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One Meal at a Time

Thursday, June 09, 2011

I am taking back my control one step and one meal at a time.

Too often, I have been grabbing whatever is available and grabbing more without any thought to the consequence or the way it would make me look and feel.

Last night, I pulled a previously baked chicken breast out of the fridge. (hubby had vacuum sealed it for freshness), shredded it, mixed it with a little Saucy Susan (throwback!!!) and cooked some veggies in the microwave. It was small. it was simple. When I was done eating that (and made it all on one plate), I stopped eating for the night. I did have some more water, which was good also. During my best successes, I drank water almost exclusively. So it means I will steer away from the Crystal Light and Diet Cokes for a while. It does not mean I can't drink anything else, but water will be my first choice.

This morning, I got up a smidge earlier and made oatmeal. Later I had some string cheese and a pbj on whole wheat. More water.

It's the simple act of making an effort on my own behalf which reinforces to myself that I am worth it and I begin to act accordingly. I am worth taking my time over. I am worth not rushing so much to work that I feel like breaking out into road rage. I am worth having a nice tidy place to live and work. I am worth making choices that feel good to me, and I am worth taking things at my pace.

Right now , I feel good about the way things are falling into place. I have a long way to go until my body is in the place of health and fitness that I want it to be, but for now, I am stepping out in faith, and making one good effort at a time.

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LBEEKMA 7/7/2011 8:02PM

    Yes, we are worth it! Thanks for the reminder.

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SLIGHTLYBRAINY 6/23/2011 10:57PM

    It really is all about one choice at a time. One good choice almost always leads to another. Stay mindful not of what you eat, but the choice that you make. That seems to make it so much easier.

Terri =)

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    Mickey, I believe you have the secret to success here. Great blog, and thanks for reminding me I can't do it all at once! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NEHITA 6/9/2011 3:16PM

    You are doing a great job. All it takes is small steps. I remember when I first started out I struggled with my glasses of water and now I crave it especially with a splash of lemon juice. I have looking into getting a water cooler at home because I drink so much water. Now if I drink like a diet coke it is like strange to me because I've gotten so use to water.

So, all it takes is small steps. You go for it!!! You doing great!!! emoticon

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STARRPARENT 6/9/2011 3:06PM

    Doesn't it feel so good to make great choices??!! You feel like you're in control.

Keep it up!

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CIVIAV 6/9/2011 1:57PM

    Consciousness is a blessing...

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DOODIE59 6/9/2011 1:36PM

    Hi Mickey
Good for you! Conscious eating includes thinking about each meal before you take a bite. I have been known to eat the equivalent of a meal while preparing one -- one nibble at a time.

I find that gathering each of the items I plan to eat together AND RECORDING THEM before I sit down to eat really helps ensure that I am not eating outside acceptable choices or unreasonable amounts. The recording helps because sometimes I'm able to say: "Hmm, I see I have more than enough food here and I'm going to be "over" regarding calories ... so maybe I'll cut the sandwich in half and wrap the second half for tomorrow's lunch".

Also, just a thought, since you were musing about making an effort on your own behalf -- if you had a friend in who was trying to lose weight ... what would you make HER for lunch? I bet you'd go out of your way to create a delicious salad, prepare a pretty and crunchy fruit salad, etc. Treat yourself the way you'd treat your best friend:)

Best wishes:)

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MUMMYUK2 6/9/2011 1:17PM


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Celebrating Small Victories

Friday, June 03, 2011

I am going to jump right into it today --- here are some good things I am celebrating this week.

1) Made chicken with lemon juice, lemon zest and fresh ginger. It's the first time I zested!
The chicken came out great, and I will be making that again soon. (no recipe, just winged it....get it? winged it...just a little chicken humor).

2) I called the library about the overdue books. (confession --- the library was in Boston -- where I lived 6 years ago. The books were overdue longer than that. ) Made amends.

3) Called the Health care office to find out what was holding up my hubby's claims. Fixed that.

4) Got rid of 3 bags of old clothes, and 2 bags of books to Purple Heart. Can you say curbside pick-up? It was beautiful. I even got a receipt for taxes. Yippee!

5) Worked out with Wii today before work. Woo hoo.

6) Sparked. Now. Missed it. Love it.

I am making good progress in all areas of my life with baby steps and accountability to myself. I have many things to work on, and it is nice to see decent and healthy progress. Woo hoo!

What good things are you doing for yourselves, sparkies?

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DOODIE59 6/4/2011 11:34PM

    Sounds like a very satisfying week. That's all good stuff. You get all that stuff done and it doesn't just fix problems, it clears out your mind -- gets rid of the mental clutter. Awesome work!

Hope your next week is just as good:)

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    Yay! Those are some great accomplishments and that chicken sounds wonderful.

My accomplishment today is getting back to sparking after being a bit MIA.

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JOYMEDSALE 6/3/2011 10:36PM

    Way to go! Chicken sounds good!!
Have a great day and keep up the positives! We miss you when we don't hear from you!


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MUGGLE_MOM 6/3/2011 8:29PM

    Wow. That is just wonderful! I am so excited for you!!! Whoooo Hooooo on all those great things! Loved your chicken humor! You totally ROCK! Glad to have you back at Spark!!!!

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WINTERSMAGIC29 6/3/2011 7:37PM

    Keep up the great work!! You rock!

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    Hurray! I think you have done emoticon

I'm really glad to see you sparking! emoticon

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IMIN2GENES 6/3/2011 6:26PM

    Way to go! It sure sounds like you're making great strides everywhere. Keep up the great work!

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Making Deals, Part 2

Saturday, May 21, 2011

If you're wondering if you missed Part 1, no you haven't. It was in my head yesterday, and i just never got it out of my head and on to the page.

I like to make deals.

Frequently with myself - although - sometimes, I will drag God into it --- or yard sale sellers.

I did get a good deal on a nice office chair (which I am sitting in right now). She wanted $15. I offered $10. She took it. Hubby wheeled the chair down to the car.

I got up on my third consecutive morning before 6am and went for a walk. YUP! I did. I am not going far, just 1,000-ish steps (today I went a smidge further) but I am thrilled at myself for literally taking that first step towards a healthier me.

I've had success before. Lots of it. And this is how it was built. One step at a time.

I've been reluctantly dragging my feet for the last year or so, that somehow I could miraculously change things if I was.....doesn't matter what...I was just doing things in a half-hearted (I was going to use another word there, but this works) manner and it would still come together. No, it didn't. So now, I am walking again, starting with one block, and today walking to the slightly further away second block and circling that.

I am still making bedside deals. If I get up and walk now, I can come back and .... go back to bed if I want. Now, though, I am energized and there are so many better possibilities to do with my time.

I'm going to go get rid of the newspapers piling up, get gas, see if a fruit place is open. Make a strategy for the week, pile up the laundry. clean the bathroom...It's going to be a great day ahead. We'll go do something fun when hubby gets home from work.

Have a fabulous day, everyone!

Woo hoo!!!!

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LBEEKMA 5/29/2011 8:59PM

    Woohoo on that determination...Anyone who gets up before 6am is amazing to me. Thanks for the inspiration!

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CIVIAV 5/23/2011 11:39AM

    Let's make a deal to support each other in keeping moving! Mine is starting running, yours is walking and it all makes a diff!

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NEHITA 5/23/2011 11:24AM

    emoticon YOU GO GIRL!!!! Mrs. Walkin Mama

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DJS-DEBBIE 5/22/2011 5:06PM


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DIFROMWYOMING 5/21/2011 11:01PM

    Good job, Mar!

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MUGGLE_MOM 5/21/2011 10:21PM

    You Go Girl!!!!!!
That's the way to do it!!!!
Celebrate every single success!!!!
Whooo Hoooooo!!!!!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TINARENA2 5/21/2011 11:55AM

    Taking a walk early is the best way to start your day! Keep up the good work and be proud of yourself, I am!

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SLIGHTLYBRAINY 5/21/2011 10:43AM

    Good for you for walking. Getting up and going for a walk will usually lead to a second good decision for breakfast and that can turn into good choices for the rest of the day.

Good to see you Micky and to hear the happiness in your blog!

Terri =)

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    I'm really proud of you. You stick to this attitude and resolve, next thing you know, you'll be ROCKIN it and nobody will be able to stop you! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Getting UnStuck

Thursday, May 19, 2011

One small action --- doesn't matter what it is --- just literally, a step in the right direction, and you will be on your way again.

I have been stuck in a pile of misery.

You name it. It was on my nerves, and I was on my own nerves.

I just could not put a smile on my face and I was slipping down (but not down the scale).

Finally, finally, finally, I put on my Wily Coyote brakes - the ones where you not only hear the big squeal, but see the smoke and dust coming up from the road.

Here's what I did to reverse direction.

I put together a decent dinner - chicken breast, sweet potato fries and asparagus. While all that was heating up, I called my mother.

I felt so accomplished!

This morning, I woke up a bit early (unintentionally) but I used that time to get up, and drumroll, please....GO FOR A WALK.

Nothing earth shattering - just a walk around the block. Literally. One block. The idea is to get up and move and build slowly until getting out the door is second nature.

Came home, checked my pedometer, and it is just under a 1,000 steps.

Had a bit of time to spark, take a shower and make my lunch.

This is how a good day is built for me. Literally one step at a time.

If I can do this, so can you. Don't let a thing like being stuck stop you. You can get unstuck, just one step at a time.

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LOOZINITNOW 5/20/2011 1:01PM

    One foot, one step, one block, one mile at a time. You are doing great!

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RIGBY31 5/20/2011 12:51PM

    Thank you... I feel a little more unstuck.

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GEORGIA_KAY 5/19/2011 4:13PM

    Marsha, Life really is all about the small things. Thanks for sharing this really excellent, practical advise!

And from one Loony Tune to another--I'm glad you applied the Wile E. Coyote brakes in time! BEEP BEEP!!!

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JESSBOND 5/19/2011 1:43PM

That's how you do it!!!
Keep it up! One step at a time!

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CHANGE_4_ME 5/19/2011 11:35AM

    One good decision at a time works wonders!


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IMIN2GENES 5/19/2011 10:46AM

    Woo hoo! That's awesome! Keep the momentum going!

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BAREFOOTN 5/19/2011 9:29AM

    emoticon great stuff!!!

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KEKEIKO 5/19/2011 9:15AM

    OMG I sooooo needed this today! I've been turning around in circles ... That's it! I'm setting that alarm clock for 4 a.m. tomorrow! It may be raining outside but I have a Bowflex Treadclimber two feet from my bed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! emoticon emoticon
emoticon & emoticon on completing that first step!

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NEHITA 5/19/2011 8:59AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SHAVALLAMA 5/19/2011 8:55AM

    I know that sound extremely well. I've heard it a time or 100. :) Excellent work!

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    EXCELLENT blog! I have been thinking, lately, of the one step at a time solution, and it really does work! emoticon

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DIFROMWYOMING 5/19/2011 8:49AM

    I need to put on my wiley coyote breaks too...so if you hear them again today, they're mine!
love this Mar, good for you!

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DOODIE59 5/19/2011 8:38AM

    It's great that you know what you need to do ... and even better, that you did one step at a time this morning. Awesome work!

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MUGGLE_MOM 5/19/2011 8:09AM

    emoticon You Go Girlfriend!!!
What a fabulous way to get unstuck!!!!!
You totally Rock! One day, one decision, one step at a time! You're doing it!!!
emoticon emoticon

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CIVIAV 5/19/2011 7:03AM

    so real, we can all see what you are talking about!

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AFTERMYKIDS 5/19/2011 6:50AM

    emoticon emoticon

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TINARENA2 5/19/2011 6:19AM

    That's exactly how success starts, one step at a time.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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EXENEC 5/19/2011 5:59AM

  Wise words, thanks!

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Quick Poll - BLC

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Irene or Jay?

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GEORGIA_KAY 5/19/2011 4:19PM

    I haven't watched either, but just now read up on them a little so I could answer your poll. I'll go with Irene.

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DIFROMWYOMING 5/19/2011 8:28AM

    Don't watch, not my thing....but I like the name Jay so I'll say Jay! :)

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    Who is Irene and Jay and what is BLC? emoticon

pssst! I knew... was just kidding! I don't watch it cuz I hate it when they send people home! emoticon

Comment edited on: 5/18/2011 10:33:24 PM

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    Jay. Somethin' about Irene I don't care for

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