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"a little leaven leavens the whole lump" 1 Corinthians 5:6

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My family and I are Torah observant, and keep Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread.

We've been busy cleaning the house, searching our pantries for any signs of breads/crackers, etc. that have leavening in them and either giving them away to our neighbors or to Loaves and Fishes, that gives food & meals to the needy. We've also been busy evaluating ourselves and to see how much "cleaning" is still needed in our own personal lives.

Although the Days of Unleavened Bread are first mentioned in the Old Testament (Exodus 12:15,19-20), it is in the New Testament that we learn more fully that today's leaven pictures sin. The New Testament also shows the connection between Jesus' Passover sacrifice and the removal of sin from our lives.

In someways, I liken my failure to meet my weekly health goals as a type of "sin", or missing the mark. So in addition, to evaluating my "spiritual" house I'm also going to evaluate my "physical" house as well.

Ciao for now.

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NOWELLE76 4/4/2010 11:27AM

    Sounds interesting... I bet loaves and fishes is brimming with bread right now! hehe.... I don't like to think of my weight as sin, but glutton and lack of self-control is a sin. I know that God will help me when I ask.

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LEHUALADY 4/3/2010 3:12AM

    I REALLY like this! I always thought of this time of the year as "New Beginning" and it goes right along with what you wrote...I realize I need to gear up on the self-discipline...sloth is no longer acceptable!

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GETDONE 4/1/2010 1:14AM

    It is that time of year to take a good look within.
Thank you for sharing the Good News.

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MEGANC1988 3/31/2010 3:38PM

    Glad cleaing is going well!

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MISS_VIV 3/31/2010 10:44AM

    I am doing Spring Cleaning as well. Mental and spiritual cleaning that I hope will free up my mind to allow new thoughts and plans come together. Taking a new look at my place here on the earth (and on Spark people as well). Happy Spring and a fresh outlook.

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The pizza & beer Sirens ...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Well the crew (hubby, nephew, mom & pop) loaded up the 6 chairs plus a picnic table in our trucks and hauled them up to the cabin Thursday. Hubby & I stayed over and had a date-day on Friday piddling around the cabin then heading back to Sacramento.

On the way down we were amazed at the number of new vineyards and wineries that have gone in and are up and running along Shenadoah Road in Amador County. Friday was such a beautiful day too. Wildflowers are popping everywhere-gorgeous ( I love seeing fields of baby blue eyes & goldfields!), and the wild turkeys were everywhere along the Jackson Highway/State Route 16!

After we passed Rancho Murieta, we decided to stop at the Davis Ranch (www.davisranchproduce.com) at Sloughhouse to pick up some fresh asparagus for dinner. Driving by we wished we could buy the Sloughhouse Inn and make a go of it as restraunteurs. (Hmmm, how about a Spark People restaurant at Sloughhouse! wouldn't that be the coolest!)

Next we stopped in at the Green Acres Nursery (Hwy 16 & Florin-Perkins Road) in search of foothill penstemon. Wow was that place busy and full of beautiful color!

THEN, as we got near the house we had a pizza and beer attack. Yep. We had to stop at the Extreme Pizza on Exposition Blvd (this is the pizza-bar where everyone knows my hubby's name). So with a devil may care attitude I succumbed to the pizza and beer Sirens ... They have the best pizza and the most interesting collection of beers. I had the 'drag it through the garden' pizza & stout, it was delish!

As Scarlet Ohara says "tomorrow is another day!!!".

Then of course, I opened up my emails and just giggled when I went through my Cathy Throne stuff.

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MOONDANCE323 4/4/2010 9:45AM

    pizza & beer? my favorite!!! emoticon

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GETDONE 3/30/2010 9:42PM

    Sounds so lovely!

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MEGANC1988 3/28/2010 1:47PM


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SACTOKAREN 3/27/2010 4:11PM

    Thanks for sharing!

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SACGIRL 3/27/2010 3:32PM

    Sometimes pizza and beer just hits the spot and there are no replacements for it!! I have a confession too...I had pizza and beer last night too and it was AWESOME! Back to a protein shake today haha! Have a great weekend!

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MISS_VIV 3/27/2010 12:34PM

    Sounds like you had a terrific time, thank you for sharing it with us. Wish you could have shared the pizza and beer.
What a great way to start another week.

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Difficulty balancing life this past week

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I've had difficulty balancing my life (spiritual, physical, emotional, etc.) this past week. So am trying not to get too down on myself for not sticking w/my Spark Goals.

On the spiritual side. I'm trying to get ready for the up coming holy days Pesach/Passover & the Days of Unleavened Bread, which my family & I celebrate in a Torah-Messianic observant manner based on the lunar calendar that declares the new month with the siting of the crescent moon (verses the astronomical new moon where no light is visible). Over the years our observance of these holy days have separated me from a lot of folks that I used to fellowship with; which makes these days kind of bitter sweet. This year I seem to be focusing mostly on 1) the physical preparation aspects of these days (cleaning out all the leavened bread in the home, buying Matzo's, digging out my unleavened bread recipes, etc.); and 2) old spiritual friends that I've lost touch with over the years. So I've either been busy, busy, busy cleaning or weepy sad thinking about old friends.

On the physical side. I've been super busy w/preparation work for Open Garden Day at the Native Plant Garden, which I manage as a volunteer. After working at the garden last Sunday, I decided to post a "free native plant" add in the Sacramento Craig's List free section, to give away babies/volunteer native plants that would need to be thinned/weeded out and thrown in the green pile -and get a little help weeding some of the plots. The native plants I listed for give away: Ca. wild rose, Ca. fuchsia, and St. Catherine's lace. The response I got was overwhelming, over 175 email responses to respond to and 3 5-hour days this past week committed to connecting with folks at the garden this past Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. This all on top of my regular volunteer e-mails, phone calls, budget work & planning for the garden (including irrigation, signage & mapping projects). MY BAD: after each session, I stopped at the Jamba Juice on Broadway for an original. MY GOOD: The garden work was tons of fun & full of exercise walking and/or gardening for over 20 hours.

"Free" Craig's list chairs. When I was getting ready to post my plant add in the free section, I of course had to take a few minutes and peruse the free section and happened upon an add giving away 6 all wood homemade adirondack chairs that had fallen in to disrepair. FREE, ALL WOOD!!! I immediately had to send my response that I would love to pick them up if they were still available; they were so nephew and I picked them up last Tuesday, and my pop & started working on repairing them. We finished staining them yesterday evening! MY BAD: Gin & tonics w/lime & fresh kumquats at the end of each day. MY GOOD: Exercising was definitely part of getting the repairs done, these chairs weigh a ton! and in the end the dang chairs look good and they only cost me 2 boxes of deck screws & a gallon of wood stain. (I'll take a photo today for posting here later.)

I did manage to get out twice last week for walks w/my cousin Alma at Carmichael Park & the mall, plus got in 2 morning yogas. Unfortunately, I failed to make it to the gym. I don't even want to get on the scale, only have another week before the end of the month weigh in. Oh, yeah and I still haven't finished my taxes yet.

Hoping that I do better this week.


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GARDENMARIE1 3/31/2010 1:40PM

    I enjoyed your blog, I agree and have been giving a lot of thought to balance this week. I really think that is the answer for a peaceful life. I struggle trying to get it right also. I think it is a worthy goal for us all. Good luck and God's grace to us all. Love your love of native plants and water wise gardening. I am converting my yard little by little. I have changed out all my tea roses to knock out and iceberg and have let my hydrangea and other high water plants go. I am going to plant some California wild lilac and some Mexican petunias to replace others and try to retain the cottage garden look that I love while still being responsible with water. Here is another example of balance. Purple and pink are happy colors I have a lot of sea lavender among the pick knockouts I really like the contrast. Happy spring Passover and Easter I also love a good beer myself. hehehe Marie

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GETDONE 3/26/2010 12:45AM

    Sound like a good balance to me!!! emoticon

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2NDLIFE1 3/24/2010 11:47PM

  Difficulty balancing your life??? I think you did a great job, and got in a lot of exercise/physical activity this week! You're too hard on yourself, mimulusbug.

Interested to learn you work with native plants. Last year I had my ratty-looking front lawn removed and put in some drought-resistant plants, a drip system and mulch. Alas, I found out the hard way that lavenders don't like being watered. To think I kept spraying them because I thought they were drying out--- and all the time I was just encouraging fungal growth (according to the great book I got last week). Will be planting more now that I have a better idea of what works.


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MEGANC1988 3/24/2010 2:01PM

    You sound so busy! Gardening is a work out on its own, so you may be actually working on the fitness side with out realizing it.

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Rainy day yoga today...

Friday, March 12, 2010

The wet weather has kept me inside, so decided to pop in the beginning yoga DVD this morning. I feel like a rusty-duck trying to keep up with the beginner yoga position; almost discouraged by how weak & stiff I am. The presenters make it look so easy; they are so limber!!! At the end of todays session, I was really trying to relax and keep my mind clear & calm -but didn't do so well. I kept thinking that I need to do yoga every day if I'm ever going to limber up!!! But no matter how pitiful my yoga attempts were, I felt really great after I finished up.

Anyway, this all made me think of cartoon I recieved from Cathy Throne, which I hope you enjoy:

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MEGANC1988 3/16/2010 3:20PM

    I love this comic, so cute!

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GETDONE 3/13/2010 11:07PM

    Keep up the yoga it does get easier. I only do a few positions I do what I can and it has helped.
Thanks for the kind words on my blog.

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Revealing Questionaire, from SOULCOLLAGESUE

Thursday, March 11, 2010

SOULCOLLAGESUE posted this questionaire. She says it's not as easy as you might think! Copy and Paste into your own blog, change the answers to suit you. It's really hard to only use one word answers.

Where is your cell phone?
Charging on the piano.

On the couch watching basketball game

Your hair?
in a pigtail

Your mother?

Your father?

Your favorite thing?
Yahweh & His creation

Your dream last night?

Favorite drink?
Morning Coffee with a dollup of Baileys Irish cream

What room are you in?
Home office

Your hobby?

Your fear?
Ignorantly hurting someone and not even knowing it

Where do you want to be in 6 years?
On my ranch or farm

Where were you last night?

Something that you aren't?
high maintenance

love 'em

Wish list item?

Last thing you did?
wash dishes

What are you wearing?
jeans, t-shirt & flip flops

Your pets?
3 cats (Tigger, Squeaky & Bootsie) 1 dog, Miss Bella


Your life?
Too short

Your mood?
tired by satisfied

Missing someone?
my baby sister

my water!!!!

Your car?
Toyota Camry, but mostly bomb around in my Mazda beater truck

Something you're not wearing?
Socks & glasses

Your favorite store?
book stores!

Your favorite color?

When is the last time you cried?
Last night

Where do you go over and over?
to bed, LOL!

Five people who email me regularly?
Family & friends

Favorite place to eat?
home is #1

Favorite place I'd like to be right now?
at my cabin

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MIMULUSBUG 3/12/2010 10:20PM


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GETDONE 3/12/2010 1:03AM

    Being in a garden is one of my favorite places!! I brings peace and purpose.

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