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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Got news my brother is very ill. Need to call my nurse sister and do some research on a medical web site. Pray the doctors can help him.
I just feel numb right now. And that is OK. Love to all of you and thanks for listening.
5/24 I do not have much information. the research left me with more questions than answers because every body has a different form of the disease. I need to talk to Nurse sissy.

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    HELLO MARIA. I understand that illness comes and it hits you in the face ,leaving you feeling numb. I will pray for you and your family hon. emoticon

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RLMCCUE 5/24/2009 11:31AM

    I will pray for you and your family. I hope everything turns out alright.

TAW team

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BIONIC2 5/24/2009 5:32AM

    hope all will be OK...

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-SHAWN- 5/24/2009 2:34AM

  Positive thoughts going out to you and yours emoticon

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Sometimes when you win you loose.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We won a $25 gas card from Exxon Mobil but there are no more exxon gas stations in California. I will have to travel all over the country to find one? OH well

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VEGEFARMER 5/24/2009 2:51AM

    Oh Maria, that is aweful. I will be sending out prayers and asking my angels to surround him with the white light of love & protection.

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VEGEFARMER 5/14/2009 2:00AM

    LOL Maria. This blog should of been called sometimes you win.... You loose. Ah well.
I sure hope everything is going great for you and most of all that your happy and on track.

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Sometimes when you loose, you win.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

I do not remember the movie. But ai think an actress with a spanish accent said ...
sometimes when you win, you loose and
sometimes when you loose, you win and
sometimes when you have a draw you win and
sometimes when you have a draw you loose.
But do you get the idea. I am never sure if I am making friends or making enemies.
And it is none of my business. All I have to do today is be myself.
Whatever happens is in God's hands.

I just have to keep climbing the hill at the pace ai am going.
I just have to make it up there alive!

The picture above is Grace Cathedral and the first time I walked up the hill to it I about had a heart attack. That was when my son graduated from College ten years ago.
When I get to my goal of 170 I want to try walking it again.
The grade is so steep it has stairs. If you are ever in San Francisco, CalEEfornia stop by it is a beautiful and relaxing stop along the trolley ways. But take the trolley do not try to do the climb unless you are in very good shape.


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VEGEFARMER 5/9/2009 2:43AM

    Nice one Maria, I'm never sure about whether I'm making friends or enemies either and at the end of the day it dosen't matter as long as we are true to ourselfs.

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RENA1965 5/9/2009 2:08AM

    Nice blog, just be yourself and do this journey at your pace, for other people are not us and we work at different speeds.. hugs Rena Competing with other people would have made me give totally up before starting..

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Hay You!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I want to thank you for reaching out and helping a stranger. Who knows why it keeps me coming back and motivated. I am still eating too many calories but I am aware and have decided to stop eating any food after dinner. So tell me how you distract yourself when your hubby or significant other or lumberjack best friend can eat the cocktail table.
I just cannot do away with dearest hubby, he is so useful in so many ways.
But he does sabotage my food plan.

I think this is the Albertson's Oprah could not find in Las Vegas. We went there to attend a niece's wedding at the Grand Canyon. They now have Wyatt. He is almost a year old.
I think they were married two years ago. I so want to go see little Wyatt.
Keep the faith

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IAMPREACHER 5/8/2009 1:07PM

    Stop buying him all the junk food. Throw out what's in the house. If he asks why, tell him you love him too much to let him slowly kill himself. emoticon

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SHERI1969 5/7/2009 6:52PM

    I'm not married anymore, but my hubby used to eat ALL the time and I tried to keep up. Well, I'm sure you can guess the results. So I started into my crafts. I have a load of them: crochet, knifty knitters, playing piano, reading, writing, painting, sketching, scrapbooking, talking with friends or playing games on the puter, going for walks, being anywhere but in the same room as him when he is eating.
I'm not married to him anymore but if I was, I know how I would handle it. I have gotten into the habit of doing my crafts and hobbies every night and that is what keeps my mind off of food an on my crafts. By either designing my own things or following a pattern, I can't think of anything but that design. Maybe pick up a hobby that keeps both your hands and your mind occupied.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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VEGEFARMER 5/6/2009 12:47AM

    Hi Maria, I read a very good blog, in fact several good blogs by TURTLERAE55.
One that I am thinking off as I type this was the one about eating a hand full of pine nuts before going to a buffet or a party where there is going to be food. if you have the time go there and look through here past blogs. You could go to my page and perhaps click on my friend list to get there quicker.
I sure hope it helps you because your hubby is to precious even though he sabotages your eating plans, as mine does to me. LOL

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Plateau No More

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am going to visit my family in July for a week. I always find it difficult because I have to fly and the seats are so small and my stomach is so big... Need I say more. I got a good start with Spark but have been on a plateau since January. I have been eating chips and cookies but I always did that. it is just I must not be weighing them correctly or forgetting to put calories in.
I tried Curves but have come to believe I would be better off walking. I also want to have other things to do. the circuit training gets boring. Also I would have gone daily if there was something else to do.
I need to eat eight fruit and vegetable servings. Instead of chips I need to make a salad.
instead of cookies I need to eat a yogurt with fruit.
More and better exercises and better food choices.
I know what to do to change. I want to fit in that seat!
I want to entice myself into exercising more. I want to have the pants that are loose...
FALL OFF so I can fit in the size 16 pants sitting in my closit waiting for the chance to make me feel great.

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SHERI1969 5/3/2009 2:46AM

    You have the right idea now. For sweets, I have been using yogurt, yogurt frozen bars, juice bars, fresh fruit etc. For salt, I eat baby carrots and other fresh veggies with a little bit of salad dressing. You have the right idea. NEVER bring junk foods into your home, because there is more chance of you eating them than the foods that will actually make you feel better and not want the junk food!

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TEACHEROF4TH 5/2/2009 11:51AM

    Hi Maria! You are successful because you are constantly rethinking your strategies and planning new ways to keep yourself motivated. I did not hear any of the "Q" word (quit...hehe!) in your blog. In this journey that we all share, one of the keys is to intuitively know when our bodies need a change, whether the change is in our attitudes, our eating, or our exercise plans. You are doing that! Keep up the great work. I hope you get your wish with your loose clothing, and I hope your family is astonished at your weight loss when they see you this summer. Keep it going! You can do this!

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VEGEFARMER 4/30/2009 12:40AM

    Hi Maria, when I was reading your blog I had a little laugh to myself.
When my youngest son was very little, he would say I want. I want
and i would say I want I want gets nothing, now he is older & if I say I want something he will say I want I want gets nothing. And it's true. its not I want, it is I will or I need to.
However after all that waffle, you are doing good, keep gpoing & make it....... I will.!

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    HI MARIA.Plug away and it'll come back....The main thing is POSITIVE THINKING. It helps tremendously. I'm convinced that we can put to much pressure on ourselves........Start on one thing, then add another. I find its easier for me that way. SMILE, we love ya !!! emoticon

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