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Arden Fair February 9, Saturday 9 to 10 am

Friday, February 08, 2013

Will anyone show up this week? I really think it would be great if one or two showed up.
But I have to keep the spirit going of Sebrina who was the original team leader.
if it is going to happen be at the central desk by JC Pennys. I am not allowed to put up signage but just sign up to be a mall walker and look for a 5 foot tall grey haired lady with an orange shirt and green vest. I will try to bring my sparkpeople red water bottle.

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MIAJOEB 2/9/2013 7:34PM

    I know and no one else came but I walked .
11,516 steps 6 miles in 100 minutes.
One hour forty minutes.

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WALLAHALLA 2/8/2013 1:53PM

    If I had the air fare, I'd be there...with bells on emoticon emoticon do a lap monkey style

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Waiting for the repair guy

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Why is it always hard to wait for the repair guy?
The dishwasher started making a grinding sound last Wednesday.
But then it stopped.
So I kept on washing things.. I only run it once every other day..
So Sunday it made the sound when the water was going out.
Called Monday, Sears is good and made an appointment for today.
But I may not be here so hubby with stand there with the guy and not answer my questions.
Hubby replaced our VW 's motor 4 times but cannot figure out how to use the dishwasher.
I have to trust the guy will make it all better. I washed dishes by hand for so many years why have I become dependent on this machinery. I don't even hang out clothes any more because if i do it in the day time in the summer all my clothes rot out because the sun is so strong..
All the colored clothes turn white. Why am I complaining? After all Life is good.

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WALLAHALLA 2/5/2013 1:30PM

    I hate hate hate washing dishes. I KNOW that I have NOT washed them even 25 time in the 25 years I've been married. Hubby took over that job as one of his chores right away. And I get to do all the mowing. Great trade for me. I love to mow! I have washed them when he was out of state on business...only seemed fair.

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Writing to Daddy

Friday, February 01, 2013

I have a dad who is living in an assisted living home.
He cannot work a TV without goofing it up.
He cannot work a cell phone.
I used to call him daily and we talked for hours about politics and religion and sports.
But he cannot do that now.
He cannot even describe what he did or what he ate that day.
I just miss him so much.
So I have been writing a letter or sending a postcard every day in the mail.
The problem is I forget what I told him the day before. So I will have to keep a copy.
He is 91 and physically healthy except for osteoporosis and not remembering who people are. When my sister comes to visit he asks her, " Have you been here before?"
We wanted him to stay in his home but that does not seem to be possible.
He asks every day when he can go home.
I live 2000 miles away and feel so powerless over the things I cannot do for him.
I visit a local lady who is still living alone so if I were closer ... i would take care of him.
So what can I say to him today. He never writes me back.

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    Write what is in your heart.

I went through the same thing many years ago.


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WALLAHALLA 2/1/2013 12:24PM

    It does not matter whether you remember what you wrote the day before or not. One can never hear too often nor read too often "I love you." You know how older people get stuck in a rut of telling the same stories over and over? Follow suit. Share your own favorite memories with him. "Hey dad, remember that time we..." From experience with the elderly, I know that this is meaningful, and helps them to remember the love, even when they can't remember the names or the places.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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I am trying out new colors too

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Spark has been shocking me with the new color scheme.
it brings my attention to things I might not have noticed.
It is a good change... sooo I am also going to change my color for my spark page and my text color so it is readable and the background photo... Not sure what color I will use for February but hopefully I will do it.

I have not lost any more weight... I have been kind of down because of family of origin problems and desire to move to another site for work to be closer to the gym my friends attend.
I will be more likely to go just to please them...
I lost a refund certificate I was going to purchase a fit bit but now I cannot because I do not have it . I will just keep on using my pedometer and the tools here at Spark...
Praying to St. Anthony that I remember where I put it....But if I get to my goal of 166 this year I will let myself have one any way..

Miss my sons, but they are very busy. Working, repairing their respective houses and taking care of their beautiful wives...

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GETDONE 1/29/2013 1:29AM

    Hope your day is bright and keep on counting your blessings!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WALLAHALLA 1/26/2013 10:03PM

    I like colorful!

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So two mall walks

Saturday, January 19, 2013

So I am having a lot of fun bird watching in my back yard.
I have seen the first robin of spring... and it is pretty cold.... but a single robin visited for one day.
I also had some titmice... and a couple fly catcers.
This morning I saw a white great egret head over to the local park where I am sure it hopes to eat whatever fish are in the little meandering stream. Of course scrub jays and finches eat the things that are seeding... I need to start making food to put out that the squirrels won't eat.
I am thinking about getting bird houses for the blue birds they tell me are around.

I walked at the mall because my friend cannot walk outside and we did three miles.
I am planning to go to the Arden Fair Mall again next month second Saturday and see who wants to join us. at the central desk by JC Penny
We can walk from 9 to 10 then sign up and then walk again with anyone who shows up at 10 .
This is for my Spark Sacramento Official Team. My other team leader is going to work but if I get other people's park names I can remind them but I may just send a spark mail to everyone on the team... emoticon Why didn't I do that before?

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MRSBOBBIBJD 1/21/2013 7:45AM

    Awesome job, keep up the great work!

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MIAJOEB 1/20/2013 7:41PM

    It is just too cold my regular walk is around parks near my house or along the american or sacramento rivers......but living in sacramento I have become a cold sissy girl.

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WALLAHALLA 1/19/2013 6:55PM

    I love mall walking, but i rarely have access to one.

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DOLPHINSINGER72 1/19/2013 5:33PM

    Walking the mall is great. I used to do it when I worked next to one and it would rain.

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TAMMY5707 1/19/2013 2:15PM

    When my son was first born I used to walk the mall all the time with him in the stroller. It was a great way to get out of the house and he loved watching all the people. Just stay clear of the food court LOL.

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CHUM48 1/19/2013 2:12PM

    Yea walking its a good thing and with a friend even better!

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LOSE4LIFE47 1/19/2013 2:11PM

    emoticon emoticon

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