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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Kayaking for 5 hours means I burned up almost 5000 calories!


LOL That's funny... Hey keep this site in SP. It really helps with calculating the activity.

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LIFES*2*SHORT 6/5/2008 5:45PM

  WOW... that's a LOT of calories. Does that mean that you are goint to eat the equivilant? I hope not!! LOL

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Kayaking - Santa Fe and Ichetucknee River

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Kayaking - Santa Fe and Ichetucknee River

Well that was fun. I really enjoyed this trip. I'm tuckered out!
I uploaded the photos into the Kodakgallery site. I'll stick the links here
so you can go view em if you care to look :)

PS. I'm the photographer so there aren't any of me yet! LOL sorry.. You know how it is.

Some are great and some not so hot. It's kinda hard to take pictures with current pulling your kayak around. I'm learning ..



emoticon Mino

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MINORCANLDY 6/5/2008 8:30PM

    Hiya :)

I'm not sure who's following my blog but for those who are reading, I wanted to share the story of my first kayaking adventure. It's a bit funny anyhow. You might like it. I still laugh...

Off the Trail

By: Mino -2007

Itchetucknee Springs State Park Florida

We encountered this spring many years ago while our children were young. Either by youth group encounter or family vacation, the springs were a fun day with nature, tubes in 8 miles of crystal clear water.

Entering our later “golden years” we now feel it our duty to explore the world via- kayak. I’m not sure what happened here, except we eyeballed the little boats and something smelling like an “idea” popped into our heads. So we gave Kayaking a try with the help of a little “mom and pop” run campground (Campground #1), rentals and guided tours (if wanted). We opted for the beginner two-hour river paddling -alone. (I mean who wants a witness?) The cost was minimal. It was an easy way to explore the possibility of attacking yet another hobby without the outlay of substantial cash. So, we shelled out our $13.00 per person, for the 2-hour paddling down river complete with drop off and pick up service! And, for this $26.00, we actually decided if this might be a venture we would be interested in pursuing. Shrug.. Why not?

The Launch-

I’m rather happy no one had a camera at the moment my substantial frame began the downward descent into the little Kayak. In my head I kept hearing “A$$ to Mass Ratio” and looked at the boat with a bit of fear. However, thanking my lucky stars someone much more knowledge than I, was assisting in me in the placement of my limbs, I continued on. Wonderful! The boat didn’t sink. OK, step 1 completed.

Of course, I’m looking at my limber drink of water husband already in his Kayak; and I’m thinking, “Man he makes everything look EASY!” He’s already in heaven; I can see it in his face. I’m waiting on my own eruption of ecstasy.

The Expedition-

From the moment my paddle dipped into the cold clear waters I knew we’d have to be back here and do this again. Already, I was making plans in my head for taking this person or that person and how to work it into our busy work schedules.

One of the things you miss while tubing is the natural savannah area of the Itchetucknee Springs River. The barrages of tubers go the main channel and unfortunately never see the lovely parts of the side water where the fish and birds hide out (while the flux of people go by). It’s not easy to access by tube really, and pretty distasteful to the fanny stuck down in the hole of said tube; with butt scraping on long eelgrass and algae covered marsh grass. I used to avoid this stuff too, however in the confines of the kayak it’s not nearly so fearsome to maneuver. The little boats skim right over the tops and take you to the shallow savanna area. I can’t really tell you how much I loved it there. You could find springs belching out of the pretty white lime stone sand. We saw, Ibis, Great Egrets, Blue Green Herons, Wood Storks, Kites, Osprey, and several different kinds of hawks. Natural sights books are written about. Fish? Well, ya know I just lost count! Let me say however, that it’s surely a bird’s paradise if they feed on fish. Sigh.. Did I tell you there is no fishing?! Blast…


Toward the end of the 2 hour trek down stream, my boat sunk.. I’m not sure which was worse, my laughing so hard I almost drowned or me trying to muscle onto land my sunk Kayak. The harder I’d pull it the more it sunk. Finally I resorted to the SHOVE method of moving it through water instead of trying to lift it up (duh). It slid easy enough onto the shore. Yeah, it was in 4 ft of water. So, not a huge factor there. How’d it sink? Lets just say, when you come to a dock, don’t aim at the dock with an idea of coming along the right side of it, with a crush of rushing water coming from the right and pushing you against the dock. Go in the front and dismount from that position. Idea #1 will sink your Kayak! After that little fiasco, we poured the water out of my boat. My husband cracking up and assuring himself I was alright at the same time; while helping me back into the boat. I crawled back inside to continue our journey. We are still laughing about it today.

Footnote: Idea 1# is a bad idea.

The Afterglow-

Most people when they are done with an adventure they write their memoirs and forget it. Not Us... Oh no, we won’t go quietly into retirement I can see that now. God help me.

My innocent looking husband with big brown eyes says, “Honey lets go see how much Kayaks are”. “Well babe we can do that online”. “Yes, but I’d like to see what’s available locally”. So, we pile into the truck and he informs me, “There’s a sporting equipment company in town we can go look at first. They have some on sale”. OK, I’m getting the idea now I’ve been Shanghai‘d. Finally after some map quest moments looking for this place, we arrive. It’s a two-story “Sports Junky Paradise”. We enter the Kayak area of this massive outlet to be greeted by a sweet (also innocent looking) pre-adult sales clerk who –”Whitewater Kayaks”. He’s a well of knowledge about the sport.

He shows us the Kayaks on-sale and then has me try some on for size. I kept mumbling to myself (inaudibly), “Oh please don’t embarrass me”, “Oh please don’t embarrass me”. OK, by now I’m past the embarrassed moments and into “Please don’t break me”, not physically and not financially.

We find two nice Kayaks fewer than 250.00 each and my still innocent looking husband says, Well babe, what do you think? I’m like, “huh?” “You know.. You think we should get them?” Now I know I’ve been Shanghai‘d… We leave with two Bright Yellow Kayaks with matching paddles.

Itchetucknee Again-

Remember we knew we had to go back to the river? Well we did, two days after we bought the Kayaks. Did I tell you we took the whole family with us? “Insert nerve drugs here.” We orchestrated a 5 people Kayak adventure of which failed miserably with the help of the oddball campground owners of campground #2, who supposedly rented kayaks. (At least they did when I called). Well, this is somewhat still a distasteful memory so I’ll skip the details. However, we did save the day with our two newly purchased maiden voyaging Kayaks. We took turns. Two at a time on the river. It had some pitfalls with my oldest daughter paddling herself and her 8-year-old little boy. She had a hard time paddling back against the current. Thankfully they were only out 15 minutes then turned back, which took 30 minutes for her. The youngest daughter had no trouble at all and was paddling very well. We’ll have to go check out some local rivers with them. Something closer so we can all take turns. I think I see more Kayaks in the future…

What’s Next?-

Every new hobby has some inevitable evolution. I’m thinking mine is getting a good waterproof digital camera. It’s almost a done deal I’d drop the dang thing in the water if I bought one, so, it better be waterproof. Anyhow, I’ve always been addicted to the photography end of anything nature related. My Mom and I have taken quite a few really good photos. She’s got a superior eye for a photographer. I just get lucky.

Will we go back?-

Actually, I can’t wait to return! I just want to take everyone with me when I go. It’s such a lovely natural place, which is quickly disappearing in Florida.


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IMATOADSTOOL 6/5/2008 7:28PM

    Such beautiful country!! That clear water and all the beautiful trees. There's no better way to get closer to our soul than in a place like that! And all that exercise, wow, you should be feeling heavenly...or really sore... lol

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LIFES*2*SHORT 6/4/2008 9:53AM

  I haven't seen the pics yet... but I will have to look this afternoon. Glad you had fun!!

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Just therapy

Monday, May 26, 2008

Just therapy…

Instead of “Live Journal” I’m going to use this as my self-expression. A few folks have told me that since that journal bloggers paradise has been sold, it’s not the same anyhow.

I’m a tad overwhelmed with all I have to pack to go camping. Not like I don’t do this often because I do. But, it never seems to get any easier on my brain. What’s funny is that I seldom forget anything I need, and don’t end up missing anything if I forget it.

Right now my big thing is packing enough fishing equipment for a small space allowed in my Kayak. This is a new venture. Normally I just paddle and take photographs. This time, I’d like to do a little pitch fishing. Ya know that kind of fishing where you find some lily pads and think, “eh looks like something might be hiding down there” and you toss them a worm hoping you can entice them to bite.

Mostly I just want to enjoy the water. Being raised on the river back home I’m really use to being around it, and on it, enjoying it. Without that river to enjoy, my life has been a tad empty or void. I’ve always wished we’d bought riverfront property when we married but if we had of done that we’d be paying those “taxes” for riverfront property, in Florida (which by the way is ridiculous!). Our state representatives and tax officials should have to suffer paying the taxes forced on us. Anyhhhhhhhhhhhhow, before I get on that soapbox of ranting… Back to water…

One of my favorite things to do on the river is throw on my wet suit and drift swim it. The wet suit provides buoyancy so you don’t sink. All you really need to do is let the current take you down river. Of course a floating tube is behind you should you need to rest. It’s so amazing what’s in that water under you while you float. One thing comes to mind is the gator gar fish saw… He was about 4 ft long and made me want to wet in my ‘wetsuit’.

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MINORCANLDY 5/26/2008 7:28PM

    LOL you guys... I Love it.

Have you ever seen a Gator Gar fish Naomi? They are ugly... mean and can bite big time.. I'm not too sure I didn't wet myself :)

Nomore - I'll take pictures. As a matter of fact, I'm loading up my camera equipment now (well as soon as I'm done typing)...

I love love love love the water also. Camping is just fun. Smelling someones coffee on the campfire still reminds me of our camping trips as a kid. I sort of miss those days... bugs n all too.

emoticon Mino

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    How I envy you!
What I miss the most? EVERYTHING! Ihaven't been camping in YEARS! The campfires, the fishing, the sleeping in tents, or without and the misquitoes too!. And AWE....swimming. I had this one place where I could dive off a high cliff into the "unknown" It was a bottomless hole and the deeper I went the more I loved it!
So when you are floating down the river in your wet suit you better remember me huh! Take plenty of pictures to post in your gallery when you get back!

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LIFES*2*SHORT 5/26/2008 4:47PM

  Sounds like you're a LOT braver than I am... I believe I would have wet the wetsuit!! LOL Have fun camping!!


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Part 2-Remembering what I didn’t like about being thin

Sunday, May 25, 2008

About 10 years ago I lost 96 lbs. Making friends with that new person in the mirror wasn’t easy. I didn’t recognize her at all. Heck, I’d not been a size 5 since third grade. People knew me by that round smiling face. People who used to know me would pass me by, simply because they didn’t know the new face in the mirror. Honestly, some of them, I’m happy didn’t recognize me.

My whole life changed in a year… I went from fat to thin, and unemployed to working for a weight loss company as spokesperson and leader. It was all going so fast, I think my head was in a spin. Then Dad died. I see this as a benchmark for my life in weight loss process; mainly because his opinion of my body and my size was such a driving force for me. He was the face smiling when I announced I’d lost another few pounds. Then he’d say, “Yeah you are look’n good there girl. Another 5 lbs and you’ll be there”… It hit me too late that in his eyes, I’d never,
“Be there”.

I was manic dieting, already down to 126 and thinking I still had 5 lbs to loose. My doctor wasn’t excited about my new size. He said, I’d lost too much and I needed to be careful. Dad saying, “Another 5 lbs and you’ll be there”, playing in my ears. I was a confused lady. Could I make NO ONE HAPPY?

One day during rehearsals (singing group), our leader looked at me, stopped what he was doing, left the piano, walked over to me and took me by the shoulders and said, “Look I don’t know what you THINK you are doing but STOP! You are too thin!”. Not that I gave a rip what he thought in the first place, but he did make me look at myself with new eyes. I realized I was still trying to please Dad by loosing weight.

Dad died that year and I released the need to please him. Then the weight began to pile back on slowly. But a part of me felt free.

This time around, loosing weight is for me, no one else. I wish I’d not taken so many years to get to this thought process. However, I am here.


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MINORCANLDY 5/26/2008 8:17AM

    Hey, if I could hug you both I would!

Isn't it amazing what people will do to loose weight? (weight reassignment).

But, we know without being told, our world is not set up for fat people. Just looking around you at the size of anything. It says loud and clear, YOU ARE TOO BIG!

Have you ever noticed that in old photographs from the Victorian era that few people are ever large? I've been sort of studying what has changed in the world from then to now.

I think gaining weight has been more or less due to the change in activity. So much is done for us now. We don't have to move around like we did in the past. For instance - My grandmothers family were up at 4 AM to milk the cows, gather the eggs and do the gardening. By 6:00 AM my GGmother had breakfast on the table and they were back outside working.

There were no washers, no dryers of any kind. Clothes were hung out on the line and those stubborn stains were boiled away in a big kettle outside with lye soap made by hand. ....

With the automated society living we now have readily available it's not a wonder that we are all larger and need to work out.

emoticon Mino

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    Girl Naomi is exactly right. I've been there as well! My whole life I was ridiculed and critized and put down because of my obesity They always rode me aboutmy weight and pushed this diet and that diet on me Well Itried them all in trying to please everybody and where did it get me In a hospital bed; intensive care, so stressed out with Ulcerated Colitis it almost took my life!
It was then I said NO MORE! I was going to be me do things my way when I wanted to not when somebody esle thought I should or how I should.
Sure I lost the weight but you guessed it over time it all crept back on and so here I am and doing it my way! No matter how long it takes!

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LIFES*2*SHORT 5/25/2008 3:41PM

  Oh Mino. I can understand where you are coming from. There is always a need to please someone!! I am also sorry that you lost your dad!! Illness and death are hard things to deal with. I am glad that you are doing this for you now! My dh and I were discussing my issues one day on our way home from church. Finally something clicked and I said: " No matter how thin I will be... there will always be someone who still thinks I am fat... and no matter how beautiful I think I am... there will always be someone who thinks I am ugly. What I need to do is please God and myself... and that's all that matters!!" I have learned... over a long period of time... that I can't please everybody... so I have stopped trying. It only drove me crazy! I hope that something I said here can help you in some way.

Blessings, Naomi

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Remembering what I didn’t like about being thin

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Remembering what I didn’t like about being thin…

Ever get that queasy feeling in your tummy? Well, that’s honestly how my tummy feels when I lay down. My muscles are so stretched out and worn. They’ve held up so much lard through the years; now without so much fat pad, they just cave in and press on top of all the things inside. This in turn makes me a tad nauseous when I lay down.

I’m working on strengthening them yes. After two kids and carrying around 100+ pounds I don't see them getting much stronger.

This is one of the hurtles I struggle over. That’s happening again. I keep reminding myself I dislike having that fat pad much more on my tummy than I do this queasy feeling.

I'm on a roll this morning, so I'll post more later... before you fuss at me for being so negative (grinning).


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    Sweety that's not being negative That's weighing the pros and cons.
If it helps literally take pen amd paper and draw up the two colums and fill them in. It may just trun out to be a great motivational tool!

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