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Good For Breakfast or Brunch

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Can enough be said for the satiety of eating a chubby potato?

Often times we leave the table not having a "full" sensation and then find ourselves eating again an hour later. I find the Potato a good source of that sensations gratifying feeling.

The Golden Russet potato has '100 calories per 5 ounces'. To me that's heaven because I love potatoes. Too many people have omitted these lovelies because of their fear of CARBS. Go read the label on the bag. It's lower than the other potatoes if that's your concern. The American Heart Association approves! :)

These are wonderful in potato salad (yes, without gobs of mayonnaise).
Amazing in Potato Pancakes for Breakfast (and OH so filling).
Baked with just a sprinkle of cheese and Powdered Ranch seasoning.

Need a miracle food? The Potato.

We are so deluged with food additives, commercials and false advertising every day. I've seen a large movement of Americans to go back into eating Unprocessed Food.
You may not like it RAW but you likely will like it natural and fresh cooked. I'm not preaching and I know every life style is different. Maybe you can find a fruit and vegetable vendor you like and trust the source of their produce. Shop there and skip the Mega-Marts (I have been lately).

I found a local butcher who gets the meat from Grass raised farm happy cows in Colorado. She's cool and has the best prices; Better than Mega-Marts.

The Veggie Lady has local produce she finds herself and buys in bulk then sells to us. (I'm good with that. I hate bugs and heat picking. Ugh...) The Veggies are nicer than the ones at youknowwhere and fresher.

I think this is good for our economy... Take back out money from other bulk suppliers and go back to "grass roots"...

OH crud.. I got off the potatoes! I wanted to share a nice way to have it.

Potato Pancake (yes low fat)

Peel a Russet Gold Potato about 6 ounces Yield 5 oz ( if you peel as lousy as I do).
Grate it up
Place it on a microwave safe dish and shape into a nice chubby pancake.
Nuke for 1 min - 30 seconds

While that is getting hot cooked in the microwave, you are getting a non-stick frying pan very hot and ready for the potato.

With just a RUB of oil on a paper towel coat the pan in the center where the pancake will cook. It's less than 4 or 5 drops and you rub most of that off. Or use your cooking spray but this tastes better to me.

Go get that hot cooked grated up potato that's been nuked nice and proper. Loosen it with a spatula and slide right off that plate onto the center of the hot frying pan. Salt now; if you use it. Let brown on that side then flip it over.

Drizzle a scant Teaspoon of corn oil in over the top. It will soak through to the cooking side and brown it also.

This is 150 calories (and better than any bowl of cold cereal I've ever eaten). I do usually add two scrambled Eggs and munch away... That's 281 calories for breakfast.
And I'm really satisfied and don't leave feeling... "Is that all there is my friend?"

OK.... I hope this helps someone out there.

Have a wonderful Independence day all!


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MARTY19 7/3/2010 12:45PM

    I'm going to have to try that. I am so bored with breakfast that I usually don't eat any. But then I eat a balanced lunch. Not good I know but oh well. LOL!


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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

About the only thing that gets me outside to exercise is my Kayak. The second thing is my garden. I do love to work outside around the Koi Pond garden.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of Kayaking an ancient river in Florida.

What I think is so amazing with this river is that "IF" you are wise enough to go where the people are not, you will see a vast array of nature you won't see in the channel of moving water.

A shallow water savanna area has animals in abundance; Whistling ducks and babies, Blue herons, White ibis, Great and Lesser Egrets, Osprey, Red Tailed Hawk, Mississippi Kite, Turtles all feeding and blissfully ignoring the people in tubes floating (Screaming), down the river.

Anyhow, two hours later I'm still paddling and worn out but happy to have my muscles challenged.


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MARTY19 6/29/2010 5:31PM

    I have never done any but my sister loves it and does it often. Glad you had a good time.


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VRLILLIS 6/29/2010 9:32AM

  Great! I just kayaked in Nova Scotia, and I really felt it in my shoulders.

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Public Places

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I've officially gotten "Old". The things that bugged my Mom now bug me...Oh man.

As kids we just don't get that "thing" that makes parents crazy. Then, we get older; the light goes on in our mentality, and we suddenly "see" the things that they saw and knew was improper; or out right wrong to do, or act like in public.

I really don't know what's happened to a vast majority of kids in this country. Perhaps a lack of respect? Lack of education about how to behave in public? Maybe they have been self-raised and don't honestly have a clue about how to behave. Some serious gaps in human behavior for social situations have become very apparent.

Just a few things my children had firmly in place before kindergarten...

Sliding past someone in a space occupied by another.. "excuse me" (Also used when you invade another person's space and bump into them).

When receiving something from another.. "Thank You".

When asking for something - "PLEASE"

When answering any senior adult to the affirmative, or negative.. "Yes Maam or Sir" - "No Ma'am, No Sir". (This never changes, no matter what age you become.. Older is Older and senior adults still exist. Yes, I still say Yes Ma'am to senior adults ).

- And if this term offends your senses then omit it.
- We in the south say Ma'am. -

If we are rude to people how can children learn to value others? Trust me here, it's about everyone, not just a singular party.

One day, (if you are incapable of taking care of yourself. God Help Us), if you need your diaper changed, you might finally realize that. I sure do hope that person doing the changing (If you get changed) has been taught manners. If not, it's going to suck to be you.

I was going to blog about my experience about the Kayaking trip yesterday, but this was boiling over in my mind more than the lovely pristine river, the amazing wildlife or the huge overhanging canopy of 500 year old trees. Its just really a shame that bad behavior is able to almost totally erase joy for others.


PS- Another reader posted about the "Ma'am" reference and I clicked the wrong button to reply to her. I'm sorry! You may post it again.


Too Good Not to Share

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I wrote this to another Goonie Member Blog and it sounded so relevant for myself daily and others so I'm sharing it here.

The motivation comes in different forms for all of us. Maybe that dress you want to get into. The jeans that use to button. The stairs you "could climb"...

My "Thinspiration" came when I watched "RUBY" on TV and realized, "she's me"; just with a different weight and face. And if I didn't get control of myself I was going to be old and have my life end, always wishing I was smaller... What a lousy book to write about my lifetime. Besides if that Darling Lady can do what she's going though each day of her life to become healthy, I can too.

We all have some moment where "IT" all becomes clear and motivation finally smacks us in the face. I think they call that "reality" and we know we can't keep living life the way we have been if we want something different as the end result.

Then my husband went to this funeral... Saw "So and So" who's always been bigger than me (really bigger than me). He announced "Hey I saw "So-n-So" and she's really lost a ton of weight. - Where I ask, "I wonder what she did"? - He says, "Oh she's had that upper gastric thing done. At least that's what her husband told me inside".

Inside I died a little... My measuring stick to my size, is now smaller than me.. and she had to have surgery to do it! Oh god.. is that where I'm heading? I can not go there! Time to get off my Duff and Move Bacon!

My Third wake up call came for me when I was out of breath walking across the yard and feeling like I'm wearing a coat; sweating myself silly in this heat.

Spark had the tools and had it for FREE. My own excuses were my own lack of caring or motivation. Well, I had motivation now...

Vanity Pride and Health OK. so maybe we don't admit those first two but I'm being honest here.

Whatever motivation MOVES you; Move! and keep going.
"No Twinkie tastes as good as being slim (healthy) feels"

Good Luck and Keep Going Forward :)


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2BEATIT1 6/26/2010 12:49PM

    Koodles.....Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
All the best as you begin your motivation to a healthier YOU.
Jean emoticon

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MARTY19 6/26/2010 9:14AM

    What a wonderful blog. My inspiration is really my daughter. We originally lost weight together. And she still looks fantastic. She works out at the gym 5 days a weekfor 2 hours and really watches what she eats. I need to get on the ball so that I can be around to witness all the wonderful things that are going to happen to her.


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1REDDIE 6/26/2010 7:41AM

    Good for you!

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1REDDIE 6/26/2010 7:41AM

    Good for you!

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Still hanging Tough

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I have an infection around the tooth's root. My face hurts. The root canal has to be redone. I go next Friday for a redo. Oh fun. Till then Antibiotics and Pain Med.

I'm on track and not binging even though I'm under a lot of stress with the pain of this tooth and a husband who's constantly eating tempting goodies in front of me that I want to shove in my face; AAAHHHH! But, it's not his problem; it's mine. He's only doing that which has always been alright to do. It's me that has changed. His life goes on as usual and no interruptions in his day to day interpretation of a "HOOVER".

However, his new nick-name is likely going to be "Stumpy"... My new address will be at the State Prison (No I'm NOT serious.. but GEZZ).

Can you tell he's regressed since my last post?? LOL I need to switch tactics. I wonder do they sell tazers to the public? (grin)

Still hanging Tough


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MINORCANLDY 6/24/2010 6:56PM

    Marty.. I'd lose weight in prision... :)))))))))))))))))))

I'd end up someones special friend though.. OK I'll pass.

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MARTY19 6/24/2010 3:13PM

    This is so funny Gin. No you can NOT kill him. I don'tthimnk you would like prison. Maybe you can change is snacking to healthy ones. If not ignore him and do what you need to do.


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