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Friday, September 12, 2008

Giving credit to the artist

Hey.... last night I panicked... I'm a panic eater and didn't know that.

Sigh... so I ate and ate and ate.... Not nearly as badly as I could have no, but I sure did eat too much. I'm back on track this morning, but it sort of freaked me out thinking that I could lose control so easily.

Manda my daughter was dog bit yesterday at work. She's Shelter Manager at the local humane society. ... I really don't need to give details but she's alright. It's a miracle she didn't lose and arm in the attack. But, God's Angels kept that dog from seriously injuring her.

I (ME THE PEACEFUL ONE), absolutely lost control mentally. Could not deal with it... was a wreck.... blew apart.... It was not a pretty sight..

One thing that I don't do.. my kids being hurt. I get instantly angry and want to hurt something or someone... I don't care at that point. A Momma Bear, has nothing on me... not one thing, except maybe longer teeth.

OK I talked to her this morning and she's alright.. Says the feeling is back in her arm and the swelling is back down to almost normal. She can move her fingers again.

All I can do is sit in amazement and thank God.... I'm burning the OREO can tonight... There is going to be a wafting smell of burnt chocolate in the neighborhood...

Hugs to you who read this insane blabbering I make...

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HUGGERS1 9/15/2008 11:20AM

    I totally understand that nature. My husband has that nature about me if someone hurts me or does something he thinks is not right. He gets mad for me. I am glad your daughter is alright and I am glad you learned something about yourself. It is in the learning that we can learn to take control. I pray that you find strength for the times when panicking seems to creep up on you. I also pray that your daughter heal quickly and that the bond between you continue to grow stronger and deeper as you face different struggles.


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KAIRIS 9/12/2008 10:55PM

    emoticon that had to happen to your daughter. I'm glad that she is doing better. You have every right to feel that way. You remind me of my mom. Maybe you should find some techniques to stay calm. emoticon

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    I'm so sorry about what happened! I'm glad that your daughter is doing well. Take care of yourself...we're all here for you and we want you to treat yourself right.


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QUILTINGB52 9/12/2008 4:58PM

    It's scary being on the receiving end of a dog-bite, you feel so out-of-control. Am SO glad that your daughter is alright!!

Take a few deep cleansing breaths ~ you too will get through this!

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LIFES*2*SHORT 9/12/2008 2:07PM

  Glad to hear that your daughter is okay! That must have been horrifying for her... and apparently you too! So happy that you knew that this was only a minor setback... and you got your band back on the wagon. Now... take a DEEP breath... everything is OKAY!!

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GRAYGRANNY 9/12/2008 12:24PM

    Glad your daughter wasn't hurt too badly and I know where you come from when it comes to you children being hurt..I only have the one but sometimes I think that makes it worse knowing that he is the ONLY one I have and not wanting him to be hurt.....about the oreo cookies and Windsongs chocolate bars....hey let me take that chore off you ladies hands...I think I can figure out what to do with them.....yum yum emoticon

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TWEAVER0715 9/12/2008 11:23AM

    I am glad your daughter is okay... I am the same way with my kids...and I would have sat and worried and ate and ate...matter of fact I think I have actually done it recently...lol

Maybe you can roast some veggies over the chocolate fire.

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QUILA927 9/12/2008 11:01AM

    I didn't find it blabbering at all. I am glad your daughter is recovering! It makes me crazy when Holden gets hurt too. And I have half a bag of peanut butter kisses to add to your Oreo fire!

Hope you weekend is wonderful!

emoticon Connie

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RAYLINSTEPHENS 9/12/2008 10:34AM

    Not insane blabbering. I can totally relate.

I am just so relieved your daughter will be ok!

Thanks for the warning about the smell of burning chocolate wafting my way! I will stay inside!


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WINDSONG~ 9/12/2008 10:02AM

    I will add a package of mini Hershey bars to your fire.

Good for you for getting right back on track.

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Healthy Eating

Thursday, September 11, 2008

This blog has been erased a few times this morning. Nothing is coming out sounding like I want it too. So, if you get here and think.. "Man she sounds harsh"... I'm sorry. That is most certainly not my desire, but this is very hard to clarify.

I'm sitting here thinking, What has our country done to us? I mean eating and food wise?.... We seem to no longer know how to cook for ourselves in a healthy manner. Heck! We don't even know how to EAT right! This was never a problem before, and it's no wonder the FAST FOOD industry and the marketing experts have job security! We are living blind and lost without a notion on how to feed ourselves properly. And the Diet and Health Care industry is benefiting off of our blind and lost attitudes...

To some of us it seems see a Large Portion of French Fries constituting a serving of Starch! Make that 2 serving of Starch and 3 servings of FAT.... And a serving of milk is most certainly not a milkshake.

If there was 1 way to lose weight we'd all be thin... So, the diet industry flourishes and we get fatter. All because we really don't have the skills to eat right. ... Hey! I've been over weight most of my life so I must fit somewhere into this category too. I'm not lecturing anyone. My ability to maintain my weight loss has been my largest hurdle.

According to Weight Loss experts... Our daily intake of food should approximately be between 1200 and 1600 calories a day. And yes, that varies depending on if you are a man woman and your body composition and your activity levels age and health. So, it's a rough guide only.

What do we eat? Well... Here is also a short guide of what we should eat daily to maintain health and loose body fat.

2 - Dairy = skim c or 4 oz ea. - is 1 serving
3 - Fat 1 tsp butter Oil, Mayonnaise - is 1 serving
6 - Protein =1 oz or 1 slice- is 1 serving
5 - Vegetables = c is - 1 serving
5 - Bread = 2 sl diet, 4oz potato, c rice ; 1 of either.
5 - Fruit = 4 oz ea. - 80 grams
8 - Water = 8 oz ea.

If you have any doubt about what constitutes a portion, read the product label. It's right there on the back of the package.

I typed that out from my own resource material.

I don't know if that will help anyone, but it helped me when I was just starting out to know where to begin... Calories are only a part of weight loss. Eating healthy is a whole new project and one I was ill equip to manage alone. So, I'm sharing with you what I began with.

Good luck.. if you need help with this shoot me an email :)


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    I know exactly what you mean. I feel like our culture has set me up for failure...in short, I feel betrayed. Luckily, I've been reading and learning about better nutrition and fitness, and I've started using SparkPeople which is full of great resources.

Your blog is a wonderful representation of the basics, and I love it!

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JLVANPEL 9/11/2008 2:40PM

    Thanks! You are right. There are a lot of temptations conspiring against us. But, I have found that it feels good to get healthy. The longer I am on program, the less burger king and taco bell call to me.

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TWEAVER0715 9/11/2008 12:57PM

    I totally agree, people really don't pay attention to what they eat. And 90% of the time what they are eating is actually a large enough portion for it to be 2-3 servings of a what a normal serving size would actually be. It also has changed the way they make clothes.... A size 12 now is way larger then what a size 12 was 20 years ago.

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LIFES*2*SHORT 9/11/2008 11:08AM

  I fully agree! Imagine what a muffin used to look like compared to what they look like now. It's incredible... and yet... our brain tells us to eat the whole thing! UGH... it is totally frustrating! Oh and by the way... I keep getting unsubscribed from your blog. So... that's why I haven't been around your parts lately. It's not that I don't love you. :O) Have a great day!

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Monday, September 01, 2008

Well, I've had a rough week. Not program wise, no. It's just been very busy and I've had so many people bugging me. To keep focused on one thing at a time has been a chore. Relaxing mentally has been a chore too. I've really had to work at keeping some measure of peace and quiet.

.... Yesterday I had to clean out some more closets in my on-going effort to get my spaces back! ... I really needed some kind of motivating music. I pulled out "PINK". She's radical, enthusiastic and bubbly, verging on the manic-violent. LOL However, she kept me moving throwing away stuff and not keeping things that no longer really served me. How I wish dealing with other life events was so easy to de-clutter! (Just put on angry girl music and trash can stuff!)

So, program wise, I've really been hungry the last three days. I have NO idea why! I've really kept at it and not gave in, but gezz... Why have the hungry bugs returned? Could it be that my body is using up the food faster? I do not have a clue. I did go ahead and boost my intake too 1350. I was doing about 1250. Perhaps it just needed the extra. We'll see. I'm just a little under six months into this program (5 more days).

One of the challenges I was facing is our schedules here. Cooking every day ... every day... every day.. every day.. AAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!
I hated it.... It was like my whole life revolved around meal planning. My husband is a shift worker and that also hindered my planning. AH! Oh well.. I finally took a good hard look at what might make it easier. What I think would work for me was cooking a lot in advance. So, for two days, I've been cooking meat, vacuum sealing it and freezing it. At least like that all I really have to think about is what I will make out of it or cook with it. The hard work is already done. I've got enough for a full week of dinners. I will keep cooking today and get some more done. I think I like the process of just getting it out of the way. I mean, once chicken is cooked you can do almost anything with it. Same with Beef or Pork. I had a day where I grilled out steaks and then bagged them up too. Also threw on a pork loin and cooked it. Then moved onto Turkey Link Sausage. Those being grilled up and delicious and waiting for a meal, really made me feel good. Today I cooked a Pork Shoulder in my rotisserie and bagged it up too! (This could get addictive)....

Just for good measure I bagged up (in nukable 1 portion sizes) for emergency meals some of the other left overs which were freezable. This is great for times, like when I'm famished and just passed up the fast food french fries~ wafting though the air smells~ on my highway and rushing home for food! Just grab a premeasured bag of food, nuke it and eat! HA! Gotcha Ready made Frozen Food Manufacturers!

Alright.. I've blogged enough about my efforts and feel somewhat exercised mentally now. Onto the day and I look forward to having a wonderful one!

Hugs to you all!

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LEAHSHEALTH 9/6/2008 4:51AM


Great idea! I have been doing the same thing! Since I have 3 teenage boys (they eat a ton!!!) I cook up my own fast food items for them like burritos, chicken egg rolls, etc. It has been working really good. I also precook chicken breasts to go on my salads. My favorite is my famous...If mom is sick...heat her up some homemade chicken soup out of the freezer! It saves a lot of money and my "fast food" is way healthier for everyone!



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BUTTONBARKER 9/3/2008 4:51PM

    That is a really great idea. As soon as I get some freezer space I am gonna give it a try. emoticon

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    You are sooooo good. I love that you did this, I used to but individual chicken breasts in mini zip lock baggies and use a lot of those on top of my spinich salads. Mmmm. I also enjoyed turkey breast and pork loin - both of which are really easy to cook. Hugs and love!!!

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    Sounds like you're handling your stress very, very well. Angry girl music has helped me clean many times!

I like your bagging idea. Are you using a FoodSaver?

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HUGGERS1 9/1/2008 12:50PM

    that is a really cool idea to cook and then freeze it like that. I am going to do that so I don't get bogged down with the cooking and cooking and cooking.


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Fat People

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I don't use the word FAT much. Hated it as a kid and still think it's a demeaning word. If that word comes out of my mouth, it's usually with my own self attached to it. .. Amazing how we view ourselves isn't it?

I was having a talk with my youngest daughter not long ago. She was saying that she felt so bad about herself and that it seemed like everyone in the whole world was skinny but she was fat... Everywhere she looked she saw normal size people. She was the one who didn't fit in. I told her she was silly. I saw lots of people around me who needed to lose a few pounds. She said, OK, so look around the store here. What do you see...?

So I took on the challenge and tried to find 10 people who I would consider overweight. Hummmm... looking.. looking... 1. .... 2. .....3...
....... (OK I must be missing a few)... I kept shopping and kept looking at people. After about an hour I really found 5 people who I would say were "large". And in her age range I didn't find one!

With our media playing up that so many people were obese now and had to lose weight, there had to be something wrong with the demographic layout of our little town.... More to think about there.

I honestly pondered this further, and kept a mental note in my head when I saw a person in a group who, "stood out" more-so than others. This went on for about a month. About 10% of the people I saw in any given day shopping were overweight. That's 10 people out of 100. Where is that huge percent that media says?

Another good question huh?

I finally figured it out when I was reading member blogs. Page after page of hurting sad people, hating themselves, their weight, their life. One thing they all had in common. The fear of "GOING OUT"! That's right, we chubby folks, shop less, go out in public less, are less outgoing, and folks just don't see us.

Where are the masses of people who the specialist say are overweight Americans? Well they are staying HOME, only to venture out to buy needs and then finding themselves hating it and heading home as soon as they can.

This scenario is a bit one sided. I know all towns aren't like mine, but I am beginning to think that it is becoming more and more so.

I'm thankful that SP gives people the ability to find help while they feel they are unable to really interact with people socially. Where else can a person get the support and social interaction you need to stay motivated and still be at home?

I know when I was heavier I had gotten so reclusive, and unsocial... Even my husband (who never comments on anything) said, I was becoming a recluse! That's kind of sad, because I really love people and enjoy being outgoing. This was a turning point for me.

If I had business cards for SP I'd pass them out... I might get slapped a few times...

Hugs to you Bloggers :)

Mino - The less Reclusive

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BUTTONBARKER 9/3/2008 4:47PM

    I too have been called a recluse. And it is so true. I have never been a "people" person. I learned at a young age that if you are different from others that you will be picked on. No one wants the "fat" kid on their kickball team (and no one WANTS to be the fat kid trying to run the bases on a kickball team). No one wants the "fat" kid to sit with them on the bus.No one wants to be the kid that is too "fat" to be able to find fashionable clothes. No one wants to date the "fat" kid even if they know that they are a great person to be around. The"fat" kid never fits in no matter how hard they try. I was lucky enough to come to terms with my "fat" self by my senior year but the damage was already done. I have no problem cracking a joke on myself or telling some I have an eating dissorder at this point but I do find myself even now not wanting to go certain places, places where I am afraid I won't fit in. Heck even the grocery store (and everyone needs groceries) I feel a bit vulnerable. It is so sad that we "fat" people just can't feel good in our own skin. But I also know that none(and I mean NONE) of my skinny friends feel good about their bodies either. Can't tell you why. They just don't. So I guess maybe we are all just looking for the same unatainable perfection. Is there even such a thing as perfection? Why can't we all just be satisfied with who we are? Thats my million dollar question for the day. I'm sure to never figure out that answer. emoticon

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    It didn't occur to me that I was becoming more reclusive, but reading your post has made me realize it. That's sad. Thank you for discussing this...I think it's an important topic to explore. emoticon

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HUGGERS1 8/29/2008 11:38AM

    They actually make cards that you can hand out to people LOL. A few of our goonies print them and pass them to their friends :)

It is great, most people don't understand how it is to be overweight and the support here is just awesome. I love that I have such a warm caring group of people who are going through the same issues as me and I can support them back.

hugs and wub


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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Could a tree be a friend? (grin)....

There is a tree in our yard, I call her "Friend". It's sort of funny now to think of it but I feel her energy. When the tree was a small twig in the ground I almost ignored her totally and planted another tree which I desired more next to "her". It was a Mulberry Tree. I fed the tree, watered the tree and made sure no one messed it up with the mower. Every week I was faithfully nurturing the sapling I planted. ... Always overlooking my actions is the forgotten insignificant tree who's presents had no voice in my ears. All I could see is the precious tree I had planted.

Years passed... The Mulberry Tree wasn't doing much. Looked sickly most of the time. Behind me Friend tree had grown to stand higher than my 5'4" and had lovely new growth shooting up. By late summer it was 7 ft tall. .... Hum... Something in me said, I'd better pay attention because this tree wanted to be special.

As time passed, the little Mulberry died and I pulled it out of the ground with the 4 wheeler. It just wasn't meant to be there. However, Friend tree grew to massive proportions and has graced my path with shade and birds for years.... She earned her spot in my yard, and my garden and my life.

When the storm passed through here this week, it's funny that the things which mattered to me most was, my family, that Friend was alright, that my Koi pond would have no damage, that my house would pull through the winds.

My cars? (70,000 classic car) well.. Yeah I guess I should have thought of them... Uh... other junk in the yard? (like a 30,000 camper). Yeah, that should have mattered too, but really, just Family, House, Friend and my Fish.. Weird the things we hold precious, and until we fear losing them do we have a true value of their meanings to us.

My Family, Home, and Friend is priceless.... The Koi are my friends too... I just couldn't deal with any of them being lost in the storm.

Yep, I'm weird.. SO? LOL

Hugs to you Blogger folks :)


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