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Let's do it one more time

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I am restarting Spark People today. I weighed in at 213 pounds and that is just 90 pounds too heavy. I restarted my goals and tracked my food today. Did very well, really - so long as I don't eat any more. Of course, a salad packed with veggies and strawberries, three boiled eggs and a cup of ramen noodles has me full now :P

I'm really tired today, didn't sleep well last night. I'm trying to work up enough motivation to walk to the end of the drive and back, but I'm not sure I'll make it out of my seat. I'm trying to wait till 10 to go to bed, so I am not awake all night.

I'm cutting soda and candy, and working toward getting my diet settled back where it needs to be.

One step at a time.

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BEEJAY49 4/11/2013 4:30AM

    Welcome home! Keep walking forward, you CAN do this! :) HUGS!

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TRACYLYNN853 4/10/2013 7:29PM


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KNEWMETODAY 4/10/2013 7:29PM

    Welcome back! It is a journey and not for the faint of heart. Move forward and don't look back.

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Tired and sleepy

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

But I have things that need to be done. Think I'll take a 1 hour nap and hit it hard once I've rested.

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TRACYLYNN853 4/10/2013 7:32PM

    It ok! When you wake up everything you need to get done will be right there waiting on you. Take time for yourself.

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I guess I really need to lose weight ...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I decided to make today my healthy RE-start and what happens? An earthquake in Virginia - less than 100 miles from here. /sigh ... and I thought Thunder Thighs was just a derogatory expression.


Coming out of hibernation

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm like a grumpy bear. This winter was long, cold, dark and all I did was hibernate. I've set my goals pretty low. Right now, all I want to do is lose 25 pounds. That's it. Just 25 pounds and get back to 165. I'll decide what I want to do from there once I reach that goal.

I reset my trackers today. I know HOW to do this, just making myself do it is the tricky part. I have karate tonight, so that's a good thing with exercise. I hope Sensei G is there tonight because I seem to get a good work out when ever he's around.

God Bless,

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SENSEIIRENE 4/18/2011 5:35PM

    Come back to us on the Women's MA group!! We'll kick your butt (figuratively, of course)... LOL

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BEEJAY49 4/15/2011 4:32AM


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1 rank away from brown belt ...

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My daughter and I passed our belt ranking test last evening. She is now a 6th grade green belt and I am now a 4th grade green belt with two stripes. When I pass my next ranking test, I'll be a 3rd grade brown belt.

I say "when" but I am content for that to be some time in the future. I really feel the need to work on what I know and get it polished and increase my general level of fitness, strength and endurance before I am ready to progress. When I went to the seminar in November, I met alot of excellent martial artists who set the bar for me VERY high. Not that they personally came to me and said "this is how good you have to be", but rather I looked at where they are and decided that is how high the bar is set. I don't expect to be as good as, say, Mike Sullinger, within a year or two - good heavens, he's been practicing the Martial Arts for over 30 years. But I want a certain level of performance and competence before I take the step to brown, so that during my brown rankings (we have 3 in the AKS), I can continue to polish so that when I do test for black, I know I am the most competent and able I can possibly be. I don't want a "gimme" rank. I want to know that I am good enough to have earned it.

So, this morning, I am sitting here and thinking what my goals are for this year. Where do I want to be NEXT January 4th? NOT where I am at right now, that's for sure. I want to progress, improve, excel.

My Goals for 2012

1. Lose 1 to 1.5 pounds per month toward the goal of reaching 125 pounds.
2. Increase my stamina to where I can do a full hour of kata and technique and not be winded.
3. Increase my strength to where I can hold a back stance or a horse stance for at least 30 minutes.
4. Increase my strength to where I can pump out 100 military issue push ups in 2 minutes.
5. Improve my diet strategy so that I am eating healthfully and consciously at every meal.
6. Improve my flexibility to where I can do a full split.
7. Improve my flexibility to where I can reach half way down my back with either hand and reach up with the opposite hand behind me and clasp hands.
8. Increase my cardio endurance to where I can go for a full hour doing any exercise or activity without feeling like I am going to die.
9. Improve all kata till I can perform them with great excellence and my Senseis don't see any major thing they can correct in my form, that all corrections are polishing tweaks.
10. Improve all techniques till my execution of them is polished and of the highest excellence, with power and precision.

All martial arts related, I know - but I don't want to be this weak willed, undisciplined woman any more.

So what will I do today to reach these goals? Remember it's always today. Practice karate for 1 hour every day at a minimum. Start cleaning the basement again so I have a room to work out in. Do 10 reps of 10 exercises on my suspension trainer. Do Praise Moves. Do Tae Bo.

That is what I will do today to reach my goals.

God Bless,

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TIGERSMUM 1/8/2011 7:28PM

    Hey Mik -- Warmest congratulations to you and your daughter!!!!

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MYREALANA 1/4/2011 11:48AM

    Congratulations on the new rank.

Focus on your goals and you can do it!

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CHALLENGER15 1/4/2011 9:02AM

    "Where do I want to be next January 4?" I have spent some time thinking about where I WAS last January 4; I haven't spent so much thinking about where I want to be this time next year. Thanks for "sparking" that thought for me.

I like your goals!

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