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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On the way to weight reassignment (weight loss) I think we don't see the changes going on for several reasons.

* Talking a bit about body-dismorphic disorder here today.

For one, it's a little hard to "see" something different in the mirror if you are always slipping into the same old clothes. I mean think about it for a second. You already know how you look in that same old pair of slacks because you have worn them for how many ages? Weeks? Months? Years... ((shudder))

Our brains supply information to us from stored imagery. For instance, it already knows how you look in those pants so it doesn't bother recording a new record! .... OK folks get out and find new pants so the mirror can send you a new image.

I have a date with myself this week to find new pants! No, I'm not at my goal, but I need to see myself in a new light and few new clothes are likely going to help that.

Its not the price tag on the clothing, it's that it fits correctly and my brain takes a new picture of me as I get smaller!

wishing you success...


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BUTTONBARKER 6/20/2008 9:36PM

    I started to "embrace" my fatness by shopping at Lane Bryant a month ago. I just love it there. Its nice to know that I can start looking nice instead of wearing just a tee shirt and jeans or sweats everywhere I go.

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    I'm going to do just that at the end of the month too! It's been far too long since I've bought anything new IT'S ABOUT TIME for me too!

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LIFES*2*SHORT 6/18/2008 5:29PM

  It's called a uniform. One of the few outfits I wear every day because I know they fits me!! LOL

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Food Culture

Monday, June 16, 2008

I was thinking about women in the family and FOOD (the "F" word).

When I was a small child I remember Mom telling me that her Grandmother would get up at 4 AM and start the breakfast. She began making the biscuits or bread, and would go feed the chickens, collect the eggs, milk the cow (s). Then go back into the kitchen and finish up the breakfast preparation. It was 5:30 then and by 6AM everyone ate, then went back to work. ...

Food was enjoyed and it was savored. It being so much a part of everyday life and part of the culture was only expected. . It was alright to enjoy these sort of foods (way back then) because we normally worked off every little bit of it before the next meal. We were less sedentary. Granny would boil the clothes outside in a big iron pot on a fire. She also made her own soap to wash with. She'd hang out the clothes to dry, then bring them in and iron them. They grew what they ate right there in the field. This would have to be picked and washed then readied for lunch and dinner. No this isn't ancient history. Just after WW1.

Back in the 30s they ate real food and worked like crazy at very physically demanding jobs every day of their lives. Our basic energy expenditures are much less demanding (normally) then. It was 70 years ago (No this doesn't fit everyones job. I am speaking in generalities).

It's no wonder our bodies have changed into much larger sizes. We still eat like our Grandparents but we don't work it off. The excess has to go somewhere. It's also not allowed to really enjoy food. We must feel guilty if we are heavy because people already know we "enjoy food".

Fortunately for my family, I really love food and learning new recipes and cooking. Unfortunate for me that the love has over-pugged my body for lack of burning up what I eat. I'm working on that :)

Anyhow, I was just thinking of the differences in how we eat now as opposed to how they ate when my Grandmother was young (She was 32 in 1930). Figured I'd share it with you here.

Mino emoticon

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MINORCANLDY 6/16/2008 2:35PM

    Wooooo Hooooooo You got a new Pix! What a doll!

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LIFES*2*SHORT 6/16/2008 2:11PM

  So true!! I do, however still have my own garden. But... it's not like it used to be either. Now... we have a tiller. Back then, they did everything by hand or hoe. Live has become living in the fast lane... and we're fat also because of all the fast food! It's an epedemic... I tell you!!

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BUTTONBARKER 6/16/2008 12:54PM

    Unfortunety you are right. We barely move our bodies. I remember as a little girl going outside all day and playing with friends. These days our kids just want to sit around a play video games. Sad that we have allowed this to happen to our kids. The only possitive thing is that my boys don't have the food issues that I did at their age. They could take food or leave it. They don't just sit around and snack just for something to do. I'm not sure why,since they see my bad eating habits. Its a blessing for sure.

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MINORCANLDY 6/16/2008 11:12AM

    Really! And can you imagine the panic if WAL-MART wasn't? IF we had a nationwide truckers strike... We don't grow anything anymore. We are totally dependent on food being gathered for us and brought to a supermarket.

I for one am growing tomatoes this year.

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NOMORESTALLING 6/16/2008 10:57AM

    No kidding hey! Everything today is fast food and processed and full of preservatives! Next to nothing is O Natural anymore! Even when you try and plant and grow your own thngs everything has been "doctored" with so called protective pesticides! It's really sad the way man has ruined their world!

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

I posted part of this to a members page who sounded like I feel often. Actually need to hear it myself this morning so I'm sharing it on my page so I can keep a record.

I have a saying (which I repeat to me often), "If you plan on succeeding then plan on failing a few times along the way"

Changes like the ones we are making aren't the sort which are instant. It really does take time to unlearn old habits and to learn new healthy ones.

Instant foods - i.e.; frozen dinners wont cut it for me. I need more fiber and fresh veggies to feel full. Last night I cooked a veggy spaghetti sauce and served it over Pennie pasta (which was the high fiber pasta). Then I topped that with some cheese and had a small slice of meatloaf.

Now, another problem is that I have a weird schedule so I'm still awake at 11 at night. Which means, I'm hungry because its' been 5 hours since dinner! Ugh Last night I sort of blew it and had a small sandwich, but at least I didn't get a hand full of Oreos and grab a big ole' glass of milk (which I might have easily done before).

So, I basically ended the day a little over my ideal calorie intake, but not blowing it. So, even when things aren't Ideal, congratulate yourself anyway that you are moving toward a better you, and helping you along the way.

Is it fun keeping track of food? Well, not for me personally no...
Is it fun changing my whole life? Well, not for me personally no...
Is it fun watching people do what I wish I could? Well, not for me personally no...

Now for the decision times...
What is the trade off if I don't do something about my weight?

Will anyone do it for me? Nope...

I have to want this more than I want a "ding dong" "pizza" or "anything else".

Occasionally I have to reevaluate myself and my goals and ask those questions (and others). The basics are though, "Do you really want this?" "Are you willing to do what it takes to get there?"...

Then I sit and remember what it feels like to not be able to squat without turning red in the face... I remember how hard it is to paint my toenails... I think of all the times I had to walk into the big ladies clothing department and feel bad, because that's all that would fit...

Success is made one decision at a time.

So today, yes I do want this more than anything else. I will make healthy decisions based on my desire to be smaller. :)

Also it's my granddaughter's birthday party and I have birthday cake looming at me. Will I freak out? Well no... It's a piece of cake not the plague. Will I go nuts and eat like I've never had food? .. no....

Likely I'll have an early lunch and fill up before I go. Then won't be so tempted to nibble on the garbage food.

I don't think what I eat will help my goal, but, I'll be an angel the rest of the meals. I'll also work out in the garden when I get home, so, it'll be alright. It is one meal, and not the full monitor to my successful decision I've made along the way.

OK, nuff pep talk.

Blessings and Peace,

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LIFES*2*SHORT 6/15/2008 3:58PM

  Day by day... hour by hour... and believe me when I say that some days it's more like minute by minute! LOL You can do this... but don't look at the big picture... concentrate on one single day at a time. Think of all the healthy things you are doing for your body. It's not just the number on the scale that matters (and I'm still learning to look at it that way too). We're behind you all the way!!

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BUTTONBARKER 6/15/2008 10:57AM

    You are my morning inspiration. emoticon emoticon

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NOMORESTALLING 6/15/2008 10:30AM

    You're exactly right!
Think of perfection as a marathon and not a sprint race. Things that are forced rarely, if ever, turn out pristine. Only through trial and error will you achieve the goals you've set for yourself.

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On the road to knowing “me”

Monday, June 09, 2008

On the road to knowing “me”

Sometimes I sit and ponder things I feel or think about myself. Where did these concepts of “me” come from? Is this something someone else put in my mind? Is this what I really believe? What do I actually believe? The search is endless actually.

About weight (loss) reassignment - What do I really believe? That is also a never-ending journey. One of the things associated with weight loss is liking the new person you become. I never realized it before, but back when I had lost so much weight and was a size five, my friends didn’t really know me; and I didn’t know myself either. My old pastors wife announced, “I like you better heavy”… This still causes me to scrutinize myself today. I had no idea I’d changed so much. I guess she was right though. My whole life had become “Weight Loss” and whatever that lifestyle needed, I did to keep it moving. What I did have though, was no real thought or life beyond my weight loss program. It was all I ever thought of… Thinking back, I now find that scary.

Well, that’s about it for the morning’s wisdom… I’ve a dentist appointment looming ahead (Oh Joy).

Bye for now..

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MINORCANLDY 6/9/2008 3:13PM

    It's all about balance eh ladies?

This seems like an all or nothing way to live, but.... there's a line you cross on your way to healthy and end up on the other end of the spectrum of unhealthy.

Such wisdom...

I'm learning the whole interaction with people when I'm thin is totally different when I get chunky. And ya know what? It's alright. They will either learn to love me as I am now or they will go onto new people. Either way, I won't live life like another person thinks I should.

Will my personality change? Well, yeah but it should change. I've been dependent on fat to keep me protected from the world So my personalty has been altered by living that way. I'm trying so hard to get past that point in life.

I really enjoy you guys... Thank you so much for your kindness.


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    Yes there is that side of weight loss too; where we become so obsessed with it that that is all we live and breathe. That is when it starts leaning over into anarexia and bulemia and that is scary!
I'm so glad you ladies have recognized this in yourselves!
That's why we really shouldn't be looking at this as a diet or even weight loss but a healthy change in lifestyle and the bonus of it is that we will lose the weight naturally and gradually to bring our bodies back into balance with health and weight.

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LIFES*2*SHORT 6/9/2008 11:53AM

  Knowing the *possible* upcoming problem gives you something to work with. At least you know how people saw you. Sometimes though... it's the people around us who don't know what to say anymore because they are a little jealous about our success. It can go either way. Be yourself... and that's all that matters.


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FOOTBALLGIRL35 6/9/2008 11:29AM

    oh my,,,, the same thing happened to me a few years ago when i lost a lot of weight,,i became a size 5,,( i still seen myself as being fat) how crazy is that,,i did become nuts over the whole thing,,,it did become my life,,,and the people around me,,seen that i had changed,,they liked me better when i was heavier,,as well,,,i had this big chip on my shoulder,,is how it felt...i dont know why it was like that,,but i dont want it to happen again,,i like how you see it as a weight(loss)reassignment,,,that is so cool,,,..i didnt know myself back then,,and i do beleive you have to figure how who you are and what you want to be before you can accomplish life long goals..thank you so much mino,,, i ve picked up a few things from you today,, i hope we can become friends,,,,

thank you

terrie emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 6/9/2008 11:27:49 AM

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eating? 5000 calories

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Grin.. Now how would one do that much eating???

(unless you are doing one of those marathon eating contests...)

LOL Still laughing...

Mino emoticon

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LINDADT21 6/5/2008 9:41PM

  or chinese food buffet. i was amazed how much fat and cals is in chinese food , i havent touched it since

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LIFES*2*SHORT 6/5/2008 6:17PM

  Don't you kid yourself... I have done it!! I call it a pizza and a half dozen of cinnamon buns!! LOL

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