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I still hate the word DIET

Monday, November 17, 2008

I call this life... " Diet" is a short term word. Sort of like the 1/4 mile on a race track - when you get to the end you begin over again... No Thank You.

Practice Practice Practice.... Alright so this does take practice. When getting to a number on the scale you might look down and think, "Alright lets see if I can keep this number peeking back at me", then change your intake to reflect the adjustments you are making. So, you might go from eating 1200 a day too 1500 a day. For some, this number would be different depending on your energy levels and metabolism.

I did this recently to see what I could get away with basically. Actually it was intentional and a bit dangerous. I know myself pretty well though and finding my own tolerance level wasn't hard. I can safely eat 1600 calories a day and maintain this weight. It stayed the same for almost 2 weeks. I boosted it up more for a week and gained weight. Alright, now I know my levels...

So this week I'm back on 1300 a day so I can nudge that larger number back down into the friendly range (Ya know, the number you like to see).

I intend to hold the line there until January. Then dive back into the losing effort again. Don't worry, it's not a wimp out on my part. We have to learn how to drive this bus or it won't go anywhere. I enjoy being 180 and that's my personal goal. Might I go lower? Perhaps, but it will be on my own terms. 160 is also appealing to me, so that might be my ending number for maintenance. Either way, it's in my ability and my desire so I will keep doing my own "Weight Reassignment program".

It all comes down to the simple question... Are we happy where we are? If that answer is NO, then keep doing what you are doing until you are happy with that feeling. It's different for us all and that sensation may change along the way. After weighing 180 for a few months, I might think to myself.."hum, I think I might feel even better with 10 extra pounds off" and then make the necessary adjustments to take off that extra weight. However, that number might suit me for another year. Who knows? I don't...

Your own situation may be similar. Perhaps you've been 300+ pounds for a long time. The number 200 might be an excellent place to be in your own life. If so, then allow it. After you have been 200 for a while, you might decide, "Hey I'd like to get a little smaller" and make the adjustments in your own dietary intake to do so.

What I do not want in any way, is someone meddling in my own personal goal. I have to do this my own way and healthy. For instance, I don't want anyone telling me what I should weigh. That really ticks me off big time. How the Heck do they know what I should weigh? They are most certainly not me and do not know how I feel. Oh yeah, there are "norms" and "they" seem to be very set on "we the people" being in that set norm. Well, that's BS...Just simply put.

How your body is built and situated is a big factor in how you carry weight. How much muscle to fat ratio you carry also effects your over all look and health.
200 pounds is still 200 pounds, but, if a large portion of that is muscle and bone then your over all health and condition is much different.

My family origins are from many places, and cover so many continents I even lose count. The greater portion of my family genetics is Spanish and Norwegian. Not noted for having dainty frames or wasp waists.

My own goals are very realistic with regard to my own inherited genetics and ability.
Now before I get notes about how "We are not our parents" and.. "We can work at being whatever we wish to be"... Well I am. This is what I wish and it's taken me about 9 months of soul searching to define for myself what I want in this stage of my life.

This is a reality that somewhere along the way we all face. Finding the Bubble in the glass saying it's level... This is neither too high or too low.

I've lost 35 pounds and along the way, I learned what tolerances and intolerance are for me. You will get there soon if you keep going on this road. :)

Ending this now I think... But, this is the update on "ME"...

Its been very busy in my life lately and I've not really been blogging on schedule I know. But, sometimes you just have to figure out what you are doing before you can tell anyone.

Sending you much love and support fellow Goonies...

As always

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POTIONSINMOTION 11/18/2008 10:10PM

    More people need to realize that goals can and should be flexible. I needed a bit of a break, and now I'm back to my workout routine. I'm not tracking everything I eat, but I feel happy and like I'm still making progress.

If I stop feeling that way, I'll make the necessary changes. I feel better just knowing that I don't have to meet some arbitrary goal to be happy.

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HUGGERS1 11/18/2008 1:49PM

    Mino. I like your blogs. They are so helpful and remind me that this is my journey not someone elses. I am different, I am not like everyone else and I in my own way am walking this journey to health.

Thank you so much

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QUILTINGB52 11/18/2008 1:19AM

    I would LOVE to be 200....but that is such a long way off. Just getting thru winter will be a struggle, cuz all I wanna do is "hibernate"!

But you are soooooo right ~ we each need to find what is comfortable for ourselves. And right now I'm feeling the the Pillsburgy emoticon

We can be good to ourselves by making healthy choices & even if we maintain thru the holiday, we have succeeded!!!


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MARTY19 11/17/2008 7:13PM

    This is a great blog. It reminds us that we are the only people who know our bodies and tolerances and if we listen only to oursleves then we succeed.


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Not A -Hat Person-

Sunday, November 16, 2008

In life you meet many people. I think sometimes we instantly categorize them and pigeon hole them without even noticing we have done so. Right or wrong we all do it almost involuntarily.

To bear out this mentality my young daughter and I were shopping and after a while in which she was pensive, observant (and for a brief heavenly moment) quiet, she finally announced, "Mom there's a hat person!"... Huh? What's a "Hat Person"? She looked like she'd just won the lottery as she explained her theory on people.

Well Mom, there are two kinds of people. Hat People and Non-Hat People. Oh really I said? Yes Mam. So explain to me this theory of yours. - OK... See that lady over there (pointing) *smack* Do Not Point at people! OK... anyhow, she's a Hat Person. How so? She's got that look on her face like she's got a secret and she can laugh easily. I looked at the woman she had gestured too, and examined her face. Yes, I can see she looks like a lady who'd laugh easily and be fun to talk too. Why I wondered? What was it about her that told me she was fun, or that she would be an excellent person to share a joke with? Was it body language? Was it something one could not pinpoint but just felt instinctively?

Lost in my own thoughts for a moment, I snapped back to the present. So little girl, what exactly is a "HAT PERSON"? OH they are the fun people, slightly different, colorful, and you just know by looking at them that they have a story. Maybe even a bit quirky or artsy. Hum... So am I a "HAT PERSON"? ... Yes Mom. You are a Hat Person! So with that clarified I went ahead and concentrated on my shopping.

We were blocked in an isle with a man in a suit, who'd evidently been to some sort of meeting and had nothing on his mind but getting the heck out of that store. We were finally able to passed by him and moved on. However, we bumped into him again in the next isle... He glared at us for whatever reason, and my little one announced very clearly and loudly.. Mom That is "NOT A HAT PERSON"...

My education was complete... Our world is comprised of "hat people" and "non hat people".

Psst... if you laughed, You are a Hat Person!


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MARTY19 11/16/2008 9:41AM

    I never thought about it like that but your daughter is right. Hat people do have more fun and find more fun in life. Give her a hug for that wonderful insight.


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MOB8/2009 11/16/2008 8:03AM

    Um.....am I a "hat person"???

*fingers crossed*

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

ROFL... OK I just felt I had to put that here because it took me 10 minutes to figure out how one spelled it. "Rutabaga" Who named this vegetable???? huh??? Were they drunk? BTW.. the food tracker had problems figuring out what I was trying to find too. But, when I finally spelled it right, it was there! YEAH...

Anyhow.. I used it in place of carrots tonight. It's superlative over carrots too which can get bitter...

Alright I'm over with my rant...

Mino... who likes -ru-ta-bag-a

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GMA1964 11/7/2008 3:02PM

    Thanks for the smile, Maybe his name was Rut A. Baga emoticon

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LIFES*2*SHORT 11/6/2008 9:56PM

  Haven't you EVER seen the Winnie the Pooh episode where Rabbit is desperately protecting his rutabaga? LOL You crack me up!


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    They grew rutabagas on Green Acres, right? emoticon

Comment edited on: 11/6/2008 8:14:58 PM

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MARTY19 11/6/2008 7:17PM

    I have heard of it but have never tried it. How was it and how do you cook it?


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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

This morning I'm thinking about having a new President. Actually... I'm excited about it. With all honesty I can say I'm ready for some new ideas and new energy sitting in that seat. I have no real criticism about our past administration. Surely if I was sitting in that chair, I'd make more mistakes than they did... So I don't pick. It's a tough job.

What I wanted to say though is that... in America we are all immigrants. Very few of us can boast having original Native roots. The only folks living here were native people prior to the European's deciding this is a good place to build and expand into.

My own family.. Gez.. My Mother's- Mother's people are from a little island in the Mediterranean called Minorca. Then her Dad is from England but, they immigrated there from Sweden then came to the USA. And that's just MOM! Dad's family are a mess and I have no idea where most of them came from. I can say that none of them were native American... And I can pinpoint several countries just on his Mother's side. France, Germany and the Netherlands... There is even some minor confusion over paternity of a little Asian baby in the 70s...

So, I guess my whole point here is... I don't care who you are or where you come from, we are all multicultural... So, just smile. We're all American here regardless of linage and the past.

It's one of the things that make us a Nation...

Sending you my best wishes.

Mino who's very multicultural and multiracial...

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GMA1964 11/7/2008 3:30PM

    I love how you think.

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BUTTONBARKER 11/6/2008 3:58PM

    You are absolutely right!!! emoticon

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HUGGERS1 11/5/2008 12:14PM

    Great job on explaining that we are all from a huge melting pot of culture and heritage. I love this idea.


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MARTY19 11/5/2008 12:06PM

    This is a wonderful blog. We are all immigrants. All of our families came from somewhere else to make a better life here. We are so lucky to live here. There are feedoms here that other countries only dream of. So Hurray for us.


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I hate Eggs

Saturday, October 25, 2008


As you have likely guessed, this is about unconventional breakfast foods. Just a list from my food tracker...

Mon- Eggplant casserole
Tues- (more conventional) Oatmeal and golden raisins
Wed- (grin) Oyster casserole (yes for breakfast)
Thrus- LOL Back to Oatmeal and raisins
Friday- Spaghetti and meat sauce
Sat- Chicken Enchiladas

I'm sort of laughing here because it looks ridiculous. But the only way I can gag down an egg is to goo it up with all kinds of yummy naughty stuff. So why eat them in the first place?

Now... I can eat an egg with Raisins added in and scrambled.
And I can eat them with ground beef and scrambled up... or some pan browned potatoes and eggs. Otherwise, just forget it.

So I likely have the quirkiest way of eating breakfast in all of spark. And I'm typing all this out to say that no matter what your preferences are in your weight loss journey you can do it!

It is so customizable and easy to do. All it really takes is dedication to make changes and be persistent. It's so personal there is no one right way to do your journey. Besides, if its your journey then you need to customize it yourself with your personality stamped all over it, right down to what times of day you eat... and when you schedule snacks and what those snacks are.

What's my favorite snack?... humm... thinking...
OK it depends on what time of day that is... Night time, I want something sweet, so I allocate some spare calories for sugar free vanilla pudding. The kind you cook on the stove.

Afternoon, I want fruit mostly. So I will bake an apple with cinnamon then toss on some splenda and sprinkle on 2% cheddar cheese and let that melt over the top.

Hum... that's about it for my quirks. Mostly :)

I just listen to my body and see what it really wants and try to find a slim down version of my favorites.

As I said, it just takes planning and making your Sparkpeople plan work for you!

OKdokey... Mino out for now.. and off to the grocery store!

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JERSEYGIRL24 11/1/2008 12:29AM

    I used to hate eggs when I was a kid. In fact, I wouldn't eat egg rolls because of the name. Fortunately, I have changed, but there are still times that the old feelings come back.

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HUGGERS1 10/25/2008 10:00PM

    I think this is great. My husband eats that kind of stuff for breakfast all the time because he eats the left overs from the night before.

I love that apple idea. I am going to have to steal it. I eat apples with chedder all the time. i just hadn't thought of melting it over the top.

I am probably conventional somewhat, but I do tend to enjoy my way of personalizing my diet as well. I am definitely not creative with the foods though.

Can you please send me the recipe for that eggplant dish. I love eggplant ;)


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    When it comes to breakfast, I'm definitely conventional! Raisins with eggs? Oh, my.

I eat cereal a lot. Sometimes I eat eggs, but I usually just go with cereal. If I have time (well, if I make time) I'll sometimes have a smoothie.

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MARTY19 10/25/2008 10:26AM

    I thought that I was the only one who didn't eat a conventional breakfast. This is such a hoot.
My favorite skiin breakfast is to take a wrap add 1 slice of chesse and some peppers, wrap it up and heat it in ther microwave. It tastes yummy and holds me all morning (or afternoon).
Have you tried Dunkin Donuts egg white sandwiches. Those are awesome. And willl fit into my plan.
Have a great day.


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JIBBIE49 10/25/2008 10:24AM

    I applaude your creative side. Breakfast isn't a time I care much about cooking (oh, wait that applies to lunch and dinner, too), SO I love someone like you! emoticon My perfect breakfast is a BANANA. emoticon And maybe some emoticon

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QUILTINGB52 10/25/2008 10:00AM

    Being a "night owl" my breakfast comes anywhere between 9:30am and 2:30pm. My latest favorite "first meal" of the day is a Healthy Choice - chicken, broccoli & rice dish.

When I wake up with my stomach growling (most days) I need that extra boost of a bit of protein!

I don't find that odd at all. But then I often enjoy an omelet or pancakes for dinner!


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LIFES*2*SHORT 10/25/2008 9:19AM

  Too bad there aren't eggs in pizza... cause pizza has to be the BEST breakfast food. Great... now you made me hungry. LOL Have a great time shopping... and make sure you're not hungry when you go!


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