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comming back to exercise

Thursday, April 21, 2011

i am comming back to exercise and eating right little by little, i have been taking care of my mom since feb. 3rd due to her having a pacemaker put on her heart muscle, and last month they
had to replace the atrium lead to her pacemaker. while I have been taking care of her i have not been going to the gym much.
But started drinking 2 quarts of water each day, i might up it somtime but for now i will be drinking 2 quarts. My mom gave me one of her hospital cups that she got. I have been using that and it holds 1 quart of water, so i have decided to drink 2 quarts of water a day and it is helping i just had my 3 month reprogram and i weighed 137 so it still was not good but the trainer who did the reprogram said that i was away from the gym and taking care of my mom
which is a good thing( maening taking care of my mom is a good thing) which it is, i love taking care of my mom. but my husband did hint that i should workout again.
my mom is doing better and she wants to help me save gas money by having me take care of her on wednesday's until she gets totally better. so now i can workout on the other days.
i am going to be pounding the exercise pavment and start trying to reach my weightloss goal
with the help of God and SP


What a beautiful day, for my first hike

Monday, June 14, 2010

I had a great morning, i started off with a sausage mcMuffin and I Hike halfway
up White oak canyon in Madison Virginia. it was good to get out of the house
and to a different place then the gym; and be with friends.
we went and ended up at the lower part of the water falls, it was as one of my friends said
delightsome. we stuck our feet in the water and ate a snack while sitting on rocks.
it was really a great day.


what has been on my mind lately

Monday, April 19, 2010

what has been on my mind lately.
I have been studying for my White belt in Taekwondo
it has been going pretty good. I am trying to grow my hair out long and straight
I got a hair cut last month to try and get the perm i had in my hair from 2004
that i was not taking care of. because i don't have naturally curly hair at all
i am going to let it grow out then cut any remainder of the perm leftovers
and just leave it alone and enjoy my long straight hair.


what a wonderful rest of the week and week end

Thursday, April 01, 2010

It is just a beautiful day and it is going to be a great weekend also weather wise.
i have been making some progress on my meal plan as well. Spring is deffinately here
and i am welcoming it. they say it is going to be nice monday as well.
but i am ready for it. and i think i am deffinately over my sickness i had.
i am going to keep working out harder at the gym.


alice in wonderland

Monday, March 29, 2010

i saw alice in wonderland twice, i liked it alot
it was a good movie.


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