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Great start...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Just a short post to celebrate the great start I've had so far in my recommitment to sparking. I have logged for my food consistently (the good, the bad, and the ugly) for the last few days. And, I've made the time after putting the twins to bed to get down to my elliptical each of the last two nights... One night logging 25 minutes and the next 20 minutes. It's a beginning, and it feels good. I haven't kicked my cigarettes yet because I've got a weird frugal thing that I paid for them, so I'm going to finish the pack. But, there are only like 4 cigarettes left, so... once they are gone, they are gone!!

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LASTXAROUND 6/19/2014 4:18PM

    Great start for sure. Kicking the smoking habit will not only benefit you but everyone else around you.

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Toxic Habits

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

In this post, I just wanted to lay out and acknowledge the toxic habits that I've slide into during my absence from SparkPeople.

1. Unfettered Eating / Using food for other reasons: While heavily involved in SP in the past, I really focused on shifting my focus to food ONLY being a source of bodily nutrition. Food should only be for that purpose. It is not for an activity when I'm bored. It is not for a social activity. It is not to soothe me after a stressful day. It is not a reward. It is ONLY for nutrition for my body to operate. And to operate at the highest level possible. That means eating and drinking things that are nutrition. If I'm not using food for any of those other reasons, that eliminate the "need" to eat unhealthy food. Now, does that mean I never have ice cream or a beer. No... I strongly believe in moderation and not trying to completely eliminate anything from my diet. So, my focus will be on "food as nutrition" opposed to those other things to a high level (say 85-90 %) and then, be AWARE of when I'm using for food / drink for other reasons.

2. Doing nil for activity: I need to get a least a minimal activity in my day. I've fallen into the toxic habit of allowing my situation to serve as very reasonable excuses for not exercising. I say "reasonable" excuses because... they are. I'm raising twins. They are toddlers. I work full time. And, I commute a long distance for that work. Time is a problem. And... sorry, but it is a reasonable problem. YET, I need to get passed this because this is toxic for me. I need to have exercise. It is not only good for my body's health, but also my mental health. I think I sleep better. My clothes fit better.

3. Smoking: Yup. I've recently been drawn to smoking again. I don't know why. I can't put my finger on it. But, nonetheless, last week I was at a gas station picking up a sandwich, and I bought cigarettes. I've been smoking a couple everyday since. Not much, granted, but this is not something I really want to be doing. This act of buying cigarettes and smoking for the last week or so is, I believe, was has ultimately was the impetus for me getting back on here. This toxic habit will get kicked again... just as it was nearly 7 years ago.

4. Not acknowledging my need for quiet / meditation: This is admittedly next to impossible now that I have twin toddlers. But, they do have a very consistent bedtime that occurs between 7:30 - 8:00 every night. That is my time. I'm going to focus on using that first to get movement and exercise back into my life. Then, once I've got that habit going, I'm going to focus in on adding at least one day a week of yoga and/or meditation.

I that is a pretty good summary of my toxic habits as they stand currently. So, my initial targets are to knock off the smoking (this shouldn't be hard b/c that is a recent, short-lived slide), log my food and attend again to what and how I'm using food (I'll just focus on awareness first, then making some solid change next), and incorporate exercise into my days again. For exercise, I will make the effort to walk for about 10 minutes during my work day, until I'm off work for the summer. Additionally, I'm going hop back on that elliptical that is languishing in my basement.

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PENNYSAVER2 6/19/2014 11:01AM

    Hang in there. Hopefully, you will be back on track soon.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Just a brief video blog to reaffirm my recommitment (that's a lot of "re-s") to my Spark Program!

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DEB42615 6/24/2014 6:35AM

    Mimi - good morning from Indiana :)

I'm with you in that I am also recommitting myself to Sparkpeople this past week. I've worked with it several times and always get stronger when I do.
One day at a time :)

Debbie V. emoticon

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Good sign... twitching

Monday, December 06, 2010

Yes, that's right... I think twitching is a good thing. I'm referring to the minuscule twitching you feel in your muscles after a good workout! I'm sitting here right now at the computer. I've just finished a new workout (to me)... Leslie Sansone's 3-mile Abs Workout. And, I can feel these little twitches in the muscles of my quads and hamstrings. Nice feeling. :-) I'm getting my workouts in even though my elliptical is unusable at the moment. :-( Still waiting and hoping to goony repairguy can figure out what's wrong with it. He must be one of the most incompetent dudes in earth! I called his company to see if they could send someone else, but he is their only person in my area. It is irritating but at least I've got other options. I'm missing my walking outside, but the weather makes that near impossible. Or, at least, very uncomfortable. Today was a high of 25... Brrrrr!

Welp... that's it for now. :-)


Checking in (Take 2!)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm playing with my new iPhone and its video features. I look pretty awful in this video, but it's summertime and I just don't wanna wear any makeup! I need a haircut something awful too!

Anywho.... HI!


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