was fat. Thats really high. it should be around 17% I believe. Anyhoo, my plateau subsided and i lost 2 pounds. After getting my test results, I went on a run with Brooks training run around greenlake. I managed 3 miles in 28 min 25 seconds. Thats the fastest Ive ever run 3 miles. It was awesome.

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BECKYI 3/4/2009 10:23AM

    Actually for women, the proper amount is 18-25 percent. Because women carry more weight on their hips than men.


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CARTOONB 3/2/2009 11:12PM

    Great time on your run! That's awesome!

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Feeling Artsy

Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm listening to the Fray. So I totally failed my stats test. I know it. It wasn't hard or anything, I just blanked. Lukily our lowest test score is dropped. So at work today a lady was like "don't you have school today?" and I was like "oh my classes end at 10:30am everyday." and then she realized i was in college and asked how old i was and i said 21. She thought I was 15. At least Im looking a bit older. When I was 18 people mistook me as being 12 or 13. I don't know how I feel about this though. I think I really want to get my hair done and maybe that will help look my age. I'm even wearing nice clothes. well, jeans brooks brothers button down and flats. I look conservative but I didnt think i looked younger.

The thing about my hair is the color I want. I swim a few times a week and i'm not sure a swim cap with completely keep the chlorine out. I also dont want the pool to have a trail of dye from my hair as I swim. That would be so embarresing, lol.


weekday blues

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So I actually did get sick. Not too bad but i'm feelin it. sore throat, lethargic, and sleepy. My race was actually on Sunday and it went well. Everyone was dressed up and it was fun.
My time was 30:55.

Midterms went okay. Im glad I did them before I got sick. Grading was really hectic. I had some people that didnt turn anything in and i hate giving out zeros but i had to. only 4 out of 38.(and i got 3 more students)

I have a meeting with my bio prof in an hour cause i got 0 out of 50 on a bio test but i think i just forgot to bubble in the test version on my scan tron.

I am exhausted! Even after 7 hours of sleep. my head is just so stuffy and i cant concentrate on anything. I have one test today and one on friday. I hope i can just get through them.

so during break my running partners and i were all "yeah lets run everyday! whooohooo" and since the quarter started( in jan), we've gone on 2 runs. lol its so easy to say and much harder to do.

happy wednesday!


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