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Monday, August 25, 2008

Florida and storms...

It looks pretty enough doesn't it? You'd really never think of it looking like a Scowling Menace, with Ravaging winds and torrential rains... Ahh... One never knows does one?

I keep thinking back to the Gulf Coast when Katrina's hand wiped away everyone's life. Then the process of rebuilding. My heart goes out to them and every day I am thankful for my home. Living in a harsh situation like storms devastation reminds you to be thankful. It could all be gone in a flash.

I was about Seven when Hurricane Dora hit Jacksonville FL. I still remember staying up late while listening to the winds roaring around our rooftops... I'd forgotten the fear it can bring, although I've never been a fan of any thunderstorm. This was a whole nuther ballgame.

We lived on the river, but had the good common sense to build our house wayyyyyyyyyyy back off of the water. So between the rising flood waters and our house was a good 400 ft. Then the houses were up on piers as was common in that area. So, to bother our home, the waters would have to rise quite a bit. Oh... it did rise quite a bit. Under the edges of our door frame water was lapping and another inch would have inundated the house.

After three days of this rain and wind my poor body and mind was a frazzle.. We had in the house, we 4 and 3 more adults. One set of Grandparents and Great Grandfather then our four. ... Ops I forgot Mr. Enos... OK so we had 8 people in that little house, one dog and a cat. No running water, and no electricity.

Finally the rains and wind subsided enough you could go outside a little without being blown down the street. We emerge into the outside world again, looking like refugees from a war zone.

There is always a moment when clarity hits you and you know, "It's going to be alright"... Opening the door to the house I go to gingerly step outside into the water, but before I can step down, I see movement, and a 6 foot Alligator swims by, like he's just found a new river...After that, I knew it was going to be alright, because that was so funny, I about peed my pants right then and there... And so did 8 adults.

Now, you'd think I was done with this story, but I'm not. Keep that energy in mind when you think of me in this storm that just passed across Florida (And across Florida...And across Florida...
And across Florida...).

My husband was working the full week of the storm's journey inland, and I was alone for most of the process. Once it made landfall his company was battening down the hatches so he was needed there to help. Again, I'm alone. My youngest daughter stayed a little at home, but I finally told her to go stay with her best friend. I felt it was safer. Plus they had electricity and water, and we had no electric and no running water. (We did save water to wash with). For three days, I had to entertain myself and keep sane.

I'm not sure what people do during that sort of situation, but me... I evidently clean!

"Dang.. I was so shook when the storm was blowing outside, and me with no lights. I held a flash light and cleaned out cabinets, and bagged up stuff for the garbage collection.

Honestly, Howling winds shaking my windows. Crud smacking the side of my house. My dog up my butt so tight I could hardlymove and Me with a dayam flashlight cleaning. I must have been a tech' nuts with fear."

(I wrote that to a friend last night while talking about my plight. It saves repeating so I cut and pasted it out of my note).

What I didn't tell her, was, that cleaning went on for 3 days. The harder the wind blew the harder I cleaned! If it wasn't used for months, then the crud went into a bag and got tossed out! I cleaned kitchen cabinets, and storage bins, then that unsightly messy cabinet laughingly called a pantry, and move into the hallway closet and ripped apart the linens. Moved onto the office and organized my whole room including all those disgusting tangles of electric wires that computers and office machines make.

- I did all this with a flashlight and the ever present Great Dane chicken stuck up my rump!

My body hurt from all the cleaning I did the days prior so I figured I'd rest after the storm passed. That didn't happen...

On the morning of the third morning, I emerged outside into the world battered by winds and rain and my trees held their own but lacked quite a few leaves. They got a total dusting and all the dead wood removed and fell down all over the place. A few broken branches which need to be cut off now, but all in all, they did very well. The Koi pond did alright but had so much debris in it that I knew it needed to be cleaned out, and couldn't wait.

So much for "back to normal"...

Um... OK, yard work ended up being destroy the Koi pond while cleaning koi pond. I needed to dig out and repair the the channel between the other pond, so the cats can't get to the fish crossing over from one to the other. The rain water and seepage mud, had filled in the section in the storm.

Then picking up sticks, limbs, and raking leaves, hauling bricks and replanting all my pond plants which got blown over. I had a busy day yesterday.

Now, here's where you think, ah I bet she lost weight in that time span right? ... I'm laughing here. Nope gained 3 pounds! I did cheat a little but nothing three pounds would do. So, I figured it was stress weight and will fall off when my body relaxes enough to dump it. No worries... I did lose 2 inches in the last week though!

LOL Life is interesting.. huh

OK, I finally got that blog out of my system... No more Storm talk!

Hugs to you who read my blabbering here.

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HUGGERS1 8/25/2008 2:28PM

    You are amazing. I don't like storms so I try to sleep and shut them out, but I couldn't sleep for 3 days. I am glad you found ways to keep you busy and I am so impressed that you accomplished so much.

I am glad you are safe and I pray that you will find joy in your clean house and time to relax.


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Tropical Storm Faye

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Trout River, Jacksonville, Florida

Hi all :)

Storm has past... We were without power for three days.. Well almost three days. It went out Thursday night. It felt like forever. The power folks (who worked like crazy), got it on for us about 8 PM this evening. I would have kissed their boots if I could have chased down the truck as the left the neighborhood.

Just popping in to tell you we're alive well and exhausted :)

I'll catch up on the Totals for Weight Loss and all the cool emails you guys sent me, and blog comments, tomorrow.. Right now, I need bath n bed. :)

Love you

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QUILA927 8/24/2008 6:15PM

    I am glad you are back. I have missed you! I hope you didn't lose anything besides your electricity.

Goonie emoticon

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HUGGERS1 8/24/2008 9:59AM

    I am glad you are safe and the power is back on. It is good to know that the workers truly made a difference.

I hope that the waters recede soon and you don't get pounded again soon.

sending you hugs and wub

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SPARKPEOPLE and tools for success

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

On my journey into weight control, and finding SparkPeople, I wish, I had known a few of the tools and how they worked. I'm a hands on person though, and I could read manual after manual, and honestly, I'd still have to work through it.

Food Tracker - Additional Food Selections

When you used your food tracker, you can manually add in food you eat daily or weekly that you can't find in the list of foods.

For instance- Idaho Potato. The kind that I eat has 100 calories for each 5.3 oz selection. The ones listed are no where near that count so I wanted to add in my own potatoes.

To do this go to the Food Tracker and click, "Add A Food Not Listed" button, in the upper right hand corner of your food tracker. *(reading buttons on all of the pages is very important)*

The page which comes up lets you input the data of each individual food you wish to add into the Food tracker. Just look on the back of the packages, read the list of Nutrition Facts and put in the numbers just like they appear on your food package.

When you save it. OH! by the way. Make sure you give the food you are listing "a name" prior to the data listings- because if you don't and you hit "save", it gives an error message, and you will have to do it all over again, and that's just infuriating.

Now this process is really annoying, I have to tell you. One of my biggest pet peeves. BUT, if you want to have a variety of foods and enjoy things you normally would daily, then you have to go through this, lengthy process. However, now I have about 50 or 60 extra food selections I can choose from because of the effort I took to place the data in the Food Tracker.

On the topic of the Food Tracker. You may also build a Recipe and then add it into the Food Tracker. ... For instance. I really love a good Mushroom soup. I had no idea how many calories it would end up being per-serving so I went to the area....
and put in my recipe for the mushroom soup. After I did that, you hit "save" and UNCHECK the little boxes next to the save button, unless you wish to share it with the rest of sparkpeople. Now, you will get the recipe page show up and it has the calories for each serving. Then you click the link at the bottom of the Nutritional facts about your new recipe and it asks you if you would like to add this to your food tracker. If you want it added into the "manually added foods" then you click it.

I must have 20 or so recipes now added in my recipe file box and also they are added into my Manually Added Foods.

This gives you more selection, variety and ease of tracking the usual foods you cook for your family. Can you image how frustrating it would be to break down 1 serving of a casserole??? ugh... So this works amazingly to track that casserole serving you just ate!

There really are so many wonderful features here. And SP makes it very easy to succeed at your goals. I just wish I'd known about these features early on... Maybe way back when I first joined sparkpeople if someone told me, I'd have stuck with it and then not dropped out early. ... However, I'm back with a vengeance, and telling everyone I know about the features I have found of help, so they won't struggle like I did. Hey! It's been 6 months now and I love SP! I want you to love it too!

Sending you Goonie Hugs


Five Pounds of Fat

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I was thinking about all the wonderful people out there who have lost 5 pounds this month, and how sad they are that it wasn't "significant''.

Well, I'm here to tell you it is Quite Significant! I went and hunted up a photo of how much FIVE pounds of human fat looks like... Just so you never think, it's insignificant again. It's AMAZING you have lost that!


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LILBITKNITTY 8/22/2008 3:37AM

  Ugh. I sometimes wish I could scoop in out with an ice cream spoon. That's one roll.

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LEVARFICART 8/21/2008 9:26AM

    A good way to realize the significance, next time you're in the grocery store, just pick up a 5lb bag of potatoes, or flour. You'll realize how heavy it is!

Every little bit helps!

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AFTER49 8/19/2008 11:16AM

    That is amazing....My husband said oh honey can you tell a difference since you started. I have lost 7 lbs and my rings slide around on my fat fingers now - however there is still blubber around my mid-section like no other. I think I look lumpier as I lose weight.

Just keep swimming, swimming.


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HUGGERS1 8/18/2008 9:06AM

    It is really impressive even to lose 1 pound and I know that we need to always be happy we are moving in the right direction.


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QUILA927 8/18/2008 8:13AM

    Thank you for putting that into perspective! emoticon

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Changes and Those Pants...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stuff has certainly change in the last month. I spent today adjusting my pants on the sewing machine. Had to take them in 4 inches in the waist and then 3 inches in each leg.

I got into the "One Day I Will Be Able to Zip These" Pants today... They've been sitting on my shelf since godknowswhen. I took them down today to perhaps try it out and see if (since last month) they would zip. Well The Did! I could still loose 5 more pounds so they'd be totally comfortable, but last month they lacked 4 full inches of zipping! Today they Zipped! YEAH!

Well, that's about all the crowing I can do for one day... :)

The beginning of the month I gained weight no matter how hard I tried. 8 pounds- no less... Wanting to cry, but sticking it out, they left. I say that so anyone out there experiencing weight gain while dieting shouldn't sweat it. (I did enough for you already). If you are doing the right stuff, the weight will leave.


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QUILA927 8/18/2008 9:48AM

    emoticon You are doing Great!!

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HUGGERS1 8/17/2008 9:08PM

    I love that you are taking in your pants and getting into smaller clothes. I am so proud of you. :)

Great job and you are right, no matter what happens on our journey as long as we stay focused and move forward, the scale is not our dictator.


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CHUNKSTER63 8/17/2008 5:49PM

    emoticonMino I knew that isf you stuck it out that great things would happen and they have good for you that is awesome.


Comment edited on: 8/17/2008 5:47:58 PM

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