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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gloves are off. I need to reinvent myself. I couldn't get out of my car tonight. I did eventually, but it took some effort. WTH? Seriously? I could not get out of my car. I wheezed walking over to my car, and yes, possibly some of that may be due in part to allergies, but seriously, I am fat. over fat. I am tired of being huge. I want to make changes, but I am falling short of being my own miracle.

In some ways I am happier than I have ever been, but in others, I am miserable. I need a big freaking push to make myself matter more to me. Why should I have to do that/ WTH? When did I become so complacent that I stopped caring? Who is this? I need my old kick ass self to come back and take charge.


The RIP is born..

The Re-Invention Project.

I don't know how I am going to do it. I don't. But I am starting now. Working on separating the good, from the bad, and the ugly. That's the fat. I am just sick of feeling ugly, not being able to breathe and taking the elevator.

I can't fix it all overnight. I have tried that route. It doesn't work.

But, I got to start somewhere.

I need to go to google maps.

What have you done to reinvent yourself???

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_KATHY 9/17/2011 8:01PM

    My R.I.P was about the same as your's and most everyone's. I just had enough. By now, I know what to do and so do you. Eat less, move more. I believe in myself and try to be rigorously honest about what I eat. . I Use the tools here. I found an exercise I can do and do a lot of. I bought a peddler and sit on the couch and just peddle. I had to find the right position and a good movie to watch but it works for me. I have hand weights and resistance bands as well. I think the most important part of all this is the self honesty. I just can't afford the denial. When those thoughts of wanting to give up come, I refuse to listen. There are things I can do instead. Also, I needed to stop being a perfectionist. Sometimes it's not so important how you get there. It's that you get there. I know I always learn something from mistakes. The road can be a happy place. It has been for me lately.

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DOODIE59 9/16/2011 12:47PM

    Hi Mickey
You're gonna do this. It might be fast, it might be slow (I know -- I've said this before) but it bears repeating. Lots of little steps and being aware that you are improving every single day. You don't suddenly get to goal weight; it's the result of continued effort. So, you wheezed your way to the car today -- I suspect you won't be wheezing in two months. Sound far away? You'll have made lots of little changes in two months ... sixty short days. And in the meantime you're living a healthier life ... it's all good.

(I just need to take my own advice:)). Have a wonderful, crispy-air filled weekend!

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SUZWARNR 9/16/2011 7:41AM

    Great blog! Never give up! I made small weight loss goals for myself. Every 5 pounds. Making small, gradual changes helps too. Remember, you are in the best place. You can do this. I believe in you!

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SARAWALKS 9/16/2011 7:22AM

    I love MUGGLEMOM's comment! Baby steps, baby steps all add up. Her comment reminded me that the first time I tried the elliptical, I could only do it for 2-3 minutes and then I had to rest. That was 5 1/2 years ago, the Christmas after I turned 60, and I was losing my breath power to sing.
Baby steps...
Leslie Sansone's DVDs helped me a lot when I couldn't get to the gym and then when the gym got too expensive. And I can hardly believe I am now running 5Ks - once a week for sure, but aiming for 2x or even 3x a week when I can manage it.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MUGGLE_MOM 9/16/2011 7:16AM

    Wow MickeyMax, what a great blog. You sound so open and ready for the changes that will bring you success. You go Girl!

I love your RIP project. I think it is totally awesome.

Personally, I haven't had all that much success reinventing myself, but I had a friend who worked her RIP project famously. Here is what I saw that she did. Of course, I'm sure that I'm missing stuff, and interpreting stuff, but you'll get the basic gist of it.

- She had a can do attitude. When she first started, maybe she could only do 2 minutes in the elliptical, but that was okay. She would get off and rest a bit and then do it again. She was going to do whatever it took to succeed.

- She made herself a priority. I'm not saying that her hubby and others weren't important, but she made sure that she had what she needed to succeed and did what she needed to do for her, all with a smile on her face most of the time. Taking care of her was non-negotiable.

- She connected with happy, like minded individuals often. Even so far as to calling them when she wanted to chat.

- She never gave up, never gave in. Sometimes she changed the rules to fit her schedule or her life that day, but she always gave it her best effort.

-She exercised (weights/cardio) regularly. She started slow, built on it, and was continually doing more and more. I think one of the last times we chatted she was up over an hour on the elliptical and then walked blocks and blocks through Beantown just to get some extra exercise in while chatting with me on the phone.

- She made sure to get her quota of water in nearly every day, no matter what.

- She ate protein and fibrous carbs at every meal, I think 5X a day.

- She planned her meals and her exercise and followed through to her own success.

- She believed that success breeds success and built on each and every success she had no matter how small or insignificant it seemed at the time.

- She picked short and long terms goals and focused on them to keep her moving forward.

- She stayed positive, not letting the baddies take over.

- She followed her heart, firmly believed that she was worth it, and took the world by storm, one baby step at a time.

I am sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you have what it takes to succeed at your RIP project. Its a process. Not all processes run smoothly, but I have no doubt that yours will be running in the right direction. Please keep us posted, I can't wait to follow this amazing journey and cheer for you along the way!


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BESTCK 9/16/2011 7:06AM

    I am working on being conscious of the things I want to change and noticing changes as they happen. I want the little things to motivate me onto bigger victories.

Congratulations on making the changes you want to see in yourself.

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GEORGIA_KAY 9/16/2011 6:28AM

    I had to get over the idea that one day's eating wouldn't make that much of a difference. What's a few little meals after all? But someone on here wrote (and I wish I could remember who, so I could thank her) that it's like the pages in a book...one thin little page doesn't look like much all by itself, but when you put them all together, they sure make a great BIG, thick book. It made sense to me, and I started believing that even one day, one meal really counts. Just woke up one morning last March and started an eating regime of staying below 1500 calories. Pretty soon, before I even knew it, the weight started dropping. I lost 60 pounds. I still have a long way to go, and I've had my share of slip-ups, it's true. But I know that now I can make my own miracle happen by just starting over again. And again and again if I have to. it all counts to the greater goal!

Love your RIP terminology, Mar :)

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KKINNEA 9/16/2011 12:51AM

    I started small. I sat on SP for a long time then realized that, although running had taken off weight, it wouldn't be easy and mindless forever.

When weight started creeping on, I told myself I would start by drinking the recommended water. When I got that habit down, I went to the next one. I gave myself tons of latitude to begin - track without judgment, lose only half a pound per week - and only ratcheted up when I had met those goals.

Not sure if it works for everyone, but it's a method to try!

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ITSHOWYOULIVE 9/15/2011 10:35PM

    I started "running". In quotes because by most standards I'm not actually running, but for me it is. Just gotta start. Pick something and do it. Good luck with your re-invention...you can do it!

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TEDDYBEARGIRL 9/15/2011 9:47PM

    You asked the question.........What have you done to reinvent yourself???

I had to decide that I wanted thin more than food.

I chose to make a walking program commitment. I have chosen to walk despite the pain. I blog about my walking progress. I took the bold step of signing up for a virtual 5K walk for the end of October. Go read my blogs to know more about my walking journey.

I chose to pick up a book and read instead of picking up food to eat when i truly do not need to eat something. If the weather is permitting I actually take my book outside to read so i am not even near the frig.

I am working on the mental change of replacing one addiction(obsession) with another. I am working on replacing my addiction(obsession) of food with being addicted to exercise(physical activity in general).

That is how i have been working on reinventing myself. I began this reinvent journey just this August. I have belonged to sparks since 2006 but struggled until just recently because my focus was almost 100% on the outside where it needs to begin from the inside out to be a lasting change so I am on my way to a new me now.

I know you can do this!!!!!!

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NATURALROCKS 9/15/2011 9:46PM


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LIL-VIXEN 9/15/2011 9:33PM


Reinventing yourself is a good thing. Just like the Phoenix rising from the aches.

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    Do it. Sometimes reinvention is the best thing. We'll be doing the same next week. As long as you give your best and take no prisoners, change is imminent!

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Payback is a *****

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I hope I did not wake my neighbors when I yelled out, "Are you freaking kidding me?" when I hopped on the scale this morning.

(insert more colorful language here)

Yeah, it was something like that. I walked x minutes, I ate bags of salads, (yes, you read that right), I did this, I did that. ,,,, and I still did not lose the weight I expected to this week. I am not saying that I thought it would ALL fall off this week, but seriously, body, throw me a bone here.

Nope, she says.

I'll drop it when I am good and ready. You keep doing this and that, and when I am ready to throw down a couple, I'll get back to you.

Yes, but I am doing a challenge here. My friends.....what will they think?

Well, your friends will understand. They've met me before. They know I won't budge until I say I am ready to budge.

Oh ok. You're kind of being a ***** though.

Yeah. So. Sue me. You've mistreated me for so long. You've thrown so much crap in me for so long. Just because you say you're ready for me to forgive you, and you are ready to grow up, and work together doesn't mean I am ready to believe you. You have to earn my respect. When I believe you, that you are in this for us, then you will see a difference.

Ok, body wins again. For now. I'll keep trying to do my part, make inroads on where we can come together and hopefully she will see things my way from here on out.

(Disclaimer: no, I am not losing it...just having a conversation with my body).

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

*ERICA* 9/15/2011 12:22PM

    cute blog!
hang in there! it will come off. it seems like you are doing everything right.

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GEORGIA_KAY 9/15/2011 10:14AM

    Mar, I chuckled the whole way through this blog. I love your keen sense of the ridiculous!

LOVE IT!!!!!

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ITSHOWYOULIVE 9/15/2011 12:07AM

    Glad to know I'm not the only one who converses with myself and parts of myself-lol!! Keep up the good work :)!!

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DIFROMWYOMING 9/14/2011 5:28PM

    Oh Mar, I loved this because I have the same reaction to my scale more often than not! (except when I'm looking with only one eye partially open because I KNOW it won't be pretty).
You're doing wonderful, taking care of you. The rest will come. Hang in there. Di

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    hey mickey.
great blog with your body. i could so identify with your conversation.

and i love all the words of encouragement that friends have sent to you.

keep on keeping on.

linda in bama

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TEDDYBEARGIRL 9/14/2011 3:50PM

    This is why I only weigh myself when i set a "milestone" goal such as my 5x shirts are all fitting loose now so i will weigh as I know I have lost some pounds, or i will weigh myself when I have to buy the next sixe down in underware/bra etc as that means i know i have lost some pounds......that way the scale never wins, i win!

For me weighing weekly sets me up for disapointment as I tend to focus and measure my success by the number on the scale....BUT no more. I now only weigh when i know beyobd a doubt I have lost some pounds.

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PATRISNA 9/14/2011 12:41PM

    Mickey You are having NSV (non scale victories) every day! You are really an inspiration to me. I love reading your blogs. I don't always leave a comment on every blog, but you are emoticon


Comment edited on: 9/14/2011 12:42:14 PM

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BIG_BEAR73 9/14/2011 11:37AM

    dont give up, loose inches before lbs anyway!

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NICKB1978 9/14/2011 10:41AM

    i do that all the time!!

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CHANGE_4_ME 9/14/2011 10:28AM

    Hang in there! emoticon

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KKINNEA 9/14/2011 10:11AM

    Keep going - and remember, it is aerobic activity to trash your scale if needed! :)

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KRW4LIFE 9/14/2011 9:29AM

    I have that same problem. Just keep excercising and eating right and soon your body will respond. Keep your head up girl. We have all been there. Hugs

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DOODIE59 9/14/2011 9:23AM

    Oh, yeah, it will happen when it happens:) In the meantime, you can wait for the beautiful moment when you and your body are a team, work as one, strive for the same things ... the perfect symbiotic relationship:)

This will happen, and along the way you get to enjoy each day a little more, with a bit more energy, a clearing mind ... it's all good.

Enjoy the process!

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MUGGLE_MOM 9/14/2011 8:13AM

    Wow. Great blog. Yes, we've all been there. Did everything we were supposed to and the scale won't budge. Wasn't it just yesterday that you blogged that you saw a change in your body. I think your attitude ROCKS. I love the conversation that you had with your bod. It spoke the truth. Continue the respect and it will pay you back.

Keep the faith! You are on the road!!!!

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MSHOPPER63 9/14/2011 7:58AM

    Oh Mickey, girl hang in there!! I tend to jump on the scale every morning which I really need to stop doing. I decided to post last night and good thing I did because this morning the scale was 3 pounds heavier and like you I had some choice words for it.
It was like are you kidding me, now I have to work even harder not to post a gain next week GREAT !!!!

Stay positive my Sapphire Sis, you are making huge improvements in your overall health and the scale will reflect those changes in time.


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    Body does as body pleases.

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BESTCK 9/14/2011 7:19AM

    Mickey, this is perfect. How do you always know what I need? (Oh, yeah! It's cuz we're going through the same thing, Duh!) I have been having this same conversation with my body this week. (I will be blogging about it as soon as I can do so without the profanity you so lovingly left out.)

Very positive response to a negative situation. I can't wait until your body decides to give up and let go of some of that. You're going to rock it.

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PLSMOM 9/14/2011 7:14AM

    Love this blog...I can sooo relate! (and most of your other team members can too!) We've all been there and we'll be there with you to celebrate when your body decides to cooperate. I love the conversation with your body...I can hear mine agreeing with yours..."preach on sister"! emoticon You'll get there...just keep on trying!



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Visual Cues (Day 7 of the Challenge)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I noticed something last night, in the tiniest little way, my stomach is starting to deflate.

Call out the National Guard! WOOT! I was pumped when I saw that tiny little change starting to take place. It was subtle but just enough for me to notice a bit of definition forming. Woot!
Sure, the scale has its place to provide feedback on the numbers, and I can't ignore those either, but this is what jumped out at me. It feels great to see something changing.

I am having a super busy week at work, busy for someone who doesn't flinch at 12 hour days. So last night, I stopped at the supermarket on the way home and brought myself a bag of salad, some fruit and a small container of ice cream. The first two came to work and are now in my fridge. The latter is at home in the freezer, where I will eat, when I have room on my plate....straight from the carton.

I am realizing about myself it is so much more for me about the process. I don't need a lot of ice cream to be satisfied. (Satisfied is my new favorite word). In fact, a couple of teaspoonfuls is just the right portion. It is the enjoyment of having exactly what I want without settling on something else. Even my salad takes that form. I don't mind salad. If I can have it with the dressing I like, I am happy. That has come to work now also. YAY! This fridge idea has been a fantastic addition.

Well sparkies, wishing you all a fabulous day! Today is the last hurrah before the first challenge weigh-in. I am going to take a hint from my pal, NOTABOUTTHEFACE (aka, The Mrs) and go do a few mins of activity at the top of every hour. What a darn good idea! Woo hoo!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

PINKAMBER18 9/16/2011 10:15AM

    emoticon Such an amazing feeling isn't it?!

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MSHOPPER63 9/14/2011 8:04AM

    emoticon on noticing your tummy shrinking. Since your weigh in wasn't what you expected try to keep a journal with your measurements. That's a true test of how well your doing. Noticing those inches disappearing is a great pick me upper.
Keep up the hard work, with every passing day your becoming a leaner/healthier YOU !


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CANNIE50 9/13/2011 9:08PM

    Wow, you are getting healthier by the day! I am so glad you are a Sparkler emoticon

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ITSHOWYOULIVE 9/13/2011 4:27PM

    WootWoot!! Awesome! So glad you are seeing the changes :)! And I agree a little ice cream is a great treat and a little is all it takes! Yes, I love the Mrs' idea of activity on the hour. Way to go!

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MUGGLE_MOM 9/13/2011 2:20PM

    I LOVE that you are seeing the changes!

Whooo Hoooo on your new world of the day! Satisfied is a great word to focus on!

It sounds like the fridge is an awesome addition!

Keep up being the fabulous You that you are!!!!

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TEDDYBEARGIRL 9/13/2011 12:36PM


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MUSTANG_SALLY2 9/13/2011 11:48AM

    Oh I like that plan. I have such a hard time getting myself to break away from my desk and move. Ugh! I'll have to try this.

Best wishes on the weigh-in!


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SARAWALKS 9/13/2011 10:20AM

    Yes, being Satisfied really matters. And I like that idea about a few minutes at the top of every hour!
emoticon for visible definition! ain't it fun??????????? emoticon

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BESTCK 9/13/2011 8:29AM

    I like your attitude about the ice cream and the salad dressing. I agree that there is no point in doing this if we can't be satisfied. But it's not working out as well for me. I'm getting kind of frustrated with the lack of weight loss, regardless of the changes.

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    Congrats on seeing the changes! Isn't it awesome when that happens?! There's never anything as satisfying as the first two bites of anything especially if it's flavorful. Ugh, by the end of the day I was asking myself "WHY did you say you were going to do this treadmill thing?!" LOL By the time we went down to workout for real I was hissing at the basement. It just seemed like the top o' the hour was coming a lot faster than usual! HA! But good for you! It's not a bad thing to get the metabolism moving regularly especially if you're sedentary most of the day like most of us are.

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World's Best Cheat Meal (Day 6 of the Challenge)

Monday, September 12, 2011

What could be better than the world's best cheat meal? ...... A meal that isn't cheating...

Tonight, I stopped at the supermarket (GIANT) on the way home and checked every bag of tortilla chips til I found the best bang for my carb bucks. The store brand won for delivering 14 chips per serving. That coupled with a little cheddar (cut up into tiny bite sized pieces makes it look like more and melts better) and a couple of spoons of salsa and hello! I am in heaven.


Not cheating. Fits perfectly into my plan. Snoopy dance. Because it FEELS like I am indulging and it looks like I am indulging, I feel way more satisfied. It is freaking delightful. It was a blessed ah-ha moment. Making things fit. It's awesome to be taking care of myself on every level.

Hoping you found a way to do some self care for yourselves today as well, sparkies! What say you?

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GEORGIA_KAY 9/15/2011 10:17AM

    To quote Captain John Hannibal Smith of the A-Team..."I love it when a plan comes together!"

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RONIREDD 9/13/2011 10:42AM

    Sounds so good! Going to try this one! Thanks.

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CHANGE_4_ME 9/13/2011 10:24AM

    Great blog! I love it when I find ways of indulging that fit into my plan.

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DOODIE59 9/13/2011 8:57AM

    "It's awesome to be taking care of myself on every level". Hats off to you, Mickey -- that's the way to live:) And the rest of your world will thank you, too:)

Have a great day!

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1CRAZYDOG 9/13/2011 8:05AM

    I am sooooo doing this!!! Thank you.

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MUGGLE_MOM 9/13/2011 7:07AM

Whoooo Hooooo!!!!!!

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1HAPPYWOMAN 9/13/2011 1:44AM

    That sounds great! Very inspiring too! I love when I can have treats that I love and still stay on track!!!

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ITSHOWYOULIVE 9/13/2011 12:14AM

    Mmmm....nachos :)! Great way to fit fun into eating well :)!

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CANNIE50 9/12/2011 10:52PM

    Good for you for doing your homework and finding what works for you.

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LRNG2SWET 9/12/2011 10:49PM

    ha ha I like it! lol emoticon

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D Day (Day 5 of the Challenge)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today is the day I remained true to my word.

I said I'd avoid the newscasts like the plague. I did.

I planned on eating an omelet with spinach/mushrooms for bfast. I did.

I thought about skipping church because of the 9-11 commemorations. I did.

I said I'd go walking. I did. (twice)

I said I'd do laundry. (I will) (ha ha)

Today is becoming the day I planned for myself. I am keeping to my word, and following through - not just letting my plans go to the wayside with the best of intentions.

Life is good. I am terribly sorry for all those families who lost loved ones on this 10th anniversary, and I consider myself one of them. Not related by blood, but a deep, meaningful friendship that I will carry memories with me for the rest of my life. In the meantime, though, I'll be living.

How do you keep your word to yourself, sparkies?

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ITSHOWYOULIVE 9/11/2011 7:57PM

    I have to make a list so that I remember my promises to myself-lol! Glad you had a day for you to do and feel what you wanted. When you have a deep connection to days like today it is easy to get caught up and feel what others expect you to feel. Glad you did your own thing and chose to recognize the day in your own way.

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    I'm so sorry you have to go through life missing your dear friend. emoticon

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CANNIE50 9/11/2011 6:34PM

    I keep my word to myself every time I get out of bed to exercise "dark and early". I keep my word to myself every night that I go to bed without bingeing. I keep my word to myself WAY more often than I did in my "fat and getting fatter" days.

I have been reading a lot about 9/11 and weeping. Several thousand died, and the hearts broken that day are exponentially higher. Your friend would be proud of you, I bet, to see you remembering him so fondly, and taking good care of HIS friend....you. emoticon

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BESTCK 9/11/2011 6:31PM

    I kept my word to myself this day by going to get the supplies I needed for my gym bag. (So I will be easily able to go straight to work from the gym.)

I'm also following your lead and avoiding the media blitz. I kind of resent the "never forget" slogans that are being shoved in my face. I have not, will not, forget a single minute of that day, but I choose not to relive it constantly.

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BECKY3774 9/11/2011 5:16PM

    Doesn't it feel good when you follow through on something that you had planned for?

I keep my word to myself by being truthful about each day and what it brings....I limit my 'triggers' and just do the best that I can!

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