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McKinley Park 11am walk

Monday, June 29, 2009

Another beautiful day at McKinley park! I got there in front of the library with time to spare and a red ribbon on my shoe laces. Alas, no fellow Sparkies showed up, so I headed out about 11:10am. Man was the park busy with kids! I think I counted 4 groups of 20+ kids each (elementary school age, boys and girls) scattered around the park. They were laughing and having so much fun, it just kept a smile on my face listening to them laugh and giggle and yell at each other. The pond turtles were all out on the middle rocky spots sunning themselves and the ducks were chowing down on goodies being handed out by a mom and her preschooler. The yoga ladies were at their same shady location, stretching and sipping water; and the tennis court was BUSY. Parking around the park was pretty good, but there were a lot more folks at the park this Monday than last.

Well I'm off for grocery run, see ya!

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MIMULUSBUG 7/6/2009 9:13AM

    This week I think I'm going to do 5PM walk at McKinley Park on Monday & South Side Park on Wednesday. Hope you might be able to meet up.

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STILLPT12 6/30/2009 6:41PM

    How about an evening walk when it is cooler? I was away last week. Now back for a while.

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Walking at Land Park @ 5pm

Saturday, June 27, 2009

emoticon I got off to late start leaving the house, so made it out to Land Park at 5pm across from zoo entrance and met up with K-GECKO (aka:Kate), EVASOMA (aka:Nanette) and her peeps, which included her partner Susan, daughter Courtney & friend Christine. As a side note, according to my brother and his wife the Sacramento Zoo is best little zoo in the whole USA (they should know cuz they visit zoos everywhere they go!).

It was obvious to all of us that Friday afternoons in Land Park is the perfect time for a walk. There was hardly any traffic, plus plenty of parking around the park and of course it was another gorgeous Sacramento evening, sunny & warm when you walked out from under the huge heritage oaks, with a delicious delta breeze just starting to come in; perfect afternoon walking!

We all thoroughly enjoyed connecting and walking (the loop is about 1/2 hour). We hope others will be able to join us on future Fridays at 5pm. But on Friday July 10 5pm, we hope more folks (+family, friends & pets) will be able to join us for a walk, followed by a picnic in the park!

Ciao for now!


SacSparkies in front of Zoo sign, getting ready to walk at Wm Land Park

View of Wm Land Park Pond

*William Land Park, frequently referred to as simply "Land Park" is a major city park in Sacramento, California. The park is located between Interstate 5 and State Route 160.

William Land was a pioneer who build the Western Hotel at the NE corner of 2nd and K St in 1875. Land Park comprises 166 acres, not counting the golf course, which was donated to the city by William Land in 1926. More than 500 trees dot the landscaping in William Land Park. Originally, city founders questioned whether trees, much less any type of vegetation, would grow in this swamp land. Today, it is a magnificent park, encompassing a 9-hole golf course, among other attractions, such as the Land Park Zoo, which is situated on more than 14 acres and presents more than 350 animals.

(SparkDitty: K-GECKO works at the Zoo Reptile House!)

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MIMULUSBUG 6/29/2009 3:24PM

Cindy! so glad you ran across the blog. Our walk in Land Park is set up for folks to connect at 11am and 5pm every Friday across from the entrance to the zoo. So its a standing meet up time, for folks to shoot for. Those of us that met up for the walk at 5pm Friday in Land Park loved and will be there this Friday - so come and join us!

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Walking at South Side Park @ 11am (& confession)

Friday, June 26, 2009

emoticon I made it out to South Side Park at 11AM Wednesday, with a red ribbon in my tennis shoe & my gardening hat on.

emoticonI was hopeful there would be 2 others there, but if they were -I somehow missed them. (I started fretting: maybe my ribbon wasn't big enough, maybe I should spray paint my shoes red? I hope I didn't bug the lady with the red shirt on too much, when I asked her if she was a "Sacramento Sparkle"???)

emoticon Undaunted, I decided to just enjoy the walk and congratulate myself for getting my big-ol-bootie moving around the park. AND what a great park it is, such an interestingly-diverse neighborhood, with more churches around it than I could count. This place is definitely a wonderful kid hang out with the pool, outer-space playground, fishin-in-the-city spots and basketball court. Special treats included watching a blue heron taking a lunch break in the lake and butterfles everywhere (not sure what was up about that). The biggest treat (for me) was watching a mother hawk bringing squirrel to her squawking little ones in a huge nest at the top of a large cedar tree across from Sacramento's beautiful 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' Church.

I took photos, so intend to post on my SparkPage blog soon (like as soon as i can find the dang cord that connects the silly camera to my computer. Don't hold your breath too long cuz this could take a while, I have destroyed 3 digital cameras over the years and each has their own 'special made cord" -ARGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!).

I'm hoping other team members start going for walks in their own neighborhood parks and blogging about it.

emoticon OK-CONFESSION TIME emoticon
I am a cherry, melon, fig, Starbucks-frapaccino-blueberry-scone, Jamba-Juice-smoothie eating sparkie piglet this week. It was all delicious and its only Thursday. May the Sparkie Spirits not kick my bootie too much at my next weigh in. I feel like Flip Wilson's Geraldine:
THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT!!! LOL!!! emoticon

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MISS_VIV 6/26/2009 11:14PM

    ok, THE BEST LAID PLANS OF MICE AND MEN... or SPARKLE LADY trying to get a walking group together. Depending on how it goes tomorrow. I will definitely be up to finding a place, somewhere between where you and I live, that we can get together and do our walking thing.
Gardening hat, sunscreen and tenni's...........I still plan to be at the Capital at 9'ish tomorrow morning, so if you are out and running around about then. Look for me at the West Side of the Capital. I'll be there and I am sure you will be able to identify me. (maybe no gardening hat tomorrow.....)


Comment edited on: 6/26/2009 11:14:57 PM

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DLDAY08 6/26/2009 10:12AM

    I'm glad to see you are walking. If I were there you could bet I would be walking with you. I live in a small town and try and walk every where I go. 2 mile round trip to the post office. 4 1/2 blocks to the local grocery store. I'm hoping to get a 6 mile walk in this summer with a friend of mine. (Early in the morning)
We are allowed to mess up and eat something we feel we shouldn't every once in a while. You will never stay on a diet if you don't allow yourself to "splurge" every once in a while. If we were perfect we would not need Yeshua. Praying you don't give up.

Diane emoticon

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Walking at McKinley Park @ 11am

Monday, June 22, 2009

emoticon Well, I tied a red ribbon to my left tennis shoe string and drove over to McKinley Park to hopefully meet up with SparkPeople that were able to turn out at 11am for the walk in the park I posted on the SacSparkles Team page. I parked the care and headed over to the entrance of the library/clubhouse and waited for anyone sporting a red ribbon (shirt, hat, whatever), but alas no one showed. So around 11:10 I headed out for the first step of the 'Sacramento Parks Walking Group'.
Today was just gorgeous! Finding a parking place around the park was no problem, the rose garden was a blaze with color and everyone on the path were all smiles. I counted about 52 folks (men, women, children, babies & about 5 dogs) on my walk around the park. There were a lot of things going on at the park, kids group at the swimming pool, doggy meet up, full tennis courts and most intriguing: a yoga group of about 8 ladies w/mats laid out stretching out in the shade of a big old oak.

I'm glad I got out to enjoy the park and get in a little exercise this morning.


McKinley Library & Clunie Center meet up spot

McKinley Park Rose Garden sign

Pretty view of couple walking enjoying our beautiful rose garden

Typical view of jogging/walking path at McKinley Park

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MISS_VIV 6/23/2009 10:19AM

    I am sorry that there weren't any other spark people there to walk with you. Glad there were plenty of people there to share the beauty of the park. (I would join you, but just too far to drive on a regular basis.) Keep smiling and walking and it will pay off big time.


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DLDAY08 6/23/2009 8:59AM

    I would have met up with you to walk if I lived close enough. My friend and I walked 3 miles at the park yesterday. I'm glad you enjoyed your walk. emoticon

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Gutta cavat lapidem, non vi, sed saepe cadendo!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Morning all,

I've been rocking and rolling since 6am; so many "family things" to get done. Finally, stopped to at least check in & huddle w/some of my 'peeps'. On one of the huddle walls, a member (FCASTELO) wrote:

"Gutta cavat lapidem, non vi, sed saepe cadendo."

Which of course pricked my interest (since my latin is none existence). Anyway, the definition to the phrase is this:

"The drop hollows out the stone by frequent dropping, not by force; constant persistence gains the end. "

I loved it! This was just the little nugget I needed for the day and for my steady walk to a better healthier me.


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INKYDINKYDOO 6/29/2009 8:40PM

    What a gorgeous photo! What a wonderful saying! I'm going to remember this for a very long time. Thanks, Mim . . . and FCASTELO, wherever you are.


P.S. And, thanks for the translation! My Latin stinks, too.

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