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Tuesday 1 January 2008

Monday, December 31, 2007

Well, that was a lot of eating and drinking done over the past few days! But hey, you have to have a little bit of fun. Now, the challenge is on! I am now engaged to be married and the wedding will be in September so I have 9 months to really shift a bit of this weight. Well, shift a lot of this weight if possible. I am aware that I don't want to lose a whole heap of weight only to put it straight back on so slowly does it so that it becomes a normal part of my routine. Also, no more excuses when it comes to the gym - I have to make some me time and that's all there is to it. There are classes in the morning and the evening and I am still on school holidays so I have 3 weeks to to get/stay in a fitness routine!

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MMWILLIAMS1984 12/31/2007 6:15PM

    Congratulations on your engagement! What an exciting time for you! I'm in the same boat as you. We just got engaged the Friday before Christmas. We've set the date for next December, so the clock is ticking! Just make good choices and you will do wonderfully! Best wishes for a happy, healthy 2008!

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Friday 28 December 2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Well, as usual, food and drink were the focus of the last few days! Christmas buffet with the family, Christmas dinner with the neighbours and then Boxing Day Barbecue with family and friends.

But, what is a positive was that I exercised everyday - possibly not for as long as I should have but I still fit in some form of exercise over the last few days.

And today, I dragged myself out to the gym to do BodyPump for an hour - it killed but it felt good!.

My big win was that I didn't put on any weight. I didn't lose any either but with the amount of eating and drinking that went on, it felt like a win!

So, just New Years to get through and things should settle down a bit more and I will be getting back into my routine of going to the gym everyday and walking the dogs every other day.

The food tracking looks like it might go because I find it so tedious and difficult to fit in. I have better things to be doing than sitting in front of the computer! BUT having done it for a few days, I am paying more attention to what I eat and how often.

Here's to everyone on their weight loss journey! God luck over the holiday period!


Thursday 20 December 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Well, so far I have kept to my goal of doing one gym class a day and walking the dogs every other day. The food thing is an issue - if I'm not busy I eat. If I'm watching TV or reading a book, I eat - bad habits that I need to get rid of. 5 more days to Christmas...


Tuesday 18 December 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It would be so easy to get carried away and stay online surfing sparkpeople all day long! I woke up early (4:00am) and couldn't sleep so I ended up checking out sparkpeople - reading articles, finding spark teams and posting to the games on the message boards. I was still on there several hours later and thought I'd better do something else with my morning!

Anyway, I went to the gym and did the Body Vive class - that is so much fun, even if I am a little uncoordinated and can't move my hands and feet at the same time without getting tangled up.

I had hoped to do the Pilates class this evening but am tired (due to waking up at 4am) and sore from the stretches, squats and pushups. I figured one class a day is a great start back into the whole exercise thing and probably shouldn't overdo it in the first 2 days!!!

I had a real craving for cashews today - so have blown my fat and calorie intake by a bit (150 calories) but have stayed in range for protein and below the range for carbs.

I was tempted not to record all my little snackies - but I did and I'll just have to do better tomorrow!!!


Monday 17 December 2007

Monday, December 17, 2007

It's hard to believe that it is almost 2 years since I first stumbled across Sparkpeople. During that time it seemed every 6 months or so I would get really enthusiastic about using the site and making a concerted effort to lose weight (again).

Well, this time, I am going to succeed!

It is the beginning of the school holidays and barring Christmas/New Years, I have 6 weeks to lose some weight, get into a routine with fitness and STAY MOTIVATED.

That is the killer.

So, DAY 1 - I have closed my old account and everything that went with it. I have started a new one with my renewed vow to tackle this weight/food/exercise issue that has plagued me nearly all my life.

Don't get me wrong - I rarely get depressed about my weight and can still usually find clothes that I feel confident in BUT I know I need to lose weight for health reasons -- blood pressure, joints etc.

So anyway, first day of school holidays and I went to the gym for the 6:15am class!!! I also walked the dogs and tracked my food intake.

Here's to me, may I stay motivated and lose a few kilos along the way!

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MMWILLIAMS1984 12/17/2007 4:28PM

    Congratulations on taking this step. I really like the fact that you've started fresh with a whole new account and everything. Visual motivation always helps. Keep your spirits up. You can reach your goals!

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*AMBER512 12/17/2007 2:54PM

    I'll second that toast for motivation! It's the only way we can succeed! We can have all of the support and desire in the world, but we have to have the motivation to put forth the effort towards our goals.

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