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I'm Back

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The last two weeks for me have been really busy. I'm back after having been in Washington, D.C. for the inauguration. What an incredible experience!! It was amazing to see so many Americans together for a common purpose and the energy in the air was positive and electric.
I took my workout clothes with me but forgot to pack my sneakers, however to get around the Capital I walked everywhere. As with most vacations, it's really hard to stay focused with nutrition because of eating out mostly- and it was difficult. I tried to make really good choices but I'm still working on that discipline soooo--I'm home now and ready to start again.

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SHERI1969 1/25/2009 10:02PM

    First of all, welcome back! Secondly, I watched the Inauguration here in Canada and just loved it. I hope you get back into routine and things are good for you. Glad you got some exercise in there. I hope you took pictures so you'll have memories that will pass on through the ages!

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First full Week

Friday, January 09, 2009

Well, I would call this week a success. I went to the gym on Monday and Wednesday and worked out for 1 and a half hour. My goal is to attend the gym every other day so that I'm working out one day and recovering one day. I didn't go to the gym today so I'm going to make up the day tomorrow.

One thing I promised myself I wouldn't do is to get ritualistic and rigid about working out. I'm attempting to make this a lifestyle change and not a hurry up and lose weight change. I am reminding myself that life happens and sometimes routines change. What I want to be more than ritualistic (i.e., I have to be at the gym at 5:00 p.m. on Monday or all is lost type of mentality) is consistent and disciplined ( I will work out 3x's this week).

On the nutrition side, I have been doing well. My biggest challenge is my cooking for myself. A personal chef sounds great... maybe one day. emoticon

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SHERI1969 1/9/2009 11:38PM

    You've got the idea down. Especially not getting rigid and ritualistic. You are off to a flying start and I hope you keep that attitude as you move through the steps. Best wishes. emoticon

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Tomorrow's My Jump-Start Day

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Well I actually feel ready. Since November I've been logging onto SP almost daily (getting use to navigating the system, racking up points, huddling with my teams, etc.) I can say that all this activity has me psyched about starting tomorrow. I've decided that I'm going to start small- making a commitment to go at least 2x's this week if I attend more days that's cool. As far as nutrition is concerned since Friday I haven't eaten any sweets... no cookies, cakes, ice cream, Twizzlers, Goobers emoticon. Drinking water has never been a real challenge because for years, it's my beverage of choice. I don't drink soda or fruit punches, rarely any alcohol unless it's a special occasion. So my water intake is good. I've planned for my meals and snacks, although I can see now that dinner this week may be a problem. We'll see...

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SHERI1969 1/4/2009 8:31PM

    Well, it sounds like you are ready....good luck while you get ready to go! Can hardly wait to hear the results!

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First Steps

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today is my first blog on SP. Today is also the day I renewed my gym membership at my fitness club. I'm excited and ready to start working out again, especially since I joined the Burn 3500 team.

I'm really looking forward to developing discipline and consistency in my fitness routine. I feel this is my year for success.

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EFREEDOM 1/3/2009 3:39PM

    You can do it! All that can stop you is you sitting still! Here's to you and 2009!!!

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SHERI1969 12/30/2008 10:23PM

    Welcome to blogging and good luck at your gym! I hope you are able to achieve all the goals you have set for yourself and that you get lots of encouragement!

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