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Moving in the Right Direction

Sunday, September 05, 2010

After getting bogged down last week, I am making progress again. I stuck to doing strength training 5 times this week. That is a record for me. It helped me to plan to do strength training every day but to only hold myself to five days a week. I still don't enjoy strength training but I do see the need and my weight is moving in the right direction again. I am looking forward to loosing the next 2 pounds and redoing my body measurements. I have actually hit the 25 pounds lost mark this week but I want to get down another 2 pounds so that I can be sure that I will maintain the loss for more than a week before I do my measurements. However, I did discover that I couls get into a smaller size of pants that I had hiding out in my closet. They are still tight but I could get into them and fasten them. YYIIPPEE!!!!
I have been looking at some peoples before and after pictures and wondering if I could do that myself. But I can't bring myself to post my face. For the same reasons that I don't use my name. I wonder if just body pictures would be as effective. I think that I might do it for me even if I never decide to post the pictures. Something to think about.

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SUGARBABY60 9/6/2010 3:45AM

    Definitely take the photos of your journey you will be glad that you did. Take some with your face and some without that way you can share them with others and still feel safe at a later time .

I am amazed at my work badge photos I have 2 one from each company I work for and they were taken a year apart ... wow what a difference . emoticon

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DRAMBERT 9/5/2010 11:38AM

    emoticon emoticon
Progress is a great thing!
I loaned before and after pictures to someone who was doing a presentation on weight loss...it is amazing to look back and see the progress.

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New Goal's for Strength Training

Friday, August 27, 2010

I don't know about anyone else but I have lots of trouble maintaining a strength training routine. I have been thinking about my options all week while I have been bogged down at work and at school. I have been doing pretty well with my cardio because I decided that I have to do it everyday for at least 10 minutes. Some days (okay a lot of days) this is still hard for me to do BUT....it is always doable. I decided that I have to look at strength training in the same way. It is something that I need to do everyday. This means changing how I look at strength training. Instead of trying to do a whole body workout 3 or 4 times a week I need to work on different parts of my body EVERY DAY! I am hoping that this change of mindset will help me to develop the life long health habits that I need. I will keep you all updated on my progress. Who knows, maybe my struggles will help someone else on their journies.

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NORTHMOUNTAIN 8/27/2010 7:32AM

    Keep plugging away!

Don't know if this will help or not, but something you can try is integrating strength training into your normal daily activities. Like -- every time you go up stairs, take 2-3 steps (depending on your height) at a time, slowly. That's a pretty effective alternative to squats and lunges, and since you're going up the stairs anyway, it doesn't take any time!

Good luck! emoticon

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MEANCARLEEN 8/27/2010 7:20AM

    emoticonHang in there!

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LOSER05 8/27/2010 7:19AM


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Yesterdays Walk

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yesterday I decided to get up early (4:00am) so that I could exercise before my class at 7 am. I started out walking. The weather was beautiful. I watched the sun rise. It started out great. But about 2 miles into the walk I was looking at the houses I was walking by wondering what they would do if I faked a twisted ankle so that I could use a phone and call for a ride. I so didn't want to walk the last 3/4 of a mile home. Even my poor puppy was dragging. Then I thought about how my family would react if I called and asked for a ride. UUGGG! I couldn't talk myself into knocking on anyones door. I made myself walk the rest of the way home. I felt better for the rest of the day after surviving the walk but I sure didn't enjoy the end of the walk.

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EMILYBBB 8/22/2010 10:26AM

    Thanks for sharing that. I've been there.

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weight holding steady

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My weight has been the same for the last three days, but that is okay. I am well aware that stress hormones make it harder to loose weight and my stress has been very high this week. However, I have been doing pretty well with my diet and I made it through the first week of the 100 day challenge of exercising at least 10 minutes each day. Some days are harder than others (I got a boost today from seeing someone's streak of 317 days- sorry I don't remember the name). I think that once I get through the first 100 days (without missing any) then I will up the stakes and try for 15 minutes every day. Now I do only 10 minutes some days and much more on others, like 40 minutes this morning. Okay, this blog was the end of my break. Time to go back to doing homework.


Rough Week

Saturday, August 14, 2010

This has not been my best week. My divorce was final (something that I never wanted- after 9 years of what I thought was a happy marriage). I got stuck working lots of over time at work. All of this while trying to finish my Master's degree in nursing. On top of all of that I received copies of pictures from my family from my Nephew's birth last week and my face is full of zits (something that has seldom happened to me) and I just look fat. I seldom think of myself that way but this week that is all I am seeing. All I can do is to take one day at a time. As one of my cancer patient's recently reminded me "Pull up your big girl panties and do it!"

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JAMIKA224 8/14/2010 3:09PM

    (((HUGS))) my dear

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TRICIA140 8/14/2010 10:13AM

  I'm sorry you had such a tough week. I hope you have a relaxing weekend and an opportunity to reflect on what is good in your life currently. That helps me when I'm down.

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TRICIA140 8/14/2010 10:13AM

  I'm sorry you had such a tough week. I hope you have a relaxing weekend and an opportunity to reflect on what is good in your life currently. That helps me when I'm down.

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MROSE721 8/14/2010 10:12AM

  very good adv ice, i too have gone through a divorce, i have now remarried and need to tell you what i just recently told my newly remarried son, THANK GOD FOR SECOND CHANCES!!!! will be praying for you for better days ahead. be blessed my friend! keep us posted

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