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New Job, New Life? Seeking consistency

Monday, February 25, 2013

I do not have a diagnosis of diabetes but with my family history, I am concerned.
I have lost 34 pounds with spark people but have been on plateau for 2.5 years.
I have taken a job that is 1 mile from the gym that my good friends take water aerobics classes and meeting them there will help me get there.
The weather was quite cold and I do not have a wet suit but I am going to try attending anyway... ;I just do not want to get sick.
I want to get to the goal set by my doctor of 166. Just loosing inches is fine but I must take off that last 20 pounds. most of this is whining.
My question is how do I get myself into the habit of eating at the right times.
I often skip breakfast and lunch and don't start meals until I get home from work at 2.
This is setting me up to be very hungry... I am not hungry in the morning some days I force myself to have a yogurt and fruit.
But I am not consistent. I know that is the secret.

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WALLAHALLA 2/25/2013 1:36PM

    Have you tried raw fruit and veggie smoothies? That works for me in the mornings when I don't feel like eating, and ups my freggie count!

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MYUTMOST4HIM 2/25/2013 9:05AM

    That is a really long plateau - do you track sodium??? I was a wake up call for me!

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Still February

Sunday, February 24, 2013

So these are second son and his lovely wife.
They are so creative and I have many pictures of their house in my blogs.
She made the costumes and he paper macheed { that is spelled correctly }
the mask...her father and sister and brother in law and neice and nephew all dressed up like that to go to Disney Land... fun huh?
I am having more "tired" days but I only take short naps because i need to sleep at night...
Siatica has returned. Cannot sit too long..

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WALLAHALLA 2/25/2013 1:37PM

    how adorable!

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SNUZSUZ 2/25/2013 10:41AM

    How creative! What a good job they did on the costumes:)

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NESARIAN 2/24/2013 3:10PM

    Adorable costumes! I admire their artistic talents.
Have you looked up yoga for sciatica? It helped mine from my spinal injury. So, did 2# bags of frozen peas! I hope yours resolves soon.

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Walked with cousin

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Walked at the mall.. 45 minutes with cousin and decided to get in the hour since she had to leave and walked 70 minutes and made it 4 miles. I got an email from the gym I belong to and am resolved to get there for an hour every day.. I will try to do different thing each time I go.

I am doing bored eating.
When I am not sure what to do I eat.
What should I do instead?
a. go to the gym.
b. take a nap.
c. take a walk
d. take an exercise class
e. go visit or call a friend.

Been choosing food too often this week.
But the week is not over and every minute I waste is gone forever.
So I will finish this blog post.
Close down the computer.
Get my chores done.
And go and sit with my friend Ellen.

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SNUZSUZ 2/23/2013 11:01PM

    Great picture! What gym did you join? Because I have been thinking about joining a gym again too and it would be great if we went to the same one! I used to do water aerobics at 24 hour fitness on Howe, I would love to do that again:)

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WALLAHALLA 2/21/2013 5:10PM

    Good decision! I'm at home today because of the ice, so I have been doing my Zumba dvd's all day. Gonna be sore tomorrow, but I'm thrilled with all the sweat I created and calories I burned.

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JIACOLO 2/21/2013 3:17PM

    Good for you that you set your mind to accomplishing this goal and you did it! Keep up the great work!

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Latest fire place picture

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So this is a picture of son#2's fireplace insert he installed. He did all the wood work.
But my daughter in law put up tasteful decorations and I'll post those pictures when I get them.
I had such a nice time visiting with them. They took us to a pop up cafe. On the days when a restaurant is closed a person hires the space and calls his friends to come by and purchase lunch.. I had Pasta bolanaise with mixed vegetables . It was raining so we drove but there were no tables left so we took the food to go and we at at son's house.. Hubby and daughter in law decided to nap so son and I had a chance to talk alone. It was a real treat. So hubby drove home.
I made him take me to Pollo Loco. Had soup and fish tacos.

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NESARIAN 2/20/2013 10:46PM


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WALLAHALLA 2/20/2013 3:02PM

    That is gorgeous! I SO miss having a fireplace!

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

This is my brilliant historian son and his genius deputy director wife.
Aren't they stunning.

so today I am eating, but only planned meals at planned times.
More vegetables and the fresh oranges and kumquats from my trees.
( looking forward to apricots, the tree is in bloom today, Hope the bees are out too.)
Want to plant some strawberries in my raised beds.
Need to eat that beautiful red swiss chard growing in my raised beds.
Went for a walk and didn't push my pedometer on so I only count 1 mile for 20 minutes.
I walk around several blocks and it comes out to a little more than a mile.
Want to get a fit bit.. maybe I will go later today or tomorrow,

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SNUZSUZ 2/20/2013 3:35AM

    Great picture!

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LIBBYL1 2/17/2013 11:49PM

  inspired me to start on raising some beds...

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NESARIAN 2/17/2013 10:40PM

    Yummm! parsley, cilantro and Swiss chard are the edibles in my yard now.

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WALLAHALLA 2/17/2013 9:57PM

    What are kumquats? I have never seen them on our area.

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