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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm on track and losing weight. Yes, I did take a bit of time off. We had lots (and I do mean lots) of stress here. I did not have the energy to even take care of myself properly. After being diagnosed with RA, it seemed my whole life just went weird.

Taking control of the reins again, it's time to move forward onto a new part of life. I mean, I'm fairly sick of the old one so, I'm finding new ways to change what I believe I am, and begin to form a new ME
(A healthy happier one)!

Since my beginnings with Spark I've lost a total of 40 lbs. No it's not a lot if you look at the time it has taken me to get here. However, it's about how you do what you do, that makes the changes.

I took time to find the foods I really wanted to eat. I eat them. I learned moderation, and that some days, I just say screw it and eat the lousy choices anyhow. It's LIFE, you deal with it as you move forward. Tomorrow, I make better choices, but I do indulge in sinful pleasures (like loaded queso cheese dip fries- OMG).

The thing, is that if you are constantly saying "NOOOOOOO" to yourself all the time, You are going to binge. Simple. So I will just be good until the opportunity to have my sinful delight is in my face; For instance. There is this amazing little Mom and Pop place not far from home which make the bestest cheesy fries ev'a! I love them. We eat there very seldom, maybe two times a year. When I do go though, I already know what I will order. Do I make a special trip to get there? NO! I don't have to, because I allow this SINFUL delight in my experience here. It is no more a dangling worm on a hook in my face. The pointed end of the stick is dull. I can have it! So, what's the temptation? :::shrug::::

It seems that the more we have things held away, the more we wish for them, crave them, and drool for them. I have about gallons of different ice-creams in my freezer. Do I want them? Nope... My skinny-ass husband eats that crap every night, along with chocolate chip cookies or Oreo cookies. It use to make me nuts. Now I don't care. Back when it did matter a lot to me, I'd allow myself to have some. Then I lost my taste for them. He still eats them and I do not want it. NOW with that said, If I wanted it, I'd EAT IT. I don't feel the need to pack down a large soup bowl of it either. Usually a small bowl will suffice. Then I don't want it for another few months.

I do still do a lot of the things I learned before. Limit starches and eat a good amount of veggies. I limit sugar, and do not drink a lot of milk. I love love love MILK! Its still a hard point for me. Sugar? Well, I use it in my coffee in the morning and that's about it for the day. Milk I have one 8 oz cup a day. Yes, that's it. And If I had my choice, Id' just sit under a cow and drink...

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SLIMMERJESSE 6/18/2013 9:31AM

    Good for you...you'll do it.

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What's Different?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I was sitting here thinking just a bit ago and wondering why "this time" I feel in more control of my eating habits?

Well, what has changed since I last tried to get a grip on my eating is that certain foods have been almost totally eliminated. They all had the same reaction in my body when I ate them. I wanted more. So, I went ahead and took the plunge and eliminated (all or mostly), white flour, sugar, milk, white rice.

I don't really have a lot of breakfast or lunch, but I do eat when I'm hungry. Usually just a bit of fruit and cottage cheese or such for breakfast, and then lunch is a toss up of what I feel like eating. Honestly, I'd prefer to eat some grilled veggies, or a salad with vinaigrette, on top, but sometimes go ahead and much on a small sandwich. If I'm hungry between meals, I'll grab a bit of fruit and a drink.

I think by changing what is going in my stomach during the day, my energy stays up more. It's not slowing down to metabolize starchy foods that turn into sugar there-by making me feel like a slow-motion-ocean ride at Disney.

Either way, without fail, dinner is at 6 PM and it almost never has any serious starches in it. I've supplemented starches with a bunch more veggies used in a creative way to make me feel fuller. Yes, I'll have a potato but it's a Golden Russet Potato which has way less carbs and calories. It also doesn't seem to do weird stuff to my blood sugar levels; often giving that "Crash and Burn" feeling.

I will eat pasta occasionally but I get the high fiber sort of pasta and if I have it, the thing is chock full of chopped fresh vegetables accompanying it.

Dinner is just whatever sounds good to me... Thankfully my hubby is flexible and has no objections to my exploring foods. It feels good to explore new food and how I can make it taste great with fewer calories and fat. So cooking a good meal, which is lower in those things has become sort of a challenge to me, but a good challenge.

Eating Fat? Well... Yes, but I've not cut it out. I do not eat substitute butter or pho-fat products. I don't think they are healthy. If I want butter, I eat butter. If I want oil, I have oil. I just do all of that in very serious moderation and make sure to keep track of how many grams I ingest daily.

My tastes for things have changed totally... Which is weird. I like spicier foods, and don't like greasy things. I went to eat some goulash last night and after the first bite I knew I didn't want it (also weird. it's a favorite leftover). I went ahead and opted for another meal.

So far I'm 17 pounds down and feel like I can whip a small bob cat... :)

Um... I have three personal goals here...
1 15 pounds (done)
2 30 pounds (on the way)
3 170 body weight (also on the way)

And.. this time its about enjoying the journey and not the end of the ride...
This gives me joy in the moment and not always feeling like "I'm not there yet".

Not only am I there, I'm also in the moment and in the joy of enjoying the whole journey as I pass each flower, tree, and breathe in each breath of every step I am taking in this physical existence... I am worthy. I am loved. . :)


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MARTY19 7/27/2010 4:09PM

    It is awesome for me to read from a person experiencing success. It gets me to thinking about what I am doing.


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SLIMMERJESSE 7/27/2010 10:08AM

    Such a great reminder to enjoy the journey. Thank you!

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Control Freak

Sunday, July 25, 2010

"they say" ... Control Freak is a society situation where a feeling of loss of control of ones environment seems certain unless overseen strictly with much persistence (paraphrased of course)...

Um... is this really a bad thing? I suppose if you look at it with the light of regaining control of something running "out of control" its not bad.

Soooooooooooooo.......... I feel in control of my life now. Then I'm sitting here wondering why choosing to eat better and healthy has made such an impact on my feelings of "control" over life. - I guess I had no control over my desire to eat the crap I was stuffing in my face; so to feel like I do have a choice and I'm not a prisoner to something else makes me feel free.

"Whatever overcomes you becomes your master"... Ah Wise words I'd forgotten...


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MINORCANLDY 7/26/2010 8:19AM

    It's sort of a juggle in life, knowing we can eat, live and enjoy all things, but that not all things are good for us...

:) I have to juggle a lot...

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MARTY19 7/25/2010 7:48PM

    I finally arrived at the place where I control when I can control and let God handle the rest. "Let go and let God" It works for me.


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SLIMMERJESSE 7/25/2010 10:46AM

    So true! I'm in the process of kicking some of these masters to the curb. Like caffeine, sugar, etc. Have a wonderful day.

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SJSLIM2B 7/25/2010 10:38AM

  Great insight!

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Time Date Stamps and Life

Monday, July 12, 2010

When I feel like I actually can contribute a nugget of insight I try to come here and type. Sometimes, I just come here to self-medicate my brain and RaNt. I'm entitled...

Derailing a train usually means it jumps the track where it's wheels are gliding. There are no locks on these wheels, but they rest precariously on top of metal tracks that guide their travel. Ah.. so am I.

Occasionally I get some bug up my rump about "time". To do this or that before "so-n-so" happens or gets here. Why?

I think mostly it's about accomplishing an unseen mental goal of some sort. At times I don't even know it is represented in my attitude or actions, but it's lingering under the surface. It was weird when I realized that this week. Maybe it's because we wake up with alarms, go to bed with the clock and have to time almost every aspect of our lives... And there it is... That nagging "HURRY UP" mode just bubbling, churning, mandating some action; unseen but very alive. Then there's the Calendar, ever looming as some foreboding timekeeper.

Goals? Yes, I have goals, but they are no longer dictated by a Calendar or Clock!

* To live a life longer than I would have had I stayed on the same track I was on
* Get up without aching all over my body
* To stop feeling like the area below my knees on the floor is "The Abyss"
* Sweating my rump off means I'm actually working out
* Feel like doing things
* Look at a dress and think, "Hey, that would look nice on me"
* Not have to find my clothes in the Back of a Store. (Why Store Owners?)
* Actually use the clothes I've been hanging onto (few but, they are there)
* Stand closer to the dishes without reaching over
* Enjoy my kids and grandchildren more

If my goals are mandated by a time element, I think I will omit them from now on. Lifestyle changes are not overnight nor are they going to be temporary, so I may as well sit back enjoy the ride and stop looking at my clock eh? :)


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MARTY19 7/12/2010 3:35PM

    I have felt derailed so many times and it actually is me who derails myself. Lately I have been making small changes in my attitude and not thinking about the scale. I feel less stressed this way.


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SLIMMERJESSE 7/12/2010 9:45AM

    This is how I roll as well. Hooray for us! Have a wonderful day.

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POLARBEAR63 7/12/2010 7:31AM


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Grill It!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Not that this is new but my recent renewed addiction is my Grill. No not gold or silver plated teeth. I have this cool little grill my husband had made for me about 5 years ago. It's made of stainless steel pipe (huge pipe). It cooks like none other I've ever used. Amazing little Trojan horse of a grill.

I'm not sure why I never grilled Veggies before, but this year I've been practicing with whatever the good earth has in season and is chubby enough to withstand the heat.

I use a charcoal grill but have since had hubby chop me some nice small pieces of good ole' oak wood to use alone or add to the charcoal.

Yellow Squash has never been a favorite, but since I've discovered grilling veggies it's a winner!

Also, folks keep giving me fresh Eggs. Never knew so many folks had chickens! I really love fresh eggs. They taste so much better than the ones in the store.

Um.. lets see... Well I'm on track with my healthy eating program BUT I've not been tracking food this week. I'm not too sure how I feel about that. It's nice to have a break from having to log onto SP and add it into the planner though.

Along the way walking on the road of a long journey I think you need to test your new ability. Have I learned portion control, staying off of problem foods? Have I formed new habits that allow me to live a healthy lifestyle?

This week sort of answered that. I was away from my computer for a few days this week. It does happen in life. Vacations or trips just pop up on a moments notice. Computers aren't always available.

It was out of my comfort zone and away from my computer, not to mention away from the food at my own house (AAAH)!

When I found out I was leaving for a couple days, I grabbed up what was portable and better for me and poked it in a cooler. Stopped off at a small local family grocery store on the way and they had some lovely cantaloupe. Got that... and some whole grain bread and other things I knew were healthy then drove.

So today I'm back home and I'm logging onto SP and tracking food again.

It is about learning how to live...


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SLIMMERJESSE 7/5/2010 7:39PM

    Good job in poking the right food into the cooler. And thanks for your comment on my blog- congrats on 4 WEEKS!!!!! I am determined to do this. You are right, some days you just feel like inhaling everything in sight with sugar. Last week I dreamed of raisinetts! My store makes homemade ones. I bought a lg contained and was going to teach myself moderation. I'll spare you the gory details. (smiling)

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MINORCANLDY 7/5/2010 2:25PM

    Marty, I get tired of logging in my food too... UGH, but it's about being accountable for me and if I don't log in my food I get lazy and eat more than I should without thinking.

((hugs)) Gin

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MARTY19 7/5/2010 9:56AM

    I love summer squash on the grill. Cut it into slices, spray it with butter spray, add a bit of pharm cheese, wrap is inh foil and grill. Yummy. I miss my grill but I grill ikn my oven. I am tired of logging my food but it is a habit and I do it. LOL!


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