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Thursday, August 14, 2008

We all evolve from one thing and into another. It's life's process. If we stagnate and do not change and grow then our whole reason for being here is less than what is desired. Purpose, is to be positive and be healthy while enjoying what our planet has to offer.

Along the way from that initial glowing purpose we meet up with negative forces. Our bodies react in a negative fashion when we begin to absorb all of that negativity. How does the body react? It either gets sick, mentally or physically, or it packs on weight or causes us to loose dramatic weight. We do have the ability to focus on positive energy and grab back the control of our life. In focusing on what we do want which is healthy bodies, and why we want it, we can rest in the knowledge that the positive aspects of that desire will manifest. Yes, it will take work. However, anything worth having will demand that you put forth effort in attaining it.

So daily, and yes, sometime moment by moment, I keep my mind focused on the outcome of my actions, and focus on the real desire in my heart.

Talking for a minute about how our mind tries to protect us and the often resulting event.

Abuse happens here on different levels. Some mentally, physically, and others spiritually. When we experience abuse and pain, often that or those events, becomes our focus. Our bodies are stimulated to protect itself. That is one scenario. The other is the escape route syndrome where we agree with the conflict at hand and decide to let ourselves starve to death. Unfortunate that some feel these extremes in life. It's all about getting control though. Whether it's packing on weight to keep safe, or starving to get out of life. It's still about control.

There is a way which is better.

Today focus on what you makes you feel happy. What makes you smile? Fill your day with any positive energy you can find. I don't care if it's painting swirly's on the floor of your kitchen. Find that happy spot today and be in it! .... easy huh? no... not always.

When you are besieged with a lot of storm, it's hard to locate 1 thing which brings back the peace of your mind. However, in locating the peace in some area, you can build on it. ... Just one brick at a time. Build build build.... happy,, peace,, joy...

When I wake in the morning, I lay there and begin to look for things to be thankful for. ..... mmmm my toes don't hurt! The bed is soft. My blankets are warm.... I have a roof over my head. Everything on me right now is at total peace, and not sore.... and I keep building that list. When I get out of bed, I continue to find positive aspects. ... I have toilet paper. It's cool I have coffee. I'm happy Wal-Mart has the ability to bring me things from all over the globe, so I can exist happily with things I desire. My dog loves me. My cat is so funny.
The sky is lovely this morning. The trees in my yard are such a blessing on hot days. I'm happy they didn't get hurt in the wind storm last night. ....

Now, by the time you make your own list... the negative energy which has built up in your life begins to fade and loose it's strangle hold on the new day.

We really can introduce Positive Energy into our days, by what we think. ... I mean come on.. that other 3/4s of the brain which scientist say is unused, has to be good for something.

Well, this may seem basic, but I tell you this morning, it really is life, and peace... It's also scripture.

-Think on these things... Whatsoever is lovely, peaceful, of good report... keep your mind focused on these.-

That's Minospeak-paraphrased but, you get the drift.

Alright.. I'm done talking now. I feel good that I have left you what felt good inside to share with you today.

Hugs to you Goonies out there who read my blog, and hugs to you folks who read this and aren't Goonies :)


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CHUNKSTER63 8/14/2008 6:11PM

    It all starts with the man or women in the Mirror. Let there be peace. god help us.

Thanks Mino,

Chunk emoticon

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JLVANPEL 8/14/2008 1:08PM

    Sounds like a plan. Think positively.

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LIFES*2*SHORT 8/14/2008 8:38AM

  Inspiring as ever Mino!

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QUILA927 8/14/2008 7:52AM

    Thank you for such an uplifting blog! I admire your positive outlook!

Goonie emoticon

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HUGGERS1 8/14/2008 7:39AM

    I honestly believe that we can make or break our day by how we react when the morning starts. If we choose to be happy and think on positive things, then we will see good things in our day. God made us a beautiful world and his Creation is amazing.

Thanks for sharing

hugs back at ya :)


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Another Brick in the Wall

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

------- Long Silence----
while my Pitiful state of Negativity is dismantled brick by brick---

I know from reading blogs lately, that I'm not the only one who can feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of life or of taking charge of it. Oh it's so easy to just let the emotions of each day or the situations which hit daily, over come us and our resolve to be better, get healed, or just outright loose weight.

We want too so bad, but how bad? For everyone that answer is different.

This past week was really a hurdle for me. In a journey you always are going to hit a mountain of decision or of choice. This was one of many. I was tired of blogging, tired of everything, and tired of having to be accountable for every morsel of food going in my ever opening mouth. I know it was more emotional than actual, but still, the reaction I had wasn't good.

Did I gorge? Nope... Not really. I treated myself to a nice meal out with my choice food (Disgusting cheese fries). However, it was what I wanted more than life itself (at that moment). Ah yes, then I wanted a DONUT!... But, that was my choice too. I didn't eat it because I was tempted to eat one in front of me that just happened to be in arms reach .. no. I actually waited for two whole weeks and was particularly good and saved up a bunch of calories.

Then what? ..... I went ahead and weighed on my scheduled day and it said I gained F I V E pounds!! FIVE!! ... I almost cried.

Now I know I'm not one to binge eat so that didn't worry me, but what did concern me is that after being so "good" was I always to suffer and never get to eat anything I really wanted again??????? Oh I mean without gaining weight... I wasn't very happy.

Well, I could have really went on a downhill spiral. I didn't... but, I thought about it. Decided NO, that wasn't what I wanted, because even if I didn't loose another ounce, I really felt MUCH BETTER and my body wasn't suffering all the symptoms I once had, so Yes, it was worth it just to keep going and stay healthy.. even if chubbily so.

Being as I knew I'd been absolutely the best I could be for WEEKS I should have seen a weight loss. So, there had to be something going on which was countering my effort... I thought and thought...

Of course! The dang Prednisone! Now I knew stuff about Prednisone but really didn't take the side effects to heart. I know I can stomp out most trouble spots in life and this was just one more. ::shrug:: OK, so that was a little bit of miscalculation on my part. Not only does Prednisone have the ability to make you crave, it also is a water hoarder, so all that water I had been so faithfully drinking was sticking in my body... Well dang! Of course I gained 5 lbs. ...

OK with that information on hand, I knew from the cycles my body usually ran that it'd be dropping off that water soon. Thankfully, it did, this week! YEAH!! ... I'm back down to my pre-5 lb wight gain and also .5 less! Yeah again!

Now, at least I walked though the physical situations and know it was temporary. I'll keep doing what I'm doing with a vengeance and keep going till I kick FATS butt.... ( Boy I sound brave) :)

Hugs to you guys

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CHUNKSTER63 8/13/2008 5:54PM

    I see that at all time during people weight loss that everyone yes everyone has a bad day so you picked yourself up and brgun to mend that wall that is your foundation and you need that to be strong. I know that the steriod can really make you hungry and retain water it is a double edged sword I know it's tough Mino but keep trying to fight that off. I know you can do this.

Chunk emoticon

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STARGAZER24 8/13/2008 3:25PM

  Wow! You sound like a great person. I love the way you voice exactly what your feeling! That is very important, get it all out in the open & let go of it!!! I really like the way that you knew you worked so hard so it had to be something else, and you kept at it until you found the reason, great investigating!! And yes, you do sound brave, but you should!!! It's your life and you SHOULD be controlling it!! Keep up the great work & positive attitude!

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JLVANPEL 8/13/2008 3:20PM

    Sounding brave is the first step toward being brave. Keep it up! Now that you know the culprit, you know not to rely on the scale for success. Keep measuring your success by how you feel.

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LIFES*2*SHORT 8/13/2008 2:16PM

  Like we chatted about a bit before... those meds can be your friend... but your worst enemy at the same time. Glad to see that you didn't get discouraged and give in. You will succeed and I will be right here to watch you do that. YOU GO GIRL!!

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HUGGERS1 8/13/2008 11:16AM

    I am so glad you didn't give in to that donut :) It is so hard to keep things at bay when they are right in front of you. I know that you are doing awesome and I am so glad you figured out what was going on and that it is all better now. 5 pounds can be discouraging, but in the whole scheme of things should be the lowest thing to count on your walk towards a healthy life. I love when the scale goes down, but even more I like that I am gaining control of my choices and finding that I feel so much better. I know you feel the same way.


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"There's Got To Be A Morning After" - Marueen McGovern

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I woke up hearing this song this morning. ... I don't know how many of you have a song list playing in your head, but mine goes 24-7. I have no idea why, but any time of day you can ask me what's playing and I can go into that section and pull out the song playing in the background. ... I thought I was weird, but both my girls have this too. OK so maybe we are all three just weird.

Anyhow, this song was playing this morning repetitiously, and it was pretty insistent that I go look up the Lyrics. I'm happy I did actually, because I never had known "all" the words, but was very familiar with the score.

It really fits where I'm at right now. And in reading blogs this morning it seems to fit where a lot of people are. ... What it really comes down to saying in so many words is, "This too shall pass".. "hang on"... "be persistent" .. "Be your own Hero" "You aren't alone"
"things will look brighter" But, you go ahead and read the lyrics, perhaps you will get a smile on your face and know that you really aren't alone.

Hugs to you all

"The Morning After"
(Song from "The Poseidon Adventure")

(As recorded by Maureen McGovern)

There's got to be a morning after
If we can hold on thru the night
We have a chance to find the sunshine
Let's keep on looking for the light.

Oh can't you see the morning after?
It's waiting right outside the storm
Why don't we cross the bridge together
And find the place that's safe and warm.

It's not too late, we should be giving
Only with love can we climb
It's not too late, not while we're living
Let's put our hands out in time.

There's got to be a morning after
We're moving closer to the shore
I know we'll be there by tomorrow
And we'll escape the darkness
We won't be searching anymore.

There's got to be a morning after
(There's got to be a morning after)
There's got to be a morning after
(There's got to be a morning after)
There's got to be a morning after
(There's got to be a morning after)
There's got to be a morning after
(There's got to be a morning after)
There's got to be a morning after
(There's got to be a morning after)
There's got to be a morning after
(There's got to be a morning after).

(c) Copyright 1972 by 20th Century Music Corp. & Fox Fanfare Music Inc. International copyright secured. All rights reserved.

- SONG HITS, Summer 1974.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CHUNKSTER63 8/10/2008 4:03PM

    I know the song well and have sung it many times and love it's meaning. As do I love the story, Movie-The Posiden Adventure it was about pushing on losing loved ones moving forward not giving iup never say die. but to keep on looking for the light.

I am gald you shared it with me. Sounf famiular.


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LIFES*2*SHORT 8/10/2008 10:49AM

  Minny... you know you're never alone! I wouldn't let you fight this battle without fighting it right beside you. We're going to do this... I can just taste it... it's so sweet!! Success will be a wonderful thing! See you at the finish line (although you'll get there before me LOL)

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HUGGERS1 8/10/2008 10:36AM

    I have a songlist too, but I have to admit, it is mostly country :)


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RLEOPOL 8/10/2008 8:00AM

    Oh Ya - Sometimes I have that song list going, but not to much. Usually after perhaps I have heard it going someplace. This was a great song and I had forgotten all about it. It is a good one for us to remember that we need not punish ourselves to much if we slip in our routine.

There is always a Morning After and things always look & turn out brighter!!

Have a great Sunday.


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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

So, What's next?

I think there is a place where most of us sit and question, what we are going to do next along our process of life... It's the place of reasoning. We are trying to make life style changes and along the way we see results of that challenge...

Having met the challenges head on and having worked our ways through each one, we suddenly find ourselves outside of the fog and mist of the battle.

Then looking over our shoulder at the scenes left behind us; how long it took, how much work, how much bloodshed is left in the aftermath of the war... Are we ready to forge ahead into the next battle? Or are we ready for the next one? .. Tough call sometimes.

Along the way of where you intend to be, I think you need to have in place some serious mile markers. That's a "goal" or a "dream". Something very clear and concise so when you reach that point in your journey you won't get lost or loose focus on the direction you wish to take. I'm still clarifying mine.

It's a bit scary though. Honestly, I'm not sure what I want body wise. I do believe I can be whatever I wish to be. ... But, the question is what do I really want? You'd think that being 51 a person, one could actually know what they want, wouldn't you?
Ah not so. I used to think "older adults" had their crap together too. They don't; unless I'm a social abnormality who perhaps has some unique quirk other 51 year old folks don't have.

I really did have a goal to loose 30 lbs, and now that is reached. It's not enough though, and I knew ahead of time I'd want to loose more, but I felt compelled to break down this journey into more manageable sections. Yeah, I posted I want to loose 20 more, but I already know in my head, that number is more like 40. At that "40" number my whole body shudders (See that's why I try not to put down numbers)....

Loosing 40 more pounds will place me at 160. I always thought I'd be happy there. ... What happens when I get there and find, "Hey, I want to loose more!"... Moan.. Does this end? Ever?? No....

I know it doesn't end. I've lived this scenario before. What was "learning a whole new way of life", translates into "Receiving a whole new way of life", which translates into maintaining that new lifestyle, forever...

I think that's the real challenge I'm not sure about... It really scares me. I don't want to end up in the same roller coaster ride I was in last time, where stress and life and my own lack of resolve to maintain my own work, failed me. Inside I hope I am a stronger person than I was back then. I pray so.. I really do.

As long as I stay on program and do the healthy choices I know I should make, I see no problem loosing any amount of weight. I have confidence in that part fine. And as long as my body cooperates and does it's part, all should proceed normally.

For me though... looking at the next year doing this same thing over and over is a bit daunting... I think it's time for me to revamp my food list and add in some more surprises. Perhaps I'm getting bored.

So, now you know that with every "mile marker" in your journey comes the reevaluation of your current situation. You take on new supplies, new ammo, and new men. You send in troops to make sure the path is clear and then make a plan to keep forging ahead....

Well, that's where I am at right now. Tomorrow I think I'll likely feel more on my game, and I'll shout to the men and ship ahead of me..
"Damn the Torpedoes Full Steam AHEAD"!!!

Quoted: "A career naval officer, Farragut earned acclaim in the North with his capture of New Orleans in 1862. As Rear Admiral Farragut, he won his greatest victory in 1864 at the Battle of Mobile Bay. Lashed to the rigging of the USS Hartford, he reportedly ordered his flagship to proceed through heavily mined waters with the famous command: "Damn the torpedoes! Full steam ahead!" "

And, I am going to keep this visual of him "Lashed to the Rigging", never leaving his vision... Never leaving the battle.

Hugs to you Goonies (And anyone else in similar battles)... :)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CHUNKSTER63 8/6/2008 6:33PM

    I know we were talking about the animal food you carried in and that it was how much you lost great way to spell this out mino for all of us to see and you are a real chapion and getting better every day.

God speed,

Chunk emoticon

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LIFES*2*SHORT 8/6/2008 9:35AM

  Wow.. sounds like you had some pondering time. :O) 30 lbs is great... but could you possibly be any hotter with an extra 20-40 gone? I dunno... you're looking pretty hot now already. Don't make me call the fire dept again! LOL You can do whatever it is that you set your mind to. Just remember to stay within your healthy BMI range... and you'll be just fine. You can do it... WE can do it!! You're doing awesome!

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HUGGERS1 8/6/2008 8:18AM

    I am so happy that you have lost 30 pounds that is wonderful. I find myself in this position a lot. I am trying so hard to be in the battle to get to 200 but my body says I am going to gain more muscle so I don't see the numbers going down. I am okay with it, my battle is just with the scale right now.

Also I want to lose weight and then try to get pregnant so that terrifies me. What if I can't stay healthy, what if I gain it all back etc... Satan pours my mind with all of these negatives all the time, but I remember that Satan isn't in charge of my life and God is my captain. As long as I remember that, then the battle is in HIS hands and I just need to put my hope in HIM and forge ahead knowing that it is nice for me not to be in control but God.

I have no idea if any of this made since, but I know the fears and the worries of what next :(

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A New Change

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hey.. I just remembered, that I can actually SLEEP again. I've been going over the last few years, and I remembered how I use to have such a hard time sleeping. I'd wake up so much in the night- so much so- that often I'd just get up and watch TV till I fell back asleep. I hated that. It felt like I was always trying to catch up with sleep. I was also grumpy most of the time.

So... for the last two weeks, I'm not waking up every hour or two. I'm not tossing and turning, and I don't hurt as bad as I was (The Dr. says, I have RA). The pain at night was almost unbearable. Id' have to pop pain pills just to sleep. I'd even take one about 3 AM so I could relax enough to go back to sleep. .. Well, I'm down to 1 pain pill a day from 3. That's great news, trust me. I hate pills and don't take them very well. They just gag me.

That's one amazing change since loosing weight. I'd forgotten how wonderful a good nights sleep is.

Another thing which effected my sleep was the weight on my chest. If I lay on my back, the weight on my chest would roll forward and cause me so much discomfort on my neck, I felt like I was struggling to breathe. I think that's when I finally woke up and decided I was heading down a hill fast, and if I didn't find some brakes on the situation, I was going to end up on the Nightly news...
"Woman Suffocates in Bed" - I remember crying that day.

I found Sparkpeople when I was looking for a free online "carbohydrate counter".

My first attempt at SP was a failure, I got frustrated and quit... I even forgot I had an account with them. Then, March hit, my daughter was in a tizzy because she said, "Mom, I'm fat, ugly and hate myself"... Oh god.. Sigh. Nothing motivates you like seeing your child suffering. I picked SP back up and we both dove in face first:)

She's lost a lot of weight now. She's looking so much happier with herself. Having control back is something you can not buy in a store.
I can only guess she's lost about 40 lbs herself. When she started she refused to weigh. The numbers would have just did her in... But, she's been dedicated to this and wants a "new life". She weighed yesterday and was 176! We both know she was over 200. Mostly because she was wearing a size 22 pants. Now she's in 16! .. What a difference a few months of commitment makes huh?

My other daughter is down a good bit too. She just started SP last week. She wanted to take off 25 lbs. She's down 8 lbs. A goal is a goal no matter how far away or what size. It's a personal effort and requires changes that take time. She's well on her way to seeing "less of herself" soon.

OK, well I'm babbling a bit here, but I'm very excited. Not only for my own success, but for my family. We have an extra "topic" to discuss lately.. LOL "EATING RIGHT"... New products we find which helps, and what changes are taking place with our bodies.

So, I want to encourage you to keep going.. keep going.. keep going. You can do this. Really..

Goonie Hugs to you all

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DRACO82 8/4/2008 7:23PM

    emoticon on your weight loss & your daughter's too. I know what you mean by sleeping better. I used to have some problems sleeping too. Now as soon as my head hits the pillow I'm out like a light. Keep up the great work you do for the Goonies.

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HUGGERS1 8/3/2008 9:58PM

    I am so glad your daughter got you motivated again and together you made a family affair in being healthy. This is great. i too love that you can sleep and aren't on as much medication.


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TIKKI-N-ME 8/3/2008 7:59PM

    What a great example you are setting for your daughters to follow!

You are so inspiring!

Have an AWESOME day!

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    Thank you for the motivating comments you have come a long way, after reading your most recent blog - and your daughters!!! Way to go girls.


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CHUNKSTER63 8/3/2008 3:02PM

    You are doing awesome and you have really stepped up to the plate after talking with you i believe anything is possible in your life so stay strong and thanks for everything you do your the best.

Chunk emoticon emoticon

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    WOO HOO!

What a wonderful blog! Keep 'em coming, you are all doing so well.

You deserve a goonie hug,

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