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Good sign... twitching

Monday, December 06, 2010

Yes, that's right... I think twitching is a good thing. I'm referring to the minuscule twitching you feel in your muscles after a good workout! I'm sitting here right now at the computer. I've just finished a new workout (to me)... Leslie Sansone's 3-mile Abs Workout. And, I can feel these little twitches in the muscles of my quads and hamstrings. Nice feeling. :-) I'm getting my workouts in even though my elliptical is unusable at the moment. :-( Still waiting and hoping to goony repairguy can figure out what's wrong with it. He must be one of the most incompetent dudes in earth! I called his company to see if they could send someone else, but he is their only person in my area. It is irritating but at least I've got other options. I'm missing my walking outside, but the weather makes that near impossible. Or, at least, very uncomfortable. Today was a high of 25... Brrrrr!

Welp... that's it for now. :-)

Checking in (Take 2!)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm playing with my new iPhone and its video features. I look pretty awful in this video, but it's summertime and I just don't wanna wear any makeup! I need a haircut something awful too!

Anywho.... HI!

March was a blur

Monday, April 12, 2010

I've been absent from blogging here for a while, so I thought I'd do a little recap of my time... It is now April. Hard to believe, but here it is. And nearly mid-April at that! wow. March was a blur and frankly, I can't remember too much of what happened other than following the usual path of life. There were birthdays... my mom's and mine. I made an "executive" decision back during my mother's birthday that I was done with the usual sister-drama, and I did not go up to my sister's for my mom's birthday. I decided I do not need the negativity in my life that my sister (and her husband) inevitably bring. Avoidant, yes.... Necessary, absolutely! So, I had my folks down the next weekend. What my sister thinks of this, I do not know nor do I care. Done. My birthday was low-key and that was perfectly great. It was a gorgeous Spring day that day, so I spent most of it outside getting in the first turning of the soil in our veggie garden. Then, my husband and I headed up to the "big city" for some oompah birthday celebration at the German restaurant... Schmidt's. mmmm... beer and Bahama Mamas and cream puffs! decadent!

Then, suddenly it was April! This month started off perfectly delightful with a little vacay to North Myrtle Beach. I did much relaxing, walking on the beach, yoga, meditating and reflecting. It was perfect.... just what I needed. The weather was darn near perfect as well. I got a massage while there so that rounded it out well. :-) Came home to bad news that my husband's grandmother had taking a turn for the worse and was not likely to make it much longer. She ended up passing the next day. We are in St. Louis now... had her funeral today. There is little reason for sorrow though... she was 92 and lived a full life. She was also experiencing reoccurring problems and a lot of pain, so she was ready.

I've done a pretty darn good job with finding healthy opportunities with all this traveling. Too much food, no doubt. But, I did a TON of exercise while in NMB... I walked that beach several times, many times for an hour each. And, while here in St. Louis, I've gotten outside for walks around our hotel and in the immediate area everyday. Actually just got back from a 40 minute walk just a bit ago. Very nice weather here too which makes it easy.

Well... that's pretty much the synopsis of my absence from blogging. Now I'm just looking forward to wrapping up this school year and making some plans for next year. There is a possible retirement at my workplace that I'm waiting to feel the effects of. Additionally, I've got my resume and applications out to be on the safe side. I figure I deserve to continue to *try* for happiness in my career, even though it is starting to feel like a never-ending search.

Later, M

My quote (lol moment)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The story of my quote... (heehee):
I made a totally kick-a$$ dinner tonight... whole wheat spaghetti, spinach, shrimp, among other tasty ingredients. Very healthy and yummy. After dinner, my husband had just come back in the house from taking our dogs outside and he said, "It smells like Red Lobster in here." And I replied, "Yeah, except without all the fat and butter and stuff." And he says, "And without the biscuits." (Ya know... those completely sinful garlic butter biscuits they have). "I suppose," I said. "But, I'm better off without them." He says, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?" Here comes my awesome quote (hahahaha!):
"hmmm... Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but not fatter."

Maybe nobody thinks that is as poignant as I do. haha! It just seemed like such an apropos thing to say at that moment.

Anywho... Onward and Upward, my friends! :-)

Wrapping up 28-day Program

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is it really possible that this is February 24th?? I guess so... and that means it is Day 24 of my 28-day The Spark Program. I've dropped off in my blogging on here. No reason really, just haven't had anything to say (!). ;-)

The month has been FABULOUS! Truly. I've gotten in touch again with my eating habits and nutrition. However, I realized yesterday... that I need to stop banging myself over the head with it. I am still eating very reasonable portions, more veggies and fruits, and tons of water. Even if I go over my calories for the day... every day. grrr! The point is I'm healthier, and you can't alway focus on these numbers. Whether it is calories, fat grams, or the numbers on the scale. I'm taking the advice of an yoga author whose book I've just finished = Sometimes you just gotta listen to your body. Once you are in touch with what it really needs (as opposed to being victim to your cravings all the time), you can just listen to it. It will tell you what you need. :-)

Where I'm really doing FABULOUS is with exercise. I've upped my minutes of quality exercise so much in these last 28 days. My Spark America goal is to get 1,000 minutes a month (to reach 12,000 in 2010)... Well, during this 28 day program in February, I surpassed 1,000 like two days ago! Still a couple more days to go and just gonna add to those minutes. I've been really getting in the yoga as well, which is something I've wanted to do but in the past convinced myself I needed the cardio more. But, not during this month.... A new yoga DVD has been very helpful in doing this.

Onwards and upwards, my friends!

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