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Weight Reassignment Issues

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I could have edited the other blog to say this but I figured it would make more sense if I added another post.. :)

Well... on my Weight Reassignment Issues at hand I'd say it's progressing. Let me tell you a frustrating point I got into recently.

I'd weighed about 10 days ago, and the scales said.. 203 Woo Hoo! Man, I'd not seen that number in a decade. Then... I was all jazzed up and excited about it, and did a dumb thing. I weighted again two days later on. Guess what? I'd gained almost 4 lbs! (really)... I was miffed. Mostly because I was still very good and hadn't cheated and did all the right stuff. I was almost in tears...

So, after I had my little self talk and visited the group a bunch, I finally settled down and was able to think rationally. I blogged a lot, talked to a lot of people and kept keeping focused on my personal goals (That can be hard). However, that feeling passed and I was able to realign myself with that energy to forge ahead.

NO MORE SCALES FOR ME ... Well not until actual Weigh in day. Usually that is Sunday but I did go ahead and weigh this morning so I could begin my weeks actually "on Sunday" instead of that being the last day of the program week. It worked better for my own schedules.

You'd have laughed actually to watch me weigh.. I jump on the scales, let them register and then hop back off.. (I figure it will give them a reset).. I NEVER LOOK DOWN! Never! (grin). Then I hop back on and open my eyes and peek down.

OH MY ... 200.5 lbs!
ohhhhhhhhh my .... yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeh hawwww!

Now I wish I had weighed tomorrow, because that extra .5 lb would have been gone! Now I can't weigh again until next SATURDAY! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!

OK, so maybe I'll cheat a little and weigh Wed :) LOL God I'm bad...

Anyhow, I have no idea how to post this in the weight loss challenge because I'd weighed in at 203 went upto 206.5 then lost all of that and am down too 200.5 ? ... Hum... I'll have to ask folks cuz I'm lost on that one.

Anyhow, just letting you know what's going on here weight wise.

Goonie Hugs,

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CHUNKSTER63 8/2/2008 1:54PM

    Your doing well keep it up. Another bag of dogfood who whooo


Comment edited on: 8/2/2008 1:52:51 PM

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MINORCANLDY 8/2/2008 9:15AM


How about I just don't post anything... LOL Then I'll weigh SATURDAY next week...

OK.. OK... Today's weigh in- So, 203 - 200.5 = 2.5 pooh... LOL

Hey, on the UP-side.. I looked at a recipe recently with 8 ounces of Crisco in it, (NO I did not cook it). Anyhow, the Crisco's 8 ounces was HUGE! I related that to fat OFF my body and Smiled... So the .5 is pretty darn impressive no matter what.

Mino- the thin...

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HUGGERS1 8/2/2008 8:46AM

    What did you post for your last weigh in for July's challenge. subtract from that. That is what I would do. And MINO, DON'T become addicted to the scale :) You are doing awesome and remember body fluctuation based on fluid intake and sodium and all that jazz. Wait until saturday :) You can do it. Next time you weigh you will be in ONEDERLAND :) WOOHOO :)

congratulations again HUGS HUGS HUGS to you


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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Not had a lot of time to write here lately, but I wanted to take a bit and just let you know how Encouraged I feel with you all around me.

I pushed last month to see myself break past this plateau but nothing happened to the numbers. So, I just looked at the fact that nothing bad was going in my system so that meant my body was running efficiently and working on building healthy cells and booting out old icky ones that had been abused with the poisons I was eating daily. Eventually, I'd see the numbers I wanted to see. It really can be a waiting game sometimes.

A fellow Goonie told me she walked to a video in her living room to get her cardo in. How creative! I loved that idea, because I do not like barking dogs and I don't like BUGS biting my ample rear. So... This is what I've decided to do. SP has a work out list of songs from each decade (to fit you different goonies out there) and it would be awesome to just let the track play for the time it's recorded. Not sure really, I'm going to work on that little tidbit. Anyhow, and just do the walking in my living room too. I suppose the high step walking motion would be good if you don't have a large room. I might try that too.

Anyhow, I wanted to let you know how determined I am to break this wall of 200 ~~[ I want to see it gggggggone!

We have had a lot of Goonies sign up for the August Weight Loss Challenge and I'm excited, excited! No, I'm not just typing this out to "pump you up". I really am excited about this. -- Think about it for a minute. Where else except a marathon could you get together with people that have the same courage, drive, determination and desire to make life changes? A bunch of people all with the dream to become healthy, and all working as one. ... Oh yeah, I'm amazed and excited alright.

Hey... I wanted to tell you about our Goonies a minute. If you are reading this blog and aren't a Team Member, for crying out loud Join! This team is so supportive and encouraging. Not just in weight, but in all issues in life, we try to walk with each other arm in arm, being counted as one body - A wall of energy of impenetrable force.

You really aren't alone in this journey you have us working right beside you striving to be free of whatever habits have us bound.

I talked to a young lady in SP once who was a struggling anorexic. She was so weak and tired. This was her last hope. She said, "Sparkpeople helps me log in my food for the day, so I can really see how little I eat, and it makes me think about my choices a lot more, so I'm accountable"... "At the end of the day I even give myself a "grade" at the bottom of the Food Tracker, so I know how I feel about what I did. Then I type out my next goal for the following day to remind me it's a commitment".

She really wanted to live...

Another nice person I met here, has a problem abusing Laxatives and other medications to loose weight. In Sparkpeople they have been learning how to "eat right" because they were never taught at home how too. They learned what a correct weight was for their body and with that they have been working on body image, and healthy eating.

They needed direction...

Many of us out here are here for health reasons. We have to change our habits or end up in a nursing home on feeding tubes because of the bad choices we've made. Not all of us are over weight.. but we have bad habits which need changing. Maybe a poor diet...

One never knows another perons struggles...

We in the Goonies (and other areas of SP) are here with the same goal yes, "Getting healthy", but not all are here to loose weight. You might run across some very "normal" weight wise looking people, but, you don't know what their life is like, or what they need. Perhaps their needs are not so evident in first meeting, but if they joined SP then we have something they need to live a better life.

I suppose I'm trying to say, Don't be quick to judge a person just because they aren't obese and needing to loose weight. We all come here for personal reasons... Each, should be treated with the same courtesy and respect given to anyone else ; because you just never know who's life is being saved.

Sending hugs to the best team of loving folks I've ever met!

Love you guys,



Thursday, July 31, 2008

I was going to write about this in the morning, but it's on my mind now, so I'll just touch on it...

When I began the Goonies I didn't understand "Weight Loss Challenges" Not even why I should bother. I really wanted to sit and loose weight alone and not be bothered (healing from some nasty hurts). Then out of curiosity I began reading your blogs and hearing your voices in each word. It just did me in... My heart just melted and I knew that not only did I need the Goonies but some of us really needed to be encouraged and strengthened. I wasn't sure how I could do that so I began to just touch base with some and let them know I was here if they needed to talk.

Some I noticed posted their losses in the Monthly Weight Loss and Inches Challenge - I'd read theirs and know how hard they'd worked to get to that place and be so happy for them. ... What hit me later on, is that I was on the outside looking in on the happiness. I really could be a part of the happy stuff going on, so I went ahead and posted my desire to be added in the weight loss challenge.

It really changed my drive to succeed. It's not a challenge against each other.. It's a Challenge against yourself. To do better than ever! To work harder, push more... be more dedicated... and Reach out more, yes even to yourself. To take that extra step, buy the right food, say no to the "temptations" and stand firmer in your resolve to "make it happen"... Its really about stepping in and saying "YES YES YES" to a new life... Then doing something about it.

I care a lot for you guys. You have been a torch under my rump when I want to sit and do nothing. A driving force to once again be the driver in my own "car" (life). Without finding you guys, I'd have been sneaking around SP doing what I could to learn but, I'd not have had the extra push or motivation to do what I'm doing now.

When not participating in anything it's easy to just say.. "this doesn't work either"... and quit. I know, I did that back when I first joined SP. It was just another failed attempt to loose weight. Of course it was not my fault... No of course not. It was SP fault right? ... uh huh... or so I had myself convinced.

It was like a slap in the face when I realized I had failed because I didn't want to know anyone here... Why did I need support? ... Why did I need to participate? .... This was the mindset I had "then".
Oh yes, I've changed but honestly, I came a lot more humble this time, knowing I was SICK needed HELP desperately and Nope.. I sure could NOT do it alone. I need you ..... very much.

Thanks for all your love, care, emails, letters and just outright touching my heart.

Now.. sign up for the -
Goonie 2008 August Weight Loss Challenge.... Cuz I need you :)

Hugs and Goonie Best Wishes,

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DRACO82 8/2/2008 8:48PM

    I still don't know if I should do the Goonie 2008 August Weight Loss Challenge cos I weight myself I kilos & measurements are in cm. Would everyone know what I'm talking about?? And thanks for the advice on my blog.

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CINNIEMAY 8/1/2008 9:39PM

    We all need each other whether we want to admit it or not! Thank you for being there for me!

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ANNIE_1015 8/1/2008 9:12AM

  I'm in! Thanks for the inispiration!

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    What an inspiring Blog! Thanks MINO!

just another Goonie!

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MINORCANLDY 7/31/2008 11:16PM

    What's Onederland?? size 1?

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LIFES*2*SHORT 7/31/2008 10:25PM

  Hey... not fair that you will both be heading to Onederland without me... but I guess I'll get there too in time, and you'll save a seat for me. (a much smaller seat than I require now. LOL) GO MINO!!

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HUGGERS1 7/31/2008 10:14PM

    Signed up and ready to go mrs. Mino :) I am excited for August and we both are going to ONEDERLAND :) I can feel it.


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Thursday, July 31, 2008

OK, I was talking with a friend this week; Same day I went kayaking and figured out my head has already set my next goal. It's really sort of odd because I've tried very hard NOT to think about a next goal. I really like to concentrate on 1 goal at a time. .. but hey, that's just me.

However it was looming up in front of me and before I knew it - It had popped out of my mouth! Oh boy~~ Is that really what I want? Well, I guess so.

My next goal is to get to 180.

Making my journey in little lumps along the way is how I pretty much deal with life. If something looks too big and looms in your face menacingly then chop it up in little manageable bits and deal with it. So, the first 27 lbs are gone. Soon that will be 30. Then the next 20 lbs will be on the chopping block for reassignment elsewhere. And I don't mean elsewhere on my body.

180... I've not seen that number in over 12 years. It's time, I think.
Back when I was that size, life was different and I was a different person. I remember being at WW meetings and trying so hard to get to "goal" (Their goals not mine). Quite honestly, I would have been happier than a two headed woodpecker at 180, but they keep at me for "goal".... "getting there".. Then I didn't realize, I was at GOAL! MINE! ....... oh well. Live and learn huh? 124 is just not "my idea" of "goal weight".

Today is one of those days, I want to beat my monitor with a hammer and forget all about tracking my food. It's not the program and it's not even the effort it takes to do it. It's that my house is full of people today and I want them all to "POOF" disappear... But, dang it, they won't go... sigh... When it's like this I just don't feel like doing anything, and that includes anything like working at logging in food.

This is my therapy page today.. mostly because it's easier to do this than to be ugly and tell people to "poof".. (grin).

Likely tomorrow I won't feel so inclined to be like this.. (I hope).

Ya think this is a gurl thing??


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    I know you can do it. Just keep working at it.

1 day at a time, 1 pound at a time.


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HUGGERS1 7/31/2008 3:04PM

    I too haven't been at 180 in over 10 years and I so want to be there. My first goal is 199 though. I hope sometime next month I will hit it. You are doing fabulous. And I understand about the company. I love a quiet house and the time to do what needs to be done. I need to track my food too. I didn't have time yesterday and when I did, my internet was down???

I hope you have a blessed day and can get your computer tracking accomplished,


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LIFES*2*SHORT 7/31/2008 2:52PM

  Hey.... at least YOU remember seeing 180. The lowest number I have a memory is 243. LOL

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Mood... Bored

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bored Bored bored bored bored....

So, I'm sitting here wondering why? .... God knows I have enough to keep me moving all day. Why am I bored?

I'm tired of looking at the scales and it reading the same 203 too... I've been working my butt off and keeping busy. Logging in food, and exercising, drinking my water.. So, I do know it's just a matter of time before my good work catches up with me. The Prenazone isn't exactly helping my weight reassignment either. Of course I know it's reputation, and up till now stuff was slow but at least it moved. I won't get too frustrated with that though..

It's not like I don't know this is a life time commitment.. LOL We just want Maintenance to be our reality other than the programs designed to De'fluff the fat cells. Those programs are what I call "Grunt work". Maintenance is surely more fun to adjust too. But it's dangerous also. I know. Been there done that and screwed up totally.. So now I'm back at the "grunt work".

I'd really hoped to show some more weight loss into our July weight loss challenge but, it didn't happen... ***sniff***

Well, here's looking at AUGUST! I'm determined to loose 5 lbs! OK that may not sound like a lot ... but, its reasonable for me :)

Here's looking to see less of you Goonies in August! Let's make it the BEST ONE YET!

Whoooooo Hoooooooooo... Goonies RULE THE HOUSE!

(((( HUGS )))))))) and High ^5's
New co-captain of the Goonies! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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IMATOADSTOOL 8/1/2008 10:38AM

    You are doing great! Keeping motivation is more difficult than actually losing the weight. It is so great to see you as a co-leader in the Goonies. I think you are wonderfully designed to fit right in as a leader!

Being bored gives you a chance to reflect on all your blessings, and to mentally rehearse what you will do when faced with your next challenge so you can continue to have more success!


I hope you have a toadally great month! You can do this!!


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